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AfroRomance Review 2022

AfroRomance Review 2022
About Girls
Date with older guy 18%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 35-44
Profiles 780.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Effective search features available;
  • Tight safety measures. The website administrators ban members guilty of fraudulent activities;
  • The supports are always online;
  • Sending flirt and responding to messages are free of charge.
  • No mobile application available;
  • Most of the essential features come with a price tag.

Explaining What AfroRomance Is All About

AfroRomance was primarily designed to connect black singles with individuals from other races. Following our AfroRomance review, we discovered that the platform also caters to anybody regardless of race, interested in joining people of their race. This AfroRomance review will help biracial singles get their bearing on the platform and find their dream partner. Many dating websites offer their registered members a platform to explore each other’s profiles and send interests and messages, often leading to an actual date. However, only some serve individuals who are particularly looking for a match from a different race.

AfroRomance is among the most widely known interracial dating sites in the US, with many success stories. The platform has a slogan “Where love is more than skin deep,” which means that the site offers more than just the services to help one get a date.

It also has a search feature that users can personalize to their preferences. It also has a search feature that you can customize for your choice. Members are asked to specify which ethnicity they want to meet on the dating site.

To find out more about the Website, continue reading our AfroRomance review.

Explaining What AfroRomance Is All About

Does AfroRomance Indirectly Scams Its Members?

According to our AfroRomance review does not scam its members. Some basic features like exploring profiles, sending flirts are free for all members. Also, there are no hidden purchases; every subscription and in-app purchases are only processed with the member’s authorization.

It is advisable not to share personal info like card details, phone numbers, etc. Sharing sensitive information about oneself to strangers can jeopardize their life and financial state. One can never tell who is on the other side of the screen due to the anonymity that the adult dating site offers. Ensure to always play smart and safe.

Which Members Can One Find on the Website?

A large proportion of the members of AfroRomance are from the US and the UK. The detailed profiles of members indicate they are looking for serious relationships. The number of fake profiles on the platform are few due to the strict security measures. The administrators immediately ban scammers and users guilty of suspicious activities on the site. Also, there is an equal ratio of male and female members. This platform is right for everyone who wants a friend, a penpal, or a long-term relationship.

Which Sexual Orientation Are Allowed on the App?

Unfortunately, AfroRomance does not allow users to specify their sexual orientation of the person they want to meet. The platform is heterosexually oriented. Signing up as a male implies the user wants to connect with a female member and vice versa.

What Is the Age Distribution of the Members?

AfroRomance welcomes individuals from the ages of 18 and above. The age group with the highest percentage of 80,000 worldwide users is 35-44. This group is followed by those of 25-34.

AfroRomance What Is the Age Distribution of the Members?

The Registration Process and Log-In Details

Registration in AfroRomance takes about 7-15 minutes. The quicker one writes a description about themselves, the faster the sign-up process.

Here are three significant steps for creating an account on Afroromance:

  • This step requires members to enter their ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.
  • In the second step, one has to provide their and create a password.
  • The final step asks for the individual’s first and last name, location, date of birth, and a nickname. Kindly note that members’ first and last names will not show up on their profile. Next is a space to write a 20-word description of oneself.

AfroRomance The Registration Process and Log-In Details

How Comprehensive Is the Profile on the Platform?

When the account set up is complete, users need to add some additional info about themselves, particularly their appearance. They would have to add a headline on the next page to show their personality type. If you have completed filling out a Green Checkmark, you tick the pages. There is also a meter gauge to tell you how much your profile is complete.

AfroRomance lets members display info about the type of person they want to meet. The description of the person has to be at least 20 words. After filling out all the necessary profile info, the administrators will review it before it goes live. A review of profile details usually takes about 30 minutes.

How to Contact a User on the Website?

AfroRomance has a search tool where individuals can see who were active a while ago or who just updated their profile details. Users can also set the parameters by popular members, new members, and others who have upcoming birthdays. The search results show members from the same country. The advanced search tool lets users search for other members using extra parameters like ethnicity, keyword, or by nicknames.

AfroRomance’s messaging features are simple and intuitive. By hitting the heart button, you can send a flirt via the search result page. Members can also send a sticker by hitting the flirt button on the user’s profile at the other end. AfroRomance allows users to keep records of their flirts and the profiles they visited through their dashboard. To find out who viewed your profile, you have to be a premium user. Additionally, only premium members can initiate conversations with other members.

AfroRomance How Comprehensive Is the Profile on the Platform?

Different Platforms for Using the Dating Site?

This section of our AfroRomance review explains the different platforms for using this App.

How Well Does the Desktop Version Work?

The AfroRomance desktop is the main platform available for accessing the platform. The site has also been optimized for mobile browsers so that members can access the platforms on their mobile devices. The dating website has a clean and simple design, with ease of navigation.

Does the Site Have a Mobile Application?

Unfortunately, AfroRomance has not developed a mobile application for this dating site. However, given that the site is optimized for browsers, members can access the Website with their mobile devices.

AfroRomance How Well Does the Desktop Version Work?

How Effective Is the Website’s Design and Functionality?

AfroRomance presents a website with a nice clean design. It was made such that users, irrespective of their age, can use the platform intuitively and with ease. The menu sits on the upper right of the page, allowing members to easily navigate the Website’s features. Interactive buttons like flirt, message, and the favorite lists are located in the search preview. The buttons for upgrading memberships are placed on essential parts of the site. Upon hitting a paid feature, the membership upgrade button pops up.

How Easy Is Navigation on the Website?

The AfroRomance menu on the upper right side of the page lets users easily browse through the dating platform. All the essential features are located where members can intuitively find them.

AfroRomance How Effective Is the Website’s Design and Functionality?

Different AfroRomance Services and Their Costs

In this section of our AfroRomance review, we will examine the comparison between the services free and paid users can access the costs and methods of payment.

Comparison Between Paid and Free Membership

Free services

  • Account creation
  • Profile set up
  • Sending flirts to members
  • Searching other members using the search tool
  • Add contacts to favorite list

Premium services

  • Initiating conversations
  • Discover who placed you on their favorites list
  • Browse anonymously
  • Find out who visited your profile

Premium membership prices


Cost per month

Total cost

1 month



3 months



6 months



The AfroRomance membership upgrade pages are placed strategically on the Website. It shows up every time a user hits a paid feature. The highlighted prices are the weekly costs of all the membership packs. The total cost of each package is displayed in gray color below the duration of the chosen membership.

AfroRomance provides a 3-month refund guarantee for users dissatisfied with their experience on the platform.

AfroRomance Different AfroRomance Services and Their Costs

How to Make Payments on AfroRomance

In this section, we will discuss the different payment systems accepted by Afroromance.

The Accepted Methods of Making Payments

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

It is important to note that charges will show on a member’s bill as ‘INTERRDATIN.’

How Strict Is the Site’s Safety Measures?

AfroRomance provides basic SSL encryption for protecting user’s information from third-party manipulation. It is important to note that technical security procedures are not enough to maintain a safe dating environment. Users can contribute to improving security on the platform by adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not share your password to other AfroRomance members;
  • Keep your data like card details, address from other members
  • Members are advised against sharing their nudes or intimate pictures. It may result in blackmail.

Everything You Need to Know About Scam on This Dating Platform

While AfroRomance does not do proper background checks and profile validation of every profile, they will ban an account at the suspicion that it is fake. Any member who believes their account may have been banned unfairly is free to contact the help center to understand the exact reason.

What are the signs you’re being scammed?

Scammers hide behind fake profiles to defraud their victims. They come with impressive stories that appear real. In this Afroromance, we have provided some red flags and tips on how to spot them.

  • Fraudsters prefer to move conversations away from dating platforms. They might recommend that you migrate to a conversation via phone number, text, or instant messaging. They ask too many personal questions but avoid answering any personal questions about themselves. The info they give about themselves appears made up.
  • They try to create a bond quickly.
  • These scammers always ask for financial assistance. They discuss their life issues with users, hoping to get financial help from them.
  • They try to create a bond easily.
  • These scammers always ask for financial assistance. They discuss their life issues with users, hoping to get financial help from them.

How to avoid getting scammed

  • Don’t share personal info.
  • If you disclose personal information like your full name, home address, and date of birth with a stranger, you may not know what they’re going to do with it. Try not to share personal details online with people you already know — you might end up sending them to a scammer who pretends to be them. Also, take caution when selecting your username on dating sites.
  • Don’t send or receive funds.

Don’t send or receive funds from someone you met online, no matter how credible their story may sound. This rule applies to cash and credit card, bank account, or other financial details. If the request comes from somebody you know, contact them offline to verify it is them.

  • Use reliable dating sites.

Scammers attempt to want to remove their criminal activity from reputable dating sites as soon as they can. They always try to convince users to interact with them through text messaging or social media. Tn This strategy is such that there is no evidence of their conversations on the dating platform. For security reasons, do not take communications with members outside the platform.

  • Think before using a webcam.

Apply caution when using a webcam with a member on AfroRomance. Regardless of the device, the footage can be used against you.

  • Trust in your instincts.

If your feeling tells you the move you’re making is wrong. Be careful

Members can always report fake and suspicious profiles on the site. AfroRomance moderators will receive this report and take the necessary action.

AfroRomance Everything You Need to Know About Scam on This Dating Platform

Unique Features That Make the Platform Interesting

Following our AfroRomance review, the following are some of unique that gives members an amazing user experience.

  • Guarantee of Refund

This offer is incredible; the platform guarantees the refund users of membership money if they do not find a partner for three consecutive months of paid subscription.

This kind of generosity is usually found wanting in other dating sites. Now here is an explanation for why Afroromance offers guaranteed money back. The dating site has success stories 14 times more than other similar dating sites. They assure new users that they will find the kind of partner they are searching for on the platform. Therefore, any member not satisfied with Afroromance services can reach them.

The following will disqualify a member from getting a refund:

  • Payment through Western Union or Money Order
  • Terminating subscription before 90 days
  • If the current subscription is not the first

Make sure to contact the AfroRomance support team within 14-days after the end of the 90-days subscription period. Instead of sending them letters, it is best to call and explain the situation.

  • Uninterrupted Live Chat with the help center

One of the essential services of a site is its customer support. People often run into difficulties while using the platform and would need a solution from a professional quickly. AfroRomance provides members with the opportunity to have a live chat with the customer support team. These experts assist users on technical issues, questions with choosing, and cancellation of subscriptions. They review reports against suspicious users and reserve the right to ban these users if found guilty.

  • Stories of success

Only a few websites out there share their success stories. AfroRomance happens to be one of them. These success stories located on the Web site’s main page inspire a lot of new users.

  • Incognito mode

This mode is available for members who want to use the platform anonymously. This feature lets users visit people’s profile pages unnoticed.

  • Unlimited messages

Free users can send up to 10-15 messages daily. After members have exhausted their quota for the day, they won’t be able to send more emails. They will also not be able to see messages sent by others. The unlimited message functionality will be unlocked when the members become a premium user. Regardless of which premium subscription option they choose, they will have access to unlimited messaging. Although it may seem weird for dating service providers to cut down the number of messages members can send, it is considered a standard practice that is universally used across dating websites and apps. This way, users are encouraged to upgrade their memberships.

  • Unlimited user browsing

Unlimited user browsing Members with standard accounts can use the basic search filter. They also get a limited number of suggested matches. When members subscribe to any of the three premium packages, the unlimited user browsing will unlock. This feature lets premium members view all available matches at a particular location and in other areas.

AfroRomance Unique Features That Make the Platform Interesting

Conclusion on Our Review of AfroRomance

While the name implies a dating website exclusively for black singles, AfroRomance is concerned with setting up interracial relationships of various combinations. It welcomes people of all races – Black, White, Asian, Latino, etc.

Our AfroRomance review has been able to explain how this Website offers an avenue where both sides understand there’s a reasonable chance they will be the type of the other members. It also lets users indicate interests in members of different ethnicities. Furthermore, members can adjust the intensity of their racial preferences by choosing either “exclusive” or “preferred” after choosing the desired ethnicity.

Are you looking to date people from multiple ethnicities? Afroromance is the right platform.

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Customer reviews
by Leandro Jan 12, 2022
This application try true, and I'm experiencing proof its performance. I cannot whine about it software because it gave me the most popular goes in my own lifetime. Extremely, I've happy to come aboard they and also have really exciting. Of course, it's got not really been without not successful meets, but I think this is really a great all natural steps. You simply cannot get it all in an instant, and a few weeks of messaging is usually required to arrange a meetup.
Daisy Hernandez
by Daisy Hernandez Jan 03, 2022
Really love this service. We manufactured preparations in order to reach people for a coffee and also a celebration. I do believe it moved rather perfectly. You will find definitely not determined yet in regards to the subsequent dates, but I'm over at my technique to opt for the one that is really particular. Okay, need me success, people.
Kenneth Evans
by Kenneth Evans Jan 03, 2022
I really like this software mainly because it willn't take the time me personally with daunting quizzes. To be truthful, we don't trust compatibility based around various surveys since visitors used to lie quite often. To me, It's safer to talk and ask problems, producing dialogs all-natural. This web site provides the function i have to realize the on the web associates much better before heading down.
by Vaughan Dec 25, 2021
I had been truly shocked to check out these a versatile a relationship application. I've been signed up for annually previously. After several mediocre schedules, i came across simple best accommodate. It happened a few months earlier, and we're however feel well together. I'm not hunting beyond that right now. Still, i'll be happier if the interactions establish. Therefore for now, I'm happier and wish to say thank you in this application for delivering us together.
by Aaliyah Dec 23, 2021
I became content to communicate with a number of different anyone on the webpage having a lot in accordance using pursuits and lifestyle. I attempted some other apps before, so I should say that the caliber of the match is much better here. That's the reason I'm truly astonished to check out numerous unfavorable testimonials because of this site. Then I found that owners compose bad responses actually in the very best software. In doing so, they often express his or her frustration and behavior without specifying certain problems with the app. Very, I do think which they merely cannot get a hold of people who would meet these people and get crazy about their loneliness. Ergo, we have to learn how to narrow these ratings. This page is beneficial, but, without a doubt, it is not magic substance. I'm grateful to fit in the city and get great schedules. Maybe, I'm simply much less choosy than the others, but normally, i do believe I'm lucky. Various visitors may require much more time to acquire like-minds. Nonetheless, I'd suggest this great site for every varieties affairs because its target audience try varied, and people are extremely active. Really, i could usually select somebody on the web to chat and flirt. Besides, the application runs better, and navigation is pretty quick. All the required options are from inside the selection in side of the eyes. I'm certain online dating sites hasn't been simpler.
James Miles
by James Miles Dec 17, 2021
Your enjoy on this internet site ended up being terrific. Personally I think completely cozy when working with they and chatting numerous people. Needed possess a good technological top quality, and webpage, films, and photographs weight smooth and trouble-free. I could set different filtration, which inspires self-confidence in the process of hooking up with people that I like. Town happens to be substantial. You'll find loads of contacts truly attempting real schedules, whether it's about hookups or other sorts of interactions. For this reason, for the moment, the adventure is just positive. I got a number of periods, and are fine but not absolutely created for me. Therefore, I'm browsing proceed my personal google search, so this site might be right place, I believe.
Lawrence Ferguson
by Lawrence Ferguson Dec 15, 2021
I did son`t line up people to go out because it is early in my situation but . i will be a newbie on the site. Still, I'm happy with how this software is easy to use. Everything is spontaneous, and I achievedn't should spend your time and evauluate things whenever I subscribed to the site. Furthermore, I fancy exactly how profile pages are arranged. It's extremely easy to examine photographs, send out messages, wish, and read about users' appearances and figures. I set the location as the length is important for my situation and had been pleased to witness some suits that offer individuals near me personally.
by PITTMAN Dec 06, 2021
Cool dating site! I enrolled with it a year ago furthermore, as subsequently achieved some close friends with amazing benefits. In addition, we talk to a number of individuals from my personal favorite show. Chatting is very good, as a chat window is really convenient. Users are actually open-minded, helpful, and effective. I have particular inclination, and no people judges me. So, personally i think fully as well as comfy.
Ashley Vaughn
by Ashley Vaughn Nov 29, 2021
I recently found my self searching chill out and hop into recoil sex or casual going out with after a break up. However, i obtained no clue of making it online. Nothing enjoy helped me afraid. I tried swiping, but this sort of a shallow technique isn't really my tough suit. I try to look for the software wherein individuals were setting up, but We nevertheless necessary a very good web site. This option got a middle soil to me. No-strings-attached contacts, respectable profiles, and matches, simple user interface, forums. This is all we previously desired. I continued many hot dates, now Love it if more feel a lot better. Great tool for singles with free of cost alternatives and good performance. The nice layout happens to be a great reach.
Ruth Reid
by Ruth Reid Nov 25, 2021
The internet times about web site became a good and attention-grabbing event I think. It truly does work perfectly for my self-respect and permits producing latest connectivity. They are not affairs however but seem guaranteeing. Furthermore, actually beautiful to me to get rid of the ice and talk with individuals from any country i love. Surfing profiles is actually participating, possibly. It's usually intriguing observe how people prove while searching for closeness.
Sandra Garcia
by Sandra Garcia Nov 20, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and like studies. I'm not just monogamous, at the very least currently. In all honesty, the habits is far from conventional personal norms, but typically think unhappy actually among household members or nearest relatives. Many already are hitched, and I also'm went mix nuts as soon as really feel their important styles. Thus, clearly, it's very difficult to get a hold of and spend time with like-minds when you live in an enormous city, just where individuals are also active to help newer links. So, this sort of in pretty bad shape is the reason for signing up for website. And my favorite practice was seamless. We managed to discover individuals who decide identical products and realize my wish to be free of charge, without persistence, promises, as well as this different hooey. Another cool factor is the fact that there I've fulfilled some bi-curious people. Everyone loves performance of the internet site since it's rather sufficient for original connections. Maybe, someone wishes more incentives, but also in my estimation, you must get a romantic date have a look at in-depth relationships. While checking pages, I noticed numerous empty kind. I wish customers could shell out more focus on her presence on the internet site. Speaking of the site's abilities, all things are acceptable. No troubles with sign in, messages, etc. Support services is useful and is also readily available 24 hours a day. I'm pleased to receive an online spot for your wants and dreams. It's awesome once the people willn't impose their prices it is about the same webpage.
by Amara Nov 15, 2021
We signed up with this page this past year and grabbed amazing feel. Right now, I have a dependable and mind-blowing companion, and we're great collectively. I'd endorse the application because We have discovered from direct practice which operates. We note that many people usually grumble about no games, convinced that they merely spend your time and money. Still, i will remember that when individuals cannot look for someone, they usually boot their particular problems to external elements. Work, family relations, online dating sites, put another way, there's always someone to blame. Nevertheless, you should never give up hope, and every single thing will be fine. For instance, they took me virtually 7 seasons to fulfill my own lover.
Robert Reed
by Robert Reed Nov 10, 2021
We accompanied this web site last year and acquired an outstanding experiences. Right now, We have a dependable and mind-blowing mate, and we're excellent along. I'd advise the application because You will find discovered from drive experience that it is effective. I ensure most individuals frequently complain about no matches, thinking that they waste time and cash. Nonetheless, i ought to remember that when anyone cannot see a partner, they often boot his or her failures to exterior issue. Career, relatives, dating sites, this means that, almost always there is somebody to take responsibility. Nevertheless, you shouldn't give up hope, and things might be fine. Including, they took me around 7 several months in order to meet your spouse.
by Abel Nov 05, 2021
Really good perceptions. I've discovered enough ready and intriguing men and women and some freaks . that's a norm whenever you are using the internet. Some fights weren't inside venue . that's the reason we kept close friends. I should claim that this service gives lots of gear which will make some other users keep in mind an individual. First of all, it's enough room to construct the account and supply enough information on your appearance and character. Next, messaging is definitely ok. Normally, an individual receive full online connections might obtain a date at any time when you're prepared satisfy the best in real life.