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DateMyAge Review 2021

DateMyAge Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Trustworthy system of fraud prevention;
  • User-friendly interface focused on the senior users;
  • Flexible and affordable system of paying options;
  • No necessity of getting an expensive membership.
  • Users are representatives of the heterosexual community only.

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Values DateMyAge Service Promoting

DateMyAge Review 2020

The idea to launch DateMyAge appeared in 1993. It came out along with other niche websites aimed to make the experience of users on the website more pleasant. The founders also tried to ensure more efficiency, so more people leave the site with a long-term partner. As a result, the site received a lot of appraisals from the users and critics. DateMyAge review looks into the strategy the website implemented to attract the senior public’s attention, which is known for its resistance to online activities. Since 1993 the founders learned a lot of lessons and managed to keep up with the times and preserve their popularity in the modern competitive environment. DateMyAge review provides exhaustive answers to the most popular questions of the users and some guidelines on how to find a match without spending tones of money and time.

This service is a tool for seniors to find like-minded people worldwide, communicating, traveling together, and sharing experiences. The website facilitates communication in all the possible ways, and the support team is working daily to ensure that no user is left confused or disappointed. It is above average in terms of price, but there are ways not to spend an arm and a leg on DateMyAge dating.

Could It Be a Fraud?

DateMyAge review of internal policies shows that all the standard operating procedures of the website correspond to the international rules. The website discourages illegal activities and bans abusive behaviors. It is not a commercial platform but a socializing one. It does not offer to purchase services not related to dating. In case you receive any offers to your private messages, let the website support know since it is a scam.

The website has an SSL certificate, which means it is a safe source and does not aim to collect your personal data. If you are worried about the cookies, the website informs that they collect your data to set up the profile or send notifications. DateMyAge does not conduct any other activities like merchandising or advertising. So, your contact details are only used for the internal operation on the site.

Overview of Member Pool

DateMyAge Review 2020

From the website titles, one can predict the results of the DateMyAge review of the member pool. The total number of users registered with the site is about 1 million people. Nearly half of the users reside in the United States. The rest is coming from Australia, Canada, and Europe. Additionally, the site can brag with the record high daily activity rate, since it sometimes reaches 200 000 people worldwide.

Is It a Community for People With Any Sexual Orientation?

Unfortunately, DateMyAge review identified that currently, the website is matching straights only. When you fill in the initial form and select the gender male, it automatically ticks the option ‘seeking a woman,’ and vice versa. The gender distribution is almost equal, with females prevailing (55%).

Age Representation

It is the website for the singles of the age 40 +. Hence, most people who register belong to category 45 – 55 y.o. and over 60 dating. However, the age category of people 29 – 35 comprises about 10 % of users. There is no age limit, so if you are 22, you will be welcome to register. The point is that the users come to the site knowing that most people will be seniors, and it is a friendly environment where agism is eliminated.

Tips on Registration

DateMyAge Review 2020

DateMyAge registration is quick. A couple of options are available. You can opt for the easy way and login with Facebook or Google. The site will not post anything on your page, but it will copy all the information from the existing account, including the friend list. If you do not remember what information is on your Facebook profile, opt for the email registration. Type in your e-address and verify it. This is the safest solution in terms of privacy.

Tips on Creating a Profile

DateMyAge review identified that a profile has a well-structured layout. The users often take profiles for granted. Your profile should be filled in for at least 70 % to be trustworthy. Filling in every section, at least with a couple of sentences, will work if you do not feel like sharing much. The profile is divided into sections and three sections dedicated to the description of your personality, while the last one is about your partner’s preferences. It is a tricky section since sometimes people’s expectations are too high, or the description sounds. If you have friends or relatives who can help to proofread that section, it would be great. In any case, you will have a chance to talk in a private chat and explain yourself. The point is that it is better to fill in the profile than leave it empty.

Another tip concerns the pictures. It is a common practice to put a photo of nature or a random celebrity to your profile. Mind that the website’s team prevents it and checks the photos users upload to eliminate fake accounts. So, you might be feeling shy and upload some photos, but the team will treat it as an attempt to create a fake account. Either put no picture or a real photo of you.

Keep updating the information on your profile. For example, add the latest movies or TV shows you saw places you visited. Also, do not forget to upload the photos. There is even an option to record the video where you talk about yourself. You will see the number of your profile’s visitors jump high after you upload it.

Guidelines on Interaction

DateMyAge Review 2020

DateMyAge is a platform the lets users communicate as long as they want without forcing them to arrange the meeting. It is a platform one can use instead of a social network. So, there is an abundance of communication options that help users spend quality time on the site.

  • Online chat. Visit chatrooms, invite people for discussions, and have a personal conversation. The price of the cat is one credit per minute. The new users get lots of bonuses, and ten free chats are a part of it.
  • Video Chat. This chat can work in different ways. If the partner you want to talk to does not have a camera, you can pay for one-way communication, and you will have a camera on or vice versa.
  • Send photos/videos. Since the website does not allow posting just any photo on the site, you can use personal messages or email to send more private images that you would not want to share with the public.

Platform Specifications

The design of DateMyAge is not sophisticated but classy. It has photos of the people who resemble the membership pool. No worries, these are not users, these are the models. A positive feature is a clean design. The screen is not filled with irrelevant information, links, and banners. Nothing distracts the user from the purpose of visiting the site.

A useful feature of a DateMyAge app is its compatibility with the most popular operating systems, Android and Apple. Using the app simplifies a lot for the users. It makes the payment more comfortable and lets them see notifications quicker. The app users also get a discount for the purchases of the services.

Characteristics of the Desktop Version

Although the target audience of the site are seniors, the mobile version is used more often than the desktop. The desktop version works smoothly in terms of loading the pages, images, and video connection quality. Besides, it does not have advertisements which are very popular with free websites. It lowers the risks of virus or phishing.

Quality of Functions

DateMyAge Review 2020

DateMyAge functions are easily accessible. The main services are registration, communication, and termination of the account. All the needed features are located in the settings and can be used intuitively. The site is developed with the senior users in mind. The support agents are always on the watch to assist with any questions.

Tips on Navigation

It is not hard to navigate the website. Whenever a message comes, the notification appears, and even if the user does not know where the inbox is, the notification will open the section. All the options are located on the top bar menu, which is very convenient.

DateMyAge Prices

DateMyAge review of pricing policy identified a flexible system. The site does not force you to purchase a long-term membership and pay in advance. Instead, it offers to spend as much as you want to. So, in times when you are not active on the site, you are not charged. Whenever you want to use an option, you pay for it separately.

The currency the site uses is called credits, and you can buy them in packages. For example, 50 credits cost $15.99 ($0.32 per one); 600 credits cost $149.99 ($0.25 per one); 1 500 credits cost $299.99 ($0.20 per one).

To understand whether it is expensive, take a look at the fees for the primary services. It is not compulsory to use all the options on the website. Most of the time, you need a messaging option. When you start a conversation via email, the first message is for free. The next email will come for ten credits. It costs one credit to send a sticker, and the smile is free.

Pros & Cons of Membership Plans

DateMyAge Review 2020

DateMyAge does not provide a lot of free options, so eventually, the user has to pay. The entrance is free, but you pay to use the features. You can register for free, send a wink, and use the bonus access to the features if you are a new member. On registration, the newbie gets ten free chats with the users. The conversations are free for 3 minutes only. To access a video chat function, view profiles of the people who liked you and interact with them, a paid membership required or topping up the balance.

Making Payment

DateMyAge review of the payment process shows a transparent process and no complaints about hidden fees. The site has a price list, and if you need to clarify what you are charged for, get in touch with the support. However, there are no additional fees.

Payment Methods

DateMyAge Review 2020

The site supports a wide variety of payment options, so regardless of the country of residence, you will always find the convenient one. The options are credit/debit/prepaid cards, PayPal, or for the app users, Apple Pay, or Google.

Safety Tips

Although the website is working on the safety regulations and updates them regularly, the users should have their safety in mind as well. There is only so much the moderators can do. If the other user sends the link or offensive content, you need to react immediately and block or report the profile. The risk team will look into the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Many users look for a match nearby. In this case, make sure not to overshare your personal information like address, names of your relatives, and other sensitive details. Unless you trust the user completely, there is no need to meet or share anything. If you decide to give a meeting a go, arrange it in a place that you know. Let your friends or family know about the date or invite one of them to come with you.

Pay attention to the way the person is talking. The scammers often try to make you change the website and start a conversation on some free and less protected platform or app where your personal information will be disclosed.

When it comes to safety, you cannot be careful enough. If you see that the other user is reacting aggressively or negatively to the measure you want to take, consider terminating your communication.

Fraud Prevention Strategies

DateMyAge Review 2020

Regardless of the country you are accessing the website from, and there is always an online hazard. The website does not promote ads to gain profit, so there is no chance you get the virus from the site. As to the personal data, not much is collected, and the data you give for the account set up is not sensitive and yet not shared with others. The website team is always monitoring the activity of users, starting with the compulsory photos checks.

Additional Features

Let’s Mingle. If you ever have a lot of free time and want to find someone special, use Let’s Mingle options and spam everyone with a message. It is spamming in the right way, allowed by the website. It aims at finding a lot of conversations concurrently to select the one you like most.

Gifts. As a sign of appreciation, the user can send a virtual present. It is not expensive, but it usually makes the right impression.

Search filters. With the paid membership, the users more filters open up, so the search for matches is more precise. The user can find the person that perfectly matches the ideal type in terms of appearance and personality.

Final Thoughts

DateMyAge Review 2020

Dating is one of the benefits everyone deserves to enjoy in life. Whether you suffered a bad relationship in the past, or went through a divorce and ended up single and 40, life goes on. It is high time to start your life afresh with the new person. You would be surprised to find out how many people out there go through the same. Whatever the reason is that you became single, feeling lonely is not normal. Get to know the dating rules on DateMyAge, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how secure the platform is. Take control of your destiny and personal happiness. It happens that life in a small community imposes a stigma on you, and you feel like giving up on your dating time. With online dating in your 40s, it is never too late. The website offers affordable prices, a user-friendly interface, and an amicable atmosphere. There is no chance that you will leave DateMyAge being single.

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