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BlackCrush Review 2021

BlackCrush Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-27
Profiles 1,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are many option and plans for membership
  • The customer service is pretty friendly
  • The interface and the homepage of the BlackCrush dating platform are clear
  • There is good content, such as videos for adults
  • There are lots of black ladies with nudes
  • There are some fake profiles
  • Most functions are limited to the general conditions

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The times when you had to invite a lady to numerous dates are far away now, as with the modern technologies, everything has become easier so that you can enjoy sexual games and conversations. BlackCrush is a real paradise for all people no matter what age, orientation, appearance or nation they have. If you would like to know the details and facts about one of the leaders of the dating market, this article will help you. Pay attention that the following review will provide you with useful information about the BlackCrush dating platform, the prices for using it, statistics, numbers of users, etc.

The Main Peculiarities of BlackCrush dating service

BlackCrush Review

BlackCrush is one of the popular dating services with a big database with reliable members.

  • It does not only connect people for chatting but also there is a possibility of content for adults.
  • BlackCrush is a good place for finding new people, as there is a great variety of ladies for different tastes as well as the presence of black women.
  • BlackCrush has features, which look like those of Tinder, such as matching and choosing the appropriate person, and Twitter, such as small posts.

What are the pros and cons of the BlackCrush dating platform?

While choosing the dating platform, it is important to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Though having lots of pluses, the BlackCrush dating platform has some drawbacks, which should be known. Knowing them is crucial for making the final decision on whether this website meets your requirements or not.

The disadvantages of the BlackCrush dating platform are:

  • There are some fake profiles.
  • Most functions are limited to the general conditions and it is necessary to pay money for the membership plan.

The advantages of BlackCrush are the following:

  • There are many option and plans for membership;
  • The customer service is pretty friendly.
  • The interface and the homepage of the BlackCrush dating platform are clear.
  • There is good content, such as videos for adults.
  • There are lots of black ladies with nudes.

This is how the structure BlackCrush users of look like?

BlackCrush Review

The structure of users is the thing, which shows, which is the probability for you to find an appropriate person concerning some aspects, additionally, it will explain the details concerning the percentage and the number of members on the platform, as well as it shows the cool benefits of the service.

The first thing to discuss is the difference between genders, which means what is the proportion of men and women-the percentage of males on the platform is 39%, while the female one is 61%. Talking about the number of active users, it is about 28,000 active members every week, while the total sum of users from the USA IS 463,000.

BlackCrush: A Full Review

BlackCrush Review

The main purpose BlackCrush was created for is looking for a suitable partner for one night, hookups or short-term relationships, that is why it has such a big database of users. This service lets lots of men enjoy beautiful phots of ladies and communication with them. On one hand, BlackCrush has endless features to make your experience unforgettable and positive. On the other hand, some features of it are arguable. That’s why you need to go on reading the review to see whether this website is worth your attention or not.

Users of the BlackCrush

As the name of the service says for itself, it has a huge number of black women, which is about 80%. These women are from all over the world with detailed and bright profiles fully of nice photos. The additional thing is that all the users of the BlackCrush dating platform have an interest in sexual relationships, that is why they come to the service. The platform is full of different types of girls to every taste, which makes it possible to find a partner near our location and enjoy the time spending with this person. The website is not about a cute love story, it is just about the desire of sex and hot relationships.

The Procedure of Creating a Profile on the BlackCrush Dating Platform

As a rule, it is pretty easy to create a new account on the website. Start your way by visiting the homepage of the BlackCrush, while the following step is going through the process of signing up. This procedure is free of charge and very simple, as well as fast. You are supposed to fill in the required information, which is your gender and what you are searching for with your email, creating a username and a unique password. Generally, this takes only a few minutes to have a new activated profile on the BlackCrush dating service.

Beginning of Conversation on GetItOn.com

The easiest way to start communication is the simple message to a woman, who you like. After it, you can choose one of the ways of chatting, for example, a special room for chatting or texting via phone. Pay attention that if the message is older than a month it is automatically deleted from the history.

The Quality of Profiles at BlackCrush

BlackCrush Review

Having a really big database of users, BlackCrush is full of profiles of beautiful and nude photos. Women upload hot pictures to attract lots of users with a description. What is more, usually, members talk much about themselves and describe themselves greatly in their profiles, so that the length of it could be up to 500 words. Hence, you can initiate the conversation to learn more about a particular person. Do not hesitate to find someone for yourself, as the women are waiting. Just create a profile on the BlackCrush dating platform and start communication with beautiful ladies.

A Mobile App of the Service

Unfortunately, there is no special application for Android or iOS, so it is necessary to use the browser version, but still the website is very simple to use and has lots of features, such as cell phone conversations in case you provide the service you put your phone number. All in all, the use of the platform will not cause any problems, as the administration together with the developers has created a unique site for an unforgettable experience.

The Prices at BlackCrush

Taking care of its users, BlackCrush includes some types of membership, so that everyone could find the most suitable for himself or herself. The table below is going to provide you with details about the fees of the membership plans.

  • Limited trial 3 days of membership – the fee is $2.97 for one day of using
  • VIP One month of using the platform without restrictions – $29.95
  • Silver three months of using – the price is $16.65 for one month of membership.
  • Gold Half of the year of membership – the price for it is only $11.65 for one month.

As you can see, the longer the period of membership, the lower the price is, to add more, this thing not only saves your money but also prolongs the enjoyment of using the cool site and communication with attractive women.

BlackCrush Review

Free Alternatives To Paid Services

  • Activation and creating of a new account are free of charge;
  • Observation of profiles of beautiful ladies is also a free feature.
  • Checking the inbox is also free.

The BlackCrush dating platform is a free website, which has lots of interesting functions, but to use them it is necessary to pay. One of the fee-based membership plans unlocks the following things:

  • Private pictures of all users of the site;
  • Narrow searching with a possibility of choosing additional characteristics, not only age and gender but also appearance and other things;
  • Hot movies for adults;
  • Texting and phone messages;
  • Viewing of pictures without limitations.

Special Features of BlackCrush

BlackCrush Review

BlackCrush is a perfect place to have a good time. Provided options make your experience both pleasant and simple. Here you can enjoy some special features apart from common functions, which totally differ the website from other dating services. Having lots of tweets, adult content and great fliting features, the BlackCrush dating website provides amazing tools for intercourse for its members.

The Possibility of Tweets of Users

Like in the blog, it is possible to write a short message and post it on the page, which could be seen by other members, so that BlackCrush became not only a service for finding someone, but also for expressing the emotions and feelings. This is the way other people could know you real.

The Movies For Adults

The thing, which attracts many users to the BlackCrush dating platform, is content for adults in the form of films and videos, which could be exchanged by the users of the platform. That’s why the platform and its members do their best to produce the visuals of high quality to get pleasure and enjoyment.

BlackCrush Review

Quickie Function

An interesting feature of the BlackCrush dating platform is quickie function, which is the possibility to accept or reject the suggested so to say “invitation” of starting communication. It is an unusual way of beginning a conversation with an attractive lady, who you like.


  1. Is it possible to use the BlackCrush dating platform free of charge?

To tell the truth, most functions are blocked, until you spend money on the membership. The only free functions are a possibility to open a new account, observe profiles of beautiful ladies and check the inbox, while all other functions are supposed to be paid for.

  1. How can I create a new account?

Start the creation by visiting the home page, then fill in the required information for registration and enjoy the service. You can enjoy lots of tools for conversation and benefits of the site.

  1. Are there any credits on the BlackCrush dating platform?

In fact, there are no. But the BlackCrush dating platform has different plans for membership, which makes it possible to use all the functions of the service.

  1. Is it safe to be a user of the BlackCrush dating service?

Yes, it is. There is a requirement of the website, that all users should be older than 18 years. But the company could not be responsible for the different actions of its members.

  1. Is it possible to delete an existing account from the BlackCrush dating platform?

Yes, it is. To do it, you are supposed to visit the settings of the profile and deactivate your account, but it is possible only if you have a paid membership plan.

  1. What is the number of users of the BlackCrush dating platform?

The total number of users is huge and 80% of them are black women from all over the world so that every man could find someone for himself.

  1. Is it possible to use the BlackCrush dating platform and be anonymous?

There is such an opportunity. To be ammoniums you are supposed to activate the incognito way of browsing on your computer and create an additional email just for this website.

  1. Are there any fake accounts?

The creators of the BlackCrush dating platform takes care of its users and checks each new account so that there is no scam and lies.

  1. Is the function of exchanging messages free of charge?

Unfortunately, to exchange messages, you need to spend money on a membership plan.

  1. How much time does it take to have an activated account?

As a rule, it takes just a few minutes to have it done (from five to 30 minutes)

  1. What is supposed to do to be safe while using the BlackCrush dating platform?

It is advisable not to tell your personal information and the details of the bank account. The additional thing, which needs to be done is the regular changing of the password.

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