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Wireclub Review 2021

Wireclub Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 34-47
Profiles 1300000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is not hard to use the online service.
  • The dating platform happens to be dynamic and has a vibrant community of single people.
  • Wireclub is a place where you can freely engage and have fun.
  • It offers a gaming section where members can play exciting games.
  • There is a mobile application.
  • The users of Wireclub can create their own chatroom.
  • Most features are available to the paying users only.
  • There is no matching algorithm.
  • Wireclub is not a classic dating website.

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Basic Information About Wireclub

In this Wireclub review, you will find a lot of information that should help you understand what this service is like. Currently, there are numerous classic dating services, and some of them are worthy while others are not. That is why you should find out as much as possible about a platform before getting registered. Consequently, the Wireclub review must be extremely beneficial.

Wireclub happens to be a place where you can chat with people you do not know, meet new acquaintances, and discover entertaining conversations. The service claims that there are three full-time staff members and several volunteers to maintain it. The platform also obtains a dedicated chat room for dating, but it may be hard to find someone for serious relationships. Hence, the main purpose of Wireclub is to help people from different parts of the world communicate.

Is Wireclub Legitimate?

The online service obtains a custom elite CEP stage and deals with messages. Wireclub will also be accessible for third party licensing in the nearest future. In addition to that, the online service happens to be under the oversight of three full-time staff members that make up an outstanding group of moderators. Another great part about Wireclub is that there is an amazing self-created set of control features, for instance, robot mediator. Moreover, the online platform has licenses to manage its own online organizations.

Is Wireclub Legitimate?

Who Are the Users?

According to the Wireclub review, it is a social network website where people are looking for like-minded individuals, interact with them, and do more entertaining things. The service has become extremely popular since its launch. As the latest data shows, the dating website has more than seven million members that spend approximately 20 minutes every visit. Hence, over one million messages are exchanged every day, while this number keeps growing.

Sexual Preferences

The Wireclub chatting platform does not have any restrictions when it comes to the sexual preferences of its members. It implies that everyone is free to join the community. It is great because people do not need to hesitate before getting registered.

How Old Are the Members?

Wireclub caters to people of all ages. Consequently, you can sign up, no matter how old you are. Meanwhile, the bigger part of users is 34-47 years of age.

Wireclub How Old Are the Members?

How to Get Registered

According to the Wireclub review, this process is not hard at all. When you visit this platform, the first thing you see happens to be the home page that has a red “Sign up to chat” button. If you click on it, you can sign up for Wireclub. For this purpose, you are to provide some basic details, such as email and password. The next step is verifying your email address, and only after that, you can access the chat rooms. The whole process will not take more than a minute and provides the Wireclub members with full access to the service.

You should also upload a photo to improve the matching system. At the same time, the dating service allows adding only one picture, so you need to select the best one you have. Remember that you need to choose your username carefully because if you decide to change it, you will have to pay 100 credits. They are the Wireclub`s virtual currency you need to earn or purchase. When you finish this part, you are free to add more details to your profile to make it more attractive for other members of the service. At the same time, the platform is not about dating, as it is a chatting service. Consequently, most profiles do not contain any descriptions. However, you may post a description about you on your profile.

Wireclub How to Get Registered

How to Create a User Profile

This website happens to be one of the leading platforms to have fun and communicate with various people through personal or public chats. The good part is that there have been no complaints or negative comments from customers regarding the authenticity of the Wireclub profiles. You are not likely to come across fakes or scammers because the online service uses somewhat effective safety measures. Still, you should never forget about basic safety rules and make sure that you never share any financial or personal details with strangers.

Although everyone can browse through the Wireclub user database, you are free to hide your profile from others. The profiles you can see on this dating website are not too informative. This service is not a traditional dating platform, so nobody is trying to impress others with their writing skills. Hence, all the information happens to be brief and straight to the point. At the same time, it is awesome because people do not need to spend a lot of time trying to write an appealing description of themselves. The drawback here is that it is difficult to find a date based on the Wireclub account info. These details also include appearance, so you need to specify your hairstyle, height, body style, hair color, and more features.

When it comes to the look and feel of accounts, they resemble the social media ones. The thing is that you can see a picture, a feed, and a video gallery. In addition to that, Wireclub obtains advanced privacy policy. Your profile can be accessible to all members or to people who are in your friend list. When it comes to your profile settings, you can edit the following:

  • Username;
  • Profile photo;
  • Profile information;
  • Interests;
  • Privacy options, and more.

Wireclub How to Create a User Profile

How to Contact Other Members

Wireclub obtains a dedicated search tool you can use if you are willing to meet more people. You do not need to pay anything for this feature. At the same time, if you want to send them messages, you must buy a gold membership plan. It is also possible to add members to your “People`s List.” You may create your own chat room, which is great. One more thing you can do is giving “badges” to the Wireclub users, but this feature is paid, as well.

Is the Platform User-Friendly?

Although the Wireclub dating service has numerous users, along with lots of features to boot, it is surprising how good the user experience is. The platform is quite easy to use and navigate, as all items are well-organized. You will find it easy to access a chat room that is interesting to you; consequently, there is nothing to slow down this process on the Wireclub website. The developers have obviously worked hard to make the platform enjoyable and smooth for every user.

Wireclub Is the Platform User-Friendly?

Does It Offer a Desktop Version?

Unfortunately, the online service happens to be available on iOS only, which is a significant inconvenience to all Android users. Thus, there is some discontent amongst the Wireclub desktop users that are willing to navigate the platform via their mobile devices. At the same time, there are numerous answers from members that there is no need to provide an Android app because the Wireclub website operates perfectly via an ordinary mobile browser.

Is There a Mobile Application?

As mentioned above, there is a mobile application for iOS users only. According to the Wireclub review, the app has all the major features available on the desktop version. Hence, user experience is more convenient on the go. Note that the mobile app is not available in some countries, which is a disappointment for international members.

Wireclub Is There a Mobile Application?

A Few Words About the Design and Usability

Even if you are new to chat websites, you will still figure things out quickly. The Wireclub platform has simple button designs, and there is a helpful FAQ page where all the functions happen to be well-detailed. Meanwhile, dating function is not like on similar services because it is more of a social media platform.

The Wireclub website does not only provide people with outstanding, entertaining service but chances to meet new people via chat rooms. Furthermore, you can choose from hundreds of chat rooms, but you are free to create your own room and send direct messages. Thus, Wireclub is an amazing network of small talks.

The design of the website is clear and straightforward. When you visit it, you are going to see separate chat rooms for casual talks, along with games to keep you entertained. If you do not feel like chatting with the Wireclub members in group chats, you can create a personal chat to communicate with someone on a deeper level.

Wireclub A Few Words About the Design and Usability

Is It Easy to Navigate?

The Wireclub platform`s functions and buttons are intuitive and simple with a nice game section design. At the same time, if you are willing to find someone to date, the service does not have much functionality apart from the Dating chat room. Even if you have no experience in using such services, you will not face any issues when navigating Wireclub. The website provides simple button designs, and you can access a helpful FAQ section. The navigation is well-designed there. Meanwhile, there are very few matching and dating functions you can access.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

According to the Wireclub review, you need to pay to access all the features offered by the website. You need to purchase credits, which are sold in bulk. You can find the prices in the table below:




3,400 credits

0.01 dollar per credit

20 dollars

8,550 credits

0.01 dollar per credit

50 dollars

18,400 credits

0.01 dollar per credit

100 dollars

38,500 credits

0.01 dollar per credit

200 dollars

Is Paid Access Very Different From the Free One?

Being a free member of Wireclub, you can do the following things:

  • You can create an account;
  • You can view chat rooms;
  • You can read forums;
  • You can view user profiles;
  • You can search for others.

As you can see, the listed above features are not enough to communicate successfully. Thus, you need to pay to access the following Wireclub fee-based services:

  • You can send personal messages;
  • You can reply to the received messages;
  • You can join the offered chat rooms;
  • You can reply to forums;
  • You can add other Wireclub members as friends.

Wireclub Is Paid Access Very Different From the Free One?

Is It Hard to Pay?

If you decide to buy credits to access all available Wireclub features, you will see how easy this process is. Moreover, it is so simple that you are not likely to face any difficulties. Even if you do, you can contact customer support that will assist you.

Payment Methods You Can Use

When it comes to the available payment options, the Wireclub website does not offer many methods. Thus, you can pay by credit cards or PayPal. Numerous people around the world use these options, so it not a problem at all.

Is the Service Safe and Secure?

There is a set of rules on the Wireclub platform, and all users must abide by them, and they include no spamming and no bullying rules. In addition to that, there is some regulation around sharing inappropriate or adult material. Thanks to this, all members of the Wireclub service are sure that it will take measures that such accounts can be banned or suspended. Overall, the dating website appears to be safe.

Does It Have Fake Profiles?

According to the Wireclub review, there are very few fake profiles, so there is no need to worry about that. In addition to that, you can access a list of helpful safety tips. Thanks to this, even new members can read them and avoid scammers.

Wireclub Does It Have Fake Profiles?

Does the Platform Offer Unique Features?

This online service happens to be better than a common spot to interact with others. At the same time, if you are looking for serious relationships, this platform might not be the best option for you. You can access numerous chat rooms, but the ones identified with online dating are not well-known. In addition to that, you can use no dating-related game rooms. Thus, the Wireclub platform does not provide any special features when it comes to dating. At the same time, you can see a few engaging functions that can keep you interested. The online service provides numerous activities to get outstanding user experience.

Due to the main focus of Wireclub, the feature is special. Furthermore, it is difficult to find such a variety of available chat rooms using any other online service. The thing is that there are chat rooms that can satisfy any pickiest person, such as Wordy, Private Chat Lobby, Music, Politics, Philosophy, and more. It is a social network, so it is all about conversations and chats. Consequently, Wireclub allows its members to discover never-ending topics with interesting individuals and chat rooms. Thus, games happen to be chat rooms where users can earn credits and play.


As you can see from this Wireclub review, online service is a decent place to communicate with others. Meanwhile, if you are looking for long-term relationships, this platform may not be the perfect option. There are many chat rooms, but the ones related to online dating are not too popular. Furthermore, you will not find any dating-related game rooms. The members of Wireclub are more interested in other things, such as romance and not on romance.

The platform is straightforward to use and navigate, so even less tech-savvy people will not face any issues. Interestingly, there are few fake profiles, so the members of the service feel relatively safe. To sum it up, Wireclub happens to be one of the best chatting services available these days.

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