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TNA Board Review 2021

TNA Board Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1,900,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Big database of sex workers and reviews
  • Free registration and access to most website features
  • Dated website design with intrusive and explicit ads
  • No real hookup seekers — only paid sex workers and their customers
  • The registration process takes a while to be completed
  • Search opportunities are limited and not all areas are represented

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Online dating assists individuals get and introduce themselves to other individuals over the internet. This is normally done with the aim of developing sexual or romantic relationships. A platform like TNA Board provides the matchmaking service which is mostly profile-based. One may become a user at TNA Board by creating an account at the site. This platform has a broad membership base of many users looking for all kinds of relationships. Users may use the platform without paying or they may opt for the premium membership if they wish. Once people find their match, they may chat online or exchange contacts and talk outside the site. One may even plan to meet his/her match in person, this completely depends on an individual.


TNA Board Review

We have more than one thousand registered members online every time. There are forums, adverts for getting providers and good reviews from users. This dating platform is a big forum where adults who have registered exchange messages, share encounters and meet so many hobbyists and providers close to them. TNA abbreviation stands for Trust in Advertising. It offers so many good services to its consumers. This platform was formed to assist individuals access providers easily, you cannot tell whether people’s services are worth your money, TNA enables users find out.

It’s important to highlight that TNA platform says it is a place where users advertise their message, legal companion and sexual services. This implies that users should never post an advert where they are selling their bodies or intend to purchase other users’ sex services. This exact rule applies to drug selling or adverts from individuals that are below eighteen years old. Prostitution is not allowed in the American nation and TNA platform never allows such adverts. But nobody knows what people do after they interact outside the platform. If you are looking for a one-off affair, fling, hookup site or a person that understands your fetishes, TNA is the perfect site for that.

How To Join the TNA Board

TNA Board Review

Sadly, individuals who haven’t registered will never be able to see most parts of the main page. That means you are supposed to create an account not only to be able to place ads and write comments but also to see them. The process of registering is also not as simple as you might expect. Below are the main registration stages:

1st stage: Creating your account

What you have to do is give your date of birth details.

2nd stage: Providing your personal details

  • Come up with your username.
  • Select your user account: can be advertiser/hobbyist
  • Enter your mailing address.
  • Confirm the mailing address.
  • Compose a strong password.
  • Confirm that password.

3rd stage: Filling out your profile

TNA Board Review

There are not many situations in life where it is allowed to say so much about yourself to people you do not know without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, it is socially unacceptable to reveal so much about yourself when searching for a match online.

But there are times when it’s normal to talk about yourself, it is not appropriate but it is encouraged. This is what your TNA Board profile does.

It is crucial to be genuine when providing details regarding yourself. The aim of a profile is to tell others who you are. Some people will not like someone who seems like tailoring his/her personality to what others will want to hear. Such kind of generic profiles will make people not wish to chat with you.

Below is the information you are required to provide in your TNA Board profile:

  • Contact number (this can never be shown, sold or given to other people)
  • Present hair color
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • A little description about you
  • Location
  • Eyes
  • Height
  • Incall or Outcall
  • Body type

Optional details

  • Time zone
  • State
  • City
  • Hairstyle
  • Smoker?
  • Contact number
  • A little information about you
  • Length of the hair
  • Weight
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Affiliation
  • Hedges
  • Topic you like talking about (BDSM, dominant, bisexuality, many more)
  • Topics you have talked about

    • TNA Board Review

      Final stage

      Agree with the TNA Board requirements to finalize your registration.

      Note: Providers as well must provide a username, official alias, actual age, email address, contact number, site (if they have one) and their maker (e.g. Atlanta or Vegas). They must also provide a minimum of 2 profile pictures and a picture that confirms their identity (this won’t be shared with other people).

      Various services offered at TNA Board

      • Posting threads
      • Reading threads
      • Replying threads
      • Getting notifications of reactions to users’ posts.
      • Adding events to a calendar
      • Utilizing basic or advanced searching
      • Editing posts order
      • Rating threads

      Individuals that are registered may additionally communicate with other registered individuals:

      • See details of certain users.
      • Send and receive messages from other users.
      • Send emails to other individuals.
      • Upload pictures and leave comments on the pictures of other members.
      • Create a contact list.
      • Block other members

      We have very many regions on TNA platform. You will see regions like Las Vegas and Arizona. That allows users to look for providers where they reside. Upon selecting a region, users will be able to view individuals who advertise various offers in that place. They can even to read people’s posts and see the profiles of providers and even the feedback from users who already used their service. With the advanced search, hobbyists are able to look for people that offer some services from escort to messages and fetish entertainment.

      TNA Board Review

      The Charging Policy at the TNA Board

      Members cannot post adverts daily. This can only be possible if the user upgrades his or her ads by making payment.

      Overall, this platform is fair. The only bad thing is that this site often has issues with debit and credit card payments. So, they encourage users to buy bitcoin to make payment.

      TNA Board Conclusion

      In conclusion, TNA can’t be completely perfect. It offers good services to anyone wishing to experience some wonderful moments or place an advert about his/her offers and for anyone that wishes to enjoy interacting with other people. Users can access many providers and hobbyists on this site. The moderation and profile verification processes permit stating that a profile is genuine. This is a huge benefit for a website like that. But the website additionally has some disadvantages. For instance, if you do not register you will never be able to access the platform, you will only see the FAQ section, registering form and the rules and regulations. Besides all that, the online platform is not up to date and it might seem complicated to use. However, this platform still brings many benefits which is why people should consider registering.


      TNA Board Review
      • What is TNA Board?

      It is a dating platform for adults, subscribers get many benefits. For instance, they have many special features to use and the perks to interact with singles from anywhere in the globe. Customer care representatives are also helpful always.

      • How is registration done at TNA Board?

      Anyone who wishes to join the platform is supposed to provide his/her basic information. Next, the person should choose from various membership plans that are offered. The registration process can be completed easily without any challenges. New users do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to register at the site. Verification process is not there either.

      • Which payment options can people use at TNA Board?

      Users can use bitcoin, credit cards and debit cards to make payment. The available payment methods are a good feature which is also convenient. Besides that, the payments are protected and safe.

      • How does TNA Board work?

      It is never a complicated platform. Its functionality is less-complex and fast to understand. Those joining are supposed to open an account and fill out their profiles. A few questions will be asked and those joining must answer them. Once all is completed, the newly registered person may begin searching and interacting with anyone he/she likes.

      • Are TNA Board services worth it?

      Yes. This is a wonderful website for anyone searching for a match. Subscribers enjoy several benefits and that makes the most convenient and hassle-free dating process. Besides that, the support team is always available to help users who get stuck.

      • Could TNA be a scam?

      No, this is a legit platform. They prioritize the safety of their users. So, every transaction and users’ personal details are kept safe using the 128-bit SSL encryption. But there can be fake users who can ruin the experience of other users in this platform. So, users are advised to be careful when interacting with other individuals. But this website is 100% secure and legal.

      • How can one use TNA website without making payment?

      You only have to open an account on this platform and fill out all the necessary data. Those registering are required to give information regarding themselves and lifestyle, this will be used in helping them get a match. There are also premium options that they may use.

      • How many users does TNA platform have?

      We have like 1.4 million users in the USA only. That number is sufficient to enable you meet a perfect match. So, users should register and choose the premium membership with no worries regarding the outcome. They might even meet people that match their requirements at any moment of the day because we have like 347,000 members that are online each week.

      • Can a user delete his/her TNA Board account?

      Yes. For this to happen, a person should contact a client support representative or go to his/her profile settings and deactivate the account.

      • Is it possible to tell if a user is legit?

      There are so many registered users at the platform which raises the concern on whether they are real or not. And since the platform does not have a verification procedure, knowing whether a user is legit will be hard. So, you just have to be careful when interacting with other users. Below see some of the signs that can prove that a user is not legit:

      • It is true users will not share so much useful information online, but it is common that people who share so little are not legit. If a person is serious about finding a match, he/she will try and make his/her profile look convincing. So, if a profile contains inadequate information, then it might not be real.
      • Generic content is also a red flag. If there are several grammar mistakes and the details in the profile is extremely cheesy, think of avoiding that person. Phrases like “I am honest and God fearing” are what most scammers write on their profiles.
      • Unusual contact could also be a sign that a person is up to something else. If a person goes as far as looking you up in other social media platforms and seems aggressive when chatting with you, you should be worried.
      • Also, do video calls. That is how you can tell how a person looks like and how he/she talks. This can help in determining if he/she is genuine or not.
      • Lastly, trusting your intuition is very important. If you feel that people registered at the TNA Board are not who they claim to be, ignore them. Avoid rushing into finding a match, your personal safety must come first always. Your guts can enable you to determine if to move forward or quit.

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