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Best Lesbian Hookup Apps 2022 – Try it Now

Search for lesbian hookup apps has considerably increased in recent times. Although the world might have started accepting the LGBTQ community, you cannot deny that discovering a partner online is still a challenging job. You can wander from one bar to another or join an LGBTQ community to find a perfect partner. However, in this age of living, most of the time, we live our life through screens. Therefore, many queer and lesbian singles try to look out for that one perfect profile amid the massive crowd of heterosexual apps by swiping left and right. If you are also trying your luck with such apps, you are certainly not alone.

25% of millennials do not believe in tying knots. After the LGBTQ+ community gained recognition on global platforms, several women expressed their want of having another woman in their life than a man. According to a study, more than 50% of LGBTQ singles went for a date with someone they met online, and another research also suggests only 12 sexual partners were there for an average lesbian. However, most of the dating apps are crowded with transgender and heterosexual singles. Therefore, the process of searching for a non-binary or a woman partner for another woman is a challenging task. To eliminate the unwanted crowd and offer a platform exclusively for the divas from the queer, bisexual, or lesbian community, we present the best lesbian hookup apps. Keep exploring further to know more about the different apps.

How Can You Discover Your Girl of Dream on These Lesbian Hookup Apps?

The top lesbian hookup apps work in a similar pattern as any other heterosexual dating app. If you want to join any such platform, you first need to navigate one app from the list of lesbian hookup apps that you think is ideal for you. Most of the apps are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. The dating sites and the apps contain various filters like eye color, hair color, age, location, nationality, hobbies, and many more options that can help users discover their desired women.

Free Vs. Paid Lesbian Hookup Apps

The various lesbian hookup apps offer two types of accounts for the members – free and paid versions. It has been found in a study that members having a premium account find a dating partner 70% faster than a free account user. The fact is that free accounts offer members with limited application features, and the premium account offers complete access to the application. However, it is not mandatory to have a premium account, but a paid membership is worth it if you are seriously looking for a dating partner or relationship.

The Best Features You Can Get from a Free Lesbian Hookup App

Many users use free accounts to enjoy the online dating world and are happy with it. However, the chances of falling into the trap of fake accounts are high when using a free account. The free profiles can only send and receive messages from the premium or matched profiles. Other features that are available for the free profile users are:

  • A limited number of swipes per day.
  • Can check the display picture of the various users.
  • Can send messages to other members but cannot reply unless they have a match between them.

The services offered to the free profiles users vary from one app to another. The above-mentioned features are the common ones.

Features of a Paid Lesbian Hookup App

The features available for the paid members are:

  • Users can send unlimited messages.
  • They can send stickers and emojis.
  • They can send and receive messages from non-matched users.
  • They can check out who has seen, liked, and disliked their account.
  • They can use the various exclusive features of a site.

Undoubtedly it is profitable to have a premium for you only if you are seriously looking for a queer partner. However, if you are not sure whether the app is ideal for you not, you can simply sign up with the app and enjoy the trial period of the app. By the end of the trial period, if you think the application is your cup of tea, you can purchase the premium account depending on the plan you want to choose.

Top Lesbian Hookup Apps: Choose What Matter to You

As lesbian dating is gaining popularity with every passing day, various lesbian hookup apps are available for various users across the internet. However, not every app is ideal for finding a perfect match. Here are top hookup apps for lesbians that you should keep on your checkout list:

Zoe Dating App


Zoe has been a casual dating app for women looking for a woman. It has allowed a space for its users and helped them to focus on communication and foster genuine, romantic connections.

The Zoe dating app has a range of free services for the user. It has many essential features like easy chatting, sending and receiving messages, and quick searching. However, the app’s advanced features require paying for it, and we feel the money is worth the payment. Here are few premium features of the app:

Likes You

This feature is the most favorite feature on the app. The Likes You feature shows a list of women who have shown interest in you. You can certainly approach them to save your time.

Other premium features are:

  • Advanced search filters
  • Second Chance
  • Questionnaire View



With over 2,000,000 members worldwide, Feeld is a location-based lesbian dating app that offers an exclusive space for open-minded singles and couples to interact. It comes with a high-security level to provide the users with complete privacy.

The free services are:

  • You can send and receive messages
  • You can like other user’s profiles
  • Signing up with the app is free
  • You can use the basic search filters

Fee-Based services are:

  • The primary feature of the fee-based service is the Facebook profile hiding feature.
  • You can view who wants to connect with you.
  • You can see when someone was last active on Feeld.
GOOD FOR enabling dating for all people who enjoy kink, polyamory, and alternative sexual preferences.



Originally known as Dattch, the HER dating app was created by Robyn Exton. The only objective of the dating app is to provide the women of the LGBTQ community with an exclusive platform for them to find love. The app creates a sense of belonging for the queen, and the best part is there are no male profiles on this application.

With over 4 million users, HER is undoubtedly the best free lesbian hookup dating app. All the profiles are genuine and verified profiles. The users can sign up using their social media account, and the security team scans all the details to make sure the profiles are real. HER promise to offer a safe and dick-free zone.

GOOD FOR matchmaking and displaying the most attractive people to link up with for dates.



If you are looking for a straightforward lesbian dating app, Fem is just made for you. The app has the best of the features and valuable price packages. The features include video profiles and a real-time chatting option. The women can make videos for their profile to make their profile cheesy and attractive for the other beauties.

The Fem app offers private chatting options as well as group chat features. The members of the application can send each other videos and photos. However, Fem does not provide communication with every other user. The mutual matches of the app can only communicate between themselves. The top free feature of the application is the unlimited messaging feature.



Lesly dating services is one of the top hookup apps for lesbians. It is a lesbian dating site and a community that pledges to offer women the best lesbian dating experience and top-rated security. The platform provides women open space to explore, chat, communicate, flirt, and ultimately discover the perfect partner for life. Fem offer members with relationships and way more than that. You can expect mates for serious relationship hookups, FWB, and many more. The application offers the Spark feature that the premium member can avail. The Spark feature allows you to check out the local queer or lesbian beauties.

What Differs between Lesbian Hookup App and PC Version?

The lesbian hookup apps and the PC version does not offer major differences, but there can be few depending on the lesbian dating company. While the apps are more mobile-friendly, they are the first option for remote lesbian dating. You can check on your interested matches activity anytime and anywhere. Most lesbian dating apps offer easy left and right-swiping features to show your interest in a profile. On the other hand, the lesbian hookup PC versions do not come with swipe features. The PC versions are ideal for users who love to explore their eroticism in a confide place. The PC versions are suitable for live cam lovers. Moreover, the PC version allows the users to customize their profiles with more features, and it is easier to search for the ideal lesbian partner with more filters.

Features of Android Lesbian Hookup Apps

The simple objective of the lesbian hookup apps is to offer smartphone users the complete dating experience from anywhere and anytime.

Most of the popular and renowned lesbian hookup apps are available on Android. The Android apps offer the best dating experience for users. The apps do not lag in poor internet connectivity.

The Lesbian hookup dating app free profiles offer users basic features like chatting, navigating, searching using basic filters, and they can send or receive messages from matched users only.

The premium account comes with a payment method that can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. The premium account features offer advanced search filters. You can now narrow down your search results using more filters like hair, eye, skin colors, location, age, hobbies, and interests.

The Android lesbian hookup apps offer top-notch security. As the applications are predominantly designed for women, the brands take stringent steps to prevent any bot or fake accounts from disturbing the portal. To promote legit profiles, the users have to verify their accounts by the One Time Password feature.

Features of iPhone Lesbian Hookup Apps

Generally, different lesbian brands offer apps that are compatible both with Android and iOS. The apps are easy to download from the Apple App Store. Once the application is installed, now you can sign up using your social media account or using your mobile number similar to the Android app.

Most of the iOS app features are similar to the Android version. Since the apps belong to the same company, the overall design of the apps is identical. iOS users can also experience the same features as the Android version. However, there might be few features, which are exclusively for iOS users.

However, the only drawback for iOS users is that they cannot download the APK version of the lesbian apps if there are any. The APK versions are not supported on the iOS handsets.

What You Should Look in the Lesbian Hookup Apps for PC?

Very few lesbian hookup apps are there that do not come with a PC version. Most of the lesbian hookup dating apps are available for PC and desktop users. They are easy to download. You can download them straight away. The PC version of the hookup apps comes with full security measures. If you are signing up with the email address, you have to verify your account through the verification link.

Payment Options for the Lesbian Hookup Apps

The top lesbian hookup apps offer a plethora of payment methods for all members regarding payment options. The wide variety of payment options are helpful for the members who wish to upgrade their account to the premium version. The premium version of the dating profiles offers more features that users can use to increase their popularity and reach within the app. According to a study, premium profiles have a 70% chance of getting an online partner than free account users.

The various payment options available for the users vary from one to another. However, the standard payment options are:

  • Net bankingv
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Bank Transfer

The top lesbian hookup apps offer payment packages on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Many apps allow you to enjoy the features of the premium app even if you cancel the premium account until your subscription lasts.

Therefore, online dating might be challenging for the LGBTQ community, but with the top hookup apps for lesbians, the journey will be smooth. We hope you have gained considerable knowledge about the best lesbian hookup apps. Based on the reviews and feedback of the experienced users and from the different app stores, we have presented the top hookup apps for lesbians. Which app are you planning to join?


Are the Lesbian Hookup Apps Safe for Dating?

All of the lesbian hookup apps come with all-around security and safety protocols. A reputed brand controls each app. However, online dating is challenging, especially for lesbians. Mostly, men create fake accounts to be on such platforms. The queer women face harassment, racism, discrimination and sometimes fall into the pits of fake profiles.

Therefore, the members must be cautious and not share personal details with strangers they meet on these online portals. Overall, the top lesbian hookup apps have taken unprecedented steps to provide security and safety to the members.

Does My Country Allow the Top Lesbian Hookup Apps?

Several countries have recognized the LGBTQ+ community and have allowed the various lesbian hookup apps and other platforms. Queer and lesbian women of those countries can use these legit apps for communicating, interacting, dating, and finding a lesbian life partner. However, many countries are against the LGBTQ+ community because of their nations’ ideologies and political beliefs. Such countries might not allow dating apps, but the members can use the apps if the lesbian hookup dating app is available in their country. To know whether you are eligible to use the different dating apps, you can check out the official website of those brands.

What Is Better for Me Paid or Free best Lesbian Hookup Apps?

Free and paid lesbian hookup apps are two different parts of the same app. You can sign up with any lesbian hookup app using a free account. It is unnecessary to purchase a premium account for dating, but if you are genuinely looking for a date, then a premium account is a wise choice.

Several features are unavailable for them. To avail of various features of the app, a premium account is compulsory. You can join the best lesbian hookup dating app using a free account and explore it till the end of the trial period, and then you can take the call.

How Easily Can I Sign Up on the Top Lesbian Hookup Apps?

Signing up with the top hookup apps for lesbians is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is visit the app stores on your Android or iOS phone and browse for your desired application. Once selected, you can download the application and sign up either using your phone number or your social media account. The safe and legit application will ask for an OTP if you use your mobile number, or they might send an email verification link to confirm your social media account. Once you log in to your dating account, you can share all your details and make your account attractive to other members.

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