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Christian Dating For Free Review 2021

Christian Dating For Free Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1 900 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating site is free to join with many features available for free members.
  • If you pay for the premium, you will get ad-free dating experience.
  • The site pricing policy is cheaper than most of its competitors.
  • The site is sponsored through advertisement; you will experience many unpleasant ads.
  • The site's aesthetic is outdated.
  • User's profile doesn't contain much information to know the user better.
  • You are not allowed if you belong to a faith other than Christian.

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What Is Christian Dating For Free?

Christian Dating For Free is an online dating site for Christian singles that are looking for marital or long-term partners. The site is specially designed for the Christian community based on their value and principles. Users can get full functions without paying for premiums as the site claims to offer free; however, some of its features are only for premium members. Even without signing for subscription, the free features will still make the online dating experience exciting.

Christian Dating For Free claims to have thoroughly cared for its community by not allowing pornographic pictures and profanity all over the network. They present the site as one of the secure platform where Christians can find a partner based on their value and share principles. As per their terms of service, they consider immorality and indecency language as inappropriate and harmful, and they don’t tolerate such things at all.

The dating site looks a fantastic and exciting platform for the Christian community as many of the couples from different parts of the world have met and known one another. One of the site pages posted testimonials of couples who have married in Christian churches. Hence, the site takes pride by joining Christian singles, and it should be.

In the Christian Dating For Free review, it will be viewed and analyzed whether the site is a safe place for Christian singles looking for a sincere and serious partner. Stick to the ChristianDatingForFree review, you will know better.

Is ChristianDatingForFree Legit Or Scam?

The Christian based dating site looks legitimate platform. Since they have a massive presence in the United States and other parts of the Christian world, one can hardly be skeptical about the site involvement in any scamming activity. However, you may encounter users who can scam you, but the site works hard to prevent such attempts to make the site scam-free.

What Members On This Site

The Christian based platform has already registered a staggering number of three hundred thousand users from the United States alone. They claim around 50000 members visit the site weekly. The gender proportion is almost equal, as 55% are male, whereas 45% ratio belongs to females.

Sexual Orientation

The platform seems like a religious-based dating site where the same belief and like-minded singles join together. Neither the site supports casual, and a lust based relationship nor do they believe in offering lesbian or gay dating. The website is more of the religious centric than a lust centric.

They encourage males and females of like-minded to find love on the platform. The ChristianDatingForFree review found that females tend to respond on the spot to messages, but males need to upload profile photos to get responses.

Age Distribution

Most of the site members are young, with 25-30 years of age. The figure of teenage females in between 18-24 is higher than their counterparts. The male age in between 24-34 is much higher than their counterpart. Many of its members are divorced singles, who can be the majority inside the website.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process And Login Info

According to the ChristianDatingForFree review, the website provides easy to join paths where users can create an account within a few minutes. Users with fake identities will face difficulty in account creation. As a use, you are going to need an email address, and the email must be required to verify during registration. Users can’t look for a perfect partner unless they pass the verification. By that, the site can track and know about users whether they are real or fake. On top of that, the dating site informs users by email notifications.

Further, prospect users have to answer personality questionnaires asked during registration. Users must also need to disclose information about their religion. The more information you enter while registration, the better chance you have to grow on the site and meet your perfect match. Further, fraudulent users or fake accounts will be deleted when the site catches them doing doubtful activities with malicious intent.

The site has a reliable and secure registration process. Many of the site members are experiencing dating as free members. Still, the site can implement its security policy to make the dating environment safe against fake and fraudulent users.

Profile Creation

The website allows users to have at least one photo on profile. If you don’t have an image on your profile, female members will ask you for it because the site makes it mandatory to have a profile photo before someone contacts you. Users must set the preference on which someone can contact them. If one user sends you a message, it means the requirement you set has met for them.

ChristianDatingforFree allows a detailed profile that contains a lot of information about the user, making it enough for you to understand someone’s personality that suits you. Your profile contains many sections, such as essential to know section, which includes information about religion, gender, country, and marital status, moreover, About Me section, where you can write up about yourself and greet other users to show your personality traits.

One of the striking options that sites give users is the freedom to write about them, and other users will know how serious they take the dating business. Besides, clicking and viewing profiles is the unpaid function; you must not buy for watching another biography. The faith-based website allows users to add-up eight photos on their profile; however, you can upload up to 16 photos after paying for the subscription. The site gives users a full informed profile of other users; the profile page is a great source to know someone better.

Profile Creation


ChristianDatingForFree gives matchless communication features compared to other faith-based dating sites. One of the most significant advantages of the site is that there is no limitation of sending messages. You can message anyone when you feel they qualify your requirements. So, you can communicate with anyone for free and without any hassle.

Take a look at the numbers of features while contacting someone:

  1. You can contact an unlimited number of matches every day if they meet your requirements.
  2. There is a search tool where you can search available online user for contact.
  3. For contacting other users, there are different features available such as live chat and forum page.

The ChristianDatingForFree review has identified different ways of communication that the site offers.


Users can avail of this feature to send messages, exchange photos and videos with their perfect match. Users can also leave a message through inbox style messaging when they are out of reach or offline.

Live Chat

This feature allows similar matches to interact with each other. You can use this chatting function while both users are online before starting messaging each other. This feature only allows for those who have similar matches; if both users contradict similarity, you can’t use it. When you send a message through it, other users will get a notification that you have asked for a chat. However, you can’t send photos while using this function. You can only send messages through these features. Many users send photos and videos through the messaging inbox.


The website presents a forum where users can post anything they like except profanity or vulgar. Through the forum, you can confess about the feeling you have for other users. You can introduce yourself if you are a newbie and post anything as long as the post’s content is within the community standard.

Platform For Use

The website gives users the flexible opportunity to start dating either from desktop version or mobile app. The ChristianDatingForFree review is going to discuss the performance of each version.


Members across different part of the world use desktop version as it provides a variety of options such as hassle-free registration and profile creation. Users can access the version from a mobile device through different browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera.


Mobile app gives users an excellent opportunity to stay connected with their favorite match anytime, anywhere. Take a look at the features of the dating app:

  1. The mobile app has many ads then its desktop version.
  2. The mobile app consists almost all features which are available on the desktop version.
  3. The mobile app is widely and freely available for Android and Apple users.
  4. The mobile app’s function is straightforward and easy to use even users with no technical background can access through the app.
  5. Users can see the number of online users on the app.


Design And Usability

The faith-based dating site’s design gives a simple and decent look. The design doesn’t involve any sophisticated color or front that most of the modern apps posses. It proves to be an effective way to engage users without any hassle and confusion. The simple and decent design helpful for many users on the site as the age distribution is scattered.

The mobile app is more straightforward than its desktop version. Overall, both platforms are simple and easy to use. Even without prior training, you will still be able to access its different functions. The original and straightforward design even allows elder users to navigate the site and the app without any confusion. The site believes in the basic principles of easy to use functionalities than the sophisticated front and text.

The usability of both platforms is practical. It allows users to view their favorite matches, do searches, receive and send messages. What you can view on the desktop version, and on the mobile app.

Users can navigate the site with the following steps:

  1. Visit the site at Christiandatingforfree.com.
  2. If you are not a member of the site, you can sign up for new registration.
  3. After registration, you must fulfill all requirement of an informed profile.
  4. You can search for another user, and send messages to the like-minded singles.

Navigation Site

ChristianDatingForFree Costs And Prices

Although the site claims to offer free service, but some features are paid. You can avail of the premium features on the following package set by the dating site:



  • One Month/20 USD Per Month/20 USD
  • Three Months/13 USD Per Month/38 USD
  • Six Months/8.5 USD Per Month/51 USD

Take a look at the paid and free features of the site.

Paid features

  1. Premium will remove all ads.
  2. You can view someone’s last login time and date.
  3. You can be viewed on the top of the search.
  4. You can make continues messaging facility for up to 90 days.
  5. You can upload 16 profile photos.
  6. You can determine whether your last message has been deleted by other users or not.

Free features

  1. You send unlimited messages.
  2. You can make free registration.
  3. You can edit, and remove profile information.
  4. You can search for a perfect match.
  5. You can send winks to show your interest.
  6. You can participate in live chat.
  7. You can join the forum to communicate with other users.

Free features

How To Pay

Users can pay for the premium account either through a credit card or PayPal account.

Payment system

According to the ChristianDatingForFree review, The payment system of the site is straightforward and easy to use. You can pay through both options such as credit card, and PayPal. After paying for the subscription, you will receive notification through email of acknowledging your premium order, which can be automatically renewed after the expiry of the current period.

Users can cancel the subscription if they wish not to avail the paid features further. You can stop the subscription by clicking on the Account Setting or send an email to the elevate@christiandatingforfree.com. Write in the subject “Cancel the subscription” and send it.

Safety And Security

CDFF claims to commit and respect users’ privacy rights while using the site. The website has created a privacy policy to boost users’ confidence to continue to use the platform to find a perfect Christian match. The Christian based dating platform strives hard to make the dating experience safer and securer.


The site discourages scammers and fakers from approaching as the former set demanding criteria for registration. User with fake identity hardly proceeds any further during the search for a partner. The website continues to encourage users to contact them when they observe any suspicious activities on other profiles.

You can block any suspicious user you feel doesn’t behave appropriately. After blocking, users won’t be able to send you a message, but they can view your profile. You can add restriction to your account as a security measure as to who can text you or who isn’t.


Special Features

ChristianDatingForFree gives some special features which make the dating experience more special and enjoyable. Most of the special features are open even for free users. You can get your dating partner immediately through the following features:


Free users can get this fantastic feature. You can elevate the account to remove ads on your profiles.


“Winks” is one of the communications through which Christian singles can interact with one another. You can send a wink to other singles to say hello to them. The wink icon appears as an eye shape in the profile.


You can briefly or comprehensibly maintain your favorite list. You can access the favorite list by clicking the star shape in the profile. When you add someone to the list, you will then be notified.

Live Chat

The site gives another unique feature through which you can join a live public chat to interact with other users on the faith-based dating site. This unique feature is free to use for all.


Forum is another platform through which singles can join to start conversations with other site’s users. You can discuss a variety of topics on the forum.

Profile view

Not many sites offer freely viewing other profiles, but CDFF does. You can view other profiles you think can be your perfect match. You can also see other users’ profile favorite list.

Special Features


ChristianDatingForFree is an entirely faith-based dating site. It has a targeted specific community and faith-based singles that are looking for long-term and marital relationships. The ChristianDatingForFree review shows that the site isn’t made for users looking to satisfy lust as they have prohibited profanity and vulgarity on the platform. It claims to offer users free of cost features; however, to get a better dating experience, you must pay for the premium.

The site seems to be a secure platform for online dating as it has set demanding criteria for detecting fake accounts and scams. If you want to find a single from the Christian community with shared value and religious principles, then the site is perfect for you as it provides many free features.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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