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LocalHookup Review 2021

LocalHookup Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Your identity is kept safe with privacy features in place
  • The security feature which Local Hook-up has is impressive
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Many members currently use the platform
  • The platform has no provision for forums
  • Matching of dates is done manually

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A truly good evening is one that is spent with a person of the opposite sex without any baggage. That is rarely the case when you are in a relationship. This is why dating sites have become one of the most in-demand businesses these days. In the times when commitment in a relationship has become a phobia, LocalHookup looks like a blessing in disguise. But despite there being so many people looking to hang out casually without any permanence and promises, it is difficult to identify these people. Dating websites prove helpful in this case, allowing local single people with a similar mindset to meet on a platform for the same purpose.

Although there exist many such websites online, not all can be trusted well. Being paid in nature, most dating websites come with a large number of fake profiles to launder money out of people interested in meeting single women of their choice. Here is the full review of LocalHookup, a website claiming to be a huge avenue for casual relationships with hot women, to find if it’s truly reliable or not.

Introduction To LocalHookup

LocalHookup Review

LocalHookup is a typical dating website that gives you a platform to get connected to women. The website is meant with the sole purpose of setting up people for hookups. You will thus be treated with the profile photos of hot women in minimum clothes ready to spend a night with you.

While the website is a treat to the eyes when you are already looking for someone to spend the night with. The huge collection of sexy women trying to seduce you through their profile photos is simply amazing. What attracts more and peaks up the excitement is the tag of free registration, without which you can’t enter the website. The knowledge that the free registration is your entry pass to this live heaven on the internet might be super satisfying but it is all false.

The website may have a simple yet sexy user interface that goes well with the theme of the website. But, the features and functions on the website are available only to the paid users who take the subscription. Not even the chat service. So to put it in simple words, free registration on LocalHookup allows you to browse through some hot photographs of women similar to browsing through on Google.

Registering On LocalHookup

LocalHookup Review

One fact that is true for all dating websites, irrespective of their location of service, is free and compulsory registration. So, one has to register on the website first and then enter. It is required generally for two reasons, one to verify age and number two is to verify your location. Both are of importance because first, the content on the page is not suitable for all ages for its XXX nature. And second, as dating websites like LocalHookup allows people to meet for a night, to set up people living nearby becomes an important feature.

Thus, you will need to fill a small form confirming your name, age, sexual preference, and location. This allows you to enter the world that smells of sex but sadly the happiness and the excitement won’t last. You will be prompted to buy one of the subscription plans to continue enjoying LocalHookup. It is not much you can complain about, because every dating websites existing online of this pattern runs on the subscription fee. So the story is the same on every platform. However, the features allowed with the free account may vary from website to website.

Search Filter

The search filter options available on the website are no rocket science either. You can easily select the profile you are liking on the feed or try the search by entering your specific likes in women. It is fun to use and filters out real women of your taste, whom you can meet and hook up for the night.

The search feature is nothing new and just like it is on other dating websites. But while using it always feel exciting, be careful of the too many fake profiles floating in websites like LocalHookup.

Subscription Pricing

LocalHookup Review

We already know, the website means nothing without the subscription fee. So, let us look at the available options to purchase one for some forthcoming fun nights.

LocalHookup Subscription Plans

  • 3 days (trial) – $2.97
  • 1 month – $29.95
  • 3 months – $74.85
  • 6 months – $119.70

Looking at the subscription plans does feel a little heavy on the pocket but the trial plan is amazing. Comparatively very cheap and suits best to the new users on LocalHookup. You can simply purchase the trial plan for three days and try out every feature and meet the women for a night to test the website completely. And if it suits you alright, then the other plans will not seem pricey given the services you are getting.

Chat Service

LocalHookup Review

Online chatting on LocalHookup is a privilege available only for the users with a subscription plan. It is only when you pay for the services do you get to see the pink chatbox that allows you to send and receive texts from Hot women. After buying one of the subscription plans on LocalHookup, you get the chance to message the women who with their profile photos turn you on. But there is a catch, you might start receiving messages from the instance you log in to your paid account. While it sounds happening, the messages are mostly from fake profiles. So one has to be very careful and interrogative before chatting to the over interested women.

However, the chat setup is pretty useful as it allows you to connect to the women you want to and even enjoy a little sexting before meeting her for real.

Women Profiles

Fuckbook Review

The profiles are the most important part of any dating website. Every other feature on websites similar to LocalHookup is a value addition but not the core value. The real test of a dating website is done on its collection of women profiles. Thankfully, the database offers an enormous number of profiles. The number of profiles is so huge that it is simply not possible to find the woman who plays hot and teasing games in your dream.

However, the users of LocalHookup do complain a lot about the disturbing fake profiles. Worst being that the chance of a profile turning fake is proportionate to the hotness of the woman in the profile picture. It is not only sad but heartbreakingly disappointing, given the level of anticipation one builds while chatting with a person with the single purpose of hooking up in mind.

Summing Up

Fuckbook Review

So, LocalHookup is a hookup websites that helps you meet hot and horny women ready for a hookup. The platform allows you to have a quick chat with the person you are interested in, could be to arrange a meeting or for a release through a sex chat. The website comes with a huge and impressive collection of women profiles and allows free and fast registration to its advantage.

But, a free registration is a fabricated myth on the website of LocalHookup. You will get redirected to the subscription page the instant you register for a free account. Yes, while it is a normal thing all dating websites. Unlike other websites, LocalHookup does not even allow some basic services for free. New users can’t escape the payment page to enter the website without paying for a subscription plan. And while LocalHookup does have a trial plan with a validation period of three days, the prices of other plans are not very reasonable.

Also, LocalHookup does not have a great reputation to boast about. Many women profiles on the website are known to have been fake. Men have been frequently facing money laundering issues on LocalHookup and thus its best to keep your private information to yourself. Also, beautiful women asking for financial help is not uncommon on the website.

Contact Information

Company: Nautell Capital Limited

Address: 12-14 Kennedy Avenue, Office-107, 1st Floor, P.C. 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: cs@localhookup.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuckbook Review
  • What is LocalHookup?

A website for meeting local hot women ready to hangout and hookup. Upgraded services on the paid platform allow the users to browse through the profiles of seductive women and chat with them to fix a quick meet. The process is very simple and the website’s interface is very easy to understand as well. Also, the search options on the website allow you to find the right woman for your taste.

  • What is the process of Signing-up on LocalHookup?

The process of signing-up on LocalHookup isn’t very complicated. All one needs to do is fill a simple form at the gate of the website. You are asked your name, age, location and preference for the registration along with your email id and password. You will also need to enter the captcha to prove that you are human and receive your gate pass to the world of seduction.

  • What are the payment options used on the website?

Creditcards of Visa and Mastercard are the only acceptable payment methods on LocalHookup. No other payment mode is allowed as the payment on the website is recurring, which means that the payment becomes automatic. You will need to be aware of this fact if you don’t want to use the services after your subscription period is over, because your account will get automatically renewed otherwise.

  • How much does LocalHookup cost?

There are four subscription plans available to the LocalHookup users to choose from. You can select anything from 3 days priced at $2.97 to 6 months long plans that cost $119.70. There is a monthly plan priced at $29.95 and another for 3 months at $74.85 as well. The trial plan suits best for the new users willing to try the services before spending a larger chunk from their pocket.

  • How does LocalHookup work?

A new user has to first register to enter the website that requires filling up a small form. Following that the website redirects the user to the subscription page where the user needs to purchase a plan. Purchasing finally allows the user to enter and browse through the enormous list of women profiles on LocalHookup. Connect through the chat service to either enjoy a sex chat or arrange a meeting for a memorable hookup.

  • Is LocalHookup worth the subscription fee?

The huge database of LocalHookup works as an advantage to this website making it rank amongst the best dating websites online. The simplicity of the website and the seductive women on the website most definitely work on the website’s favor making LocalHookup worth the money.

  • Is LocalHookup a legitimate website to visit?

The website is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard all the information provided by its registered users online. However, it cannot guarantee the safety of the information shared by the users on the chatbox with the partners they are interested in.

  • How can LocalHookup be used for free?

There is no way to use LocalHookup for free. Every feature and service on the website can only be availed through the paid subscription.

  • How popular is LocalHookup?

LocalHookup boasts of more than 19,000 registered users from the USA.

  • How do I delete my profile from LocalHookup?

You can easily deactivate and delete your LocalHookup account from the settings menu on the website.

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