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Myladyboydate Review 2021

Myladyboydate Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 710000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Multiple languages & translations available;
  • Safe communication;
  • Respectful members;
  • Largest ladyboy community of Asia;
  • Affordable fees;
  • Well-structured profiles & effective matching. Disadvantages:
  • Only paid membership available for men.

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Myladyboy Values & Standards

Katoey, phuying, or ladyboy, whatever term you feel comfortable with, Myladyboydate invites you to join the world of transgender dating. The service has been acclaimed by several reputable media sources like BBC and Refinery. It is a genuine site for the guys who dream of connecting their lives with a gorgeous ladyboy from Asia or anywhere else in the world. Myladyboydate review looks into the progress of the service’s development and how they manage to keep the bar high with the pressing competition. Undoubtedly, people trust online dating more than before, but ladyboys are still suffering from harassment on all levels. So, the main requirement is safety. Myladyboydate review pays special attention to the privacy protocols that guarantee respectful settings for the participants.

The site is a creation of a Hong Kong-based company Building Bridges. Currently, the team is working from the Philippines and consists of all transgenders, and one manager married to a transgender woman.

No wonder such a website originated in Asia since this continent is a home for the highest number of transgender women. The term originated around the times of the Vietnam War. The Asian countries were fine with the concept and phenomenon for ages, but the Western world sometimes treats ladyboys with disrespect. So, the founders of Myladyboydate are careful with their selection of non-transgender users. They are skeptical of males who want to meet ladyboys; hence the verification procedures are quite strict.

When things come to meeting a date from the site, the males most probably have to travel to Asia. The reason for that is the stigma that surrounds these people in Western World makes it more comfortable for them to live in Asia. Like, Thailand, for example, is a motherland of the term katoey. It is a tourist destination where people go to meet not just women for an affair but wives.

Myladyboy Values & Standards

Myladyboydate is not a scam

Myladyboydate is not a scam, but you can never be sure of every user. As much as the site is fighting the scammers and hackers, they always get wiser and find the ways to get in. Some people are looking to scam you financially, and some are just nasty individuals who do not tolerate other points of view. Whatever complaint you have, do not hesitate to report it to the website team instantly.

Note that the website cannot be responsible for every message and post published since there are too many users and not enough moderators. The moderators are working on preventive measures, but it is up to you to be wise and get acquainted with the safety tips. Note that the site has a separate section with the safety tips where you can find flags to look for. An interesting part of the section is the typical rhetoric that scammers have. If you notice a couple or at least one of these flags, move on and block that user. So, if the person is asking you for money and says it is for the trip to visit you, or pay the bills, or charity, it is a potential scam. There are separate sources online, an abundance of sources actually, that do charity, and there is no need to go to a dating site to ask for money—the same about traveling. If the person cannot afford a trip to you, it means that they would not be able to afford the accommodation, and the last thing you want is a stranger living under your roof.

Member Structure Overview

The name speaks for itself. Ladyboys, transgender women, and their admirers are using the website to meet and mate. One hundred twenty thousand profiles are registered from more than eleven countries. The site’s interface comes in eleven languages, among which are English, Spanish, French, and German. The users come from all over the globe like Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Myladyboy Member Structure Overview

Average sexual orientation

The prevailing numbers belong to ladyboys, who are 55 % of the users. The rest is comprised of males.

Age Representation

Myladyboydate review shows an abundance of age categories. They vary depending on gender. When it comes to women, they are usually of the age of 18-25 y.o. Another large age group is women of 26-35 y.o. When it comes to men, the average age category is 40 -55 y.o. There is a fair share of men in the age category of 30-35 y.o as well. Since there is no age limit, as long as you are 18, the site welcomes you.

How to register and log in?

Having a valid e-address is vital for registration with Myladyboydate. Every user receives a link for verification of the account. Later on, you will be able to receive notification from the site. If the letters come to spam, which is often the case because of the name of the site, move it to your incoming.

You can also connect the profile to your Facebook account. In any case, you need to have access to the email attached, so you could use the password restore option.

Myladyboy register and log in

Profile Layout

Fill in your profile with all the relevant information about yourself, but for the sake of safety, avoid sharing the contact details, home address, full name, or names of relatives. Use the website as a firewall. Communicate and show the personal details only after a bond is established between you and the partner. The profiles go through the verification. The risk assessment team checks the details you provided and approves the profile. This process is quick and might take a one-hour maximum. If the photo you uploaded does not come up on the profile, it means you violated the rules, and the content was banned. So, make sure to get acquainted with the code of conduct before you upload the visuals to your profile.

Messaging Options

Myladyboydate review of messaging shows different capabilities for men and women. Women are free to send messages whenever they want. Men need to have a profile and photo approved, and on top of that, a premium membership.

Platform Usability

Myladyboydate review of platform specification shows its compatibility with most modern browsers. If you have Chrome, Firefox, you are safe. The issue might appear with the outdated ones. If there is an option to update, then do so. If no, the site might not work.

Myladyboy Platform Usability

PC version

Myladyboydate website is informative. It is a user-friendly and decent source. The main page is densely filled with the information; however, it is all useful. On the bottom, there is a list of links to the sections with more information on services, partners, and blogs.

Myladyboy PC version

Mobile Application

Myladyboydate mobile application is available for Android as well as for Apple. It resembles the functionality of the desktop and works smoothly. In case bugs noticed, you are free to leave comments. However, the company claims to be not big enough to respond to complaints by fixing the bugs quickly. So, try using the mobile version of the site instead.

Website & App design

There is nothing that stands out among the competitors when it comes to design. The site has a modest interface. It is functional enough to satisfy the needs of the users.

Myladyboy Website & App design

To start with, the user needs to open the sign in or login form. It is located conveniently on the main page of the site. After registering, there will be login details created. If you have a good anti-virus protection and trust the software, you can download the password saver not to fill in the details constantly. After you log in, move to the profiles, look through and message people. If you have a subscription, the world is your oyster on the site.

Myladyboy Prices

The site is no absolutely free. If you like the service and wish to support its work and improvement, get the membership. Another reason to get it is if you are a man. The males have required membership to text women.

The price for one month is $29.90. The charges are explained by the fact that adds and marketing partners do not sponsor the site. It strives to provide a comfortable environment for everyone. Hence, the team of moderators and developers needs to be hired. The charges for the membership were decided based on the cost of maintenance of the website and the app.

Myladyboy Prices

Advantages of paid membership

For some, Premium membership gets access to the list of people who viewed your profile, and for males, it is the only way to be able to send messages. Note that membership purchase is a one-time thing, and it will not prolong itself automatically. So, if you are a man, you might log in to the site one day, and the message history will be locked for you. It means that the subscription expired. To check its details, go to the account settings.

Myladyboy Advantages of paid membership

Info on Payments

Note that getting a subscription is possible via various payment options, and some of them may be country-specific. The prices update, so before paying, check out the latest price list. The site has a right to change the right of the services. Also, the membership is not renewing automatically. So, if you had a subscription and then it has expired, the functions will be automatically locked. If you want to have a membership again, log in and pay, or get the longer one right away. Myladyboydate does not collect the billing details and does not save it on the servers. If you need to cancel the membership, note that the cancellation will be effective on the next working day after your request is sent. Also, the site reserves the right to take up to 7 days to process your requests.

Payment Options

Among the payment options are online systems. You can use the credit card or contact the website’s support to find out about the payment system that works in your country.

Safety procedures

For the sake of safety, the moderation team is given a quite comprehensive control. It is especially true about the filtering of the content that users post. The team has to approve the photos, for example. So, if you see that your photo is not up after a day, it means you won’t see it, it is blocked. At times, the team might cut some parts of the photo if they contain something that violates the website’s values.

In any case, the user is asked to be careful. The site’s team verifies all the profiles; however, a wise scammer gets through the security gates and attempts to harass the users once in a while. Remember that the website is on the side of women; it supports their dignity, and does not tolerate the violation of rules. So, block/report the user and hide them from your future searches. If you have a personal misunderstanding and the user account was not removed, you can remove it from your search results.

Preventing frauds

Myladyboydate review of the recommendations that the site provides shows a good collection of practical tips. Based on the user experience and professional opinion, the site created a list of warnings, so the user could recognize and avoid them. It is not always possible to prevent the situations, so the site is working on teaching people how to handle them. The website’s policies are strict to those who do not stick to the community guidelines.

More Features

Myladyboydate questionnaire is a feature that makes matching possible. It is a comprehensive survey that lets the system analyze the personality, preferences, and find the compatible matches.

Audio/video messages. More and more people tend to avoid writing and use voice messages. It is especially convenient when you use Google translate. You can just record your translations and send them to the users instead of typing them.

Translations. The website interface comes in various languages, but also the users are usually coming from the opposite parts of the world and often struggle with languages. The Asian continent has a set of languages incomprehensible for the Western world with their English. So, the translations are available. However, it is always better to use a couple of sources to compare translations and remember that it is a machine translation that is, at times, too literal.

Myladyboy More Features


Myladyboydate ensures that the honor and dignity of ladyboys of Asia are preserved. They feel safe with the site, hence open up a lot. Meeting a partner of your dream and settling together for life is an achievable goal now. It has nothing to do with prostitution; on the opposite, it promotes acceptance and high values and standards that ladyboys possess. The world seems to have a big misconception that hurts many people, and Myladyboydate is working on fixing it.

Myladyboydate review identified a lot of educational materials on the site, the blog with useful articles that change the perception of Asia and katoey. Besides, it has a lot of recommendations on approaching your future dates and adjusting to the countries’ cultural differences. The overall impression of the site is positive. Considering that the price of services is luring, you will not waste a dime with Myladyboydate services.

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