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FurFling Review 2021

FurFling Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 1 700 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A niche website with unique functions
  • High-quality visuals
  • Dating & socializing are possible
  • Large membership pool
  • Contemporary website design
  • Diverse audience
  • Paid membership required
  • Hard to identify fake accounts

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What Is FurFling?

The type of dating FurFling offers has not many competitors. It is a niche website with an audience of a specific preference. The audience and purpose of the site make it unique. It is not a platform where you ever get bored. It is a combination of a game and reality topped up with the romantic and sexual aspects. This Furfling review talks about the world of furries and all the benefits of the platform. Besides, the Furfling review is a manual for those who are new to the furry community but want to blend in stress-free.

The furry community is increasing annually. Although many people in the United States, Japan, and Australia participate in it, the public awareness of the subculture is at a deficient level. Furry culture has been misunderstood by society. So, if you want to know the whole truth about it, dive into reading this FurFling review.

The site was established back in 2012. The initial outreach was not impressive since not many people knew that a furry dating site could work. FurFling dating service proved them wrong. It is a platform that became a safe place for all furries and created a favorite environment for dating. With FurFling, one knows that the partner shares the same hobby. It is possible to meet people not only for romantic relationships but for going to various theme parties together or even arranging some.

The site lets you transform and forget about the worries of your routine life. It lets your ‘fursona’ open up. It works in a simple way, pick the character you fancy, and get a costume. One of the biggest benefits of furry culture is the absence of violence. FurFling connects people who are interested in developing the literature, forums, and visuals for furry culture.

What Is FurFling

Is FurFling Legit Or Scam?

To stay on the safe side, make sure to get acquainted with the FurFling review of confidentiality policies and terms of use. The main points to pay attention to are the usage of the profile, account, payment for the membership, and code of conduct.

The site deals with sensitive content, so adult visuals are allowed. Thus, the users have to be of legal age to become a part of FurFling dating. According to the terms of use after the registration, you are granted permission to log into the account. The account is free or paid, depending on your preferences. Mind the content you are uploading. The site is not sharing it with anyone, but the other users get access to everything you post on your profile. Mind the use of your account as well, and it should not be used by anyone else but you. For the sake of safety, the site asks users not to post any contact information and details of their private information. Since the profile and photos you upload become available to the public, the users can screen them. The site will not be carrying the responsibility for that, so use the FurFling with common sense.

The site employs moderators that take care of the fraud control and contact the site members from time to time. They start conversations, check the level of customer satisfaction, and give guidelines on the activity in the furry community.

Is FurFling Legit Or Scam?

Who Are The Members On The FurFling?

FurFling review of membership stats shops within the first year of operating the site attracted about twenty thousand users. With the pass of time, the membership base increased to a million and then more. These people are young businessmen, CEOs of digital companies, blue-collar, and white-collar employees who are united by the same hobby. They enjoy the furry world for many reasons. For some people, this is a way to let the hair down and spend time in an unusual way. It is especially interesting for people who have everything and look for an exotic experience. Although a membership size is modest, the users come from various countries. Among them are Japan, China, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Sexual orientation

The majority of users of FurFling are heterosexual, and they comprise about 60 % of the membership pool. The rest is divided between bisexual and homosexual participants. The female and male distribution is almost equal with the male numbers prevailing.

Age Categories

There is no limit when it comes to the furry community. However, the site is clearly used by a certain age category. People in the age of 18 – 25y.o. comprise the majority of the users. The other prominent age category is people of the age 29 – 35 y.o.

Age Categories

Registration process guidelines

The registration process with FurFling takes a couple of minutes. Open the main page and click the Join now button. You will be taken to the registration form that has a couple of questions. First of all, you need to specify the location and gender. Make up a username, email, and create a password. Remember about the safety online, and create a complicated password. You need to read the rules of using the site before you finish registration, and of course, upload a photo.

Furry Profile

Since FurFling is not a regular dating site, it takes a different approach to create one here. What you need to do is look into the FurFling review of the site’s purpose to understand what the users are looking for. No doubt, you can borrow some ideas from other profiles. It is fine to look around and edit it on the way. So, what you need to do is think of what brought you to the furry community. It is for sure your hobby, and you are interested in finding out more about it and find people who share the same interest. Write down the description of your character, whether you are a lone wolf or a happy pony, add a photo, and off you go. Start searching for your perfect match.

User Interaction

FurFling is primarily a socializing platform. It allows users to text each other in a chat, private messages, email, or by sending reactions to each other’s profiles. It should be mentioned that the messaging features are available to the paid members, and free ones can enjoy the winks and flirts only.

The user can also send a hookup to show interest. Also, the stats show that the profiles with more information and pictures get more attention and receive more messages from other users.

The site offers some pre-written messages to start a conversation with other users. Hence, it is possible that you will be receiving similar messages. Note that these are just ice-breakers or conversation-starters. To know more about the member, you need to talk more. Instant messaging is a great option to find people online and have a chat.

User Interaction

Platform Versions

FurFling is a neat and straightforward website. It has a good visual representation. However, it is not tailored to modern standards, and the section layout needs to be adjusted.


The main page is luring the users to join the site with nice visuals. The site’s colors are yellow and red, plain and pleasing. The layout is simple, and the login bars are on top, and the bottom, the service sections are located. So, if you need info or contact support, scroll down to find these sections at the bottom.

For the users who want to carry the furry community in their pocket, the mobile version of the site is available. It can be accessed via any browser.


Design and Usability

The site design is simple, but it is also cooperating with other social platforms. So, if you want to know more about the FurFling community, visit its Instagram or Twitter page.-+

To navigate on the site, one needs to open FurFling.com and log in. The sections are self-explanatory; every option is conveniently placed on the main page. In case questions appear, there is a FAQ section on the bottom of the site, and support service available via email.


FurFling Costs And Prices

When it comes to FurFling review of prices and functionality, the site is affordable. It is cheap, and the only drawback noticed is the absence of a subscription for a month. The minimum is a three-month subscription. With that in mind, one might want to go for a trial version to get to know the service.

The site allows the adjustment period, so the users who have no membership yet can enjoy limited access. The options available to free users:

  • Free registration and profile creation
  • Usage of a basic search function
  • Screening other profiles

However, all the good comes with the paid membership plan. To specific:

  • Access to reading and replying to the messages
  • List of people who viewed and liked your profile
  • Unlimited photo uploads (around 100 pictures)

FurFling offers to try things out with the cheap trial version that costs $3. The other types of memberships available are silver or gold. They vary in duration and features. The price of a three-month silver plan is $39 ( $13 per month). The six-month silver plan costs $66 ($11 per month). The subscription payments are charged in one transaction, and it is impossible to pay monthly. Another type of plan is a gold one. The three months will cost $72 ($24 per month), and a six-month plan of $99 (16.50 per month). The trial plan for gold membership will cost $5.

Paid And Free Access

How To Pay

Since the site is working with the adult content, not all the payment systems are available. For example, American Express and Paypal will not work.

Payment Systems

The option you can go for if you want to get a paid membership is a credit card. In case you have no credit card, contact the website support, and the agents will find the individual solution for you and guide you through the process. The support team might not reply instantly, but the answer should reach you within thirty hours, depending on the complexity of your question.

Safety And Security

FurFling review of terms of use displays a serious approach to the protection of personal information on the site. The site does not disclose the user information from the profile but also takes no responsibility for the user’s actions. So, if you spot suspicious behavior, make sure to report the user or use the block option.

The site employs the team of moderators, but with the increasing number of users, they might not always spot the offender. Hence, the control was handed to the users by letting them use report/block options.

Safety And Security


Scam prevention is vital for FurFling since the profiles of users are often filled with the photos of a character as well as the description. The user is not obliged to upload the real photo, and it causes trouble with verification. So, the moderators are working hard on checking the activity of users and reports of others.

In any case, the users are advised to filter the information they exchange with others. Sending a link to external sources or any illegal content is banned. In case you are sent a link from the user you do not know, avoid clicking on it since it might be a phishing scheme that aims at collecting your data.

There is a special feature of the site when moderators create accounts and text users. Do not be confused by that texting, and do not be misled into thinking that the site is trying to trick you into anything. The accounts exist to do quality control and collect user feedback for future improvement.

Special Features

The idea of creating a furry character profile to interact with others is already unusual. What other wonders does the site hide?

  • Furry Meetings. After becoming a member of the site, one gets access to all the information that cannot just be found online. The users arrange meetings, gatherings, and cosplay parties.
  • Adult content. Besides socializing and meeting people, the site allows the artworks that involve adult content. The site lets the users a lot of freedom when it comes to the content.

Special Features


The notion of the furry lifestyle originated back in 1996. However, online activities dedicated to the notion have only appeared recently. There are not many places that offer a comfortable setting for a person with a furry character obsession.

Society still finds the notion controversial. As the FurFling review shows, the site is in the process of development. It is working on recruiting more members and improving the services based on the feedback. The basic requirements for safe online resources are satisfied. The site’s legal team has created solid rules and codes of conduct. The site’s decision to handle adult content was brave but also well-presented and legalized. FurFling encourages users to feel free to share their thoughts without being restricted by society’s stigma. So, put the worries aside and try your luck with FurFling services.

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