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AdultSpace Review 2021

AdultSpace Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 19%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 37.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • AdultSpace is smooth to use
  • You can chat through voice and video
  • There are lots of members registered all around the world
  • You can see many photos and videos of other members
  • You do not need to pay to get laid
  • You need to be able to filter fake profiles
  • Once you register, the website takes you to Fuckbook

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What Is AdultSpace?

This AdultSpace review has established that the site appeals to people who just want a hookup and casual sex. If you do not want any relationship or other kind of commitment, this is for you. If you are interested in a steady relationship, there are websites where you can find true love. It is easy to bump into lots of hot girls and men who just want to fuck. You can find people locally and from all around the world if you are up for virtual sex or travel and enjoy another city for a while. The AdultSpace review will show you that this site is easy to register, and you can immediately see girls and guys craving for casual sex. So, if that is what you want, it should not take long to succeed here. Follow up to discover whether AdultSpace delivers on its promises.

Is AdultSpace Legit or Scam?

That is hard to say at first. Some sites immediately scream “scam” to anyone, and others that are part of big corporations are legit. This one is a case to be studied.

One can find little info online about this platform. There are a few AdultSpace reviews, although the service has been up for a long time, and some reports were paid to say good things about it.

Then, when you register, you are redirected to a platform called Fuckbook.com. That one is famous, but not very respected. When you click on some links, it redirects to some suspicious address. It is good to have a decent antivirus to prevent getting your device infected if you want to try to use this website.

It is, once again, hard to say if the site is a scam. Maybe AdultSpace was incorporated into Fuckbook, and there is no mention of that. Perhaps there are crackers putting malware into the website. Is it completely a scam? No one says this for sure without spending on it, but then the risks are higher.

Is AdultSpace Legit or Scam?


AdultSpace allows people from all around the world to register. It is open for you no matter where you live and which language you speak. Even if you do not speak English, you can use the platform because it has translated versions for many languages.

As for the number of members, this is, again, hard to say. The website says there are around 37 million registered users, and some AdultSpace review traffic reports state about approximately 21,000 visitors daily. However, if you read the last section, you will know that this site does not seem very safe or legit. This info might be false.

Sexual Orientation

There is no discrimination based on sexual orientation on AdultSpace. Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, you are very welcome to join. Though the website does not offer a “non-binary, trans man, and trans woman” option for you to register, that doesn’t mean these groups of people are not present. The developers should pay attention to that and add this point for newcomers to filter out what they are looking for.

In a few words, the site is open to everyone looking for hookups.

Age Distribution

Members of all ages (but you need to be at least 18) can register. That being said, it seems that most users are young. There are lots of people from 18 to 30 years old, if the profiles shown are legit and not just fakes. Though, if you are older than that, you can try your luck too. Perhaps you can find young women looking for sugar daddies or young men seeking to fuck milfs.

Sign-Up Process and Login Info

Registering at this site is very easy for anyone. You just need to access adultspace.com, and the homepage already offers you to register for free.

To sign up, you need to be at least 18 years old. If so, enter the following info:

  • Whether you are a man, woman, or couple
  • Whether you are looking for a man, woman, or couple
  • Your age
  • City and ZIP code
  • A valid email address
  • Username
  • Choose your password

Then, by registering, you confirm that you are 18 or older since AdultSpace contains pornographic content and that you do not promote any form of prostitution. After that, the site takes you to Fuckbook.com, and you will see your profile with all details you have just entered.

AdultSpace Sign-Up Process and Login Info

Profile Creation

After you register, you need to have a nice-looking page to attract other people. Add a good pic that shows your appearance best. There are some questions that you must answer so that users can know you a little better when they visit your profile. They are easy and quick to answer. Also, add a short bio and let the community understand what you are about.

Pictures are paramount on sites like these. They help to filter good profiles and eschew those that fake. Take some time to add your best images. Upload selfies and full body shots to prove that you are who you say you are. Since AdultSpace is pornographic, you can even post naked photos if you feel comfortable with that. Remember to check your email and verify your page. That will add to your profile’s legitimacy.


AdultSpace is one of those services where you need to acquire a paid subscription to send messages. Later you will know everything about paid membership on this platform. To message someone, you just need to find a profile that interests you and click on “start chat” right below the profile picture. Then, a chat window will pop up at the bottom of the screen (if you are on the website), similar to Facebook. If you have access to the chat, it will be straightforward to exchange messages with whoever you like.


You must be wondering what the best way to access AdultSpace is: mobile or desktop. There are differences based on convenience for the user, and the result is that the desktop version is better. See why below.

AdultSpace Platforms


The AdultSpace review shows that the site is mainly developed to navigate using a computer. The experience you get from it is more similar to Facebook and other social media than dating and hookup services. That is because there is a timeline where you can see other people posting stuff all the time. To be honest, the majority of the content posted is naked photos and pornographic gifs.

Then, the chat pops up at the bottom of the page, making the comparison even more inevitable. Navigating on AdultSpace is very easy. Although it has the issues already stated in the sections above, servers are running very well, and the website does not have any problems regarding connections.

At the top of the site, you will see three stripes that, once you click them, will show you lots of options:

  • Feed
  • Search
  • Matches
  • Premium upgrade
  • Live cameras
  • Find love
  • Porn app
  • Men’s health
  • Adult games
  • Sex chat
  • Messages
  • Friendship requests
  • Who visited you
  • Profile
  • Account details
  • Logout

To the right, there is a bell icon that shows notifications regarding new messages and friend requests. More to the right, you will see the options “Search” and “Matches.” The former allows you to see people around you. Clicking on the latter will enable you to view users you have a mutual interest with. When you match someone, you just need to talk to her/him and find a place to have sex.


The site looks exactly the same on phones, only optimized to run smoothly on different platforms. Some AdultSpace reviews say this website has a mobile app, but honestly, it can’t be found anywhere.

AdultSpace App

Design & Usability

This hookup website has a clean design, and that is something to be very happy about. Other competitors have a timeline so full of information that the sites look cluttered. AdultSpace is easy to use as it runs seamlessly on any device and browser. All features are easy to grasp, presenting no issue to new members or people who are not tech-nerds.

It is easy to find everything you want on this site. Do you need to open a profile you saw yesterday? Just search for it. Eager to meet new people to talk to and have confidential sex? You will see plenty of those on your feed that might interest you. Managing your profile details and changing them anytime is very easy too. As already stated in AdultSpace reviews, the site is easy to navigate because of its clean look.

AdultSpace Costs and Prices

Some features on AdultSpace are only available to paying members. If you are considering using this platform to its fullest and accessing everything it offers, you first should know how much the membership costs.

There is only one form of paid membership called Premium. You can pay for only one month or three months at once. Below are the prices:

  • $29,95 for one month
  • $44,85 for three months

Free and Paid Access

Frankly speaking, there is little you can do on AdultSpace if you have a free account. You can add photos, but you can’t comment on other people’s pics or send them messages. If you want to access all the perks, you will need to pay. Is the membership worth it? That is up for you to judge. Below you can see the paid features:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Gifts
  • Premium badge
  • Karma Impulse
  • Icebreaker
  • Comments on pictures and posts

Agreeing to the Icebreaker feature means that your username and photo will be used to send messages to others. If you are a premium subscriber, you can read these texts.

How to Pay

To pay for a subscription on this site, you need to go to your profile and find the Upgrade option. It is also placed on that three stripes menu that was already mentioned in this AdultSpace review.

Payment Method

The only way to pay for the premium membership on AdultSpace is through a credit card. But at least it accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, and Maestro. Just choose your plan and fill out the fields.

Safety & Security

AdultSpace’s developers claim that as far as they know, all profiles are created by legit users. Also, they try to catch all fake profiles and make the platform as clean as possible for real people to enjoy. Still, several fake profiles are compromising the experience and security of the website.

Perhaps, the way to have a good experience here is to use the block option on every fake page that you come across. Blocking a member is very easy and useful in cases like this.

As recommended for any site, do not ever give credit card information or sensitive data to strangers.


This site seems like the perfect resort for scammers. Perhaps, you can have success and get laid through AdultSpace, but you will have to weed out a sea of fake profiles. It is quite hard to distinguish which of them are legit and which ones are fake. Some avatars do not have faces but pussies and butts. Maybe some girls are very horny, but it is hard to tell if that is the case instead of fake profiles. If you are still interested in quick casual sex and want to try AdultSpace, go ahead and be safe. Block suspicious members and try to find out who is real to have a good and relaxing time.

Special Features

AdultSpace offers some features other hookup platforms don’t. To begin with, there are group chats for you to enter and meet lots of new acquaintances. They might be talking about anything. Given the nature of the site, these chats are probably for people to talk about sex-related things. But you can try your luck and find a conversation about other stuff too if you want. But remember, the focus is hookups and sex, so don’t have high expectations about anything else.

One unique feature of AdultSpace is the Icebreaker. It functions almost like a bot that uses your photo to send messages to other people. As the name says, it breaks the ice. When you are already a premium member, you can see these messages when they get sent to other users or when you receive them. Sometimes they will do the job of finding a fuck partner close to you.

You also get matches based on your profile. AdultSpace has the “matches” option at the top of the website. If you click on it, you will see many beautiful people around you that match your criteria. You can then view their pages and check their pics to decide if you want to talk to them. Sometimes, you will see the best ass that you want to kiss and fuck. After all, that is what this site is about.

AdultSpace Special Features


AdultSpace is just a frontpage that leads you directly to Fuckbook. If you already know Fuckbook and want something else, you might get disappointed. But if you didn’t know either of these services, consider giving this one a try. All safety issues seem to be solved once you understand how to avoid fake profiles.

Everyone that gets into hookup sites has to be of a certain mentality. That is, not to expect any granted things. These platforms are made to boost the chances of meeting someone more significant, but it is still uncertain whether you will find those you are dreaming of. That depends on you and a little bit of luck. Sometimes, there are not enough people around you, or you need to put effort into your profile and your conversations to make them desire you.

If you want to have some fun and try your best to get laid with those you meet online, definitely give a try. This AdultSpace review is intended to let you know what you should expect, and if the service seems to satisfy your cravings, go for it. You might find that sweet ass you have been looking for.

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