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ABDLmatch Review 2021

ABDLmatch Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 29-35
Profiles 2060000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Rare and large membership pool;
  • A ratio of females is higher than males;
  • All profiles have photos;
  • Adult content allowed;
  • All account checked and approved;
  • Good quality communication features;
  • Detailed profiles and search filters.
  • Paying for membership is a necessity.

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How does ABDLmatch function?

The launch of ABDLmatch was in 2013. Hence, the service is around for about two decades. It might come as a surprise, but the admirers of the diaper community are numerous, and the demand for such services appeared long before you knew its legal. ABDLmatch review provides insight into the concept of the platform and the way the interaction happens. It is not a secret that society takes long to accept kinky stuff. Similarly to swingers and nudists, the diaper lovers community is struggling to find the place under the sun. ABDLmatch review examines how the platform managed to maintain a safe and judgment-free environment for the users.

The site took on the bold idea that many companies decided to ignore and dedicated the whole service to it. The regular marketing strategy of the sites presupposes attracting the broad audience’s attention, but it is not the case with this particular service. To prevent misunderstandings or judgments from someone with a different view, the site advertises its services. It matches adult lovers of diapers; mainly, the other preferences are secondary.

It is not necessarily a website where you can find a partner for life, but it is a source where you can find a friend ad like-minded person. ABDLmatch facilitates dating as well as communication between users with the same interests. The platform’s main benefit is that users meet each other without going through the awkward stage of confessing about what they like. There is a match for everyone among thousands of male and female users from every corner of the planet.

ABDLmatch is legit

Whenever you deal with the sensitive content, and plan to share personal things with the online resource, run a simple check. You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to investigate the platform and understand how safe it is.

Start with the purpose of why the website works. ABDLmatch is created for a meeting of singles who love to wear diapers. Only adult users are allowed. No business or advertising is acceptable. The users are protected by the moderators and rules of the site. The information you upload cannot be sold or used for other purposes than you intend to.

ABDLmatch review of the policies and credentials shows that the site is registered in the UK. It works in compliance with the international law. It does not cooperate with any third party and does not share or sell the information on users. It is vital since it means that your photos will not leak.

There is also a friendly support team that works daily and maintains conversations with users regarding the services. If you want, you can contact them via the main page of the site (option ‘Contact us’ on the bottom), and ask all the questions that are bothering you. By clicking on the button, you are taken to the form where you can submit an email to the support agents. They process the email for about 48 hours, and they do not reply on the weekend.

Members of the site

Anyone can have kinky preferences, and it is normal. The person should not be judged because of the hobby. So, the users of the site are diverse in terms of age and social background. ABDLmatch review of users shows residents of almost every country in the world. There is a larger membership base in the UK and the USA, Canada, and Australia. However, some European and Asian countries are represented, as well.

The website strives to connect people regardless of their location, but for the users who plan to meet and want to take the communication outside the platform, the site can find matches nearby. The total number of users is more than two million.

ABDLmatch Members of the site

Sexual orientation of users

The website accepts any application as long as the user has genuine intentions. At the moment on the registration stage, you are offered to identify yourself as one of the options: mommy, daddy, transsexual, or male or female. A fair share of all the representatives use the website. The prevailing numbers belong to mommies and daddies. However, the number of users grows quickly and also depends on the location.

Age Representation

ABDLmatch review of policies presupposes every user to reach 18 before joining the site. It deals with the sensitive content, so underage individuals are illegal on the site.

The age categories represented most among males is 35 – 55 y.o. The transsexual community is represented with the age group of 29 – 35 y.o. The female age group represented most is 35 – 45 y.o. The named categories are the largest ones, but the site gathered users of all ages. If age matters for you most, set the filters right.

ABDLmatch Age Representation

On Signing Up

ABDLmatch review of the registration procedure shows a swift and simple form. It is suitable for any age category. No exquisite requirements are set there. The user has a form to fill in; it contains:

  • Residence (zip code, state);
  • Username, password, and email;
  • Gender and gender preference;
  • Image;
  • Consent to terms of use.

Nothing specific should attract your attention at this stage except the terms of use. Most users tend to tick the box and move on without getting acquainted with the vital points on how the site functions and how your personal information is processed. Luckily, ABDLmatch is not involved in any illegal activities and has a clean record. It does not use or sell your personal information, and it is safe to upload the photos there.

Profile Features

The regular rules of dating apply to the ABDLmatch community. You are looking for a potential match for dating, hookup, or even marriage, so do your best to impress the future partner.

Remember about the rules of conduct on the site because uploading some information might get you in trouble; for example, setting a naked photo as a main profile photo. Besides, all the images you upload go through the moderation that can take from twelve to twenty-four hours.

ABDLmatch Profile Features

How to initiate conversations?

Depending on the membership type, you acquired the access to the messaging functions will be more or less comprehensive. With the premium subscription, you are definitely using the limitless authority. The other situation is with the free account where you have a limit on the number of messages and types of users you can contact. Without the subscription, the messages that reach your account cannot be unlocked.

Platform Info

ABDLmatch review of the platform shows that age had its influence on the platform. It is visible that the site was designed back in 2013, and the standards were very different at that time. Nowadays, the site needs refreshing.

Version for PC

ABDLmatch desktop version is a multifunctional platform with an outdated design. It works smoothly and does not have significant flaws. The only comment is to add more cheerful visuals and liven up the page layout.

Mobile application availability

There is no mobile application available in the Apple or Google stores, but the site functions well with the mobile version on any browser.


The main functions that this site supports are communication in private messages and chats. It resembles the interface of email services.

ABDLmatch Functionality

The site has an outdated interface, but the features are simple and recognizable. It does not take a manual to figure out how to use them. The user can simply click on every button and see what is behind every section. The essential features are located in the top bar. All the additional information on services, and contact details are in the bottom bar.

ABDLmatch membership fees

With the membership, you get authorization to do more on the site. Without it, you feel blindfolded and deprived of many surprises the platform can offer. The pricing of the services is quite cheap and affordable for any budget. You can opt for silver or gold membership. The silver membership costs $19 per month if you get a three-month package, so $57, and $16 per month if you get the six-month package, which is $96. To have even more benefits, get a gold membership that costs $29 per month in case of a three-month package and $20 per month in case of a six-month package.

Is it worth getting a paid membership?

Being a free member, you can set up your profile, post photos, look at other users, and even send them winks. However, this is not everything that the site has to offer. To get access to more features, you need to get a membership. Here are the options that become available with it:

  • Unlimited messaging with all users;
  • Access to chats (joining and creating);
  • Access to the list of people who liked your profile.

ABDLmatch Is it worth getting a paid membership?


The first thing that catches the attention is the after paying for the services you get the receipt with ‘Worldwide Amsterdam’ sign on it. Do not be confused since it is done for the sake of your privacy.

If you acquired the subscription once, it would renew itself automatically until you cancel that process. To do so, login to your account and toggle off the tick in the account settings. Note that if the subscription became effective, it could not be refunded. So, make sure to cancel it at least 24 hours before it starts.

Payment Methods

Depending on the country of residence and the card used, you might experience currency conversion and a commission. The site does not take responsibility for the fees and commissions that your banking system applies. If you see additional charges on the receipt, it is not a scam but a standard procedure. Besides the credit and debit card, the other options are available but in the individual cases. If you struggle to complete the payment, send the request to help to the support, and do not forget to sign that it is payment related.

ABDLmatch Payment Methods

Security of usage

One of the main points of interest for ABDLmatch review is the security of handling the information users provide. When you have an exciting and engaging conversation with the other user, you never think they might use it. It is the site’s responsibility to warn you, but unfortunately, they cannot prevent all the possible scenarios of being scammed online.

So, stick to the rules that the site recommends you. Have a username and do not disclose your real name until the time is right. Do not demand the same from other users. Respect everyone’s right to privacy. Also, do not upload the photos of your family members and pets. It is the information that does not belong to you and might not be let in by the moderators.

There is more freedom when it comes to private messages. However, the hazard is even higher there. Note that the website does not give an option to save the photo, but there is a software that lets users screenshot it. So, be careful when you send nudity and other explicit content to other users, try to at least cover your face.

ABDLmatch Security of usage

Fraudulent activities

It is a complicated mission to control online users with an increasing amount of hackers trying to attack the platform. An SSL certificate protects the website, and it is a good shield from someone trying to interfere in your communication and copy the content. Also, the users are encouraged to protect the log in details. It is similar to the billing details. Considering that your profile has the card tied to it, you need to treat this data with extra attention.

Note that the users who do not have photos on their profiles and do not send them to you in private might have their photo galleries covered by privacy settings. However, do not send the picture to a so-called ’empty’ profile.

More Features

Privacy settings. Since the site deals with the sensitive content, there is an excellent function that lets you cover-up, so not everyone can find your profile. In general, the site does not let the unregistered users, or Guests, see the profiles. However, you can hide yours from everyone but a certain friend group.

ABDLmatch More Features

Final Thoughts

ABDLmatch review examined the pricing policy and quality of the features of the platform. It is an old platform in a good way. It has enough security measures taken for the users to feel safe exercising their favorite activities. It has a lot of users and neat profiles. There is a fair share of empty and filled profiles, which is natural for every dating site. There is a part of users who come and observe for a long time before they get enough confidence to say what’s on their mind.

A positive feature is that the site does not push the user to make a purchase and allows enjoying the profiles first. There is no restriction on how long the user can have a free account and then upgrade later is affordable. Undoubtedly it is a niche service that very much needed, and users who have the accounts are very active. You can see that right after the registration you receive messages offering to talk. So, ABDLmatch is a service worth trying for every adult diaper lover.

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