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The Blendr Review 2021

The Blendr Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2100000
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The Blendr users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • The registration process requires some simple steps. You need to indicate some standard information.
  • The system requires email verification. Moreover, some particular email domains can be used for registration that is a robust anti-scamming measure.
  • Users get access to exclusive features, including an exciting dating game.
  • The service is quite functional, kindling interests from all age groups representatives.
  • The service offers apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Members should purchase a premium membership and add-ons to get the full functionality of the platform.
  • The majority of users represent some 9-10 countries; therefore, other members can hardly find someone special in their countries.

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The Blendr dating service overview

According to the Blendr review, such a dating service aims to unite people globally, helping them to fulfill their dating purposes: casual hookups, friendship, or long-term relationships – the platform has no specification from that point of view. The platform appeared in 2011, gaining popularity each year. This dating service reminds Badoo interface and functionality. The Blendr review explains such a fact that the platform uses Badoo technology.

Can users understand the Blendr platform as legit?

There is no dating platform protected from scammers entirely. The exception is closed communities, where standard members cannot enter.

That means scammers and catfishes join the Blendr service as well. Meanwhile, the system takes different measures to avoid such a risk.

While signing up, users are free to insert email addresses linked to particular domains (temp mails are not accessible). Furthermore, a system offers users to undergo a robust verification process. A photo sample is shown to a user, and a member needs to download his or her photo that clearly shows face. Gestures on the sample photo and verification one should be the same.

Thus, the risk of a scam is minimal.

Can users understand the Blendr platform as legit?

The Blendr community: who joins the platform mostly?

The whole community exceeds 10 million members globally, while the average monthly number of visits is 517 000. As referred to the users’ geographical distribution, the majority of members represent the following countries: the USA (23.43%), Great Britain (16.84%), Belgium (10.65%), Australia (8.93%), Netherlands (7.14%).

Blendr enters the top-500 most visited dating services globally, while in the USA, the service is among 10 000 most visited websites ever. While speaking about apps, the number of downloads exceeds 3 million.

The users’ sexual identity

This platform has no specification concerning sexual orientation; meanwhile, the Blendr review shows more than 97% of the whole community are straight members. While signing up, users indicate their gender and sexual preferences are about to be specified when the registration is completed.

Blendr The users’ sexual identity

Age groups represented by the users

The number of male and female accounts on the platform is pretty much the same (48% and 52% consequently). As referred to gender distribution, there are some differences. Note that users are accessible to open an account starting from 18 years.

The female members represent the following age groups:

  1. Under 25 years (28.5%);
  2. 25 – 35 years (37.3%);
  3. 35 – 45 years (19.7%);
  4. 45 – 55 years (9.2%);
  5. 55+ years (5.3%).

As for the male representatives, the following age distribution is observed:

  1. Under 25 years (18.3%);
  2. 25 – 35 years (36.5%);
  3. 35 – 45 years (23.2%);
  4. 45 – 55 years (12.1%);
  5. 55+ years (9.9%).

How to sign up for the platform?

To get a Blendr account, you need to undergo the following steps:

  • Visit the official website or download an app to your mobile device.
  • Indicate your gender (male or female).
  • Insert your first name. The system requires no last names to keep your personality protected.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Type your location.
  • Give your email address. Note that the system requires popular email domains only, avoiding the risk of temp-mail addresses using.
  • Create a password.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Confirm your email by following the link sent to the indicated address.

A person cannot get an account without email verification. Moreover, a user is accessible to sign up with different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and so on, that makes the registration process even simpler.

Blendr Age groups represented by the users

Which information can users add to their profiles?

The more information a user gives about themselves, the more chances appear to kindle someone’s interest.

The profile contains the following information:

  • Work and education. Insert your job title, a company where you are working, school, or university you’ve graduated from. Members fill in those fields manually.
  • Location. Choose your location on the map.
  • Specify your searching preferences. Select your purpose from the following options: make new friends, chat, or date.
  • Fill in your interests in different spheres, including music, films, sports, etc.
  • Write a few words, characterizing your personality. That includes relationships, sexuality, living, children, smoking and drinking habits, etc.
  • Select your spoken languages.

While wishing to make your profile more attractive to others, add more photos (up to 6 images are available) and videos. Some photos may be marked as private ones. You decide whom to show those photos.

Note that having your profile empty, the information about other users is not available as well.

Communicating options: how to initiate a contact

The system offers you profiles based on indicated preferences. Click on ‘People nearby’ located in the left-hand corner to start searching for your special one. There are two options to show interest: leave a ‘like’ or send a message. The Messaging option is available for free. Wishing to catch somebody’s attention, you may send ‘a crush’ to her or him. Furthermore, a user can send gifts to show especial interest, but such an option needs additional purchases.

Members can select the ‘Encounters’ option that helps to select some particular users quickly to communicate with. The system offers you members’ profiles with photos, names, ages, and occupations. Swipe left to show your interest or right – to skip a person.

Click on a user’s photo to get more information. Members are free to view both profile and full-size images.

The service applicability

Such a platform gains popularity globally. The service is compatible with different devices, helping users to stay always online. The options are quite numerous categorized in some groups to make the platform convenient in use. The Blendr review indicates members rate such service at 4.7 stars out of 5.

the Blendr The service applicability

The web version functionality

The website helps users to get an account and provides information support at the same time. Before signing up the platform, read thoroughly terms and conditions the service strictly follows. The Blendr web version is compatible with all browsers. Moreover, users may get a link to download the app for their Android and iOS devices.

Available mobile apps

The Blendr platform launched apps for both Android and iOS devices. Those provide the same functionality as the web version does, no limitations are implied.

While wishing to download the app for your iOS devices, you need to have the 10.10 iOS version or later. The app requires 161.6 MB of free storage space and is available in 23 languages. To download the app from the Play Market, you need to have a 4.4 version of Android or late. The app requires 34 MB of free storage space.

Users rate the app for iOS devices at 4.6 stars, while the Android app gets 3.9 stars.

How convenient is the platform in use?

Members mark this dating service as entirely usable and user-friendly. An average user spends more than 17 minutes browsing the platform. Such an index is among the highest ones, as referred to the dating services. The number of pages viewed by an average user exceeds 15.

The platform offers a well-planned menu, where all options are accessible in several clicks. Fonts and icons are distinct.

The service design uses white color as a background, while the essential information is colored in different shades; therefore, the interface looks stylish and quite contemporary. The design catches your attention instantly.

Profile information is structured by thematic groups that make it easy to understand whether a person corresponds to your interests or not.

What’s even more convenient: every user can select the preferred language, making the interface as much understandable as possible.

the Blendr How convenient is the platform in use?

The platform offers seven main options for a user:

  • Encounters regime. Get a Tinder-like interface to find many unique users in just some clicks.
  • People nearby. The platform chooses people located in your city of nearby (based on your location, age, and sexual preferences).
  • Messages. This insert shows your messaging history. View sent and received messages there. Moreover, you may use the ‘Messages’ insert to send gifts.
  • Matches. Users are available to check whether your interests are mutual or not.
  • Liked you. Click on that insert to see who’s left you a ‘like.’
  • Visitors. This insert shows users who have viewed your profile.
  • Favorites. Members are available to add other users to their list of favorites.

When you need to change personal information, upload photos and videos, click on your thumbnail photo.

The Blendr review accentuates that the platform functionality is entirely straightforward. Representatives of all age groups understand it as convenient in use.

Premium account and add-ons prices on the Blendr service

The Blendr platform offers two premium options: premium membership and credits. Those are independent. That means a user needs to purchase both to unlock the full functionality.

The premium membership is available for 1, 3, and 12 months. Moreover, the service offers a 1-week trial for $3.99. Experienced users are accessible to get lifetime premium membership. Newcomers are not recommended to get such an option, having no understanding of whether the service is convenient for them.

The Blendr review indicates the following prices for the platform premium options:

Premium membership package

Price of a package

1-month premium membership (one week of free premium access included)


3-months premium membership (35 days of free premium access included)


6-months premium membership (60 days of free premium membership included)


Lifetime premium membership (no other payments are required)


2 750 credits

$0.02 per one credit ($49.99 totally)

Which options do require premium membership?

Owners of default accounts are accessible to use the following options:

  • filling in all profile information fields;
  • uploading photos and videos;
  • viewing other members’ profiles and full-size photos;
  • communicating with other members (sending and receiving messages is entirely free);
  • leaving ‘likes’;
  • adding members to the list of favorites;
  • viewing your matches and interests shown from other members.

Thus, a standard account provides no significant limitations, but premium membership extends the platform functionality, adding the following features:

  • getting the top positions in search results;
  • canceling ‘No’ votes;
  • getting your messages at the top of somebody’s list;
  • browsing the platform incognito (members won’t know about your visits);
  • chatting with users the very moment they join the platform.

Credits are necessary to send gifts for users who kindle your interests and attract more people to your profile. Note that the premium membership doesn’t include credits.

the Blendr Which options do require premium membership?

How can users get a premium membership?

While wishing to purchase credits, take the following steps:

  1. Click on ‘Credits Refill’ in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the preferred payment option.
  3. Fill in the necessary information.
  4. Confirm your payment.

To get the premium membership, do the following actions:

  • Click on the ‘diamond icon’ (Blendr Premium Activate).
  • Press on the ‘Activate Now’ button.
  • Select the preferred package from the suggested ones.
  • Select the most suitable payment options.
  • Insert the necessary information and confirm your transaction.

Which payment methods are available?

Users are available to purchase premium membership packages and credits through the following methods:

  • Debit or credit cards. The system recommends such an option globally as the most reliable one.
  • PayPal. The way is available in countries compliant with this system.
  • Mobile phone. Get the premium subscription or refill your credits account with the help of your cell phone.

Note that the subscription is renewed automatically; therefore, a user needs to cancel it, while wishing to cease being a premium member.

the Blendr Which payment methods are available?

Is the Blendr platform safe enough?

The platform requires the first names of users, showing no last names, providing their anonymity. When you register with Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, the information is used for an account opening only. The service shows no personal information to other users and doesn’t add any posts to your pages. As referred to the payment information, the system uses it for the purchase completing only.

The system offers some privacy settings for members. Users may hide their profiles for non-members. Moreover, you can decide to show you only to persons you like. Invisible mode is accessible for premium accounts. While wishing to switch off your account for some reason, click on your thumbnail photo and select ‘Settings.’ Scroll down and press the ‘Delete account’ option on.

How effective is the platform’s scam protection?

The Blendr review indicates the users consider the platform as the safe one due to a robust system of verification processes.

Foremost, the system requires your email verification, banning temporal mail addresses. Thus, the risk of face scammers is almost minimal.

Moreover, members are free to verify their photos. The system bans the images without a person. The last step includes the phone verification process.

Many users have undergone all three verification processes; therefore, there is no doubt they are real. Scammers and catfishes prefer better other platforms, where there is no such a robust verification system.

Which special features are available for members?

According to the Blendr review, the members appreciate the following exclusive features the most:

  • Lifetime membership:

Many users wish to get some priorities in using the platform, while premium membership is mostly offered for 12 months. The Blendr dating service suggests members activating premium membership forever by affordable price.

  • Crushes and gifts.

Members are available to show other users special interest by sending crushes and gifts. Such an option makes your chances for a successful match much higher. Note that such features are available for credits only.

  • Popularity increasing.

The system shows users how popular they are. Through purchasing credits, members are free to boost their popularity on the platform.

the Blendr Which special features are available for members?

The platform resume: hot or not?

The platform is considered among the best dating services globally, based on the users’ opinions.

Having a convenient and user-friendly interface, the platform is quite contemporary looking, from the viewpoint of design. All features are available in several clicks.

On the one hand, the service has premium membership and credits required for getting some special abilities, while default account owners are accessible to communicate with persons they like. Such an opportunity is considered among the top pros.

Aside from the standard option, some exclusive features are available as well.

Persons from all over the world join the platform for different purposes: to meet new friends, share interests and hobbies, or find relationships.

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