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Crossdresser Heaven Review 2021

Crossdresser Heaven Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-29
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A free and simple registration process
  • A supportive Crossdresser community
  • A good set of standard features
  • Access to Forums
  • Possible cases of scammers

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What is Crossdresser Heaven?

Crossdresser Heaven is your cross-dressing nest online service and is a more relaxed and fun for both genders to interact — crossdresser nation welcome! It is a trendy Crossdresser dating platform that since the launching and till now has a leading position in the market. This Crossdresser Heaven Review will provide you with the key features of the recognized portal of the Crossdresser community. Here you will get lots of information and tips on how to experience the best of Crossdresser’s life. If you want to learn more, then go on reading the Crossdresser Heaven Review and decide whether this website has what to impress you with.

What is Crossdresser Heaven?

Is Crossdresser Heaven legit or scam?

The potential user might be wondering about the legitimacy of Crossdresser Heaven. You shouldn’t worry at all, as it operates by a renowned company and is safe and secure. This website has an excellent reputation among users, it’s worth your time and attention since it’s different from other traditional Crossdresser websites for hanging out.

What members on this site

Crossdresser Heaven has subscribers that are registering worldwide every day. It is a hub for crossdressers or those who are aspiring to become one. Every member has a different historical background, looks, physiology, and taste. However, they have common things — to find a Crossdresser mentor or a genuine friend, an excellent listener, or a dashing lover. Joining such a pleasant, friendly, warming environment may turn out of the best thing that might happen in your life.

What members on this site

Sexual Orientation

The condition of being dressed as a lady while a man gives accomplishment as a woman even though she (the crossdresser) does not desire sex with a man. It’s a superb place to bump into crossdressing, drag, queens, gay, transsexual, and transgender cultures. To hell with modesty, feel free to reveal his own identity and sexual orientation. Hence, if you feel like that’s what you have been searching, then continue adventuring the portal with Crossdresser Heaven Review.

Age Distribution

Crossdresser Heaven is officially for a mature person. We believe this online website is an excellent platform for adults who orientated towards the Crossdresser world. Since the Crossdresser is a unique community, it is in search of a fetish and friendly environment to express and flourish.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

The profile’s creation on Crossdresser Heaven is quite similar to another crossdresser website. It’s a well-planned information architecture, and they do not need excessive information or filling. You can add the main picture that is visible-free to the rest of the community, and the picture should be of high quality. Despite the absence of obligatory data disclosure, you’d better tried to make your profile as detailed as possible, as it might attract more users to your profile. Also, the profiles that do not contain a lot of details may be suspected in scam activities as the Crossdresser Heaven Review states.


Though the Crossdresser Heaven website doesn’t offer some unique communication features, you can enjoy several ways to reach the person you like. After finding a crossdresser using numerous search engines, you can start a conversation with her via e-mail or a live chat room. The portal has plenty of chat rooms, such as Public chat, Group chatrooms, Private chatroom. Also, you will have the possibility to get support from the New Chat Help Guide. Therefore, saving you precious time by helping you to join a most convenient group chat.

Among other ways to initiate chatting is adding the member to your list of favorites, like the photos, leave comments on the profile, or set up travel contacts (but mind you shouldn’t delay long get ready your Duchess is awaiting you). Anyway, it is better not to waste time and wait for months until the right moment comes. Get in touch with the person who attracts your attention and has an unforgettable time.


Platform for use

Website programmers of this portal for crossdressers try to develop their projects on PC and smartphones. The goal was to increase the chances to win the attention of more crossdressers. However, some portals still support either a PC or a mobile platform. Let’s have a look at what Crossdresser Heaven developers’ team has got for the most vibrant community.

Crossdresser Heaven is not lagging on mobile applications for its beloved members. Indeed, crossdresser websites are available both on PC and smartphone. The developers have come up with a mobile app compatible, giving similar functionality as a desktop version. Moreover, you will be able to browse photos, check inbox, or search for other womanhood as the desktop apps. It is the best alternative to stay connected with your desired friend or simply surf while being remote.


Crossdresser Heaven’s desktop features cutting edge design with clear icons and a nice set of tools. These are the key features of a PC version:

  • Allows joining the community and create a profile free of charge
  • Browsing member directory through friend finder tool
  • Encourages to become a project supporter by upgrading the membership
  • Let’s joining live chatrooms
  • Enables the option of photos’ liking and commenting
  • Accessing vital tips through forums

It’ll meet all your expectations; the developers designed it well so that you can enjoy within the comfort of a big screen. It’s a new horizon in the crossdresser community journey. It seems that the times when you had to come through endless numbers of searching are far away, as now you can get what you are looking for at once.


Design and Usability

The design and usability of Crossdresser Heaven have been perfection by the talented web designers team. The Crossdresser Heaven website is the groundbreaking of all the latest technology features. The colors and design are lavishing, create a unique signature look. They locate all main icons in the top bar, and this position makes them visible at once. At the button, you will see more to explore boxes, where you can look forward by putting the finish touches in the transformation. A call for action button encourages you to register an account at once. Also, you can find a few extra options and buttons that aimed at making your experience convenient and straightforward.

The content accessibility on Crossdresser Heaven facilitates the navigation on the website. It doesn’t matter whether you have some experience in online dating; things are easier than ever. The web designers have a crossdresser community in mind, so they tried to arrange everything as simple as possible. You will not need any instructions or a site guide to find a particular section. The website is user-friendly, and all pages load quickly, and you will not have to wait for ages to get what you want. Overall, the website is user-oriented and doesn’t complicate your navigation. It is smooth and convenient, thanks to a clear design and attentive support system. If you have some problems while surfing the site, get in touch with the help center or the contact technical support and solve all issues with no delays.

Navigation site

Crossdresser Heaven Costs and Prices

Subscribers of Crossdresser Heaven may have access to the website either for a free plan with “LADY” or a paid plan. It will depend on the features you want to get access to. Have a look at the different membership package available:

  • BARONESS – $15.00 per Month – BARONESS – ANNUAL – $150.00 per Year
  • DUCHESS – $25.00 per Month – DUCHESS – ANNUAL – $250.00 per Year
  • PRINCESS – $40.00 per Month – PRINCESS – ANNUAL – $400.00 per Year

As you can see, the payment plans are very diverse. So, you can decide which plan features to meet your woman inside the most. This website is worth your funds, subscribe to check the provided services, and how they correspond to your expectations.

Since the website provides different plan options for the crossdresser community. It will depend on the level of commitment of each individual to choose which feature match them the most. The below list compared the features between free and paid plan:

Lady membership (free services):

  • View Members’ Directory
  • View Members Profile
  • View Site Activity
  • Send Private Messages

Baroness, Duchess, and Princess membership (paid services):

  • View Members’ Directory
  • View Members Profiles
  • Access Group Directory
  • Access to the Group
  • View Site Activity
  • Send Private Messages
  • Add Media to Your Profile

Paid vs Free access

How to pay

Users who have upgraded from Lady subscription to any of the other 3 subscriptions will do it easily. All you need to do is visit the website, go to the account settings, choose a payment plan, and decide on the preferred payment method. Follow all instructions strictly, be attentive, and you will upgrade your status easily without applying much effort and wasting a lot of time. On Crossdresser Heaven, you will have to click on the link “How to pay.” The link will open a new tab, which will show the different options available as a package.

Payment Systems

According to Crossdresser Heaven Review, the website comes up with quite a decent range of payment methods. Once the user has selected the subscription option or any other item selling on the website. The system will direct online payment via many debits and credit cards such as JGB, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Solo. We request members to be attentive while filling the required fields to avoid error and transfer funds as quickly as possible. Upon the approval of the payment, a confirmation e-mail will send the user a registered e-mail address on the website.

Safety & Security

Crossdresser Heaven security measures designed to protect your personal information from cyber hacking and negligence by using the alteration control system. It’s the due diligence of members also to secure their personal information. To access the site, you will need to get a password or save it if you choose one. Do not share your password with third parties and pay more attention to public places where an unscrupulous person can see your information.


Almost all sites are prone to scam, and crossdresser heaven is no exception. Developers are trying to prevent scams, but rare cases can affect the overall experience of using the website. Also, it actively involves participants in reducing the number of suspicious profiles by reporting suspicious profiles to the support system. Joining forces enhances user experience and allows you to feel safe without worrying about personal information.


Special Features

If you carefully read the Crossdresser Heaven Review section, there are some special features on this site. The key goal of the developer is to create a convenient environment and satisfy the needs of all participants, so you can access various special functions. Thus, you can take advantage of the following unique options:

  • Crossdresser Heaven Store: A collection of the best crossdressers over the Internet. You can find high-quality products in the store where you can shop safely and securely. You can find great clothes, matching shoes, or videos to help you complete the look of a feminine image.
  • Crossdresser posts and articles: they wrote this article for crossdressers community and loved ones. You can find lots of articles full of understanding, intelligence, and wisdom, including stories, makeup tips, fashion tips, and advertising.
  • Crossdresser Heaven Place: There is an extensive list of local institutions and services convenient for transgender people and welcome to the wider best transgender dating site. You can view the map on the site and find the nearest place.
  • Crossdresser Heaven Forums. Scroll through the list, then click on an image to go to the forum of your choice. To start your topic in that forum, scroll to the bottom of the topic list, and ‘Create New Topic.” You can also comment on an existing topic. This is the place to have your voice heard.


Whatever you’re into the best way to find open-minded people and find likes and dislikes is on the Crossdresser Heaven. Having an active topic of discussion on Crossdresser gets the essential advice and tips. Is kind your stuff? Dresses, latex, or leather? Group near you or online. Come together with other Crossdresser just like you — only on Crossdresser Heaven.

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