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NoStringAttached Review 2021

NoStringAttached Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • An option of advanced searching
  • The anonymous regime of using the platform
  • Lots of live streams and webcams
  • No fake profiles
  • The procedure of signing up is very easy and fast
  • There is no mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Most functions are blocked until the payments for the membership plan

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Thanks to the development of modern technologies, dating platforms became bridges between soulmates. This helps easily meet new people and have fun spending time with pleasant people.

The following review describes NoStringAttached dating service with its main functions, pros&cons, prices and distinguishing features.

General characteristics of the NoStringsAttached dating service?

NoStringAttached Review

Being a leader on the dating market, NoStringsAttached attracts lots of users. It is a real paradise for all people no matter what age, orientation, appearance or nation they have

  • NoStringsAttached is a rather safe website, who has a huge database of lovers from all parts of the world;
  • There are different kinds of VIP membership plans;
  • The total number of users is over 3.4 million users, which means there are always beautiful ladies, who are waiting for you to have fun.
  • Various functions for cybersex.

What Are the Pluses and Minuses of the Dating Service NoStringsAttached.com?

NoStringAttached Review

What is necessary to mention, that every service has its pros and cons. The advantages of the NoStringsAttached.com are:

  • An option of advanced searching, which makes the probability of finding the appropriate person is higher in many times.
  • The anonymous regime of using the platform, so that no one can get to know who you are.
  • Lots of live streams and webcams.
  • No fake profiles, thanks to the checking process.
  • The procedure of signing up is very easy and fast. It does not take too much time.

The disadvantages of the NoStringsAttached.com

  • There is no mobile app for Android or iOS, that is why it is necessary to use the browser version of the dating service NoStringsAttached.com.
  • Most functions are blocked until the payments for the membership plan.

This how User Structure of NoStringsAttached.com look like

NoStringAttached Review

The structure of users of the NoStringsAttached, it is crucial to think over such aspects as the number of users from the USA, the general activity of members per week, as well as the difference between the percentage of genders.

  • Talking about the geography of users, there are 344,000 people from the USA.
  • The number of active members is 31,000 users every week.
  • Differences between male and female genders: 45% of men and 55% of ladies.

These factors show the users of the site the probability for you of finding the person for dating with preferable age, orientation, appearance.

NoStringsAttached.com: A Full Review

NoStringAttached Review

Connecting people from all over the world, the NoStringsAttached.com dating service has different functions and types of people so that everyone could find someone for himself or herself. The platform is popular not only in the United States but it is becoming very known all over the world, which makes a certain bridge between lovers from different parts of the world.

Various videos and content for adults create a perfect experience for users and they do not want to quit the platform. As a rule, each member of the website spends about three minutes for searching someone to have fun. To add more, NoStringsAttached.com was visited about 100 thousand times in half of the year.

Members at NoStringsAttached.com Hookup Service

NoStringAttached Review
  • The total sum of the users of the service is 3,435,461 users from all parts of the world.
  • The platform is full of singles, as well as married people, who are searching for sexual relationships.
  • Each day the amount of visits is 1,875.

The statistics show great results and mean that each person could find someone with the same preferences for different types of relationships and dates.

NoStringsAttached.com: A Procedure of Signing up

NoStringAttached Review

Basically, it is very simple to open a new account on the platform of the NoStringsAttached.com. By the way, it is free of charge and takes only a few minutes. To create an account, you are supposed:

  • To fill in the required information, which is a unique username and email;
  • Select your gender (male or female);
  • Choose your status (single, married, etc)

To add more, there is a guarantee of anonymity, so there is no need to worry about this thing at all.

Beginning of conversation on NoStringsAttached.com

NoStringAttached Review

NoStringsAttached.com is full of tools for communications, for example, different rooms for chatting. One more cool function is the possibility of the creation of a hotlist with profiles, which you like. Functions for intercourse on NoStringsAttached are:

  • Texting and exchanging of simple messages;
  • Sending flirts to those, who you like to start a conversation;
  • Live streams and various kinds of broadcasts;
  • Special rooms for chatting;
  • Private networks, which are specially created for concrete lovers with the same preferences and desires.

The Quality of Profiles at NoStringsAttached.com

  • All profiles are sate and anonymous.
  • The profiles are full of hot photos and detailed information about the parameters of the person.
  • There are no fakes on the platform.
  • It is written in the profile of people; what relationships they are searching for.

The quality of accounts is really a distinguishing feature of the website. Taking care of its users and their safety and satisfaction, NoStringsAttached.com is gaining worldwide popularity and attracting more and more members.

Application For Mobile Devices

NoStringAttached Review

Unfortunately, there is no special app for mobile devices, as well as a special version for these devices, so that people need to use the browser desktop version of the platform on the phones, too. But in fact, it is made greatly and the interface is user-friendly, while the sections are clear, so even the newcomer of the website could easily understand how to use it and what bottoms should be pressed to achieve a desirable thing and make the appropriate action. All in all, there is no problem in using desktop NoStringsAttached.com even on tablets and phones, as

It is quite convenient for each gadget.

The Prices at NoStringsAttached.com hookup site

NoStringAttached Review

It is possible to buy a VIP membership for one or three months, as having one of the membership plans unlocks lots of functions, which are banned for common users.

  • VIP 1 month – $19.03
  • VIP 3 months – $38.04

As you can see, the longer the time of membership at NoStringsAttached.com, the lower the price. This helps not only save money but also give time for bigger and more long-term enjoyment of the website.

Free Alternatives to Paid Services

  • It is possible to create a new account free of charge;
  • Some observations of profiles are a free-based feature too.
  • There are 10 chances of text see.

NoStringAttached Review

Paid membership on the NoStringsAttached.com dating platform unlocks lots of functions, such as:

  • Sending messages,
  • Exchanging photos and videos;
  • The narrow searching with the possibility to choose the types of race and different aspects of the appearance.

Interface of NoStringsAttached.com

Communication of high level is not the only distinguishing feature of the NoStringsAttached.com website. The following thing is the design, which is a cool thing. It means that the administration and developers take care of the users so that they enjoy the service without problems.

Special Features of NoStringsAttached.com

NoStringAttached Review

NoStringsAttached.com attracts lots of users not only thanks to its main functions. NoStringsAttached.com is a perfect place to have a good time. Provided options make your experience both pleasant and simple

Additionally, it has some special features, which are rather unique. These features differ this site from many others, creating a special atmosphere and good communities of members, who are searching for different types of intercourse and wanna have pleasant dates and cool spending of time. The main special features are described below, so let’s look through them.

The function of advanced searching

NoStringAttached Review

For the best match and appropriate person, it is desirable to use advanced searching with special characteristics to choose from. It is possible to choose:

  • Interests;
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Status of the person (whether he or she in relationships or not);
  • Location;
  • Nationality;
  • Habits.

The Possibility to Turn On and Off the Account

If you would like to stop your account because of some reason, you can do it in the settings. This option is good for those, who do not like to delete the account and just turn it off. But as the practice shows, the users do not want to leave the site, as it is a paradise for choosing soulmates and new people for dating.

The Function of Live Webcam and Streaming

It is possible to enjoy the streams of other people and to do your own. Hot streams with beautiful ladies will make you enjoy.

After looking through all the details about the NoStringsAttached dating service, it is important to make a decision, whether you would like to be its member or not. Once you try it, you will not want to quit it.


NoStringAttached Review
  1. Is it possible to use the NoStringsAttached free of charge?

In general yes, but most functions are banned till the time you pay for the membership. But you can try free-based features to get acquainted with the website and after understanding its advantages, you can pay for the plan.

  1. How is it possible to open a new account on the NoStringsAttached dating platform?

You need to visit the official website, then it is required to fill in some necessary information and start using the platform.

  1. Are there any credits on the NoStringsAttached dating platform?

There are none of them. But there are VIP membership plans for one and three months, which opens all functions of the platform.

  1. Is it safe to be a user of the NoStringsAttached dating service?

It is safe to be a user. It has a customer service of high quality, which supports 24/7 its users.

  1. Is it possible to delete the account on the NoStringsAttached dating platform?

Yes, you can do it in the settings of your account. To add more, it is possible to turn off the account, if you do not want to delete forever.

  1. What is the number of users of the NoStringsAttached?

There are lots of users on the platform, the total sum of them is over 3.4 million and they are from different countries all over the world.

  1. Is it possible to use the platform anonymously?

For sure you can do it. You can turn on the special function of your browser, so that the website cannot be found in the history of the browser. Additionally, you can create a special email for this website.

  1. Are there any fake profiles?

The NoStringsAttached dating platform needs to have a good reputation, that is why the administration of the service checks all accounts to make sure they are real.

  1. Is it possible to text free of charge?

It is free to see some messages, but you need to buy a membership to answer.

  1. How much time does it take to get an activated account?

It takes only a few minutes to get it. After the procedure of signing up, you are going to get an email, which will verify our account.

  1. How to be safe while using the NoStringsAttached dating platform?

Pay attention to the thing that it is important not to leave any personal information and the details of the bank accounts. If there is someone, who asks these details, write to the support center to block them.

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