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Dating for Seniors Review 2021

Dating for Seniors Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 18%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 50-63
Profiles 18,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is available in multiple languages & countries
  • Gender representation is diverse
  • Comes with the trial version
  • Mobile application has not been developed yet

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Dating for Seniors Values & Standards

The results of Dating for Seniors review identified, the site provides socializing, meeting, hookup, and dating for people who are in their fifties and older. It seems like they have been looking for their place under the sun, and on the traditional dating sites, they are tagged with the names’ sugar daddy’ or ‘cougar.’ Meanwhile, this service creates a safe and judgment-free environment for senior people to share their life experiences and find people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. It does not necessarily mean marriage. Most seniors are widowed or divorced, and they have different perspectives on long-term relationships. They look for companionship and real partnership and rarely fall for the fling. Dating for Seniors review looks into the matching system and functionality of the site. It claims to connect the generations, in addition to seniors, many younger representatives join the site.

Although the number of cougar dating apps and agencies increases daily, they rarely meet the target audience’s needs. The sites struggle to provide good-quality security measures and filter the users. Since the seniors might not always be tech-savvy, they need to find the resource they can trust their credit card. Hence, the review aims to determine whether Dating for Seniors dating is worth the money.

Dating for Seniors is not a scam

Dating for Seniors review of policies identified all the vital information on the company. It says that the company is registered in Cyprus, and there is an address if you are wondering. All the contact details are available and the email to contact the customer support. If you address the company with any requests, the reply comes within 48 hours or sooner. Note the times zone differences and weekends.

The site claims not to collect the data of underage users. If you notice a user of age less than 18, it is better to report it. In general, the data that the website stores is related to the account you create. For better functioning of the matching system, the site stores your preferences, description of the profile, and images you upload. As to the billing details, they are processed by the payment option you use. If you notice that your card information is on your profile, it is done for your convenience if you have autorenewal on the membership plan.

Whenever the request for account deactivation comes, the team processes it quickly, and the account disappears from the searches. Shall you wish to reinstate it, you can do so within a specified period. Note that your billing details are not stored.

Overview of Members

Dating for Seniors Overview of Members

Dating for Seniors review of members shows a medium-size membership base compared to the competitors. However, it is all-inclusive and has representatives of various generations. It allows the mix of younger and older people. It was estimated that the average age of a user of both genders is 55. The countries that consider the avid fans of the site are New Zealand, the USA, Australia, Germany, and Italy. About 55 000 people visit the site in a week.

Sexual orientation of members

The gender distribution on the site is almost equal. It has 55 % of males and the rest are females. The sexual orientations popular are bisexuals, heterosexuals, and homosexuals. The site has sections with the most popular user searches, and among them, you can find senior studs, hunks, gay, and moms.

Age Representation

Dating for Seniors does not have a limitation on the age of members. If you are twenty or thirty-five, you are still welcome to join, assuming you are looking for a senior partner. The site does not pose itself as a sugar daddy service. It simply unites people according to their preferences. So, do not expect to find a sponsor on this site but rather a mature soulmate.

Registration steps

Dating for Seniors Registration steps

One would expect that the dating site for senior people optimized the registration procedure. However, whether it was done intentionally or the system is flawed, the registration with Dating for Seniors is quite tricky.

To start with, there is an option to log in with your email address. It requires the e-address, username, and for sure, the password. What becomes an obstacle here is the selection of your username. Pick something simple, without the complicated or unusual symbols.

There is another option that allows you to tie your Facebook account and register in 2 seconds. The site will just copy the data from the existing account on the social network. Look into your privacy settings on Facebook right away and limit your access if you do not want it to post anything on your page.

Dating for Seniors review of the signing up process shows a lot of challenging moments for the seniors. It would be easier to simplify the registration to fill in the email or phone number and password. It is what it is, and on the bright side, this procedure might scare away the scammers.

Filling in your profile

Among the positive features of the profiles are a lot of meaningful content and large photos visible for free. It is not complicated to change the information on the profile and is recommended to do so from time to time.

Even if a member has no subscription, full user profiles are still visible. The information on the profile is divided into eight parts, and they provide the exhaustive answers to all possible questions the users might have to you. It covers personality, appearance, tastes, and expectations.

How to initiate conversations?

Dating for Seniors messaging

To start with, the access to messaging features depends on the status of your membership. For free members, there is an Instant messenger. They can respond to received texts. As to the premium ones, initiating the talk, responding to all types of messages, sending winks, flirts, and gifts is available. Flirts are limited to 30, and then the premium membership will be required. Emailing option is limited to premium accounts as well. Dating for Seniors chat rooms open up when the user gets upgraded to premium. The same applies to forums.

Platform Quality

In general, the design of the site is done with the target audience in mind. It has beautiful visuals and classy design. It does not have nudity or excessive sexuality advertising.

Features of Desktop version

Dating for Seniors Desktop version

The desktop version of Dating For Seniors is user-friendly. It has enough features, but the pages of the site are not cluttered with irrelevant information. The website does not earn on the advertising deals, so the user is not annoyed with the pop-out windows. Moreover, if the user experiences any trouble with ads, the site recommends checking the PC or laptop for viruses or updating the antivirus protection software.

Features of mobile app

Dating for Seniors mobile app

Dating For Seniors review of the versions of the service showed the absence of a mobile app. It is a drawback since most people spend a lot of time on their phones. However, most users use the PC version anyway. The mobile version is available from any browser but not popular among users.


Dating for Seniors review of functions shows simplicity. The button layout is convenient and user-friendly. It is clear that the site is designed for senior users. It is not a technological miracle, more like a classy, old-fashioned website. It still keeps up with times in terms of features efficiency.

How to navigate the app?

The main page of the site contains a lot of useful information. Besides the registration/login bars, it has a set of links to the sections of the website. The list includes the sections that resemble the individual interests of the users (probably the most popular categories), and they are senior women, senior chubby, senior gay, etc.

Dating for Seniors Fees

Dating for Seniors review of pricing policies rates the site as cheap. It is one of the websites that come in chap but has a decent number of members and features. Not many websites offer a demo version that lets the user understand whether the purchase is worth it. With this site, the trial period lasts three days and costs only $2.95. It is affordable for any budget. Taking into account that the site has high activity rates and chances are you will meet someone within these three days.

As to the membership, one month package costs $29.95, and the three months package costs $39.95 ($13.32 a month).

What features come with the paid & free membership package?

Dating for Seniors review of features proves that the website is partially free. As a rule, the sites have the registration for free and charge for the use of functions. In this case, the site does not charge for either. It does offer a paid membership that significantly increases the efficiency of your search. However, the user can use the site for free for some time. The full list of features available to users with the free account is the following:

  • Registration & profile;
  • Search features;
  • Messaging with the users nearby.

The paid membership takes the user to another level. It includes functions like:

  • Unlimited messaging authority (start conversation, join a chat, discussion in chat, etc.)
  • Applying the ‘invisible mode.’

How does billing work?

All the billing information is placed in the profile settings. Note that when you register, you give consent to the terms of use. That agreement contains details on how billing works. By default, the membership you purchased is going to be extended unless you cancel it. To terminate the subscription, go to the profile settings and check the billing history. It will give you a clue about the membership expiration date. Cancel the membership, and you will not be charged again.

Payment Options

The only payment option available on the site is a credit/debit card. If you have trouble with payment, contact the support to get a list of possible solutions. Also, check the card settings for online purchases; you might need to increase the limit or allow them.

How does the site ensure security?

Dating for Seniors review of the privacy policies shows that the founders comply with international laws. They provide the required level of protection of the website. The user personal information is not used for the marketing or promotional campaigns of the site partners. In general, the site does not cooperate with any illegal services and does not promote irrelevant products. Hene, members, do not have to suffer from pop-out notifications. The only time when your info like email can be used is to inform you about the services (either membership upgrade, billings, etc.).

Preventing fraudulent activities

Dating for Seniors Preventing fraudulent activities

Dating doe Seniors provides a list of forbidden on-site activities and conducts scrupulous checks to eliminate these cases. First of all, only people of legal age can create an account on the site. Secondly, it is banned from selling or giving away your account to another user. It will fall under the category of impersonation. The profile should be used by the person who created it, whose photos are on the site. It leads to the next point about the images you upload. It is banned from sending pictures that depict nudity, offensive behaviors, contact information, or do not belong to you. You will not see a profile with the photo of Jennifer Aniston on it. The fraud team checks the images and deletes them. If you ever notice that your photo was removed, it means you violated one of the terms of use of the site.

Additional Features

  • Rapid Match. This function is Dating for Seniors’ attempt to recreate Tinder. It is a game where you are given the profiles and need to rate them ‘yes, ‘no,’ or ‘maybe.’ They will be your potential matches later.
  • Invisibility. For the users who purchased a membership, the mode to hide your traces from others is available. So, turn it on and roam around, the users will never find out.
  • Forum. One of the pressing problems for seniors is lack of communication. When it comes to dating, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Using the forums, members have a chance to open up, ask for a piece of advice, and let it out if they need it. Besides, people always meet someone in these conversations.
  • Chat rooms. Unlike forums, chat rooms are full of people online. So, a user receives instant replies. A chat room has a topic of discussion, and users can join by invitation if it is a private one or without it if it is a public one.


Selecting the website to find a partner for life is a responsible task. Regardless of age, people make mistakes and fall for the scammers all the time. If you are looking for the site for your or your relative, look for the main flags that display the reputation of the website. Give it a try on the free basis before getting the paid account, and most importantly, look at the quality of members on the site. Dating for Seniors is one of the genuine platforms that invested in safety and fraud prevention. It managed to balance the prices of the site maintenance with preserving the excellent quality of features. The site has a variety of communication options that are popular among the target audience. Forums, for example, aim at not only dating but socializing. They are especially helpful for people who feel lonely, live alone, or do not have many friends. Besides, the site offers a location-based list of matches, which means the users can find friends and lovers who live nearby. With Dating for Seniors service dating, life never stops.

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