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Chat Avenue Review 2021

Chat Avenue Review 2021
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 23-25
Profiles 1.400.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple sign-up process and an option to use a guest account.
  • Quick and simple navigation on the website.
  • Free access to any chat room on the site and private messaging with other users.
  • Chat Avenue has various 24-hour chats for specific audiences on different topics of discussion.
  • The service offers affordable VIP plans for those who want to use extra features of the website.
  • Chat Avenue is available on all platforms, including a website, mobile, and tablet-supported versions, as well as an app.
  • Apart from regular in-chat text messages, some chat rooms offer features such as audio recorded messages and live cams.
  • Chat Avenue is relatively low in safety because of the free and easy access to chat rooms and no identity verification procedure.
  • Chat moderators are only present in chat rooms occasionally and do not filter much of the content that users share in the chat.
  • A lot of in-chat text advertisements and occasional spam.
  • Outdated design of the chat rooms and forums.
  • VIP membership offers few additional features and does not free you of all ads.
  • Controversial reputation as many people complain about Chat Avenue condoning sexual predator behaviors.

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History and Purpose of the Service

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue is an online platform where you can chat with people from all around the world. It is one of the oldest chat services on the web, created in 2000. It is also one of the most controversial chat services, as discussed in this Chat Avenue review. The purpose of Chat Avenue is simple – provide a space for people to connect with others over shared interests. Different theme-based chat rooms are available for anyone who wants to take a break and spend a relaxing time talking to strangers. One can potentially find a talk buddy, a friend, or even a love match. In this Chat Avenue review, we take down the chat room’s features, usability, and whether it is an excellent chat service to use.

Is it a Legitimate Service?

Chat Avenue is a free platform that you can use, even without registering. The service’s purpose is to let people connect through the different chat rooms. The chat rooms are moderated by administrators and live chat moderators. Many accounts are real people who simply want to talk to someone without having to go through a complicated sign-up or pay for it. However, there is also a significant number of users that enter chat rooms to spam or post inappropriate or offensive content.

Moreover, there are a lot of advertisements, including graphic images that bot accounts spam to chat rooms. In general, this Chat Avenue review finds that the website does function as a legitimate chat service platform. The website administration emphasizes the rules of using chat rooms, especially those with age restrictions in place. However, the moderators are rarely in the chat room and do not always ensure that the users follow these rules. Therefore, there is a high chance of coming across offensive and inappropriate content as well as suspicious behavior from other users.

Who Uses Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue provides chat rooms for different categories of users. The website features chat rooms for dating as well as for talking about various topics. There are chat rooms for gay and lesbian people, as well as separate chat rooms for girls and boys. There are also chat rooms for kids and teenagers. The website firmly asserts that the administration carefully monitors the chat rooms and engages law enforcement companies to make these spaces safe for young users. However, each chat room contains adult content advertisements, which makes this claim a bit questionable.

All in all, there are nineteen chat rooms on Chat Avenue, each designed to cater to a specific age, gender, or sexual orientation category. It has a few general chat rooms for people of all ages (above 13), genders, and preferences to talk about different topics such as sports dating, music, video games, etc. The chat rooms are mostly visited by straight males and females, although the number of male accounts is easily higher. U.S.and UK users constitute the majority of users; many users are from Canada and European countries. Many people just look for a chance to chat casually with others, while many join specifically to flirt and find a date.

Does Sexual Orientation Matter on this Website?

Straight, gay, and lesbian people are welcome on Chat Avenue in chat rooms explicitly created for each sexual orientation category. Gay and lesbian chats have age restrictions in place, at least 18 and 16 years old. Straight people are welcome to participate in general chat rooms, particularly those for singles and dating.

It is fair to mention that the chat rooms are often poorly monitored by moderators. Moreover, it is mostly straight men and women who visit the chat rooms. Therefore, lesbian and gay chats on Chat Avenue can not offer the best experience for gay and lesbian users because of the spam from straight accounts.

Age Composition of Users

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

The actual age distribution of Chat Avenue is difficult to determine. The service does not display the community’s age composition, although you can look up the age of a user in their profile. Many users state a fake age or choose not to indicate their age at all. Based on the visitors of different chat rooms, there are younger and older users alike. Males aged 25 and older seem to be the most frequent users of the chat rooms. Nevertheless, Chat Avenue aims to accommodate users of different ages. There are chat rooms for users below 18. Despite the age restriction, anyone can enter these chat rooms and message others there. Therefore, it is, without a doubt, completely unsafe for younger users to use these chatrooms. Continue reading this Chat Avenue review for more information on the website’s safety.

How to Sign Up and Log In?

The sign-up process on Chat Avenue is swift and easy. First, you can select the chat room you would like to join to start chatting. The Home page of the website displays all the chat rooms. After clicking on the chosen chat room, you have two options: enter the chatroom with a guest login or register as a permanent user. In the first option, you only have to provide a name and go through a captcha verification to prove that you are not a robot. After that, you can start chatting. However, as a guest account, you cannot add any further details about yourself or upload a picture. You cannot add friends, message other users directly in a private chat, or upgrade to a VIP account. To access all these features, you need to choose the option to register a standard account. You will need to state your age and gender, as well as provide your email address. Chat Avenue does not require you to verify your email, nor does it send you any email confirmations. Now that you are a registered account, you can upload a picture, add a short description, and become a permanent member of the chat room. Interestingly, each new chat room requires that you login anew.

Creating a Profile: A Fast and Easy Process

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

To create a profile on Chat Avenue, you need to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, you can choose to make a guest account for a single session in a chat room. For that, you only need to provide your name. However, to create a permanent profile, you need to indicate your email address, age, and gender. Users can then fill out their profile further by adding a profile picture and a description paragraph. You can also write your mood, which will be displayed directly under your nickname in your profile and the chat room list of members. With the VIP membership plan, you can further edit your username and text messages to a gradient color. Moreover, a diamond icon will appear near your username in the chat room user list.

You can change your profile info anytime you want, including age and gender. You can also manage who can text you in a private chat or change sound and theme settings of the chat room.

How Convenient Is Messaging on this Website?

Messaging other users on Chat Avenue is easy. You can do so within a chat room you choose to join based on your preferences. People with registered profiles can send private messages to people in the chat room and those they add as friends. Messaging is very fast and efficient – you can communicate with others through instant messages. Users are free to use emoji, gifs, as well as share media content.

Platforms You Can Use to Access the Service

Chat Avenue is available on several platforms. Apart from the standard HTML website, Chat Avenue offers mobile and tablet-supported versions and an application.

Is There a Desktop Version?

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue does not offer an application that you can install on your desktop.

#1 Chat Avenue App

Chat Avenue has an application you can download for free from Google Play or App Store. The chat rooms in the app work in the same way they do on the website. The application’s design looks the same and does not offer any additional features for members to use. Users often report issues with the app, so as an alternative, you can use the website’s mobile-supported version.

Design Features: Is the Service Convenient to Use?

The design of Chat Avenue is quite unassuming and straightforward, if not a little outdated. Still, all of the chat room’s features are similar to features most social media platforms have. The color design is neutral and will likely suit the tastes of most categories of users. You can also adjust the design settings and choose a theme to your liking.

Is Chat Avenue Easy to Navigate?

Chat Avenue has clear navigation. From the Home page, you can go directly into any of the chat rooms by simply clicking on one. All the essential features appear in visible areas of the chat room page. You can find the link to the FAQ page at the bottom. All in all, it takes practically no time to navigate Chat Avenue.

Services and Prices on Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service



VIP membership (3-month plan)


VIP membership (1-year plan)


VIP membership (lifetime plan)


Is Paying for a VIP Membership Worth It?

Free access on Chat Avenue allows you to use most of the service’s features. However, with a paid VIP plan, a few extra features become available as well. As a VIP member, you can create and be the administrator of your chat room. You can also disable the text ads in the chat room. Paid access also allows you to use more design features such as using gradient color username and text. Finally, VIP status will enable you to appear at the head of the chatroom user list with a diamond icon. In general, this Chat Avenue review finds that buying the VIP plan will not improve your options on the website significantly.

What is the Payment Process?

You can pay for any of the three VIP plans on Chat Avenue by card. The website only offers this option. You can input your email and card number details directly on the website through the service’s payment engine. The system will then automatically upgrade the user registered by this email as VIP. You can also donate a VIP account to a friend.

What Payment Options Do You Have?

You can pay for Chat Avenue VIP membership by PayPal or Google Pay. You can also pay for the VIP membership plan directly on the website by simply providing the number, expiry date, and CVV of your card. Chat Avenue does not offer any refunds.

Is Chat Avenue Safe to Use?

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue assures that it deeply values and protects its users’ safety. Although the chat rooms are free to use by members and guests alike, Chat Avenue’s administration sets in place specific rules for its users. Under every chat room, there is a list of rules that the users should read and follow. There are also age restrictions for Chat Avenue’s chat rooms. Only users over 13 years old can use most chat rooms.

Moreover, the moderators claim to monitor the chat rooms for offensive behavior and content carefully. If you find some content abusive or inappropriate, you have the option to report the user. Alternatively, if you have any other issues using Chat Avenue, the service encourages its users to contact them immediately.

Despite the service’s claims of providing safety and security, we warn you that the website is not suited for younger users in this Chat Avenue review. The site has chat rooms for kids and teens, but the main category of accounts, even in these chat rooms, are still adult users. The moderators are often absent from chat rooms, which makes it impossible to ensure that everyone follows the rules. There are many messages with inappropriate requests or content that do not get taken down.

Can You Get Scammed Here?

Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue allows users to exchange private messages but discourage from sharing any personal information and or real social media accounts. Chat Avenue is primarily a chat room service where people only talk to each other. The chat moderators are only present in the chat rooms from time to time and fail to remove all spam and suspicious behavior or content. Moreover, as the service is free and easy to access by everyone, users should be careful when sharing any personal information in the chat rooms or private messages. Given the lax level of monitoring of chat rooms from moderators, it is almost impossible to ensure that all users follow the rules. Therefore, this Chat Avenue review intends to warn you that scammers may get plenty of opportunities to deceive you on this service.

Are There Any Special Features?

Chat Avenue offers most of the features that other social media platforms and chat services currently provide. You can set up a profile, upload a profile picture, add friends, and interact with others in group chats and private messages. The service also offers a friends wall feature where you can share content with friends. None of Chat Avenue’s services and features stand out particularly from what other chat services provide.


Chat Avenue Review 2020: A Simple and Free Chat Room Service

Chat Avenue is a chat service that has been around for a while. It has a dubious reputation, but the way it works is quite simple. It is a service you can use if you want to chat with people from around the world casually. The service is easy and quick to use. Moreover, it is completely free, although you can upgrade to a VIP plan to add some extra features for a small fee. On Chat Avenue, you can choose a chat room that suits your preferences best, and the login or sign-up processes only take a few quick clicks. However, this Chat Avenue review demonstrates how the service does not offer the safest or the most enjoyable experience due to a lax enforcement of rules. If you use want to Chat Avenue, be prepared to deal with a lot of spam, advertisements of sexual content partnership websites, or inappropriate or abusive content that moderators often fail to take down. Still, users of Chat Avenue can have a lot of fun chatting with others, making connections, and becoming part of a small community.

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