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Cougar Life Review 2021

Cougar Life Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 26-39
Beauty 48%
Profiles 1 650 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and convenient registration.
  • Free creation and filling out a profile.
  • Convenient viewing available profiles.
  • Affordable mobile app.
  • Lots of exciting features for flirting and ice-breaking.
  • Significant limitations until you buy a subscription.
  • Expensive premium membership.
  • The audience of the site does not correspond to the declared age category.
  • Few women and many men, a significant gender gap.

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What is Cougar Life?

If you are familiar with the cougars in the context of interpersonal relationships, you already understand what this Cougar Life review is about. Here is a niche site made specifically for chatting, dating, and flirting with hot adult women and sexy young men. The site’s concept offers everyone to get rid of ageist stereotypes regarding women after their 40s in sex. Cougar Life provides pleasant interactions and an even more exciting continuation in real life if two people like each other. Moreover, among other resources, the Cougar Life review has revealed positive user ratings. If you are about to meet a nice and hot young man, go ahead! And, vice versa, if you are a young guy looking for a more experienced female partner, you can easily register on the site.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Cougar Life Review

Cougar Life has its own advantages and shortcomings as any other niche dating site. No platform for dating and flirting can meet all the users’ expectations and needs, so do not be so strict.

Though Cougar Life claims to be a platform for mature ladies and younger gentlemen, gender and age statistics on the site show the opposite. Most men on the platform are 24 to 34 years old, but there are 55+ users. The majority of female accounts are between 18 and 25 years old, while the quantity of women over 35 is slightly lower. The Cougar Life review also states that about 4.9 million users have their profiles on the site, including 150,000 active members communicating daily. It is most likely about subscriptions for the site’s entire existence since Cougar Life was created in 2006. In general, the platform has a good reputation in the field of media and flirting sites, and there are relatively few fake accounts and obviously processed photos.

Is Cougar Life Legit or Fraudulent?

Is Cougar Life Legit or Fraudulent?

Cougar Life does not steal users’ personal information. This is another platform for online communication and dating, designed for the initial ice-breaking and contact between men and women. Due to the long-term site operation for almost 15 years, the user can trust Cougar Life. Overall, you can trust other users’ opinions on the Internet, although you may come across both a positive and a negative Cougar Life review. The site may receive different ratings, depending on users’ subjective assessment due to their own experience. Some users complain about the rather aggressive dominant behavior of so-called cougar women, while other young men boast a rather pleasant experience with a real sexy mature woman.

Therefore, no one can tell you whether to try Cougar Life to search for a woman older than you or a male lover under 25 years old. Until you decide to use the site by yourself, you will not know! Besides, the platform offers free options, such as registering and filling out a profile and accessing other people’s profiles. If you like how things are going on here, feel free to buy a subscription for the first month to try flirting with mature ladies or young guys.

What Kind of Public Is on the Site?

According to a reliable Cougar Life review, most site users are located in the United States. Speaking about the characteristics of community members, the audience here is quite diverse. It is believed that women, after 35-40 years, begin to increase their sexuality, while in men, the peak of sexuality occurs at 18-25 years old. After 35-40 years old, men are less active in bed, and they tend to find a permanent partner and build a career. Therefore, theoretically, Cougar Life is an ideal place to find a perfect partner for the sexual needs of adult women and young boys.

Indeed, an average Cougar Life review notes that adult ladies tend to be quite active, attentive, and giving in the relationships. Many young men are seeking older female partners because of a lack of maternal love. Many guys find their female peers more demanding and conservative in sex, as well as more financially interested in a wealthy man. As a rule, mature women are successful financially and do not need the support of a man. It is often the best way for a young man to receive training in sexual techniques and material benefits in the form of gifts, dinners in restaurants, and travels when it is a woman who pays.

Although this material side has a place to be on such sites, the primary advantage of communication between a mature woman and a young man on Cougar Life is an amazing sexual experience. Older women 35+ are more relaxed and self-confident, and they readily agree to experiments in bed. They often have an increased libido, and a young man may well correspond to female sexual appetites. Moreover, an experienced woman can teach a man various sexual techniques in bed, making him the best lover.

Sexual Preferences of Members

Sexual Preferences of Members

Sexual orientation on Cougar Life is rather traditional, as the name of the site speaks for itself. Here, men seek women, and women prey on men. You can search for different niche sites on the Internet with a specific focus if you have other preferences.

Age Categories of Users

Although the Cougar Life assumes a specific age ratio of mature ladies and younger gentlemen, in fact, the age distribution on the site is quite consistent with standard dating sites. Following the Cougar Life review, most of the community are of 18-35 years old men. Interestingly, the site has a reasonably large gender gap in favor of the male audience: there are only 30% women and 70% male accounts. The most numerous category of users are men of 34-44 years old, while women are mainly represented here at the age of 18-25. There are also women from 35 to 55 years old, but they are fewer.

Register and Profile Creation

Registration on Cougar Life requires enough detailed information about a new user. You must enter standard registration data, such as email, username, and password. Your personal credentials are also needed in the fields of the registration form. The system asks you for My Caption / Greeting, gender, date of birth, city, state, and country, along with a zip code. It would help if you also choose your physical parameters, such as height, body constitution, hair and eye color, and nationality. Next, you need to set the checkbox on consent to personal data processing and push it. Next to the basic information, you can immediately add your main picture to the Cougar Life page by clicking on the appropriate field.

How to Create a New Page?

In general, the registration completely covers all the necessary steps to create a new profile on Cougar Life. The remaining steps require you to add new photos to your profile. Opening your new page, you will see a convenient area with intuitive navigation. By adding a picture, you will see the image in the center of the page. You can check your physical traits, hair and eye color, geographical data, and education next to the age and zodiac sign in brackets. There are the most useful links on the left side of the screen, such as Upgrade, My Dashboard, My Favorites, Recent Visitors, Private Photos, Profile Edition, and Account Settings. Above this field, you may find a message indicator. Below the profile photo, there are three tabs, namely “About me,” “Photo,” and “Gifts.” On the left side, you can see the unique field “available for a date tonight.” You can activate the checkbox if you are ready to arrange it with a new person in reality.

Messaging with other Members

Messaging with other Members

Communication on Cougar Life is quite convenient: you can see a selection of numerous candidates according to your search settings. The vertical list has a profile photo along with a description of the physical parameters. Next to the profile, there are three buttons “Message,” “Send flirt,” and “Send a gift.” You can first set the parameters for the search on the left side and set the slider to find the user near your geolocation.

Software Options

Cougar Life offers both a standard desktop version as well as a convenient mobile application. You may use both of them if needed.

Standard Screen

This is a primary option on Cougar Life for users who spend a lot of time on a desktop or laptop. You can independently manage your profile and communicate through your computer at home or work. Of course, if your employer does not forbid you to use a work computer for personal purposes.

Mob App

The Cougar Life Mobile application offers the same features as the site. You can download software for free from the Internet and then install it on your phone or tablet working on Android or iOS. The design and list of controls on the mobile screen are the same as the main site, although the widgets here are in horizontal arrangement instead of vertical. The list of options next to the user’s pic is quite simplified and includes the user’s name, age, and location. The main navigation tools are placed on top to use your dashboard settings, profile adjustments, messages, and update options right there. Application developers have allocated the bulk of the memory for users’ photos to download to your phone, so you will be comfortable when viewing and scrolling through pictures.

Design and User-Friendliness

Cougar Life has a relatively clear and intuitive design, and there are no redundant or duplicated controls. The site is built on standard architecture in a beautiful warm pin-up color scheme. The site’s main background is white, making it easier to read basic information in profiles and manage your settings.

How to Manage Your Profile?

You can navigate Cougar Life easily if you have even minimal computer literacy. Key navigating options are available buttons and links. For example, if you are ready to mail your beautiful lady or a hot guy, go to his or her page and find the corresponding button. To manage your profile settings, click on the links in the bottom left of your profile, then go to the “Settings” section or in the “Dashboard”.

Cougar Life Cost and Membership Fees

Cougar Life Cost and Membership Fees

Cougar Life is a shareware website where you can use basic functions without paying. However, you should expand your capabilities by purchasing a subscription. To be honest, this is a rather expensive site compared to other platforms for dating, especially if we talk about a monthly subscription. If you want to save money, it is optimal to buy a 12 months membership.

On Cougar Life, you can use the following free options:

  • Register an account through a desktop or mobile application.
  • Fill out a profile with photos.
  • View available profiles.
  • Send flirtations to other men or women.

This is enough to get acquainted with the basic functions, capabilities, and contingent of the website if you still do not trust Cougar Life review. However, if you are ready to start communication with other participants, you must buy a subscription for 1, 3, or 12 months.

Paid options include:

  • Reading and mailing messages to other users.
  • Virtual gifts for Credits.
  • Send a priority letter to another user.
  • Advent at the top of the matching selection.

Cougar Life advanced membership costs 40 USD for one month; the three-month subscription is for 87 USD, and the whole year is for 144 USD. Obviously, the longer your subscription, the cheaper it is for one month. So, when purchasing a membership for a year, the cost of monthly use will be only 12 USD. The platform also operates a Credits system to pay for additional options, such as sending gifts.

Payment Options

You can pay for your advanced membership on Cougar Life with your plastic or PayPal account.

How to Acquire a Subscription?

Payment is made through the site, so you should find the appropriate fields for entering your financial data. Go to your PayPal account and pay for the subscription according to the payment data provided on Cougar Life.

Security & Users’ Protection

Cougar Life is a reasonably safe site for users, although there are a certain number of suspicious accounts. If necessary, you can use the support and report any issue. If any of the users behave inappropriately or violates the site’s rules (e.g., offers goods or services for money, writes abusive messages), you may block this person. To do this, you must go to his or her page and find the corresponding button with the “Block user” red icon.

Scam and User’s Data Collection

Cougar Life may collect some user data for analytics and promotion, as well as advertising with its commercial partners. Such data include your date and time of visits and time spent on the site, along with IP and geographical data, sex, and age of participants.

Special Properties

Special Properties

Cougar Life has ways that increase user activity:

  • Gifts – they are visual electronic gifts bought for credits. You can send a gift to a beautiful cougar or a hot boy to break the ice or express your interest.
  • Private pictures – you can add your pics and limit the access to the gallery since these may be your nude images. Site users must ask your permission to view.
  • Find the date – you can set out whether you are ready for a date lately, as well as look for relevant users who want to find a company for his evening.
  • A blog about your life – this is an optimal way to tell your audience about yourself and share your life views and experience with other users.


Cougar Life review told you the best of what awaits you on this site. This is an excellent platform for communication between mature ladies and freshmen having a mutual sexual interest and the opportunity to experiment. At the same time, it has a standard age range for users, as well as a significant gender gap. You don’t lose anything if you try to register on the site and look at the public. Feel free to register on Cougar Life and look for hot flirts and dates with sexy cougars and young boys.

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