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BiggerCity Review 2021

BiggerCity Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is not only for dating but also friendship
  • Many features that make your experience interesting
  • Different payment methods
  • Available in many countries around the world
  • You can block an unwanted user.
  • It is a man only site
  • It mainly targets Caucasian men

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What is BiggerCity?

BiggerCity Review

The website is a platform that is designed for users who want to meet chubs, bears. Its primary focus is to link this kind of people. It is not like the usual dating site for men and women. It is more of a subdued porn website with sex-related content. However, the site has features that allow you to interact with other users outside the matching and hooking up. You are also allowed to take part in sessions and blogs, and you can check out other user’s media in their galleries and check out their websites.

Biggercity is an online community whose main target is the heavyset gays or bisexuals.

Is BiggerCity legit or scam?

Biggercity is a legit site. For the period it has existed, there is nothing fishy or illegal reported about it. However, some users try to sign up for scam activities, but they are eventually blocked by the site security team. Every payment that the users make to the site is worth every service is offered.

What members on this site

As mentioned before, the site is meant for gay people. They should be men who are interested in a particular charm for their potential partners. However, the site does not have that as a mandatory requirement for joining. Some members are not chubs or bears. Still, a more significant number of the population have that build. The website covers 160 countries in the world, with a majority of members located in the USA. the site has established its profile identity as follows;

  • 12% have no tag
  • 33% identify as chubs
  • 28% identify as chasers
  • 19% identify as bears
  • 8% identify as chubs4chub.

The site also has a target for Caucasian men of ages between 35 and 50. The users are always active on-site, although they do not initiate contact. Most of them are available in group features; that’s where you can meet and contact them. The site has users who are looking for either casual dates or even relationships. The site also has a significant number in the UK.

Sexual orientation

BiggerCity Review

The site is designed for men only. Men who are gay or bisexuals.

Age Distribution

The site mainly Targets Caucasian men aged between 35-50 years.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Creating a profile on Biggercity is a simple process that takes about ten minutes to complete. You have to be an adult of 18 years and above. This is mandatory because the site has a lot of extreme sexual information and images. The sign-up process is in two steps. The first step is to provide your login details, preferences, physique, and age. After you fill out this information, the second step is to verify your email. You will also have to indicate your location to enable you to find potential partners around you. Apart from location, you will also give your identity as a chub, chaser, bear, or chub4chub. However, the site does not have any strict measures to safeguard fake profiles. You can also not link your profile to other social media handles.

Profile creation

Like any other dating site, the profiles on this website follow the common template in dating sites. You are allowed to show the following on your profile;

  • Your biodata
  • Your physique
  • Interests
  • Your lifestyle
  • Level of Education
  • Employment or occupation
  • Your Location
  • Your preferences in bed
  • Your profile photos

Your profile will allow you to describe yourself in detail. You can change the information later if you want. When creating your profile, you are required to indicate your willingness to travel or relocate. This is because the site has members distributed in 160 countries in the world. This kind of information is vital to users since they can know how serious a member is in meeting them. When you upload photos, the site has to verify them before using them on your account. This is to ensure that the pictures are for real people, and do not have any sexual content. The site takes up to one week to approve the photos because of the volumes they receive every day. Every user with a basic account can access the full profile of all the members. There are certain photos that you can only access if a member allows you by granting you an unlock. There are also other photos that can be set as visible to premium accounts only.


BiggerCity Review

All users joining the site are allowed to send messages for free. There is a chatroom that you can interact with other users. For you to share any media on the platform, you need a paid subscription. There are three ways that you can search for members on the site. One is through search, then through available suggestions, and by interacting with users using the community features.

The search option also allows you to check out other users by their usernames. You can find links directing you to active users at that moment and those in your location on the menu bar. The links also lead you to users who may have birthdays on that day. The menu bar link feature is a form of a suggesting space. You are allowed to turn on the matchmaker feature that assists in suggesting profiles that fit your criteria about career, lifestyle, education, willingness to travel, and more. The other method you can use to find profiles on the site is by participating in community activities. In the community, you can check out blogs, forums, and chatrooms, and you click on profiles that look appealing to you. When using any of the methods mentioned earlier, you can send flirts to other users to show interest. You can go ahead to send a conversation or chat with them. However, sending any multimedia file is for premium members only.

Platform for use

Bigger city can be accessed on two platforms; the mobile phone app and the desktop version.


The desktop version is the best to use for the site since you can access it without limits. Compared to its app, there is no need to switch to the app since its limited to some specific features.


Apart from the website, you can also access BiggerCity on a mobile phone app. however, the app is limited to a few features, and most people prefer the website. You can only access the match-finding feature and chat functions on the app. It is so basic that it does not offer much or something unusual and unique. When you put the website into consideration, the users on the app are very few. Although they respond very fast, the fewer the users, the lower the chances of achieving your target. The website is more reliable for the users than the mobile app. The app is available for free for both android and iOS users. The features are also available for free regardless of the limitations.

Design and Usability

BiggerCity Review

The website is straightforward, although it does not have a reliable transition between sections. The photos used on the site are very outdated, and they also use clip art as part of graphic elements. The website has a larger population of older users, and this makes it have a window that has a date. This does not affect its loading. It does not take much data bundles when loading. The site may have too much information, but it works well for the users.

Even with the many features, it is easy to navigate the site. You can easily access the features without difficulty.

BiggerCity Costs and Prices

The website has a paid premium that allows users to access extra benefits. The payments can be made in different periods of one month, 3months, 6months, and 12 months.

1-month period costs 7.99usd, three months period costs 19.98usd, six months period costs 30.00usd and, 12 months period costs 50.04usd.

BiggerCity Review

You can access the website as a free member or a premium member. Premium members get access to many exciting features. Free members are limited to some. The following are features accessed by free users on the site.


  • You are restricted to the number of messages and chats you can have on the site.
  • When you are interested in a user, you can let them know by use of flirts.
  • There are chatrooms that you can take part in.
  • You can access the blogs and events on the site.
  • You can take part in the ruffle that takes place on the site.


The premium members, on the other side, can access the following apart from the free features.

  • You can make yourself invisible and inaccessible from other users.
  • You are allowed to upload unlimited photos to your account.
  • You can view other premium users restricted photos.
  • You have access to all the photos on site.

How to pay

The website has two options you can choose to pay for your premium. You can use our bank card, or you can pay by cheque.

Payment systems

BiggerCity Review

When you sign up as a premium member, you are entitled to many features that make your experience an exciting one. One of the main features you can enjoy is sharing your content on the website. With free membership, you can only see thumbnails on the galleries and not a full picture or full video. However, you can view other users profile contents. The users are not allowed to hide their identity while paying. The website is careful enough to hide the purchase. The free members can still enjoy their moments on site even if they don’t subscribe to premiums.

Safety & Security

The site has a safety regulation policy for the users. In case of anything, you are required to report to the support. Users are advised to read and understand the terms of service before signing up on the site.


The site is real with members in 160 countries. However, some fake profiles may compromise the safety of other users.

Special Features

BiggerCity Review

BiggerCity is a website that is interested in bringing many people together. Almost all of the special features the site attracts a number of people. It offers a chance for users to experience an exciting and great time with their friends. The site has got so many group activities that bring together members. They can talk about anything they want in such forums. Some of the special features offered include the following;


When you are a premium member, you are allowed to have your pictures or videos in the gallery. The photos and videos usually are erotic and explicitly sexual. Apart from the photos and videos, you are also allowed to have your drawings and art. For any user to view the website gallery, you have to be a premium member. Free accounts can only access by use of thumbnails.

The Directory

Public Chat Room Premium members are allowed to post about their online posts and websites in their directories. Other members can access the directory and read them. Most people post mature content; however, some users post about their individual thoughts or other people’s lives. The posts range from lifestyle, to cooking, and their erotic opinions. The site allows you to take part in public chatrooms with other online members. You can also create your chatroom where you make public your webcam for other users to join. The chatrooms are on different topics. You can choose one that you are interested in joining.


This is a feature that allows users to see upcoming events that are organized by other users. This is generally on a calendar of events. The events can be in the form of social assemblies or even parties organized by members of a certain location.

My Profile views

This is a feature that enables users to know who viewed their profiles. You can also view their profiles. This feature is not reliable because some members have the potential to browse anonymously.


BiggerCity Review

BiggerCity, a website meant for gays or bisexuals, does not allow females on site. The site is open for gays/ bisexuals who are looking for men who are heavyset built. However, it is not a requirement for you to join the site. Most of the users are Caucasian men aged between 35-50. Most of the users are looking for friendship or casual dates. Serious relationships are close to zero. The site organizes for meetups. The users, too, are allowed to organize their own in social gatherings within their localities. The site can be accessed on the website or a mobile phone app. The app is accessible for free on both android and iOS. The app is limited to features that are offered by the website. The website, on the other hand, is loaded with so many exciting features. Users have discovered that using the website is beneficial to the mobile app. You can access all the special features on-site. For the app, you can only access limited features. BiggerCity does not have any games for the users, but they can participate in chatrooms and social forums. You are allowed to post blogs and comment on other user’s forums. You can also create a chatroom and invite other users. This is how users meet others on the forum apart from searching profiles and taking recommendations. You can search for people around you using the website or the app. You will then get suggestions of matches around you. You can choose those that interest you and contact them. You can also block users you think are a nuisance to you. The free members are limited to the number of blocks they can have. The premium members are not limited to the number of blocks they can have. You can pay for premium membership by use of a credit card or a cheque. Other users may want to be anonymous with such transactions, but that Is not possible. The site can only protect your details from a third party, but you can’t pay anonymously. The site allows users to post photos to their profiles and also to the website gallery. Other users who are premium members can view the photos on your profile and even on the website galleries. According to reviews, the site is outdated when you consider the design and some experiences by the users. However, this does not hinder users from enjoying their experience on the website. The features make the site lively, with users responding to one other.

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