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FuckBook Review 2021

FuckBook Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1,700,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Great accessibility
  • Everyone can find happiness there
  • Nice and simple, the portal also offers a multitude of services
  • No really working features in the free mode
  • Ability to chat is only in the premium subscription

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Option to meet new people and sharing secrets and privacy with them is now possible. Fuckbook is a platform that connects thousands of people around the world with a passion for naughty dating.

Fuckbook is very easy-to-use platform with navigation that does not require a tutorial. So with Fuckbook you just need to open an account and visit thousands of profiles while chatting with people. Fuckbook, by its design, allows you to speak with other people around the world and share naughty content in the utmost discretion.

Fuckbook is a social network dedicated specifically to adults. The main theme is sexual. Indeed, the people who register on Fuckbook or who are just planning to create an account there all have the same objective: «to find an adventure for the evening» or more commonly in the colloquial jargon, «to have a sexual adventure» without restriction.

Still little known in some countries, the site already has a large number of subscribed people. Besides, this somewhat unique dating portal is open worldwide and is also translated into several languages.

Fuckbook is for adults looking for new erotic sensations, just like Facebook is for teens looking for popularity. The portal is open to everyone and welcomes millions of new profiles every year. If at the beginning many did not believe in the viability of the site, it turns out that today still many subscribers continue to use the platform to find a sexual partner.

The site makes no restrictions on the sexual orientation of its members. It means that whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender, straight, etc. you will always be welcome in this unusual community.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Fuckbook Review

The great strength of Fuckbook lies in its great accessibility. Indeed, the site remains open to all. Also, everyone can find happiness there. Nice and simple, the portal also offers a multitude of services that are just as interesting as the others. The downside may be that you have to pay before you can meet people. Besides, if you are not registered as a premium member, your access will be limited and you will not even be able to reply to the messages.

However, the prices remain accessible to all. In any case, a naughty and quality meeting can be worth a monthly subscription. Besides, you have customer support to help you and answer your questions if you have any concerns. In short, the site is interesting and brings multiple advantages for those who wish to find convincing sexual adventures.

How To Join

FuckBook has easy, fast and completely free registration. However, the latter does not offer the possibility of taking full advantage of the portal. Indeed, exchanges are not possible for free. This is why if you want to enjoy full access to all the features (videos, groups), you must use a paid account.

As you will see soon, the prices do not remain excessive. As with any registration, some personal information must be provided. The important thing is to remain sincere. Here is the list of information to be filled in: age, email, user name and password. Once your account is open, optimize as much as possible to put the odds on your side to meet people. However, no registration via Facebook.

Filters and Fetishes

Fuckbook Review

The site is open worldwide and welcomes new members who want to find sexual adventures or maybe even the ideal partner. To help its users, the moderators of the site have done everything to make it available anywhere across the globe. Besides, it is also possible to open the Fuckbook portal on any type of device.

Other than that, Fuckbook is open to men, women and even couples looking for new sensations. No limit is imposed on the site. For those thirsty for discovery, this is the ideal portal.

And as it has a fairly large number of active members around the world, you can chat with people of your choice and even have naughty meetings or even more if affinity.

Fuckbook Review

The portal has a classic design and simple operation. Just like on many dating platforms, here you will see the navigation bar, the profiles to see and the search option.

However, from the moment we have to make qualitative meetings on FuckBook, things get complicated. Indeed, there is a clear lack of results in terms of meeting concretization. Besides, we quickly realize that fakes are generated automatically when we read the T&Cs.

When it comes to research, Fuckbook offers comprehensive and relevant filters to make sure you find exactly what you want. The various criteria present are gender, groups, location, sexual interests, language, star sign and many more. But if you do not wish to obtain specific criteria, you always have a chance to browse the members’ profiles and their photos.

Key Features

Fuckbook Review

Fuckbook offers discussion groups, photo and video competitions, and a photo gallery that is reminiscent of Pinterest! Additionally, you can post articles to your blog. Fuckbook also offers a live cam service where each member can connect and turn on his webcam.

Fuckook is completely secure. You must have your email and account verified. So you can find out if the user you’re talking to is certified. If a member bothers you or makes an inappropriate proposal, you can block it and report it to the moderators. Also, the personal information you disclose is protected and Fuckbook guarantees the anonymity and protection of your data.

Fuckbook has even received several awards, such as the Xbiz Dating Site of the Year. This hot dating website has an intuitive interface. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in IT, you won’t have any difficulties. This popular website has a quite simple navigation process. So it won’t be hard for you to find what you are looking for at all. If you don’t find all the answers you need, please, have a look at the FAQ section. In terms of accessibility, Fuckbook is accessible on all of the following supports: PC, smartphones and tablets.

As on Facebook, registration is done in a few clicks. After registration, you will be able to fill in your profile, put photos in it and start chatting with other members. When you register, Fuckbook directly offers you “matches”, that is to say, members who match your criteria, or who are looking for the same thing as you! Also, like its Facebook counterpart, Fuckbook allows you to send and receive friend requests. It also alerts you to activities on your account through a notification system. Finally, Fuckbook has developed the option that everyone loves: it lets you see who visited your profile!

What Is the Security Level On the Fuckbook Site?

FuckBook is a safe portal. Like a lot of adult dating sites, you can use the famous blacklist above. Such a function offers the possibility of blocking individuals deemed undesirable. When it comes to security, be aware that the top priority of Fuckbook is its users’ anonymity. So take into account that you will have your data secured and it will never reach anyone you wouldn’t want it to reach.

The privacy rules on the site are very drastic. Besides, the portal also opens with HTTPS encryption. This means that access to the site is completely secure. Hackers or cyber hackers are unlikely to snoop around in your stuff.

Furthermore, the site undertakes never to use personal information concerning each of its members for malicious purposes. Besides, the moderators of Fuckbook strongly encourage each active member to never disclose personal information about them on the site. Therefore, if you wish to register on the site, be assured that your e-mail address as well as the information that you will communicate during your registration.

How Does It Work At the Rate Level?

Fuckbook Review

On the site, the prices are not explicit. However, to get an idea, know that for a subscription lasting one month, you will have to pay a monthly fee of € 29.95.

It is also possible to pay a subscription per quarter. At that time, you will have to pay in the € 14.95 per month.

These prices apply only to ordinary members. But if you wish to have a “VIP pass” and freely access all the functionalities that the site offers, the subscription change will be effective once your current subscription comes to an end. At that time, the rate changes will be communicated to you directly by the site. Note that payments on the site are mainly made by bank card.

In short, the Fuckbook dating site is specifically dedicated to adults. It particularity lies in the fact that people looking for sexual adventures of all kinds can access them. There are no gender and origin restrictions on the site. This is one of its strengths. Besides, the quality of the services on the site is not to displease its members. A free site provided of course that you pay for your subscription.


Fuckbook Review

1. How to unsubscribe from Fuckbook?

Unsubscribing from Fuckbook requires a few more maneuvers than on most other sites since you must first cancel your subscription by contacting the help desk. To cancel billing, you will need to contact the billing department on the appropriate page.

As for deleting your profile, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to your account overview page
  • Enter the Captcha code
  • Click on «Delete my account».
  • You are now unsubscribed from Fuckbook. Know that this action is final, so you will never be able to access the content you had again.

2. How to spot a scam on Fuckbook?

Fuckbook graciously delivers a few tips to learn how to spot a scam on their site. First, they cannot guarantee that the photo displayed on a profile belongs to the person who saved it; normal since they do not control the identity cards or the face of each person.

The site admits not combing the members and cannot, therefore, guarantee that the requests made will be heard or exercised. However, its creators advice to use common sense and be careful. To start, do not respond to someone who asks you for personal information such as username, bank account or password. Also, avoid entering your real names and first names and take all necessary measures in the event of a real meeting.

Finally, if you have the impression that a member is using the site for improper purposes that go against the general conditions, you can contact customer service with the username of the targeted person so that an investigation can be carried out. You can also block any questionable profile and report it by clicking “Report Profile” on the respective page.

3. Should you use Fuckbook to find a sex plan easily and quickly?

Fuckbook warns the users in its terms that there is no guarantee of finding an appointment or a partner in person. The site only provides an adult entertainment experience for its users, so even if you’re having fun on the platform, it may not be the best way to find an ass quickly and easily, wherever other sites are specialists. Fuckbook is more suitable for an online experience than for real ass plans.

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