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MatureQuality Singles Review 2021

MatureQuality Singles Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 35-45
Profiles 780000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Verification procedure via face screening ensures real profiles;
  • Low costs of services;
  • Detailed questionnaire helps find precise matches;
  • Member pool consisting mostly of males and females in their 40s;
  • Personalized approach to every customer and detailed analysis of preferences.
  • Time-consuming registration process.

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About MatureQuality Singles

The launch of MatureQuality Singles is related to the fact that the niche site for this particular age category does not really exist. The market is full of websites that please the general audience’s interests, encompassing all age categories. MatureQuality Singles claims to bring together people of the age 40+ who are looking for a serious relationship. Females and males of this age have a bit different preferences as to the age of their partners. So, the site gives a chance to register and meet any partner you want. MatureQuality Singles review looks into the real state of things and conditions that the service sets for singles to meet. It looks into the data on the site’s success and failures. For sure, every company goes through highs and lows. It is a matter of approaching the issue with enough responsibility. MatureQuality Singles review and final verdict helps you understand whether this site is suitable for you.

This unique idea to combine many platforms to find matches for people nearby belongs to Conversion Squared and Spark Network. They managed to tie all the membership pools for higher matching effectiveness. It saved a lot of time for singles who usually spend ages on one site realizing that it is not the best option for them. Not many people use a couple of websites concurrently, especially when it comes to the senior generation. This idea was a step towards the improvement of the dating quality for people over 40.

About MatureQuality Singles

MatureQuality Singles is not a scam

Do not be surprised if one day, you receive an email from McAfee anti-virus protection with the offer to purchase their subscription. It is one of the third-party companies MatureQuality Singles work. The other companies include Meetic, Anura, Cake Marketing, Match.

There is nothing illegal about working with other marketing companies, and as long as the website warns the users about it, you give your consent by creating an account.

As to the other uses of your personal data, the site collects IP and information on how often you visit the website, use individual options, and how successful you are. It is not done to analyze you individually, and it is for the overall statistics that will improve the service.

MatureQuality Singles is owned by ConversionSquared company, which has years of experience in the online market. It provides high-level measures of data protection. As the privacy agreement states, the site has firewalls, backups, and authentication procedures that protect the circulation of data on the website.

The user is entitled to the rights to access the profile information, demand a copy of it, terminate the account, delete all the information, and change the profile details.

MatureQuality Singles is not a scam

Members Overview

MatureQuality Singles review of member structure shows a clear picture of the presence of older generations. It is not a website for seniors strictly, and there is no specific age limit you need to reach to become a member. However, most users look for a serious and stable connection with someone, wants to have plans together. The younger generations are not interested in the slow and mundane life that a bit senior generation wants to have. A lot of members are in the status of divorced or widowed. These are often people who were not sure how to get out there into the dating world after some romantic hardships. The site is functioning in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Since these countries are densely populated with immigrants, the ethnicities present are diverse. It is also a website that connects professional people. In a way, it works as a networking platform. Many people find their partners for life, but some find partners for business or job opportunities. It is not a place to find a hookup or a fling. Not that these things are banned, it is more about the users who come there with different intentions.

MatureQuality Singles Members Overview

What is the sexual orientation of singles?

MatureQuality Singles gives the options to select a gender preference from males and females. Hence, the sexual orientation of the users is usually homosexual or heterosexual. The percentage of homosexual males is higher than females. The prevailing number of users, in general, have a heterosexual orientation.

Age Groups

Since the site’s name says it is a platform for mature singles, the age when they feel mature is usually 35 + y.o. The dominant number of users are in their 40s. There are some people at the age of 30, but the numbers are scarce. It is a platform that united women in their 40s and men in their 50s.

MatureQuality Singles  Age Groups

Registration Guide

It takes a couple of minutes to fill in the registration form, but later on, there is a quiz or questionnaire to fill in. It is used by the matching engine to get you the list of candidates.

An interesting fact about the service is that it cooperates with several major matchmaking companies in your area. Depending on how popular these services are in your region, MatureQuality Singles has a team of professional cupids who work online as well as offline. As soon as you provide exhaustive information on yourself and your preferences, they will let you create a profile. The matches will be coming from a particular partner platform. So, it means that the database of users that this service covers is immense because it has access to all singles in your area who use any dating services.

Profile Layout

The profile contains standard blocks of information. MatureQuality Singles review of personal data act claims that the information on the profile is stored for some time even after you delete it. It is a formal requirement, in case the profile was involved in any illegal activity. It is later removed.

The standard information it collects is your e-address, name and surname, age, gender, sexual orientation and preferences, ethnicity, income, and location. Besides, the IP address and GPS data is gathered. The photo gallery allows twenty-six photos.

MatureQuality Singles  Profile Layout

Interaction with other users

MatureQuality Singles review of interaction with other users started with the matching mechanism. The site searches for matches at every platform in the area they partnered with. If there is no satisfying results for you, the site will offer offline matchmaking services. Also, note that even though so many platforms are involved, they are all united by one emailing system. So, you do not have to disclose your personality to everyone. As soon as your profile is set up and the preferences analyzed, you can open a list of matches, read about them, and send them messages and emails if they are offline.

Platform Qualities

MatureQuality Singles cannot boast with the cutting-design, and the technical functionality of the platform is not a priority. Since the service unites a couple of dating platforms, there is no point in creating a sophisticated and technically exquisite platform that serves as a middleman. Besides, the functionality highly depends on people-matchmakers.

MatureQuality Singles Platform Qualities

PC version

The desktop version takes the user through the registration and profile set up. The questionnaire and photo uploads are available via the main site of MatureQuality Singles. Besides, it contains the code of conduct, support contacting option, and privacy policies, which are vital to get acquainted with before jumping into your dating ride.


MatureQuality Singles mobile application is available for Android users around the world. The latest updates were released in 2020. In case you have any issues with the app, it is possible to leave feedback in Google Play, and the developers will reply as soon as possible. It is worth updating the app to the newest version, as well as your OS.

Website & App Design

The desktop version comparing to the app is a bit outdated. It has been updated recently, and more fixes are coming. The users seem to enjoy the app more.

MatureQuality Singles Website & App Design

How to navigate?

Navigation on MatureQuality Singles is simple since the design was made with the target user in mind. All the functions have recognizable names, and can be used intuitively. The user-friendly layout and set of features makes it easy to talk, look through the profiles, etc. The site, as well as the app, load photos and pages quickly, and have no significant bugs.

Mature-Quality Singles Pricing

MatureQuality Singles review of prices ranks the service as cheap. It costs $23.99 per month, $71.94 per six months of a standard package, and $83.94 of a six-month premium package.

Pros & Cons of Paid and Free membership

MatureQuality Singles allows the guests who registered without purchasing the membership to look through the matches in the area and get the list of recommended users. To have access to the communication means the membership should be purchased.

MatureQuality Singles Pros & Cons of Paid and Free membership

Info on payment

All the payments are transparent. The site does not charge any extra commission, and the prices are indicated and updated from time to time, on the main page. It is recommended to contact the support before you pay if you have any issues. Also, check the limit of Internet purchases on your credit card, so the payment does not get declined by your bank.

Payment Options

You can use your credit card to pay for the services via the desktop version. It is easier when you use the app. The card or payment system tied to your Google Play will be used. Note that in this case, if you need to request a refund, contact Google Play, not the website.

Is it safe to use this site?

To be 100 % sure, you can take some measures to protect yourself. As much as the website is trying to screen every user, you never know when a person has a bad character, there is no screening for that. So, first of all, read the website policies and know for sure which services are paid. With that in mind, you will see when the person is trying to lure you into the financial trap. If you look at the site, you can see that it does not encourage you to spend money on some irrelevant services, and no protocol allows you to ask someone for money or send money to someone’s account. All the payments at the website are made via your bank, and the bank details belong to the company, not an individual. So, when a random user says that you need to send some money, ignore and report.

MatureQuality Singles safe to use

Scam Prevention

MatureQuality Singles review of anti-scam policies shows a standard set of protocols employed. The site does not have a legal right to run a background check on every user. This information is confidential. Although it says in terms of use that the user should have no criminal record and have a respectful attitude, scams happen.

The safety in online dating largely depends on the user. If you take care of yourself, nobody can harm you. One of the tips to follow is to check the story that your match is telling you. Check every facts and make sure they are not lying. To do that, start with the visuals they send. You can use Google images to search for a user’s photo to make sure it is not a random picture downloaded from the Internet. If you feel enthusiastic, there is more software to check these things, and it is free. You do not need to run the same thorough check on everyone, but definitely on the person you plan to meet.

Besides, you can ask a person to send you a selfie in a black sweater or name any other item they need to have on, to be sure.

More Features

Professional matchmaking service offline and online. Unlike the other platforms where the robot is analyzing the profiles, compares them, and provides matches, MatureQuality Singles came up with the idea to unite the forces and mix manual labor with the technological advances.

To sum up

MatureQuality Singles review identified a unique and smart service. It is hard for the company to maintain communication with so many partners, and it probably took a lot of time to set up the deals. However, for the users, it is the best place to be. Instead of roaming around numerous platforms and getting frustrated, scammed, or heartbroken, there is a service where real people work. It helps to talk to a person who is a qualified dating specialist and knows in which direction to point you. It is especially valuable for people who just got out of the longest relationships in their lives and feel confused and anxious about the next dating adventure. The things that stand out most about this service is privacy and speed of service. One would think that it lasts longer to find a match form other platforms, but there is a well-structured system that works smoothly for many years already. If you feel like you want to dive into the new long-lasting relationships, visit MatureQuality Singles for a qualified aid.

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