MyLOL Recensione 2021

MyLOL Recensione 2021
A proposito di ragazze
Appuntamento con il ragazzo più anziano 16%
Frequenza di risposta 88%
Bellezza 88%
Età popolare 18-25
Profili 2 000 000
A proposito del sito
Tasso di visita 8.0
Frode Molto raramente
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pro e contro

  • The largest website dedicated to teenagers only.
  • A social platform for teens to interact worldwide.
  • L'app è disponibile per Android e iOS.
  • MyLOL offers most of its features free of cost.
  • Before a picture is visible to the rest of the community, it is scrutinized by the administration to avoid any offensive or abusive content.
  • Blocking a suspicious account is very easy.
  • One user can go through the photo album of other users without any problem.
  • Irrespective of the kind of membership (paid or free), a member can initiate a conversation, participate in groups, and many more.
  • Posting a photo may not be necessary if the account is operated from a phone.
  • MyLOL can be easily used from an iPhone as well as an iPad.
  • There are credits one can earn to spend them on premium membership for 14 days.
  • Verification of an account can be done with the help of SMS or email.
  • A newcomer is not required to confirm the identity.
  • There might be many fakes.
  • The content posted by the users is not always censored.
  • Considering the age of the community, MyLOL might not always be appropriate.
  • The website might act as the hunting ground for pedophiles.
  • No trial period is available for a free user to experience the benefits of a Premium membership before subscribing.

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