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The life of a successful man requires appearing at social events accompanied by a beautiful lady. However, often business people do not have time to build a relationship with women. What to do if your social status obliges you to appear in public with a beautiful girl and you are not dating anyone? The answer is simple. You need to apply to escort service agencies. They have been created to help men to choose a worthy companion for the event, diversify their leisure time, and just chat. This escort review describes the ways to find the top sites and agencies, providing the best escort ladies.

What Is an Escort? Its Notion and Functions

Probably, many people have heard such a notion as escort services, but not everyone knows what it means. Many people mistakenly confuse escort services with prostitution. However, that is wrong. So, what is an escort meaning? Escort or VIP services appeared not so long ago. They are aimed at successful and well-off people. Such people often take part in various events, forums, and exhibitions. And then the question arises: “Whom can a person go to such an event with to support the status of a successful person?” That is when escort services are needed. If you want to go to the event, accompanied by a charming, interesting lady who will be able to keep a conversation flowing, apply the services of an escort agency to find a nice girl.

How to Find an Escort? Best Ways to Find Escort Girls

If you think: “How to find an escort service near me?” Read the information below. There are several ways to find real escort services.

  • Portals similar to social networks, where girls post their erotic photos, parameters, cost of services, and contact information. However, you must remember that this way to find an escort girl is not quite safe.
  • Escort sites are another way to find a girl. They contain the profiles of hundreds of beautiful ladies ready to provide their services. However, you must choose only reliable platforms. Read the users’ reviews before you apply the services of such websites. The best escort sites provide safe and reliable services and have the profiles of only verified ladies.
  • Escort agencies. A lot of men prefer applying to escort agencies where they can choose the best girls. The advantages of these agencies are the following: only the best girls, a special approach to finding a companion, complete absence of scammers.

Is It Legit to Use Escort? Is It Safe?

If you think: “I want to find an escort near me? But is it legit and safe?” Escort services are legit. However, choosing a reliable escort website or agency not to become a scammer’s victim is recommended. To do this, use only the services of verified platforms and agencies. Study the users’ reviews. In such a way, you will be able to understand whether the platform is worth using. Study the safety measures the agency or site has to provide safe and anonymous services to their clients. Pay attention to how long the company has been on the market of escort services. There is always a risk for a person; this applies to all areas of activity, not just escorts. But only a well-developed organization that has been on the market for more than one year can minimize the risks as much as possible.

What Girls Can One Find on Escort Sites?

Wealthy men have long used escort girls’ services because they are well-groomed, beautiful, and sociable. Actually, these are the main criteria for choosing girls for escort services. So, applying the services of escort sites, you will find:

  • Well-groomed ladies. Escort girls spend a lot of money to maintain a beautiful appearance: they do manicures, control the weight (though the tastes of clients are different), maintain the health, and so on.
  • Sociable girls. A lady should always be able to start a conversation with a client, perhaps support him in something, and in no case be rude. Of course, there are cases when men behave inappropriately; then, the girl is not obliged to tolerate such an attitude.
  • Educated girls. It is essential for some men to have a girl who is intelligent, well-read, and has higher education. It’s good when a girl speaks foreign languages.
  • Girls good at flirting. A girl should always be able to please a man and present herself in the best possible way to leave a good impression.
  • Sexual experience is also important for escort girls. If an agency or a site provides adult escort services, girls must know how to satisfy the men.

How Much Do Escorts Cost? Do All Girls Take an Equal Charge?

The cost of escort services is formed depending on the appearance, personal qualities, and of course, the girls’ professionalism.

To know what price you need to pay for the escort services, you need to register on one of the escort sites or apply for the services of escort agencies. The prices in the girls’ profiles may vary slightly. See the exact prices in the profile of the girl you have chosen. Often, regular clients, as well as customers ordering several models, get discounts.

Why is escorting so expensive?

Most of the clients of escort agencies are wealthy, successful people. They understand that to get the best services; you need to pay. Using the live escort girls’ services, you will get girls who:

  • Have erudition;
  • Speak foreign languages;
  • Able to hold any conversation;
  • Have their own hobbies and interests;
  • Are in good shape.

Five facts about the clients who use the escorting services:

  • The average age is 38 years;
  • Income starts from $3000;
  • 37% of them prefer the same girl;
  • 12% of them marry escort models they previously ordered services from;
  • Main activities: sports, politics, business, top management.

Can One Find Cheap Escort Services?

Is it possible to find a free escort website? Actually, to use the services of escort girls, you need to pay. The cost is high. That is why escort services are aimed at wealthy, successful people. You can register on the escort site for free, of course. However, to start communicating and using the services of an escort lady, you need to pay. The prices are different, but they are still high. They mainly depend on the girl’s appearance and professionalism. Some Internet platforms offer cheaper services. However, the safety of such sites remains in question. To use the services of reliable platforms and get the best girls, you will have to shell out.

Best Escort Sites One Can Find on the Net

Many agencies provide escort services for women and men; it makes no sense to list all of them. You can easily find local escort sites for your region if you intend to find an agency in your area. The most important thing is to find a reliable platform. By choosing the escort platforms, pay your attention to the following criteria:

  • Privacy. All trusted escort agencies guarantee complete confidentiality. You can be sure that your data will not be shared with third parties.
  • You will get a catalog with elite girls; each of them went through casting to get in that catalog.
  • The reliable agencies guarantee a personal approach to each client.
  • You don’t get refuses. If you like a girl and she is free at the right time, then she will accompany you to the event.

If you don’t have time to find a beautiful, educated girl in real life, apply to reliable escort agencies. Your personal manager will help you to select the right girl in the shortest possible time.

Here are several sites that will help you to find the best ladies:

  • JuliaDates;
  • EmilyDates;
  • Luxury Models;
  • Lovelama;

The escort market is extensive because the right escort is the key to success, a man’s prestige. So, the selection of the model is a responsible thing. Applying the services of trustworthy escort agencies, a man will get the best girls to have a good time with.


How to become an escort? Three-stepped guide.

First of all, decide whether you want to work independently or via an escort agency. Secondly, study the escort agencies’ reviews to find the company you want to work with or create your profile on one of the escort platforms. Thirdly, maintain a good physical shape and engage yourself in self-education.

Is it easy to become a female escort?

You need to meet some criteria: attractive appearance, well manners, intelligence, and sociability.

Is it easy to become a male escort?

First, you need to decide whether you want to work independently or via escort agencies. Secondly, you need to meet some criteria to become an escort guy: attractive appearance, good physique, pleasant manners.

How to hire an escort legally?

The best way to hire an escort legally is to choose the services of legal escort agencies. They provide safe and confidential services and have profiles of the best girls.

Is it possible to find porno stars escort?

Yes, it’s possible to do. Many porno stars also provide escort services. There are escort sites on the Internet with porno stars who provide escort sex services.

Is it really safe to use an escort service?

It’s safe to use escort services if you apply to a trustworthy agency that provides confidential and secure services.

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