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BBPeopleMeet Review 2021

BBPeopleMeet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Popular age 28-36
Beauty 64%
Profiles 12 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • BBPeopleMeet is designed for plus-size people to feel comfortable & accepted;
  • No charges for registration & strict procedure of verification;
  • BBPeopleMeet has desktop, mobile, and app versions;
  • A large audience of like-minded people.
  • A paid membership is the only way to enjoy all the functions.

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Values and Standards of the BBPeopleMeet Brand

Unlike the competitors, BBPeopleMeet was designed not by a man or woman but a team of professionals who wanted to make all people of the plus-size category feel comfortable. It is not a secret that most dating apps do not focus on a specific audience. In most cases, you get a platform where you are in charge of finding someone for yourself. The BBPeopleMeet review of members has identified quite similar profiles. Users are either plus-size types or fond of them. Hence, their intentions match in harmony. It takes more than setting up the one-page site to achieve success in the dating industry. There should be a strategy for creating the right tools for members to be productive. Nobody wants to waste time on the website that does not bring any results. This BBPeopleMeet review looks into the victories of the service and provides tips on how to meet a partner of your dreams using its functionality.

The main aim of the founders was to satisfy the needs of plus-size people. For sure, they can use Tinder or Badoo. However, it will take ages for them to find a partner. Why? These apps focus on spreading popularity. Hence, they do not target a specific category. As a result, their membership pool is full of people of different views that cannot find common grounds. You end up talking to hundreds of users and getting frustrated. There is nothing wrong with you; it is just the wrong choice of the platform.

On the other hand, BBPeopleMeet has different priorities. It aims at advertising the site among the narrow target audience and does not chase the ratings. There is no need to pursue popularity since the site was established back in 2002, and till now, it has a large user base.

BBPeopleMeet Is Worth Giving a Try


The BBPeopleMeet review of the code of conduct and privacy policies shows the legitimacy of the platform. It provides the official address where the company is registered. An email and phone number to contact support agents are also present, and it means you can get assistance anytime. BBPeopleMeet belongs to a reputable media group and has positive coverage in the press. Hence, there are no reasons to doubt its capabilities to protect your security and provide good-quality services. If you are not sure, check out the sections with all the official agreements on the website. They are located on the bottom menu and contain answers to all your questions. BBPeopleMeet has transparent pricing and data collection policies.

Quality of User Base

BBPeopleMeet is a platform that unites many beautiful people of all sizes and ethnicities. Although most of them come from the United States or Canada, there is a fair share of other nationalities. In most cases, these are people who immigrated to the States.

About Sexual Orientation

BBPeopleMeet welcomes all nationalities and sexual orientations. The LGBT community is free to join this incredible virtual space. Gender distribution is almost equal, with females comprising 55%.

Age Categories

You can visit the site as soon as you turn 18. Hence, the youngest users are 18 years old. The average, though, is 35. The maximum age bracket is 35-45.

Process of Signing up

BBPeopleMeet Signing up

BBPeopleMeet is a typical online resource that asks for a standard set of information on the stage of registration. The main element is your email address that needs to be valid. After you send in your registration form, you can proceed to complete your profile.

Profile Layout

The profile on BBPeopleMeet is extended; there are vital ‘About me’ and ‘Interests’ sections. You fill in the information about yourself. Note that you are not obliged to complete each and every part of it right away. Start with browsing the list of users. However, to receive the list of relevant matches, you need to specify the basics.

BBPeopleMeet emphasizes that your profile plays an essential role in your popularity here. If you do not provide accurate info and enough photos, others will not be interested. Do not take for granted the section where you describe your vision of the future partner. If someone hesitates about texting you, the description might give them more confidence. It also lets the person understand what kind of expectations you have — whether you want a long-term thing or a fling.

How Does User Interaction Work?

BBPeopleMeet Does User Interaction Work

Multiple ways of interaction entertain the users of BBPeopleMeet. To start with, there are standard features like messaging. Free visitors cannot enjoy it, so they are offered winks and flirts. Adding a person to one of your lists is also a way of showing your interest.

A set of special tools, similar to swiping games, lets you get matches quickly. Plus, there are suggestions that everyone receives every day. It speeds up the process of bumping into potential candidates. As soon as you get the list, the ball is in your court. When you post photos and make them visible to the public, you can get comments and likes.

General Features of the Platform

BBPeopleMeet does not have a cutting-edge look, but it does its function well. There are a desktop version and an app, compatible with Android and iOS. It seems like the platform has not been updated for quite a while, but it runs smoothly without glitches.


The desktop version came out before the application and gained more popularity. It might have something to do with users’ age group. The site is protected by an SSL certificate and has a strong firewall. On the technical side, it is a well-thought-out platform.

What About the Design & Layout of the Site?

BBPeopleMeet About the Design & Layout of the Site

The layout of the site is convenient. The user does not have to look for the needed tool, and the features do not have sophisticated and confusing names. BBPeopleMeet’s interface comes in English only. The fonts and colors used for the design are not impressive. It is a standard interface that does not stand out. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect the functionality, so it is not a critical issue.

BBPeopleMeet’s interface is easy to use. The main sections are located in the top panel: ‘Home,’ ‘Inbox,’ ‘Search,’ and ‘Settings.’ The latter contains admin features like deleting your account, canceling or purchasing the subscription, and changing your profile or photos’ visibility. Besides, when you open any user page, you can see buttons to report, text, or like the profile. Your inbox contains the messages you received offline and online if the user didn’t use the instant chat. If you noticed an unwanted content in the preview, you do not need to open the text to report it.

BBPeopleMeet Fees

The BBPeopleMeet review of prices shows that the site is affordable and flexible in terms of payment options. The user is free to select the needed type of membership, and the longer package you get, the cheaper it gets. With a six-month membership, you pay $7 a month and $$42 in total. Meanwhile, a one-month package costs $14.99. Another option is a three-month subscription for $5.96 a month or $35.76 in total. The total price is charged in one payment for reasons of economy.

BBPeopleMeet Paid and Free Account Benefits

This BBPeopleMeet review states that most users tend to upgrade since it gives them access to the secret and valuable stats of the profile. There are not so many benefits of using a free account, but they let you look around and get an idea of what’s going on. To start with, all the steps of registration and creating profiles come for free. The user can add pics and check other photo galleries without the upgrade. There are some limits in terms of communication — no messaging is possible, only sending flirts or winks.

The premium or paid package, on the other hand, is a door to heaven. With that pack in your hands, you rule the dating world. You get to see the full statistics of your profile, in particular, who visited your page and who liked it. It also assists you in searching for matches since you can text the person who added you to Favorites. Besides, your search filters are enhanced with the upgrade.

Payment Info

BBPeopleMeet Payment Info

This BBPeopleMeet review has identified that the website is mid-priced. It is definitely worth the money you spend on it, considering the quality of services you get. Although there is no video chat feature, other interaction tools work well.

To enjoy the functionality to the fullest and get better results, consider getting the subscription. But keep in mind about its renewal. If you bought a subscription for a month and did not cancel it before the expiration, it would be prolonged automatically next month. To cancel it, go to ‘My Account Settings.’

Another critical issue is the currency. If your card is not in USD, you will need to pay the conversion rate. Also, before making a payment, check out the updated prices, so they do not come as a surprise. There also may be some discounts, so visit the homepage and check your email for offers.

Payment Methods

The payment methods offered on BBPeopleMeet are credit cards or online payment via PayPal. The site does not charge any additional fees, but your payment system might do. So, doublecheck with your provider.

Online Communication & Security

BBPeopleMeet  Communication & Security

If you are new to the site or do not have online dating experience, you must get acquainted with tips. The bottom menu on the homepage contains the Safety Tips’ section. It is a comprehensive guide on how to behave and what to watch out for.

To start with, avoid communication with people who are too pushy. The issues that scammers are usually interested in are money, favors, and contacts. It doesn’t matter whether they are collecting the information for marketing purposes or trying to steal your money. You need to put a red flag on such members and report them. Before every person joins BBPeopleMeet, they have to read the terms of use, and the community guidelines forbid such topics. If someone insists on leaving the platform after talking for a short period, it is another red flag. If you want to use social media, you risk revealing your identity. Since social media is a free and open source, a stalker can find a lot of information about you. Hence, the recommendation is to use the website for your protection since it hides your identity until you are ready to disclose it.

Scam-Preventing Measures

BBPeopleMeet Scam-Preventing Measures

BBPeopleMeet strives to ensure a safe space for its users to feel free to open their hearts. It is no secret that people online get fooled and scammed daily. Any type of online resource is under constant threat of scammers. For that reason, the platform has a team of moderators that control members’ activity and verify profiles.

One of the measures that BBPeopleMeet takes is checking email addresses. When you register, your email gets assigned to your account. If you try to sign up with the same email again, the system will not let you.

The other step is analyzing the photos that people upload. BBPeopleMeet does not tolerate abusive content, pornography, and impersonation. The team is checking whether the person is not trying to put Brad Pitt on his page but uploads real photos. Support representatives have software that verifies the origin of an image. They can find out whether you downloaded it from some website or it was uploaded from your device.

Yet, there is always a chance to meet a person who will try to fool you. The tip is to avoid people who insist on meeting without even knowing you well. Give it time, and if the user is bad, they will run out of patience and leave. The report button is located in the messages that the member sends you or on the profile. You are also welcome to inform the support team, indicating the nickname of the rule-breaker and the reason. It would be perfect if you could provide the screenshot of the conversation.

More Features

  • ‘Who Do You Like’ lets you play a game where you need to express your preferences. You are offered two photos, and there is only one that you can like.
  • ‘I’m Interested’ is a similar game, but you get one photo only. You can say ‘yes’ to it or reject it. If you like it, the owner receives a notification. In case you skipped the profile, nothing would happen. Besides, you can set the filters to show you people nearby only.
  • ‘Daily Matches.’ BBPeopleMeet sends you the list of updated matches every day. You get an image that you can like or not. If you want to send the message to that person, wait until they make up their mind. If the member does not like your page, the message section is not available.


BBPeopleMeet Summary

This BBPeopleMeet review identified all the weaknesses and strengths of the service. As a result, the impression is quite positive. The site is worth trying out, especially if you are single now and ready to jump into the dating world. A large community is one of the benefits crucial for any dating platform. You might find a cheaper service but will spend ages looking for someone there. In most cases, you fail to find a partner just because it did not provide enough candidates for you.

BBPeopleMeet has been on the market for about 20 years. During that time, a lot has changed in the dating industry, and the site managed to adjust to modern reality and keep the leading positions. It is also a safe place where you can relax and forget about those who lack tolerance or look for arguments. People come here to enjoy socializing, establishing friendships and relationships, having flings, and more. You will not regret giving BBPeopleMeet a try.

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