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Xdating Review 2021

Xdating Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 5 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Legit service with the immense experience
  • No charge registration process
  • Improved matching system
  • High-quality profiles
  • Equal distribution in terms of gender and age of users
  • Fair prices for the corresponding level of services
  • A limited number of free features

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What Is Xdating Platform?

Unlike many other websites, Xdating is very honest and does not promise a happy ending with a wife/husband. It is a website that opens opportunities for people looking for freedom, not commitment. It is a judgment-free zone when users open up their hidden sexual desires and look for hookups. Xdating review looks into the operation of one of the most attractive websites for singles and couples. The extended Xdating review gives all the juicy details about how singles manage to find more matches than on any other website and how much this pleasure costs.

No doubt, with the number of online dating platforms, the scams happen very often. To stay on the safe side, the user needs to have a checklist to understand whether the site is secure or has some of the red flags. Xdating review shows no flags but gives a more detailed explanation set on how to utilize the site more efficiently. Knowing all the secrets enables the user to navigate the place like a pro.

The site belongs to the pioneers of the industry and has experience of two decades. It allows adult content and has a lot of functions that set off the imagination of the most reserved person on the globe. Xdating dating is for you if you want to set your imagination free and have fun.

What Is Xdating Platform?

Xdating review of content shows that the site is undoubtedly not a standard platform with future brides. It is a kinky and sultry website full of visitors who look for a quickie even in the phone mode. So, get ready that some users might not take it slow. It is not a sign of a scam, and it is just what the site is created for.

The users are allowed to join only if they are 18 years old and older since the content on the site is sensitive. The photos of half-naked women decorate the site. Note that these pictures do not belong to the users; the site purchases them from the real models.

Your personal information is not shared with any third parties unless the payment is performed via the payment system of your choice. All the visual materials uploaded by the users are going through moderation. In case you tried to upload the picture and it is not on your profile, it might be the case of the risk assessment team banning it for the violation of the code of conduct.

To know more about the terms of use of Xdating, visit the section confidentiality and privacy policies.

Is Xdating Legal Or Scam?

Who Are The Members Of The Platform?

Since members are not looking for a long-term relationship type on the site, many become loyal customers. It happens not because the site is not giving them matches; it is the opposite. The site has a lot of members and correspondingly hookups. With the influx of new faces, it becomes even more fun to play the game of swiping.

So, the Xdating review of member stats displays that daily activity is around 1 million. The size of the membership pool is about 30 million people worldwide, with the most significant part coming from the United States. The other countries that are using the site quite actively are New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, although it is hard to find a country that is not represented.

Sexual Orientation

On the stage of registration, the user is given an option to choose from a male, female, or couple. It is not specified what type of couple but knows that any sexuality is accepted. Although Xdating is not specifically created for swinging, the swingers seem to enjoy this platform a lot. Among the members, a lot of groups are represented. They often look for other groups and single members to invite to orgies. Xdating is a platform for swinging, nudist networking.

Age Distribution

The Xdating review of membership divides the users into three categories that are set by default during registration. The users are offered to pick male, female, or couple options. So, the numbers represented on the site are the following: couples and groups share 26%, 35% goes to single females, 39 % to single males. The gender does not define sexual orientation, and there are gay couples and straight couples. So, whatever preference you have, your potential partner is there.

Age Distribution

Sign Up Process And Login Info At Xdating

You do not need to scan your passport and bring the family tree records to sign up with Xdating. Find your email address, make sure you have access to it in case you need to verify the account. Fill in the gender and date of birth, and you are all set. After that, you will have the existing account with Xdating and can go to the open seas of singles. If you wish to fill in more details later, the profile is editable.

Profile Creation At Xdating

After you finish the swift sign up process, your contact details will be saved on the site to create your unique profile. The account is now set up, and it is up to you how attractive the profile will become to other users.

It is not a secret that users want to see more visuals and videos. Also, the descriptions of your sexual preferences and expectations will come in handy. Xdating is not a place to be shy. Remember that your profile does not necessarily need to use your real name. You are free to select any nickname you always wanted to have.

A feature that the site has to improve the security is account verification with the help of badges. The person can go through the verification process if he/she owns a video camera. Later that badge Verified account will be granted to you. It opens up a lot of opportunities for you.


Xdating review of messaging options identified a lot of ways that members can start the interaction. Chat messages are not the only options that unite people.

In the case of Xdating, the users are welcome to join the collective discussions, groups, organize events, and real-time as well as the online meetings.

The user is offered to play a swiping game or use the search bar to find partners. In case someone is acting suspiciously or displaying disturbing behavior, use the block or report buttons. The site team appreciates the feedback on suspicious accounts. The number of users increases daily, and the team is having difficulties finding every fake profile instantly.


Platform For Use

Xdating review of the technical characteristics of the site is satisfying. The website and application serve their purpose and manage a lot of user-profiles without significant glitches. In case any issues appear with the app download, the user can address the customer support agent on the site. Also, check the operating system for updates.


The site is user-friendly and has a lot of functions. It supports video chats and a lot of user activity. Xdating site is responsive, well-structured, and filled with practical features.

Xdating app is one of the great dating apps that are uploaded from Google store. The site has a mobile version for other devices, so it is possible to use it anywhere. The app is well-developed and adjusted for mobile use, especially when it comes to video functions.

Design And Usability

The essence of the site is in the adult content. It also supports video and live streaming. Another benefit is the search option. It has a couple of sections that simplify the search. You can search among the people who are online, newly registered members, or randomly.

The main page contains the login and register buttons. As soon as you log in, you can manage the profile via settings. All the sections with critical information are located on the bottom of the site. On the top bar, you can find Browse, Search, and Live camera buttons.


Xdating Membership Fees

A lot of options are available when it comes to membership. To start with, the trial period exists. The one for two days duration costs $0.95, and the 7-day plan costs $9.95.

The premium membership at Xdating is called the Gold plan. It differs in duration. If you sign up for one month, the price is $29.95 and $59.95 for three months. The yearly plan is $89.99. The site does not have any particular currency, like coins or credits.

Xdating does not charge for the registration and profile. The user can log in to the account as often as possible and use the benefits of the following free services:

  • Viewing profiles of other users
  • Replying to the received messages
  • Getting a badge
  • Access to chat rooms
  • Receiving invitations to join a group chat

All the hidden treasures open up with the paid services. First of all, you get to play the swiping game and meet more matches. Among other paid features are:

  • Adult content videos and galleries
  • Models and live streams of their performances
  • Ability to chat with the models during the live stream
  • Video chat with other users, including video in group chats
  • Unlimited use of all search filters

How To Pay

How To Pay

The application is free to download, but the membership still requires payment. As soon as the user decides on the type of membership, he/she needs to select the options for payment.

Payment Systems

Xdating accepts the payment from credit cards, CCBill, epoch, segpay, and Rocketpay systems. There is no hidden fee for the website, so if you find any withdrawal from your account, address your bank or support it on the website.

Safety And Security

Get acquainted with the Xdating review of the privacy and confidentiality agreement before you start uploading your files on the site. On the stage of registration, you are not risking much since you only provide an email address. It is recommended to create a separate email address for the website so that you can have your private dating life separately. After you register, upload the photos and video materials, considering that the users will have access to them unless you apply privacy settings.


Xdating is working daily on improving the security of the users. It is a target for many scammers since sensitive content attracts the attention of hackers. So, the site is recommending to be cautious while texting with other users and sharing your details like a home address or pages on social networks. Using Xdating, your name can remain private, and your close friendship circle and family will not be involved.

Another issue is related to payments. The website has a specific pricing policy, and it is described on the site and can also be found in your account settings. So, if the user is sending you a request for money and an unknown URL, it is better to stay away from it. You can apply Block or Report options to the users who seem suspicious to you. The site does not intend to collect your data, so make sure to protect it from your side. Remember that the account belongs to the user who registered it, and nobody else can use it. A big deal for Xdating is fighting the phishing from the side of other websites who seek to earn on stealing the login details.

The only information that the website can use is your email. It might be used to send you a notification regarding your profile and some promotional materials.


Special Features

  • Safe Mode. It is a unique feature and a tool for safety. This mode enables the user to search and visit other profiles without being noticed. Besides, the profile will be hidden from the searches of other users unless you add them to your friendship circle.
  • Swiping. This feature is like a funny game with a rating that lets you like or dislike the users. As soon as two users express their interest in each other with likes, they become a match.
  • Hottness rating. This rating represents your activity on the site. The more you refresh your profile, add more updated photos to it and engage in conversation with other users, the hotter you become. As a result, more users are texting you.
  • Badges. A set of markers is developed to describe the profile. The badges show other users your personality.
  • Free adult content for premium members. If you are a fan of erotic videos and movies, you need to get a premium membership to gain access to the highest-quality video materials.
  • Gallery. Besides videos, there is a photo content for adults which can be accessed with the premium membership.


Wearing a serious face and being polite with people, tolerating their mistakes, and keep your fantasies under lock is not needed anymore. Finally, the platform where you can unleash your desires is released. It is free to join, with affordable features and a vast membership pool. The website has a support team that maintains its work. Machines do not operate it. It has reliable verification procedures and works hard on eliminating the scams.

Hence, set up the profile since it does not cost you even a dime. Learn how to be free with the excellent services of Xdating, and you will never want to use any other platform.

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