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Blued Review 2021

Blued Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 23-29
Profiles 40 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Membership base comprised of homogenous population (gay men)
  • No charges for downloading the application
  • Reliable verification procedure for the accounts
  • Real and active users
  • Real and active users
  • Gaming section
  • No PC version available

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What Is Blued?

The dating site Blued was established with the idea to unite gay men on one platform. It is one of the niche sites that try to create favorable conditions for gay men to meet and socialize but, for some, to come out. In the century where everyone seems to shout about the freedom of speech and choice, the gay community still suffers harassment and bullying. In particular, it is a painful issue for Asian countries. This Blued review is going to look into how the idea of starting the site appeared. Also, the Blued review will open up the curtain and show what happens backstage on the operation side of the website.

The date of the launch of the site is 2012. It originated in China. Despite all the negativity and pressure that a gay community is experiencing in the country, the site became breakthrough. The users were amazed, and the membership base grew in a blink of an eye. All the people who were hiding their nature before turned to the site to become free.

As a result, the site introduced more languages to its interface, expanded the list of functions, and improved the technical side since the users were not going to stop registering. The site reached North America and Europe, where being gay did not cause that much trouble. The society is more open in the Western countries, so Asian users were happy to interact with the world. The site served as a breath of fresh air and became a symbol of freedom in Asian countries. Blued dating gamer app became a trend. In this Blued review, all the benefits of the site, prices, and members will be described in a specific format.

What Is Blued?

What Proves Blued Legitimacy?

When signing up with Blued, the user is given an agreement that describes the type of service provided by the app, and the code of conduct that the user has to follow. In case you did not read the agreement, which is not a rare thing, here is the Blued review of policies. The essential rules are related to the protection of the privacy of your account and account of other users.

The Blued account cannot be used for promoting or conducting illegal activities, sharing pornography, or gaining profit. The website aims at facilitating communication of the members only.

All the information uploaded to the profile is monitored, and specific rules should be followed. For example, the user cannot upload the photos with the phone number or e-address on it. It is a rule that ensures safety. Note that your profile photo and gallery is available to many users of the site, in case you share the personal details they might be used in a wrong way. The site has a variety of communications means you can use to avoid oversharing. You are not even obliged to share your real name.

What Proves Blued Legitimacy?

Who Are The Members Of The Blued?

During almost a decade, the site has been working to satisfy the demands and needs of the gay community in the Asian countries, and without realizing it, it attracted the attention of the United States, Germany, and France users. The more developed the world becomes, the more comprehensive tastes people acquire. International gay dating with Blued lured about 40 million users. The Blued review of stats also shows about 10 000 logins daily. About 60 % of users come from Asian countries like Japan, China, Thailand, etc.

Sexual Orientation

Blued review of members is pretty short, and it invites gay men and less often couples. In most cases, single men come to the site to find love or just a fling. It is estimated that casual dating and no-strings-attached dates are more frequent.

Age Distribution

No doubt, the dominant age category on Blued is people aged 23 – 29 y.o. These are usually young, career-driven professionals who are not looking for commitment but live with the motto carpe diem. The other age categories represented are people aged 30-35 y.y, and 45+. There is no age limit, so if you are 18 and older, come and join the community. Even if you are not looking for a relationship, it is a platform for socializing with like-minded gay people.

Sexual Orientation

Sign Up Process And Login Up At Blued

Blued is meeting the users halfway with simplifying the registration procedure. This stage is universally acknowledged as the most boring one, and many customers lose interest due to the daunting registration procedure. Luckily, Blued has optimized the registration.

So, the first option to use is Facebook or Twitter account. Tie the account, but be sure that the site will not post anything on your behalf on your page. It will only use your contact details to set up the account.

The other option is to register with the e-address or mobile number. You will need to verify the details. As soon as the account is verified, you will be taken to the page with the first matches offer.

Treat your login information with attention since the account is not supposed to be used by anyone else. The scammers are often looking for passwords to use the account for the promotion of illegal activities like trade and marketing. So, make sure your password is complicated enough and change it from time to time. In case you forget the password you created initially, you can restore it.

Sign Up Process And Login Up At Blued

Profile Creation

The completed registration procedure is enough to get access to the site. However, for the success and attention of other users, you need to invest more into it. Basic information covered on the account is location, gender, status, and photo. Since the users are not aiming at finding the soulmate that much as finding a hookup, the profile has a large images. The description, however, is pretty short since it is not essential. All the details of the biography the users can discuss in private messages.


Makin contact on Blued is possible in a conventional way, with the messages. However, to make contact, the user needs to find matches. After the registration, you receive the first list of recommended matches, but later, you can just use the search option. Most users are applying the location filters in an effort to find people closeby.

The users can also connect the social media account with the Blued one and find more friends on the site. With the feature ‘explore,’ the user can find the list of the most viewed live streams of other users.


Platform For Use

It is a user-friendly, optimized, contemporary platform that stands an excellent competition to all the famous sites like Tinder and Grindr. The developers are improving the features regularly and collect user feedback for guidance.

Desktop and the App

Blued offers the link to download the app. There is no desktop version of the site.

All the options are available in the mobile application of the site since there is no PC version. The app is not a cutting-edge one since it is almost free of charge. Whether you upload it from the Apple or Google store, it does not cost anything. The app allows the full-scale functioning of the site. It is convenient and quick. With the phone, you can easily chat and watch live streams.

Desktop and the App

Design And Usability OF The Blued Platform

The app focuses on the profile. The photo is large, and there is not much description of it. There is also a pop-out menu with all the functions in it.

It is simple to navigate the site. Open the app, and then move to the collapsable bar with the menu on it. All the functions open up, and you are all set.

Blued Costs And Prices

When it comes to pricing, the Blued review of fees discovered user-friendly rates. The site does not cost a lot. It is cheap and functional. It operates using the currency called credits. The credits are purchased in bulk. Note that the more credits you get, the cheaper they cost. For example, 42 credits cost $0.99, and 2.540 cost $59.99. You cannot purchase as many credits as you want; they are sold in set amounts.

After you top up your balance with the currency, you can use it for services like commenting on live videos, sending and buying virtual presents, etc. For example, you can get a flying comment.

Is It Better To Use A Free Account Or Purchase A Membership?

Since the prices for membership at Blued do not look high, you can try topping up the balance. With the credits, you can access the following functions:

  • Buying gifts and presents;
  • Highlighting your comments (flying comment)

Blued is generally an accessible site with a lot of free functions. One can date without getting the paid features. The free services include:

  • Conversations.
  • Access to galleries with photos.
  • Live chat with users.

Is It Better To Use A Free Account Or Purchase A Membership?

How To Pay

Since Blued is an app, the way to top up the balance is via your device.

Payment System

If you use an iPhone or Android, you can use these operating systems to complete your payment. However, if you switch from one OS to the other, the balance will be removed. So, make sure to spend the savings if you want to change the phone. Besides, you can contact the support of the website to clarify these issues for you.

Security And Safety

Get to know the Blued review of online dating safety tips, especially if you are new to this. Here are the basic rules to follow if you want to avoid troubles:

  • Secure your profile with privacy settings and use the username for online dating.
  • Do not share the details of your residence and workplace address.
  • Make sure to turn on privacy settings when uploading indiscreet content to the site or in the message.
  • Treat everyone suspiciously until proved to be trustworthy.

Security And Safety


The site is not sending any links or requests for payment, so in case you receive one, ignore it. Be prepared to meet users who are unwilling to settle for a long-term relationship, and always make sure that you are on the same page before setting up the meeting.

With the help of video features, you can check whether the person talking to you is real. Although the site is created for hookups, you have to remember about your safety. Whenever you decide to meet a person for a hookup, arrange the meeting in a public place.

Special Features

Besides the regular chatting features, Blued has a set of options that spice things up and make the interaction on the site more exciting.

Flying Comment. When you watch someone live, you will notice that dozens of users will be commenting. If you want to write an individual comment, use your credit to spice it up and add a rainbow to it.

Visitors. If you hesitate about texting someone, check out the list of people who have been viewing your profile recently. They might just be as hesitant as you are.

Live streaming. It is an option similar to social media stories where you can turn on the live streaming and have your show whenever you want. The other users will be able to watch and comment.

Groups. You can create a group, assign the name or make up a topic, and invite people for discussion. You can also make a lit of your friend circle on the site by uniting people in a group.

HIV info center. There is a separate section that contains useful health tips and, generally, safety precautious for people of the gay community. It has the answers to the general questions that people ask but rarely knows the correct answers to.

Quick chats. The site practices matching based on common language. So, the two users are matched, and they are offered a conversation that lasts for fifteen seconds. Within this time, they have to decide whether they want to take it further to the video call and double the time of the conversation. This is a quick way to find someone to talk to.

Special Features


Being a representative of a gay community was hard for Asian countries, the society was not ready to accept their lifestyle. However, the Blued services started a revolution. With the site’s assistance, gay men got a chance to access the platform full of like-minded people who want no commitment but have a lot of free time to spend together.

Blued reached so many countries, and was translated into a lot of languages. It operates in about ten languages and invites users from the whole globe. It is a bridge between the Asian and Western gay communities that worked efficiently for many years if you are in the mood for adventure and want to find a gay guy for a hookup, your ultimate place if the Blued platform.

Pamela Cesar
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