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hi5 Review 2021

hi5 Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 100000000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Many important features, including messaging, are free.
  • The chances of meeting compatible matches are high because hi5 is one of the most popular gaming platforms.
  • The site has a different user database.
  • The registration process is linear and not time-consuming.
  • You can view others’ profiles without having a premium membership.
  • If you do not want to reveal your profile information visible to others, you can make it private.
  • The navigation on the website is difficult.
  • The loading of the pages is slow.
  • The design of the site is outdated.
  • The site does not offer advanced searching filters.

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A Brief Introduction about hi5

hi5 Review is devoted to one of the most popular dating websites founded in 2003. Very soon after the foundation, the site gained a lot of popularity and a huge amount of funding. In 2009 hi5 refocused on becoming a social gaming platform. The website has over 200 games in different categories. The website is currently owned by If (we) – a social and mobile technology company operated by The Meet Group, Inc. Like similar dating websites, including Facebook or Friendster, hi5 has photo sharing, status updates, and friend networks. Although the website started in the US and is used worldwide, It is much more popular among Latin Americans. According to the hi5 reviews, the website is used in 200 countries and localized in 50 languages.

hi5 allows enjoying games with the accompany of other people instead of playing them alone. The site aims to join people with the same interests through games. You can play games with people you already know, or meet new ones while playing. During the games, you will be able to get to know people better and find more compatible matches. The gaming function provides a bunch of fun to online dating and increases the chances of finding people who may pique your interest.

hi5 is unique because, along with offering social networking and gaming features, the site offers many ways to communicate with singles. It has a section called “Flirt” where you can find and communicate with people who share the same interests or hobbies, join different groups, and create status updates. The site is straightforward and easy to use. hi5 will help you to make your online dating journey incredible.

How Does hi5 Work?

hi5 is a dating platform for the singles that are fond of games. It combines the features of gaming and social networking platforms creating an enjoyable and stress-free atmosphere. While playing games, you may get acquainted with new people, find similar interests, and maybe turn into a serious relationship.

How Does hi5 Work?

Who Are the Users?

According to different hi5 reviews, the website has over 100 million users worldwide. This extensive user database shows the popularity of the site in different parts of the world. The majority of the users are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and South American countries. The users of hi5 are equally distributed in all the continents.

There is not dominating gender on hi5. The gender proportion is sharply equal; 50/50 percent. This percent shows that the website is commonly popular, both male and female users.

The most active users from the United States have Africa-American backgrounds. The users are mostly looking for new and interesting people and want to have some fun in virtual life. The users of hi5 are free to express their wishes and use the status to show their current mood.

What Sexual Preferences Do the Users Have?

hi5 is a free dating platform for everyone. It does not matter you have a usual sexual orientation or not; the website is open for you. However, it is better to show your sexual preferences on your profile if you want to attract the most compatible matches. When you sing up on hi5, you should select the gender you are interested in, and the system will bring suggestions based on your choice.

What Sexual Preferences Do the Users Have on hi5?

What is the Age Range of the Users

The majority of the users of hi5 are in the age range of 18-44 years old. There are not users who are above 45. The most active users are between 25-34 years old, and there is no gender discrimination for this.

How to Sign Up on hi5

The registration process on hi5 is straightforward and impressively quick. It may take up to 3-5 minutes to complete. If you want to register, you must provide some basic information about you, including your email address, name and surname, birthdays, ethnicity, gender, and zip code. Your email address should be a valid one; otherwise, you will not be able to register. You can make the registration faster logging through your Facebook or Google account. Once the registration is successfully done, you can import your Facebook and Google friends to your hi5 friend’s list. You will be asked to upload a photo; however, these last steps are up to you. If you do not want to do any of them, you can just skip. To have complete access to your hi5’s account, you need the verification code sent to the email you have provided. Only after this step, you can start browsing on hi5’s pages.

How to Sign Up on hi5

Profile Creation Process and Quality

hi5 asks basic information for the signing up process. Later on, you can edit your information by adding or removing whatever you want. If you want to add more information to your profile, there is the “About Me” section that you can use to share your personal information and interests with other hi5 users. Your information can be private or public to the members. If your profile is public, anyone, regardless of membership status, can view your information and photos.

Along with featuring the feeds of your status updates, photos, and so on, you can post gifts, tags, comments, etc., that the other hi5 users give you. Most of the hi5 users like posting GIFs or photos, which may lead to seeing very long and detailed profiles.

Communication Tools

According to many hi5 reviews, one of the website’s best features is that communication methods are free of charge. However, some popular users cannot send messages unless you purchase a premium membership. All the profiles contained information when the user was last active. So, if someone ignores your messages when he or she is online, you can immediately understand that.

Except browsing people through the Pets game, hi5 allows searching for people using essential searching criteria. You can filter the search results using age, location, zip code, etc. Searching results show profiles with such functions as “Add Friend” or “Message.” These features you can use if you get interested in someone on the platform. Moreover, there is a “Meet Me” feature for hi5 users, which is a roulette-type game that notifies the users if both of them like each other.

Communication Tools on hi5

How to Access the Platform?

You can log in hi5 official page using any device. You can type “hi5” on the search fields of such search engines like Google Chrome, Firefox. Yandex or Opera and the official webpage will appear (https://hi5.com/). Click on the link, and you will have a chance to join and enjoy the incredible features that hi5 offers its users.

Desktop Version of hi5

The desktop version of hi5 is not so straightforward to use. They are some cluttered buttons or tabs. However, once you get used to its interface, it will not cause any problems. At the top of the homepage, you can find the Main Menu and all the necessary functions. Even people who have basic computer skills can use the desktop version of hi5 after some time.

Desktop Version of hi5

Is There an App?

Compared with its desktop counterpart, hi5’s mobile application is aesthetically more pleasing and user-friendly. The interface of the app is minimalistic, and everything is neatly categorized. The features are easily classified, and the tabs are organized in a way that does not cause any problem. hi5 also has an additional called “Live.” This feature allows the users to start live streams on the platform. The “Live” menu collects all your favorite users and your live videos.

The mobile application of hi5 allows its users to log in to the site wherever or whenever. The application is compatible with all the devices and available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

Interface and Usability

The interface of hi5 is not so user-friendly. Moreover, according to hi5 reviews, the desktop version is quite outdated. In comparison with the desktop version, the mobile application is easier to use and more updated. The pages take a while to load, and this may annoy some users. Like other social dating sites, hi5 users can update status and upload media to their news feed. The website, similar to Tagged, uses so-called “Pets” games to make people connected. You can visit and like other profiles completely free of charge and regardless of your premium membership.

Navigation on hi5 is not so straightforward as well. It seems that the creators did not bother to make the website user-friendly. Too many buttons and steps are required to find whatever you need it. There are not helping buttons or guidelines to help you. However, once you get used to hi5 features, it becomes easier for you and experience all the features with minimal difficulty.

Interface and Usability on hi5

How to Search People?

There are not many advanced searching features available for hi5 users. The website needs to make more improvements in terms of creating more sophisticated searching filters. According to the hi5 reviews, the lack of those features is one of the aspects that may annoy people while using the site. You can use such searching filters as age, gender, relationship status, and zip code. Moreover, there are forums where people share their interests. Such forums may help you find more compatible matches. Somehow more advanced features include such filters as filter by location, according to the interests and more detailed information about their relationship status.

Premium Membership Subscription

hi5 offers two premium membership plans; VIP and Gold. VIP premium subscription offers three plans with different time limits and costs. For the Gold premium membership users, it is important to know that Gold is the website’s currency. You can use the Gold to buy various gifts or Pets. Pets are the profiles of members, and the cost of Pet depends on the profile’s popularity. You can buy purchase gold or earn by accomplishing different takes available on hi5. Premium membership does not let you buy Pets, but it unlocks some paid features, which are not useful.

This table shows the Premium Membership subscription plans available for hi5 and their cost.

1 month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD
VIP Membership 3 months 6.99 USD / Month 20.97 USD
6 months 4.99 USD / Month 29.94 USD
2,500 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 5.00 USD
10,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 10.00 USD
Gold 25,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 20.00 USD
75,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 50.00 USD
200,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 100.00 USD
400,000 Credits 0.00 USD / Credit 200.00 USD

Free and Fee-Based Services

Most of the features are free for hi5 users. Here are some features that are available for the standard users;

  • Creating an account on the website.
  • Search for members using basic searching filters.
  • Message and read other users’ messages.
  • Adding people to your friend list.
  • Buying Pets that you can afford.

Premium Membership offers the following features;

  • See who likes you.
  • See who has viewed your profile.
  • Have access to popular profiles.
  • See if the messages are read or not.
  • Make contact with new users.
  • Make email support prioritized.

Free and Fee-Based Services on hi5

How to Purchase Premium Membership

If you want to be a VIP user of hi5, and upgrade your profile to the premium, follow the following steps;

  • Find the “Account” button at the top of the navigation bar and click on the “Settings.”
  • Find and click on the “Membership” line.
  • Choose one of the plans; 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Follow the further instructions that the system gives.

How to Pay for the Premium Membership

If you want to purchase one of the hi5’s premium memberships, you can pay through credit card or PayPal. It is also important to know that a VIP subscription is auto-renewed.

Is hi5 Safe to Join?

hi5 is owned by a legitimate company, which means that the site is also legitimate. hi5 has a strict Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If someone violates them, the system will terminate their profiles.

Are There Scams

hi5 support team does a great job of avoiding the scams on the website. The system does regular checkups to ensure your safe journey with the website. According to many hi5 reviews, the website’s security level is average, and users can be sure that their data is protected.

What Special Features Does hi5 Offer?

The special features that hi5 offers are similar to the other dating sites owned by The Meet Group, Inc. However, two features make hi5 different from the others.


Pets are only typical to hi5. With the help of Pets, you can improve your profile quality. This feature allows users to increase their profile qualities by buying and selling Pets. The higher your value is on hi5, the more popular you are.


MeetMe is a roulette-type game. The game aims to find and connect people who like each other. If you like a user and he or she likes you back, you appear in each other’s match lists.

What Special Features Does hi5 Offer?


This hi5 review was devoted to one of the unique dating websites that combine people with the help of games. The popularity of the site and an extensive user database indicate the high usability of the website. Despite outdated desktop interface, more and more users prefer to find their compatible matches on this dating platform. The mobile application is also available for hi5 users, which is more updated compar3ed with its desktop counterpart. Most of the features are available free, which is one of the essential advantages of the website, according to hi5 reviews. However, if you want to buy one of the premium membership plans, you do not worry about a high price. It is average compared with other similar dating sites. Two unique features offered by hi5; MatchMe and Pets, make the journey with it much more enjoyable and exciting. Additionally, strict Policy Privacy and Terms of Use guarantee your safe navigation on the website. Therefore, if you want to have some fun, and, at the same time, meet new and exciting people, hi5 can help you.

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