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Chatrandom Review 2021

Chatrandom Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 5500000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatrandom allows its users to chat with people throughout the whole world.
  • The website offers a wide variety of features that allow its users to be able to familiarize themselves with the navigation quite easily.
  • The paid membership gives Chatrandom users access to more preferential chatting, where all users can filter their chatting following gender preferences, and extend their chat experience.
  • Chatrandom service is an inclusive platform where the LGBTQ community's rights and interests are also well-considered.
  • An extended membership at Chatrandom gives its users an experience of private chatting, no advertisement, location filters, and many more.
  • Even though there is a vast majority of users to chat with, Chatrandom cannot control the content of a partner's picture.
  • The unpaid membership differs from the paid one in terms of the limited amount of features, which is why not all users can experience all its aspects without Chatrandom plus.
  • Chatrandom website initially offers a Russian language interface of the main window, which does not change after choosing another interface language.

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How can Chatrandom be defined?

Conducting Chatrandom Review, there is a need to point out the essential features that distinguish itself from the background of its main competitors. In a nutshell, Chatrandom is very easy to understand in terms of its performance. It is a type of service that has been familiar to every user on the Internet throughout the history of online video chatting platforms. To use Chatrandom service, a user must sign up and log in, which is also possible using an existing account on Google, Facebook, or Apple. In terms of Chatrandom review, one must say that its service offers a full experience of online social meetings, where some essential features are also available. On the whole, Chatrandom offers its users a thorough social experience, where people can meet social partners throughout the world. The service is also available in many languages so that communication on Chatrandom would have been easier.

How Can a User Be Sure That Chatrandom Is Not a Fraudulent Service

Having considered Chatrandom review as a source of a thorough description of its main features, it comes to be apparent its website does care about their customers. Yes, there are paid memberships that ensure user’s privacy and security of one’s funds. There is customer support on Chatrandom website that functions 24/7, assuring that every user of the service is protected and secured. Chatrandom likes to position itself as a unique online video chatting platform that sets the standards for the future of online chatting. Indeed, there is a wide variety of features that allow for Chatrandom to be an exclusive platform that makes hundreds of people to be able to connect throughout the world. Every user can report inappropriate content of a partner’s picture and directly address Chatrandom support. The website explains its main Terms and Privacy features quite well, which, in turn, assures all its users of a high protection level. On the whole, Chatrandom privacy policy is well appropriate per all of the available legal standards that concern Internet safety.

How Can a User Be Sure That Chatrandom Is Not a Fraudulent Service

Whom Can You Meet There?

Any person who has an Internet connection, an email, Google, Facebook, or Apple account can become a fully eligible user of Chatrandom. For the most part, the website supports all of the world countries, which is why it is considered an international online video chatting service. At the same time, in terms of Chatrandom review, it is important to note that any member can choose people according to gender, and filter their location. All users can choose a partner about their interests, be that politics, movies, sports, or any other tags, including gay, role play, flirt, and many more. For this reason, it would be rather fair to claim that on Chatrandom, people can meet merely anyone from anywhere by a wide variety of filers, tags which point out to their interests and preferences.

The Variety of Sexual Orientation

One of the most considerable advantages of the Chatrandom service is that it is absolutely LGBTQ friendly. There is a separate tag in the filtered chats that allow us to search with a “gay” filter only. This way, considering Chatrandom services’ inclusivity, it is apparent that a wide choice of sexual orientation options represents a considerable plus for the service itself. On Chatrandom, users can meet people of all sexual orientations, including transgender people, users of no-gender, fluid genders, homosexual, bisexual, and other particular kinds of gender. In other words, gender variety is very welcome on Chatrandom.

The Variety of Sexual Orientation on Chatrandom

Do You Have to Be Over 18 to Use the Service?

Chatrandom review allows us to see that its service does foresee a certain age limit. During the registration process, all users need to indicate their age, so that Chatrandom would let them in. When logging in with an existing account on Apple, Google, or Facebook, all users automatically indicate their age so that the system does or does not let them in. So yes, Chatrandom service is foreseen to be used by adults only. In cases when users manage to trick the service by indicating their age incorrectly, their partners on another site can always report an inappropriate age and prohibited activity, violence, or any other type of illegal content.

How User Friendly Is Sign-Up and Login Process

Every internet user can quite effortlessly create a personal profile on Chatrandom using a personal email address, or any other type of an existent social media profile. Chatrandom recognizes Apple, Google, and Facebook profiles, which automatically fill in the most important information about a user. During the registration process, all users are also able to put in their age, gender, and indicate preferable filters. With chosen main filters, Chatrandom users can refine their search using the tags and characteristics of other website visitors. Chatrandom review also points out that it is not enough to be a regular visitor to its website to start chatting. Each visitor must perform a registration procedure so that one would have a personal profile created with already chosen filters and preferences.

How User Friendly Is Sign-Up and Login Process on Chatrandom

Is It Necessary to Create a Profile to Use the Main Features of Chatrandom Service

Considering that the signing up process is rather quite simple, yet, extended and user-friendly, yes, it does happen to be a must. A user who has a paid membership could use the main preferences that they are paying for; every user must go through a registration process. With this, signed up users are automatically protected by the website, whereas their privacy and their funds are well secured. Signing up process is also a required part of Chatrandom operation, whereas it allows other users to be reported, filtered, and set as preferences in the case when needed. This way, every user must be as specific as possible when creating a personal profile. Age and sex are not enough, as there is a need to put in the payment information if a user decides to have a Chatrandom Plus membership. Simultaneously, the preferences must also be described in detail to make the process of filtering easy and useful.

How Do Users Communicate?

Considering that Chatrandom is an online video chatting platform that bases its communication process on the algorithms of random choice, there is certainly more than one way to communicate there. Initially, there are “chat experience” preferences that allow all users to choose a way to use Chatrandom. The main feature of Chatrandom is random chatting, which, in turn, makes its service is so unique. At the same time, users can choose chat rooms which are filtered by age, gender, interests, sexual orientation, and other tags so that their communication would be more engaging and interesting. There is a separate option of “Gay” chat, where only homosexual people can communicate with their partners. There is also a group chat, where four people can communicate via video connection all at once. Yet, the main ways to communicate on Chatrandom include live video/audio communication, and text messaging, the limits of which depend on the type of membership that Chatrandom users have purchased.

How Do Users Communicate on Chatrandom?

Phone or Computer – It Does Not Matter, Chatrandom Runs on All Platforms

The desktop version that can be accessed from any computer using any browser is not the only form to use Chatrandom. Chatrandom review suggests that its service can be used on any device, such as cell phone, computer, or tablet. There are also different versions of Chatrandom website that include a desktop browser one, and a mobile version as well. Indeed, a mobile version does not differ significantly from the Desktop one, while it does contain all its main features and functions. The only difference between a mobile and a desktop version of Chatrandom is that the former one is presented in a rather simplified form. At the same time, Chatrandom also has an application.

Does Their Desktop Version Excels Other Versions of Their Service?

Yes, the Desktop version is the main form of the use of Chatrandom. However, it does not mean that other versions are less capable than the desktop one. A mobile version of the Chatrandom website and its application have the same functionality and main features as the Desktop one. At the same time, there is a need to refer to the navigation and its usability for all users. At this point, there is no doubt that the Chatrandom desktop version is more detailed and user friendly, whereas navigation is made simple there. However, some users might consider their desktop version to be quite complicated because of the quantity of information present. Yet, the desktop version is rather more convenient for daily usage because its size and windows for chatting are more attractive in terms of visual representation of all Chatrandom users. For this reason, most of their clients prefer the Chatrandom desktop version in comparison to a mobile one, or even their best hookup application.

Does Their Desktop Version Excels Other Versions of Their Service on Chatrandom?

What Does Their Application Have to Offer?

Chatrandom review suggests that there are two main types of Chatrandom access which is Desktop and mobile application. Their mobile application is also quite convenient as it offers their main functions and services, disregarding the mediation of an Internet Browser. There is a need to indicate that Chatrandom phone applications are also rather more simple and easy to use. The only thing a user needs to do is to download it on Android’s Google Play or Apple’s App Store and install it. The registration process is quicker than in their Desktop version, because you only need to put in your gender, and grant access to your microphone and camera. However, there is no chance that a user can have unlimited access to all of the main features of Chatrandom service without registration and login. The mobile application version of Chatrandom service is useful in terms of navigation, where all of the needed buttons and functions are reachable at the extent of one’s finger.

How Can a User Navigate Chatrandom in Terms of Its Functional Side?

As our Chatrandom review has already indicated, their service is quite simple and easy for use. Every user must keep in mind that it is important to put in their data, as well as their search preferences, and Chatrandom itself will do everything else. Their service filters users to follow all indicated preferences, as it also allows them to control the search’s randomness. Every user can switch to the next camera, block, or report a user who either displays something illegal or inappropriate or does not speak politely. “Chat experience” option automatically selects random chatting as their home window, so that any visitor of Chatrandom can start having an online video chatting experience right away. However, it is also possible to change that option in the “Chat experience” window. In terms of usability, all that a user needs to know is how to switch to another user, and how to keep on a conversation in case they happen to like each other.

How Can a User Navigate Chatrandom in Terms of Its Functional Side?

Does It Take Long to Learn How to Navigate the Service?

Chatrandom is a very user-friendly service, which means that any user learns how to navigate their website without any particular effort. Certainly, many options and functions can and need to be adjusted. However, Chatrandom does offer itself to choose the available options, whereas it would appear to be impossible to keep on navigating its service. As has already been said, it is important to learn how to communicate using video connections while meeting random people, indicating personal information and preferences, and filtering the chats. Considering that there are many unique options available on Chatrandom website, it would be impossible to learn them all at once. For this reason, all users must learn how to use Chatrandom step by step.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Chatrandom Plus

There is a paid membership available, and it is called Chatrandom plus. It is available through the “Upgrade” button once a user has logged in. Chatrandom also automatically suggests switching to an upgraded version of their site after a user has completed a registration process. One week of an upgraded service at Chatrandom costs $6.99. At the same time, one month is suggested for $19.99 as a monthly payment.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Chatrandom Plus

What Advantages Does a Paid Membership Offer?

To have a paid membership at Chatrandom, every user must complete their registration process. Once that is done, Chatrandom users can unlock special features that allow them to enjoy its service to a full extent. Having purchased paid membership, all users can filter their chats about their partners’ gender and location. Chatrandom plus also removes all unneeded advertisements and allows users to have private chats and a verification sign.

Which Payments Does the Service Accept?

Chatrandom grants its users access to a paid membership with the use of Segpay. This way, all users still need to put in their Visa or Mastercard credit card information, which will be protected with the Segpay service. Segpay itself is an intermediary payment system that ensures that the confidentiality of all users is maintained.

Which Are the Main Payment Systems That Are Used for All Users?

There is only one payment system available, and it is a credit card payment that succeeds with the Segpay service. At the same time, it is important to note that the system respects all user rights and their privacy, as they also work concerning confidentiality. With this, all users of Chatrandom can be sure that their funds are well secured, and their privacy is respected.

Can You Be Sure of Your Privacy and Security?

Chatrandom has separate sections on its website, which allow users to find out more about their security and privacy. In the section “Terms” and “Privacy,” all users can find out more about the legal side of their protection on Chatrandom. For this reason, every person who uses Chatrandom has to go through a registration process to ensure that their rights are respected, while their privacy and funds are well secured.

Is There a Chance That Chatrandom Is a Fraudulent Platform

The fact that all users need to register and pay for an extended set of features at Chatrandom makes them worry whether their funds would not just disappear. Chatrandom allows all website users to see how the service functions for themselves so that they could be sure of the efficiency of the online video chatting platform. All payments are secured with the Segpay service, which has 24/7 customer support and ensures respect for the privacy of all. No data is shared with any external platforms so that all users can trust Chatrandom Service.

Is There a Chance That Chatrandom Is a Fraudulent Platform

What Makes Chatrandom So Special?

Chatrandom design, usability, and overall user experience are really simple. At the same time, their service can be distinguished from the background of many competitors. Unlike similar random chatting platforms, Chatrandom offers a paid membership, which adds an extra layer of protection of all user data and endows all customers with special features of filtering. A recent feature that has made Chatrandom quite popular is that users can use digital filter masks so that their conversation would be even more engaging.

How Does Chatrandom Review Summarize the Service?

Chatrandom is an online video chatting platform that bases its algorithms on the randomness of internet chatting. People can meet anyone throughout the world once they have registered and indicated their data. It is also important that all users put in the information about their preferences so that their communication would be even more efficient. Chatrandom website is very simple to use. The service also has a mobile application, which is, even more, user friendly. A paid membership allows users to have special features and an additional level of protection. The paid subscription on Chatrandom is affordable, as it ensures that all funds are secured, while the privacy of all is respected.

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