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Habbo Review 2022

Habbo Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a unique platform for finding friends using a virtual environment.
  • You can freely message anyone on the website.
  • You can download this app from Google Play Store and the app store in Apple.
  • The app has a vast number of members online that come together to find love and friends.
  • The customization ability of this app concerning others is excellent and allows you to express yourself flexibly.
  • Chatting online in Habbo gets messy sometimes
  • The website has more youths than older people
  • The graphics aren't up to the par with the present technological scenario

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What Is Habbo?

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you can date online? Habbo is the app where you can do anything you want to find love easily. This unique application’s primary focus is to attract teenagers to join the company and make new relationships.

Habbo was formed back in 2000 by a Finland-based corporation. The place is filled with millions of users from all across the world. After using this app, you can meet new people with the help of the virtual environment.

It is an amazing website that can form a virtual community just so you can find love online. This app will help you find friends easily without any hesitation.

The uniqueness of Habbo is the ability of the app to create more social networking opportunities for the players with the help of customizable avatars. Every other user can express interests and feelings to others easily. It is an adventurous world where you make numerous friends and become a sociable person in the virtual world.

If you want to try something unique when it comes to dating, Habbo can be your way out. You can create avatars and find your matches with the help of amazing features that you’ll see on this app online.

Habbo Review in 2020

Is Habbo Legit Or Scam?

Habbo is a social networking website based on a virtual gaming environment. Ever since its release, the site has started to become famous among all the game lovers online. There are many members around the website that need to make new friends and find dates online.

It is a legit website with years of experience in the field to help bring people of all age groups together under one virtual platform. If Habbo was a scam, It wouldn’t have been famous for all these years among both youths and game lovers.

This platform is all about the interaction between users and chatting online easily. As a player, you will be able to move your avatar from one room to another in the hotel to meet new friends online.

To make things interesting, the app has devised mini-games to help you with making new connections with other people on this virtual platform. All the quests and social themes are centered around this respect, where you can unlock new features, including room creating ability and virtual pets.

Even though there is a premium version where you can use amazing features to find people online, it is much more affordable. Such features might include character effects, furniture, clothing, and much more.

More Info About Members Of Habbo

At present, the website has about more than 300 million avatars from all across the world. These members come from about 150 countries. You will find members interacting with each other easily with the help of their avatars. For that, the members are allowed to create fantastic avatars and decorate them well.

This platform is not just about you socializing with others on a dating website. It is a place where you can actually see the avatars of others and play games by socializing with the members online. It is the fact that it has attracted so many members at the present date.

Members available on this platform feel that the desktop version is more convenient to use rather than an app. However, you can access your account from both platforms easily without any difficulty. You just delete your password and username for accessing your account as a permanent member.

More Info About Members Of Habbo

Sexual Orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, you don’t have to worry about anything on this platform. Many individuals come here to meet new people on this platform through a virtual medium. People from different desires would come and find love online easily. If you are one of those people wanting to meet people of the same gender online without hindrance, Habbo is the place you can be for a long time. At this place, you will find everyone with unique avatars without difficulty, approaching you at all times.

Age Distribution

The main age contingent of users is from 18 to 24 years old. You will still find yourself looking for friends and dates online. Among all the members, males have dominated the website.

Still, you will find half of the females roaming around the game to make friends online. If you want your friends to use this app, you can use your referral code or QR code to get together with your friends on this virtual platform.

Sign-up Process And Login Info

One of the easiest things you can do after downloading this app on your phone is register online. It will only take 3 to 5 minutes to complete the entire process of registration. The most important thing that you need for at this time is your email ID. It can be of Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

You can just use your Twitter or Facebook account directly to link your social media profile with Habbo. You just have to fill out the form and go ahead with the process so that you can easily create your profile.

One of the specialties of this app is that you can make the avatars look exactly like you do in real life. You would be able to create a new fashion or make the avatars wear the same clothes as you in reality.

However, if you want to create a profile and register online, you can’t do that with the help of the browser version of this app. Even if you go on your website and click the “Don’t have an account? Join Habbo” button on the login page; you won’t be able to register quickly. After clicking this, you will be directed to Google Play Store if you are using Android.

When you download the app successfully, you would have to fill out the registration form and the necessary details before creating a profile. After you have done everything, you will receive a verification email online. Once you log out of your profile, you can log in with your Facebook account or email id on both the website and the app version.

Sign-up Process And Login Info

How To Create A Profile?

After registration, you need to go through the verification process so that the website can protect your profile easily. However, when it comes to Habbo, the profiles are a bit different from other dating websites. You don’t just create a webpage providing all the information about your real life. You also create an avatar and make it look exactly like how you would in reality.

The good thing is that your real name is not shown in your profile. Instead, it is filled with information and other details so that others can be attracted to your avatar. After making a profile online with the help of your information and your avatar, you can create a virtual world.

To fill your profile with virtual items, you would have to spend money and buy aspects such as pets clothing and furniture. Your avatar can help you experience every single thing that you would want to in reality.

Another thing that your profile shows is badges. The more batches you have, the higher the impression will be of your profile on others. You can start dressing up your avatar and design your virtual home after creating your profile.

How To Communicate With Others?

Contacting others on this website is as easy as chatting on Facebook. You won’t have to deal with any complicated procedures and purchase the premium version before talking to anyone else on this virtual platform. You can approach anyone and start conversing with them.

There is a room in which all the avatars can chat directly with everyone else available. You will see a chat box at the bottom of the screen where you can write and send messages to everyone else inside the room. A popup balloon with words written by you will appear above the head of your avatar if you send a message. You will see similar popups above the heads of other avatars while they chat around in the room.

There is another way that you can use to communicate with others without entering the room. You can click on the avatar, go through the options like a report, ignore it, give respect, whisper, give items, and add friends. In this method, you would have to do some work to attract the other person’s attention while dating them. This is what makes this website a little bit different from other social networking and dating sites.

Last but not least, you would be able to send out private messages to your friends on Habbo with the help of Messenger. It is similar to social networking sites you have already used. The Messenger will show you if the person you wanted to message is online or offline. Just like a feature on WhatsApp, you will be able to see if the other person has seen your message or not.

The only issue is that you cannot chat in a group on the Messenger. You can message others freely without any difficulty on this platform.

How To Communicate With Others?

Platform To Use

Several platforms are available online related to dating. If you are one of those people willing to use the website on both phone and laptop, you have come to the right place. Habbo is a fantastic website with years of experience wanting to provide you with all the facilities. You can access your profile on both the website and app version easily.


The desktop version is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to connect with others online. You can just download this app and log in if you already have an account on the laptop or computer. If not, you can register online with the help of the application easily.


Habbo is famous among the users because of this app version. Even though the graphics are not as good as other 3D games online, the app is specifically famous among the users at the present date. More than a quarter of the population among all other users have installed this app on their phones.

You can go ahead on the website and click on the login button to easily be directed to the app store. Since it acts more like a virtual game than a dating website, you will be able to receive notifications only when you are online.

You can use the app in landscape mode tilting to either right or left side. The app uses vibrant colors to make you feel good while playing it online. Smartphone apps are more convenient because you can purchase items directly.


Design And Usability

When you are using a desktop version, you can move around the room by using your mouse. Just click on a particular tile, and your avatar will walk over. You can also click on the furniture if you want. Things are, however, different from the app version. You can use the screen of your phone to move your avatar here and there.

The design of the app makes you message anyone easily without hindrance. On the other hand, to move your avatar from one room to another, you just have to click on the elevator like icon. You even get to change the look of your avatar by clicking on the proper relatable icon.

The first time when you visit the website, you will see a logo and tagline below it saying, “Make friends & chat with millions in a virtual world.” Below that, you will see a button that will allow you to join the website for free without paying a single penny.

You can also go through the latest news to know more about the website and what has been happening online. Safety tips are also available so that you can protect yourself from danger on this online platform.

Navigating Habbo

Even though Habbo isn’t available for free, you can do many things with the free version of your account. Both the premium and the free version allows you to meet friends and have dated online. If you want to find a date and friends on Habbo, the rates of respective versions are mentioned right below.

Habbo club

  • One month at 3.99 USD
  • Six months at 20.99 USD
  • Twelve months at 39.99 USD

Builder club

  • Two weeks at 4.99 USD
  • One month at 9.99 USD
  • Three months at 27.99 USD


  • Three months at 41.99 USD

The difference between free and paid versions can only be understood by going to these features:

Free account

  • Virtual credit can be earned.
  • You can grow monster plants.
  • The trial version of the builders club is available.
  • Habbo camera is accessible easily.
  • You can play games online and message anyone for free.

Paid account

  • You can get club membership.
  • Buying furniture, clothing, pets, and plants is easy with a paid account.
  • You can play games and program a bot online.

Is Habbo Available For Free?

How To Pay?

For payment, you can use the following aspects to ensure that the company can get the money for dating online.

  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Debit and Credit Card

Payment System

You need to pay for the premium account manually, or else you won’t be able to access your paid account. However, you need to be careful about purchasing anything from the website because you need credits for that. Credit can be bought from the official website of Habbo.

Safety And Security

Safety is the primary focus of the website when it comes to the users. They provide tips for the protection of the members online. You don’t even have to give out your real name on this online platform. During the registration and profile creation process, the website explicitly uses a unique verification method to allow the members to be on the safe side.


Habbo is a website where scams are rare when it comes to the profiles. The verification process that happens after registration makes sure to remove all the fakers.


Special Features

Special features that allow you to use the website with ease are mentioned below.

  • You can use the credits to buy several aspects such as clothes, pets, bots, monster plants, room decorations, furniture, and many others.
  • You can build your room with the help of a premium version online.
  • Mini-games allow you to win prizes and interact with others easily.
  • You will get to customize your avatar where you can by changing skin colors, faces, hairstyles, and clothing.


Habbo is a popular gaming platform that can also be used as a social media networking website available for virtual dating and making friends. If you are one of those people wanting to try something unique, Habbo is your destination. You can use different avatars and experience a new world through this virtual reality platform. You can chat easily online with the help of a free version unlimitedly with anyone.

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Customer reviews
by Braeden Jan 20, 2022
I attempted to determine the suitable version of lovers by seeking all of them in nightclubs and clubs. I hit a brick wall, that has been expected, regarding simple appearance that will be hardly trends style kind. This website opened for me advantages of dating online. I am able to make associations centered on kinds and contact individuals who locate love mind and don't practices a great deal about looks. Besides, the potential risk of managing into hassle is gloomier than when you select someplace in a club. Hence, I'm generally satisfied with the experience. I like speaking once I posses leisure time, share my personal thinking and opinions. As soon as wish display information from my life or simply just show my favorite state of minds and emotions, I send various picture and videos. I would recommend this software due to the simplicity. No pressure level as well chance to hop into hookups or locate soulmates is critical for newbies much like me. All software are also simple to utilize. The buttons are in their right places as on many other websites people usually visit on the Web. Hence, this is an excellent program with numerous interesting posts and of use specifications.
Andrew Freeman
by Andrew Freeman Jan 13, 2022
Signing up for this dating site ended up being a good thing that actually happened to me my personal love life. Naturally, I'm youthful as well as not so adept so many more elderly daters. Anyway, my impressions include constructive. There are a lot horny men and women on this internet site! Often, we also don't forward communications but simply savor images. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into relaxed matchmaking at the moment. I do believe it's slightly very early for me personally to invest in one person. I adore studies and put the sight available. I'm constantly willing to sample new things in dating, and also this internet site allow a ton in noticing my favorite goals and preferences.
by Rylan Jan 09, 2022
Needed possesses an easy concept and direction-finding. Made packages are actually fair, and communicating choices are easy. Those viewing is decent, with quite a few interesting group. I was grateful to view these open-minded users that gone far beyond stereotypes and required personal guides. Simply put, my favorite experience in this application is good from all aspects. You will find no gripes and remorse. This app enables me to have a good time even when I can't pick someone for a romantic date. I adore communicating because provides me personally with information, regarding love-making, human nature, the present day dating market, etc.
Clara Harris
by Clara Harris Jan 05, 2022
Really love this particular service. We produced arrangements to satisfy everyone for a coffee and in some cases a celebration. I think it went very really. You will find not made the decision so far with regards to the next times, but I'm to my option to trinkets one which is actually specialized. Okay, desire me chance, every person.
Sheila Ramos
by Sheila Ramos Dec 31, 2021
I love this software as it really doesn't make the effort me personally with daunting exams. In reality, we don't rely on being compatible determined different studies since folks utilized to sit fairly frequently. Personally, It's simpler to talk and inquire points, creating dialogs all-natural. This website contains the functionality I want to recognize the on-line associates best prior to going out.
by Shelly Dec 25, 2021
I had been fairly questioning this would get anywhere, and I will see a thing important on this website. My pal likes online dating, and I've just enrolled with the site for fun. Well, okay, truthfully communicating, Recently I desired to establish that online dating willn't capture and say to him eventually, “There you are actually, buddy, I told you so.” However, i truly aquired online flirting addictive and moving communicating with actually interesting individuality. I've unique buddies and some people. Hence, I'm going to get a date brick and mortar and enjoy unique feedback.
by Joseph Dec 21, 2021
I happened to be happy to make contact with various folks on the internet site having most in common in my passion and way of life. I attempted additional applications before, i should claim that the standard of the match is way better in this article. That's why I'm really surprised ascertain a lot of damaging testimonies for the site. I then unearthed that consumers publish adverse statements even throughout the most useful applications. In this, they often reveal their unique outrage and emotions without specifying specific weaknesses associated with application. Therefore, I presume that they only cannot come across individuals that would complement these people and obtain crazy concerning their loneliness. Ergo, we should discover how to narrow these evaluations. Our site is very effective, but, without a doubt, it's not a miracle medicine. I'm pleased to easily fit in the city and take cool dates. Maybe, I'm simply considerably fussy than others, but generally, i believe I'm fortunate. A few other visitors might want more hours to discover like-minds. Nevertheless, I'd recommend this website for any varieties affairs because its viewers try varied, and individuals very active. Privately, I am able to often look for people web to have a chat and flirt. Besides, the software acts perfectly, and routing is pretty straightforward. Every essential choices are into the selection inside top of one's face. I'm confident online dating services never been simpler.
by Duncan Dec 19, 2021
The smartest choice I've ever made happens to be signing up for and employing this excellent website. I'm a relationship nowadays, and with thanks to the application for these types of luck. We're together for monthly together with an incredible time collectively. Therefore, i assume I found myself happy to meet my mate since complete process is wonderful on the website. All their options provides you with the possibility to choose a good deal regarding the lover before getting the very first day. Online conversation is really useful to catch someone who matches the specifications and fantasies. The occurrence on this site lead very much fun and ventures to my life. So, I'd suggest it for all consumers wanting good quality games.
Eddie Snyder
by Eddie Snyder Dec 13, 2021
As a first-time user, Seriously relish the knowledge. It's simple to make friends, so long as you tend to be productive and honor more individuals. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll discover the perfect complement? We don't care for at this point. Two good times is sufficient for me to date, and I'm appearing and waiting for a lot more ventures before concentrating on a possible wife. We realize that this site was perfectly designed for simple aim. The city are acceptable, and not one person tries to see under your surface. Thus, I feel safe possessing on the internet fun together with my friends. We obtain a few things to talk about, and so the times I've had gotten are truly stimulating. Extremely, I'm satisfied with the ongoing, and an affordable price is actually an extra.
by Leanne Dec 05, 2021
Magnificent dating internet site! I joined they just the past year and also, since after that found a couple of family with many benefits. Furthermore, we talk with a few owners from the best set. Talking is fantastic, as a chat gap is really handy. Owners include open-minded, friendly, and active. I've particular choice, with zero 1 judges myself. Thus, personally i think fully safe and safe.
by Kaden Dec 02, 2021
I stumbled onto my self trying to sit back and get into rebound love-making or informal online dating after a separation. But I got not a clue of steps to making it on line. Zero experience forced me to be afraid. I tried swiping, but such a shallow approach seriously isn't simple durable complement. I try finding the software wherein owners include hooking up, but I still recommended a good website. This option came to be a middle ground for me. No-strings-attached links, decent kinds, and matches, simple user interface, chatrooms. That's all I ever preferred. We went on a handful of hot goes, and after this I absolutely feel a lot better. Good solution for singles with no-cost solutions and good features. The cool concept was an excellent feel.
Betty McLaughlin
by Betty McLaughlin Nov 27, 2021
The web based times inside page are becoming great and attention-grabbing encounter for me. It functions completely for my self-respect and enables making unique relationships. They may not be dating so far but have a look providing. Additionally, actually beautiful for my situation to stop the snow and chat with folks from any state I enjoy. Searching kinds is definitely engaging, sometimes. It's always intriguing to determine how group present themselves when searching for closeness.
by Zander Nov 19, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and appreciate experiments. I'm definitely not monogamous, a minimum of presently. Frankly, my favorite habits is much from typical social norms, i typically think lonely even among family relations or nearby family. Quite a few seem to be attached, and I also'm going mix crazy right after I think their own substantial appearances. Hence, without a doubt, it's very difficult to select and go out with like-minds any time you inside a large area, wherein men and women are way too active to help make unique links. Hence, this in pretty bad shape is the reason for signing up with this site. And the feel is actually seamless. We been able to come across folks that decide equivalent abstraction and comprehend our want to remain free of cost, without dedication, promises, and all sorts of this different hooey. An additional fantastic thing is the fact that there I've satisfied some bi-curious users. I really enjoy the functionality associated with the internet site since it's really sufficient for preliminary connections. Perhaps, individuals need a lot more rewards, in my estimation, you need to get a date if you wish extensive connections. While checking kinds, I experience several empty sort. If only customers could spend a whole lot more focus on his or her appeal on the site. Talking about the site's functionality, things are ok. No problems with visit, emails, etc. assistance assistance is helpful as well as being available 24 hours a day. I'm content to come an online area for simple desires and dreams. It's great whenever society don't enforce the standards but is about the same web page.
Sharon Smith
by Sharon Smith Nov 17, 2021
Our site is fantastic for myself. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, they become a middle floor for your wants. We don't plan any dangerous relations now, but We won't escape while I see simple romance. Website does indeedn't pressure me personally and let obtaining all bells and whistles of standard relationships. Besides, I enjoy that your software is really handy to utilize, be it about course-plotting or installment. Prices happens to be average, and that I you should not grudge money in their eyes since I have the best advantages for rates they might require. I've previously met some decent individuals and obtain horny dates. Besides, I message with numerous customers to talk, laugh, and discuss various information, like love. I'm that I am during my category ever since the community is very friendly. Men and women don't judge you, because maybe in case you have obtained people in a bar.
by Judy Nov 12, 2021
We enrolled with this website just the previous year and have an awesome enjoy. These days, i've a qualified and mind-blowing mate, and we're close with each other. I'd advocate the software because We have learned from direct knowledge that it works. We observe that many of us often complain about no games, believing that they merely spend time and money. Continue to, I should be aware that when people cannot pick somebody, they often times start his or her problems to exterior aspects. Tasks, relation, adult dating sites, put simply, there is always anybody at fault. Nevertheless, you should never give up hope, and things are okay. One example is, it took me around 7 days in order to satisfy simple companion.
Rosa Green
by Rosa Green Nov 06, 2021
I want additional daters to understand that this particular service 100% performs optimally without tactics. Those that certainly crave to get touching someone special won't rue their particular option if becoming a member of the platform. The most important thing just isn't to quit. I've currently fulfilled my personal beloved, therefore are satisfied. I feel arousal and concord, and also that mean a ton. So, we have been crazy, which is never ever too far gone for people of various age groups and specifications. I will suggest this incredible website, therefore only test.
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