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Alt.com Review 2021

Alt.com Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1,500,000
About Site
Visit rate 7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Large member base of active members
  • Useful articles for those who do not know about BDSM or just want to get acquainted with additional information
  • A possibility to find different types of relationships, starting from long-term to flirting and exchanging some photos and videos
  • Links into the alternative sex community
  • Free membership available
  • A rather long sign-up process
  • To be able to communicate with others, one must purchase one of the membership plans
  • Lengthly profile questions
  • Many fake profiles to avoid

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Are you tired of the routine? Would you like to have some fun? There is a solution! Thanks to the rapid development of the IT sphere, you do not need to go out to meet new people and ask them for a date. In this case, a well-known dating platform will be your helper and a possible way out. The following review describes one of the giants of the dating industry — Alt.com hookup service.

General Characteristics and Functions of the Alt.com Dating Service

Alt.com Review

Alt.com dating service is not just about meeting and talking with new people, but in fact, its main purpose is to connect those who are searching for the BDSM pleasure. Considering lots of active users every day, there are various types of people of different age, sex, and relationship preferences.

Additionally, there is a variety of content for adults, such as different movies and live streams, made by members.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Alt.com Hookup Service

If you decide that you are interested in this hookup website, it is essential to assess all the pros and cons and what they are about.

Keeping all the great number of advantages in mind, still, we need to discuss some disadvantages of the platform as well. They are the following:

  • A rather long sign-up process;
  • To be able to communicate with others, one must purchase one of the membership plans.

Talking about the advantages, we need to mention:

  • A massive database of ladies who like webcam streaming.
  • Useful articles for those who do not know about BDSM or just want to get acquainted with additional information.
  • A possibility to find different types of relationships, starting from long-term to flirting and exchanging some photos and videos.

All in all, the platform’s main aim is to collect people with the same interest, like BDSM, and help them communicate and have a good time together.

The Users Structure

Alt.com Review

Talking about the structure of users, it is crucial to mention the geographical location of the members, as it shows how many people in your area or country are using the platform. There are about 368,175 users from the USA. The following thing is the difference in the gender percentage: 59% of ladies and 41% of males. The users are active enough — 34,597 people use the service every week.

General Facts About the Alt.com

Alt.com Review

Alt.com is a great choice for all BDSM sticklers and those who are searching for new types of relationships, like friends with benefits, no strings attached meetings, and, perhaps, long-term affairs. This website is a real paradise for many and serves as a bridge between soulmates for them to find each other.

The Description of Users of the Alt.com Dating Platform

The great thing about the Alt.com dating service is that all accounts are real and verified because the administration of the service checks everything. The total amount of users from the United States is over 500,000. Most of them are interested in BDSM, while others are just getting acquainted with it, so there is a chance to teach them.

The Alt.com dating platform is gaining popularity and growing its audience every day, week, and year. Safety and catchy functions attract lots of people and make them become regular users of the community with shared tastes.

The Procedure of Registration on the Alt.com

Alt.com Review

Unfortunately, the process of signing up is not that easy compared to other dating websites. But all in all, thanks to the complex way of registration, there is no scam and fake accounts, as all are checked to make sure no one will have any problems in the future. The Alt.com dating platform always takes care not only about its reputation but also about visitors so that they get top-notch service and crave for using it.

Also, there is a possibility to create a profile for yourself or the couple. While signing up, there is a requirement to answer some questions about your favorites, desire, and main goals on the platform. As well, each newcomer should reveal what he/she is seeking.

First Steps to Start Communication on the Alt.com Dating Platform

Joining the Alt.com dating platform, one gets an unforgettable experience, which brings many positive emotions. Just begin your way with flirting and observing cool accounts of interesting people.

Unfortunately, to unlock sending messages, you are supposed to buy a membership plan. There are several types so that everybody could choose something for himself or herself. While the basic function — live chat — is free of charge, you are supposed to pay and unlock additional features like answering the questions or other ways of interaction.

Generally, it is not that simple to use the platform without the plan, as many features are restricted for regular users and cost some money.

Alt.com Review

Some Details About the Profiles of Users on the Alt.com Platform

The users of the Alt.com dating service are explicit and informative in describing their preferences and tastes. But bear in mind that searching and viewing the accounts require payment.

To add more, you do not need to worry about the safety of the service, as responsive and helpful administration checks everything, starting from profiles and ending with photos so that there are no fakes. Remember, the better you fill in your profile, the more accurate will be your match.

Special Application of the Alt.com

Unlike many other dating platforms, Alt.com has a dedicated application for mobile devices, but it is available only for iOS gadgets. This best hookup app is free of charge and looks like the browser version, boasting all the functions and providing the same great service. So, if you are searching for BDSM, the Alt.com dating platform is worth your attention.

Prices for Membership Plans of the Alt.com

When talking about fees for membership, it is necessary to mention that there are lots of different types to choose from.

Silver (1 month): $22.94 for 1 month

Silver (3 months): $13.79 for 1 month

Silver (1 year): $10.29 for 1 month

Gold (1 month): $34.44 for 1 month

Gold (4 months): $14.24 for 1 month

Gold (1,5 year): $10.29 for 1 month

As you can see, everyone can find something for his/her budget, so you can choose any of them and start enjoying communication. Pay attention that the longer the period, the smaller the price.

Free Features

If you are not ready to pay for the service, you can try these free features:

  • A possibility of opening a new account for free;
  • Having live chatting with ladies;
  • Adding people to Hotlist or the list of Friends, depending on your wish.

Paid Features

Though having some free of charge perks, most of them require payment. That is why to get a possibility to interact with others, it is necessary to buy a plan. Additionally, this will let one to narrow down search results and view photos, videos, and other details of many registered accounts.

The Interface of the Alt.com Service

Alt.com Review

Thanks to modern technologies, Alt.com has a cool design. This makes everyone, even a newcomer, easily get acquainted with all the sections.

Special Features

Let’s pay attention to some of the special features, which attracts many beginners. They are unique and made to please other visitors.

Live Streams on the Alt.com

Among its distinguishing options, one may find the possibility of live streams. Everyone could make use of them and webcam communication with nice ladies from all countries of the world.

Kinks and Fetishes on the Platform

As the platform is for BDSM fans, there are some things as fetishes and kinks dating — special offers, which attract many people, who are particularly interested in that.

Hot Photos

While creating an account, the users do their best to make them the hottest ones. Explicit photos are the main tool to upgrade the account to a new level and draw attention to it. Browse through thousands of them and choose someone you like.

Alt.com Review

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Alt.com Dating Service

The most frequent questions are discussed below. Thanks to them, you can discover the tiniest details and peculiarities of the Alt.com service’s work.

Is It Possible to Use the Alt.Com Without Payments?

Generally, it is a possible option. But many functions are blocked for the people without membership.

How Is It Possible to Open a New Account on the Alt.Com Dating Service?

The procedure of registration takes some time, and it is not that simple. You are supposed to fill in the required fields with information and then answer some questions concerning your preferences and purposes.

Are There Any Credits on the Alt.Com Dating Platform?

The platform does not provide its users with such an option. But it is possible to buy one of the members’ plans to use it without restrictions; this makes your stay the most enjoyable.

Is It Safe to Be a User of the Alt.Com Dating Service?

For sure, as the platform is safe and all accounts are checked by the administration. So there is no need to worry.

Is It Possible to Delete Account From the Alt.Com?

Of course, it is. You need to check the settings of your account and follow the guidelines there.

What Is the Number of Users on Alt.Com?

The total sum of active users is about one million, which means lots of interesting people are waiting for you to talk to.

Is It Possible to Use the Platform Anonymously?

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for this function. But you can make up another name so that no one knows who you are.

Are All Accounts Real?

The administration checks every account, so there should be no fakes. Bu to check it, you can arrange a video call and make sure by yourself.

Is It Possible to Text Free of Charge on the Alt.Com Dating Service?

Unfortunately, it is impossible, as this option costs some money. But there are other features, which are free of charge, for example, live streaming.

How Much Time Does It Take to Start Using a New Account on Alt.Com?

It is a matter of a few seconds, as the accounts do not require approval. Just create a new one and start your journey to meeting beautiful ladies.

How to Be Safe While Using Alt.Com?

It is important not to keep your personal information and the details of the bank accounts protected, so do not tell this data anyone under no circumstances. Make sure you will not have any problems while using the Alt.com platform.

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