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Kasidie Review 2021

Kasidie Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 1,500,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Helpful and active community with a possibility of finding a good piece of advice
  • Events on great varieties of social and sexual topics
  • Hookups with nearby people
  • Accounts full of details with hot photos
  • Possibilities of narrow searching and certification of profiles
  • Travel feature, which means international swinger’s exchanging
  • One has to pay to unlock most features
  • No application for mobile devices

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During the era of IT technologies, it is very easy to meet new people without going out of the house. Hookup services help in such cases and let everyone find a soulmate for a night, as well as a person for long-term relationships. The Kasidie dating website is one of the leaders in the industry, that makes communication not only bright but interesting and hot. Being full of catchy accounts, Kasidie attracts lots of users from all over the world. It is a real paradise for everyone who can enjoy different kinds of sexual games and exchange of adult videos and photos. There are no limitations; thus, people feel comfortable while using the website. If you are interested in such an activity, Kasidie is a perfect choice for you. This article is a kind of guide to the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, its prices, and special features.

The Main Peculiarities of Kasidie Dating Service

Kasidie Review

Let’s look through the basic facts about Kasidie, before examining all opportunities this site provides users with.

  • Kasidie is suitable for all types for relationships: from hookups and dates for one night to swingers.
  • The website is full of singles and couples who are searching for some fun.
  • Attracting lots of new users every day, Kasidie has a big database of 25 million members.
  • The additional function is travel feature, as well as swingers’ exchange with people around.
  • Lots of rooms for chatting and different types of chats are available too.

User Structure

The user structure often shows the probability for you to find the right person of preferable age, orientation, appearance, or nationality for dating.

  • Talking about the geography of visitors, there are 317,000 people from the USA.
  • The number of active members is 28,000 every week.
  • The male/female ratio: 44% of men and 56% of ladies.

Kasidie: A Full Review

Kasidie Review

Being more than 10 years on the dating market, Kasidie is gaining unreal popularity and attracting swingers from all parts of the world. The main purpose of Kasidie is to find swingers or a suitable partner for one night. Communication without limitations is especially crucial for users who decided to try something new. They can always find someone to talk to and get a piece of friendly advice from a kind-hearted community.

On the other hand, Kasidie is not about porn. It stands for intercourse and enjoying a great time together while exchanging hot videos and adult pictures. To add more, Kasidie has a wide range of different events on social and sexual topics, which attract a huge number of members.

Members of the Kasidie Hookup Service

Kasidie Review

Though having lots of users, Kasidie does not give any statistics about its people from different countries of the world. But still, there are lots of them from the USA and Europe, among others, as the database amounts to 25 million members. This enables great international swingers’ exchange, as well as finding lots of people to date with.

  • Kasidie has not only singles but also couples who are searching for some fun.
  • Various sex preferences are an additional cool thing about Kasidie.
  • Traveling users’ number is about 2,000 people.
  • Catchy features attract 2,000 newcomers every week.
  • The total number of users is getting more than 25 million from all parts of the world.

Kasidie: A Procedure of Signing up

Kasidie Review

As a rule, the registration is the plan of action a person should do to start experiencing any hookup platform. Kasidie is no exception in this case.

  • The quick and simple process of registration;
  • A requirement of valid and working email address;
  • The necessity of uploading a picture;
  • A set of questions before using the Kasidie hookup website;
  • Sharing personal details is not required.

Fortunately, it is pretty simple to become a user of the Kasidie dating service. Just follow simple steps, such as filling in the necessary fields with the required information. You are supposed to create a unique username, as well as a password. Then it is necessary to add your picture and answer some questions from a questionnaire. These steps let the platform know your preferences, desires, and purposes for using Kasidie.

Try to make your account stand out to attract more people, while detailed profiles of others are already waiting for you to enjoy them and have an unforgettable experience. After this simple set of actions, you are ready to be an active member of the community.

Starting the Conversation on Kasidie

Kasidie Review

Creating an account allows you to start a conversation with any of the registered members, but not free of charge, which means that the function of communication is a fee-based feature. The same applies to exchanging photos, texting, and finding a match. What is more, the membership plan on Kasidie will let you read different forums and have talks with nice and friendly people. The means of communication on Kasidie include the following:

  • Social events and sexual parties;
  • Helpful forums with answers to lots of questions;
  • Sending messages, exchanging of pictures and videos;
  • Chatting via voice and video;
  • Possibility of narrow searching with choosing of different characteristics.

The Quality of Profiles

As Kasidie is a hookup site, you will find lots of nude and hot photos here, while the detailed information of the accounts will explain to you the preferences and purposes of other members. Join and get an unforgettable experience of talking with beautiful ladies. The Kasidie’s user profiles feature:

  • Accounts, which are full of detailed information;
  • Possibility of certification;
  • Viewing accounts is available for paying members;
  • Presence of real pictures with watermarks.


Kasidie Review

Paid membership on the Kasidie dating platform makes sure their users have lots of benefits and endless texting with charming ladies. There are three types of membership plans on Kasidie, which allow everyone to choose what they can afford and enjoy the time spent. You can go for a month, a year, or a lifetime option.

  • Elite membership for 1-month costs $19.95.
  • The price for the elite membership plan is $29.95.
  • The elite lifetime membership fee is $99.95.

As you can see, the longer the period, the smaller the price. So, do not hesitate to choose something for yourself and start your journey.

Free Alternatives to Paid Services

Kasidie Review

The Kasidie hookup platform provides its users with some features, which are:

  • Free of charge procedure of registration;
  • Responsive customer support;
  • Possibility of searching for couples and singles.

One of the membership plans allows its users to have lots of special features to make the maximum out of using Kasidie. Kasidie is a kind of bridge, which connects people with shared preferences. The membership plans unlock the following options:

  • Endless texting with the possibility of sending emails, fliting, etc.;
  • Hot accounts and pictures viewing;
  • Chatting rooms for communication;
  • Forums and communities;
  • Online store;
  • Lots of events and social parties.

Special Features of Kasidie

Kasidie Review

Being a great website for dating, Kasidie has special attractive functions, such as the presence of communities, forums, as well as a user-friendly interface and various events. They distinguish Kasidie from many other platforms and let its members get a lot of benefits, enjoying the absolute advantages of intercourse and finding the soulmate to have a great time together. All of them are described below; don’t miss out on the chance to learn them.


What could help better than various forums with lots of people who are on the same page? It is always possible to find an answer to a tricky question and help someone with their problems.

Parties and Events

Kasidie Review

Various sexual parties and social events help Kasidie to connect people, who are searching for some fun. To get access to the full list of events, you are supposed to buy a membership.

Traveling Feature

As someone may not find the right person in the area, there is a special feature — traveling. It allows dating for people from different countries, who are searching for extraordinary types of relationships.


Unfortunately, Kasidie was created more than 10 years ago, which means that its interface is not that modern. But in fact, it is user-friendly and doesn’t take much time for newcomers to understand how the sections work.


Kasidie Review
  1. Is It Possible to Use Kasidie Free of Charge?

Unfortunately, it is necessary to buy one of the membership plans, which will unlock most features, such as texting, video calls. There are plans for one month, one year, and an endless one.

  1. How Is It Possible to Open a New Account on Kasidie?

The process of registration is really simple; you are supposed to fill in some fields with your personal information. You also need to upload a picture and answer some questions about your preferences, purposes, etc.

  1. Are There Any Credits on Kasidie?

Generally, there is no such function as credits. But it is possible to buy one of the membership plans, which make every feature available.

  1. Is It Safe to Use Kasidie?

Fortunately, it is really safe. Newcomers can upload their own photos, but pictures from the Internet. It is also possible to block someone if there are some doubts regarding security.

Is It Possible to Delete the Account From the Platform?

Of course, you can do it in the profile settings. Just find a dedicated button, and then everything about you will be deleted.

  1. What Is the Total Number of Kasidie?

Gaining lots of popularity, Kasidie has more than 25 million users, who represent different countries and are willing to communicate and have fun with others.

  1. How Is It Possible to Use the Website Anonymously?

Firstly, you can add the picture from the Internet, not your own photo, and use the anonymous mode of the browser to chat safely.

  1. Are Profiles at Kasidie Real?

The administration takes care of its users and makes sure that there is no scam or other problems with safety. Additionally, there is a possibility of certification of accounts, which proves that this or that profile is real.

  1. Could You Text Free of Charge?

Unfortunately, the feature of communication is a fee-based function, so it is necessary to pay for a membership and unlock everything to have a cool experience.

  1. How Much Time Does It Take to Start Using the Account?

Your account is ready for use as soon as you finish the process of registration. There are no additional requirements, just start the game.

  1. How to Keep an Account Safe?

Pay attention, that you must keep your personal information in secret and do not tell it to anyone else. To add more, do not follow different links from unknown people.

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