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321Chat Review 2021

321Chat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 250000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Creating an account on the website is free.
  • 321Chat offers Guest Login experience.
  • The desktop version is straightforward and easy to use.
  • There are many chat room options to choose from on the site.
  • The site does not offer a mobile app.
  • 321Chat does not have an intuitive layout.

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321Chat Facilitates Compatible Users to Connect

It was back in 2002 when the name of 321Chat first came to the forefront. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest and one of the most successful online chat sites. 321Chat is an online dating website that helps you find a perfect match for a serious relationship and marriage. If you are a single ready for commitments with a compatible person, then this is the place for you. You can read 321Chat Review to go through several success stories. The site keeps chat rooms free from any bias. Though users can speak freely on the site if any user tends to troll the other, the moderators’ on the site steps in to handle the situation. Reading the 321Chat Review is of real help at analyzing all the features that you get access to if you create an account on the site.

In comparison to the advantages, there are very few disadvantages to highlight 321Chat. Thus, if you are planning to create an account on the site, there is no need to give it a second thought. It is worth not only your time but also effort.

321Chat Review: An Authentic Online Dating Platform

321Chat Is a Legit Website

321Chat is a legit website that helps people all around the world to connect with people who share similar interests and preferences. The site makes genuine efforts to connect compatible people. There are minimal fake profiles on the site and no scammers.

Popularity Across the Globe

321Chat is an online dating platform where everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, and sexual orientation, can create an account and enjoy the services. Though the site is famous all across the globe, the majority of users hail from the United States. Users from more than one hundred nations are members on the site. Other regions where 321Chat is popular are the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, and Germany.

Entertains People of All Sexual Orientation

People of all sexual orientations can create an account on the site without facing any barrier. The LBGT community is welcome on the site. The site also offers chat rooms like ‘Gay Teen Chat,’ which is a clear proof of how liberal the site is about the sexual preferences of its users.

Active Users of All Age Groups

Anyone who is thirteen years of age or above can create an account on the site free of cost. You can find people on the site who are as young as thirteen and as old as fifty-five years or above. However, the most active users on the app are between twenty-five to thirty-five years of age.

321Chat Active Users of All Age Groups

Quick and Easy Signup Process

  • The quick and easy signup process.
  • Email verification is obligatory.
  • You can change information after signing up.
  • Uploading profile picture is optional.

Within fifteen minutes or less, you can complete the straightforward registration process. You need to provide your gender and also the gender of the match you wish to meet on the site. Next, you need to enter a valid email address. You need to nominate a username as well as password, which later become the login credentials. Your username is the first thing that other users get to see about you, so keep your username fun yet expressive. Next, you need to disclose your age as well as your location. After clicking on the sign-in option, you can begin exploring other users immediately.

Appealing but Brief User Profile

The user profiles on the site are not very descriptive unless a user intends to fill in all the sections that the site offers to them. You can see the name of the user, age, gender, country, status, and time since they are members on the site. There are some sections that the site offers to the users to fill in to complete their profiles. However, it is not mandatory to fill in the details on these sections. There are a few user profiles that contain all the information and details. Uploading a profile picture is also not a must on the site.

Appealing but Brief User Profile

Instant Messaging Features

You can enter any chat room by clicking on your favorite chat room option and begin interacting with a group of strangers. You have an opportunity to open more than one chat room at a time. The site claims to have one of the best chat offering diverse, beautiful features to the users without requiring registering or having to pay.

Site Is Easy to Access on Any Device

You can use the site on the desktop as well as browse it on your mobile phone using the browser of your choice. However, there is no mobile app available at present.

Clean and Straightforward Website

The site is initially meant for users to access on the desktop. Therefore, the features that you can access the desktop version are more than those on the mobile version. Signing in via desktop version is very easy. All that you require to do is fill in the details that the site demands you and validate your email address with the verification code that you get on the email address that you provide to the site. Navigation is also comparatively easy on the desktop due to the comfortable placement of all the useful icons.

321Chat Clean and Straightforward Website

No Availability Of Mobile App

  • No mobile app to download
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Soon to launch a mobile app

Currently, 321Chat does not offer you any mobile application. Neither is there an app for the android users nor the iOS users. However, you can use the site on your mobile phone without facing many problems. You are sure to get a complete user experience if you use the location on your phone on the browser of your choice. You can log in or sign up on the mobile in the same way as you can on the desktop version. Most of the features you get on the mobile version are similar to once that you get on the desktop version. However, there are certain features that you might not be able to use while browsing the site on the phone. The site claims to launch 321Chat App very soon on not only the App Store but also Google Play.

An Average Design But Simple Usability

  • Somewhat red and white theme.
  • Precise details about various topics.
  • Easy movability on the webpage

The homepage of the app seems to be a blend of white and dazzling orangish-red color. On half the screen, you can see the cartoon portrait of males and females of varying age groups on a moving orangish-red background. In blue, you can see an icon ‘Start Chatting.’ On the upper right-hand side, you see three horizontal lines, which are a menu giving you options like Home, Chat Rooms, Guide, Reviews, Info, and Help. Some of these options further offer you a drop-down menu. As you scroll down the homepage, you can see various Chat Rooms in orange. At the bottom, there are some more icons like Main Links, Help, and Guide. The colors on the homepage appear to be a little pain to the eyes at first as it keeps dazzling and is too bright for the eyes to get familiar with at the first instance.

Easy and Flawless Navigation

The site offers you a clean look and an easy to the user interface. Navigating from one feature to another is very easy. The placement of icons on the site is so precise that even those who are not that tech-savvy can quickly locate these and navigate to the particular features and page on the place they want. For people of all age groups using the site and navigating across the elements is easy and effortless.

Easy and Flawless Navigation

321Chat Cost of Attaining VIP Membership

Joining the site is a free; however, to get access to most of the exciting features, you must upgrade your membership. To upgrade your membership from standard to VIP, you just need to spend $15 and get the Lifetime VIP Account. This little amount can get you access to all the exciting features that will help you find a life partner quicker.

VIP Members Get Access to Interesting Features

Just like any other site, 321Chat also offers its users a lot of exciting features free of cost. These features might not be the best that the website can provide to its users, but help begin your journey of finding a match. Here is a list of features standard members have access to:

  • Standard members can join the site and complete their profiles.
  • You can view the profiles of other users.

There is not much that standard members can do or explore on the site. To enable yourself to make the best use of this platform, you must consider upgrading your account to VIP. Here is a list of features premium members have access to:

  • Premium members can send messages to other members.
  • If you are a premium member, you enjoy an advert-free browsing experience.
  • Premium members get access to using the unique emojis as well as pastel.
  • Your name appears at the top on the other user’s list.
  • Premium members can change the name as well as the color of the text.
  • You are also able to have a glance at what was happening in the chat room before you were able to join.
  • You always know in advance about the future activities and launch plans of the site.

321Chat VIP Members Get Access to Interesting Features

How to Pay

Though there are several options to make payments for upgrading the membership from standard to VIP, using a credit card is the most convenient option, and 321Chat Review confirms this.

Payment Systems

The payment appears on your credit card bill in the name of the site. It is pivotal to take note that the website does not send any physical receipt to your mailing address. The site makes this step to ensure the privacy of the user.

Site Offers Security, Safety Is in Users Hand

The site has its safety page to help the users stay safe. You can go through the safety page before creating an account on 321Chat. In case there is any suspicious user that you come across, you are free to report such matters and bring it to the notice of the customer service representatives of the site. If you have any other issues regarding the use of the site, you can also contact the moderator of the website. Thus, it is safe to use the site if you are willing to take certain precautions at your end and also suggest 321Chat Review.

A genuine Platform, Not a Scam

The site does not allow a person to access the features without them qualifying the email verification text. The email address that you use to create an account on the app plays a vital role in verifying your identity. The site sends you a verification code on this email address, which you need to enter on the site while signing up to gain access. This verification is one way that site tries to keep fake users and scammers away from the platform. You might still come across a fake profile, but there are surely no scammers to bother you.

A genuine Platform, Not a Scam

Unique Features on the Site

To lure more users into creating an account on the site and, at the same time, hook all the existing users to the website, 321Chat makes plenty of effort. One of the significant reasons to explore the site is a wide range of exciting features that the site has in store to offer to all its users. Here is a list of unique features that you get access to on the website:

Guest Login

Unlike other online dating sites, 321Chat allows you to browse the website using an option on Guest Login. You just need to enter your username, gender, and age. After this, you need to tick the checkbox that says ‘I’m not a robot’ and click on the login icon. Next, you see in front of you a screen asking you to reveal your sexual orientation. As soon as you choose your sexual orientation, you enter a chat room.

Special emojis

There is a collection of emojis, but these are available only to the premium members. These emojis include Things, Apple emojis, and Specialty-Sets with plenty of emojis coming soon. The site keeps upgrading the emojis.


Using the feature, users can easily share the images by copying and pasting them to the chat room or the private messages. There is no need for VIP members to attach the images; instead, they can simply copy and paste the image.

Name & Text Colors

This feature allows the users to change their name as well as the color of the text. Name & Text Colors help you fetch the attention of other users on the site, thereby helping you break conversation with more members on the site.

Head of the Class

This feature is available only to the VIP members. Head of the Class feature enables the VIP members to have their names appear right at the extreme top of the list of other users. Head of the Class helps you grab the attention of other users on the site, which means that you have better opportunities of coming in contact with the compatible match of your dreams.

Chat History

Chat history is a unique feature that allows you to scroll back in time. You can see posts that the users post before you enter the room. Using the function, you can view prior conversations as well as pictures. Chat History ensures that you do not miss out on any important detail about the topic of discussion. It is another much-appreciated feature on the 321Chat Review.

Future Upgrades

Future Upgrades is yet again a unique feature that the site offers only to VIP members. The feature enables you to get access to all the information about all the new features that the site plans to launch shortly. Future Upgrades help you stay up to date with the latest happenings and planning of the website.

Here Is the Wrap-Up

To begin your virtual adventures, this is one of the best options to consider. You can register for free, which means that you do not have to face any financial burden, either. Regardless of whether you are a photographer or gamer, you can search for people sharing a similar passion or eagerness to chat like you. You can read the 321Chat Review of other users that enable you to strengthen your faith in the features that this platform has in store for you. The exclusive and unique features make searching for a compatible partner all the easier. 321Chat Review reveals plenty of success stories in front of you as an effort of this online dating platform.

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