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Cheekylovers Review 2021

Cheekylovers Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 18-24
Profiles 300000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Cheekylovers has an outstanding database of users;
  • A ration of males and females is well-balanced;
  • Apps available;
  • The modern design of the website;
  • Policies that protect females on the site;
  • Communication strategies that speed up the conversations and push matches to a meeting.
  • Males are required to get a paid membership.

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Principles of operation of Cheekylovers

Depending on what part of the world you come from, Cheekylovers might confuse you with the name. The first thing that non-British users tend to ask is the meaning of the word ‘cheeky.’ Fair enough, it is a slang word. However, it does not mean anything wrong. On the opposite, it reflects the purpose of the site. Cheekylovers review looked into the priorities, values, and standards of the site. As a result, it was established that ‘cheeky’ means naughty. So, the website is for people who feel horny and want to satisfy their sexual desires instantly. It is also a platform where people meet for casual dating. Cheekylovers review identified that the site is optimized to serve the purpose of quick dating.

The site claims to be testing the limits of singles who sign up. It is a platform that allows freedom to do adult things. So, if you came there to find a husband, the chances are that you will be frustrated. This platform is a safe place for those who want to let the inner desires out and have no strings attached. As long as you keep that in mind, you will be able to enjoy the service.

The significance of the site is that users strive to impress. You might notice thousands of profiles of women and men who look like models. They might not be professional models, but they do post the professional photos on their profiles to find a more attractive partner. It is also a way to express for many people. Ladies, in particular, enjoy male attention and get a lot of appreciation for the photos.

It does not mean that every user registered has a perfectly polished profile. These are real people who want to express themselves in different ways, and you are welcome to do the same. Read on the Cheekylovers review to find out how to have a productive dating with the platform.

Principles of operation of Cheekylovers

Cheeky lovers is legit

To start with, Cheekylovers review of policies shows full correspondence to the international dating rules. It is a legit online service that has a pretty standard set of rules and terms of use contract. There is nothing unusual in the agreements that every user signs on the registration stage. The website promises to monitor the activity of other users but at the same time admits that controlling every move is impossible. So, it is the responsibility of every adult to take care of their safety. The users who are younger than 18 y.o have no right to register and should be reported in the case identified.

The terms of use agreement are legit and contain an address and the name of the owner company. It is registered in Malta and belongs to Together Networks Limited. It is a common practice to outsource the offices since then the maintenance of the company becomes cheaper.

Cheeky lovers is legit

Member Structure Overview

The Cheekylovers review of members identified specific categories of users interested in hookups and casual flings. It is wrong to put tags on people, though. The truth is that many people utilize this site as a one-time thing. It is a perfect solution to find a person for a night, have a good time, and move on. There is another category of people. The users who have a lot of unrevealed sexual fantasies and look for partners to practice them with. Last but not least, are the younger generation representatives who generally are not interested in establishing a long term bond and settle.

The countries where the site got special attention are Canada, Australis, the United States, Germany, and the UK. With about 300 000 users, the third part comes from the USA.

On sexual orientation

The site gives a set of options in the registration form. The users can select “a male looking for male/female” or “a female looking for female/male. No options for groups or couples. The ration of straight and homosexual users is approximately equal with the straight prevailing.

Age Groups

For sure, the users have to be 18 to register, and the site is battling against the registration of the underage users. It is hard since it is an age category that becomes a target audience of the site in a year or two. The largest age group on the site is comprised of people of 18 – 24 y.o. The second largest group is comprised of people of 25 – 31 y.o. The rest is shared between 35 – 39, 45 + age categories.

On registration

Surprisingly, the registration process is quick and with a strange rule. To sign up, you are required to type in gender preferences, name, zip code, age, and then email. Right after that brief form, you are taken to the site. Without having your email verified yet, you can see the incoming messages.

After that, you need to follow the link sent to your email. It happens that it comes to your spam folder, which does not mean anything. The site sends a lot of emails daily, and some systems treat it as spam. Put the letter from the spam to your incoming and mark it as a regular letter, not junk for the future.

As an alternative to email verification, you can opt for Facebook or Google account verification. It is shorter.

Cheekylovers On registration

Profile Layout

Cheekylovers review of the profiles registered with the site shows diversity. About 60 % of profiles are well-structured and filled in. Almost all of them have photos, age, and location.

Website analytics shows that profile matters. In this case, people are looking for quick dates, and they do not spend much time reading the section ‘About me.’ What they look at is the photo gallery. It is recommended to spend as much time liking photos of other users and visiting their pages. In that way, you get into their list of interested people. Remember to refresh your profile photo and add some selfies to your photo gallery regularly. It shows the users that you are actively using the site, and your profile is not abandoned.

Profile Layout of Cheekylovers

How to interact with other users?

To start an interaction with other users, you need to complete the registration and upgrade the membership. You can visit chats, send private messages, and even exchange SMS.

Platform Specifications

The platform is used for socializing and exchanging visuals. In general, it is not a sophisticated one but not the worst on the market. It comes in an app and desktop version.

PC version

The desktop version of Cheekylovers is colorful and well-structured. It does not have lots of pop-out ads and has a moderate amount of information. It loads quickly even at times of a high user activity, which is a good sign.

Mobile application

Cheekylovers mobile application for Apple works well and has no issues. The Android version comes with trouble since it should be downloaded via third party services. For some reason, the founders did not manage to put it in Google Play. Although it does not have any viruses, the process of installing it via the third party is daunting.


The design of the platform versions is modest but colorful. It is a design for young people.

Design of Cheekylovers


The main page of the site contains all the vital functions and sections. It is recommended to look into the terms of use and privacy agreement located on the bottom of the site. The communication features work well, especially on mobile devices, where users report bugs and have them fixed instantly.

CheekyLovers Prices

Cheekylovers has a couple of membership types. It can be one month, three months, or six months package. The price of one month is $36.41 ( it is $0.91 per day), the three months package comes for $61.24 ($0.51 per day), and the six months costs $98.99 ($0.41 per day). Besides, there is a short trial version for the users who hesitate to purchase the full membership, and it costs $0.99 per day (lasting three days).

Pros and Cons of Paid Membership

An interesting thing with the site is that male users have to pay to initiate communication with others and even to reply to the incoming messages. So, paid access to this site is not a privilege but a necessity. Luckily, it comes at affordable prices and has a trial version.

Payment Details

Cheekylovers review of payment rules identified a couple of rules you need to pay attention to. First of all, the site charges for subscription on the renewal billing basis. So, if you purchased a one-month subscription, the site will renew it unless you cancel it via your profile. There are some features that you can purchase separately. In any case, if you want a refund for the subscription, it is no possible. In case the refund is for some features purchased separately, you need to address the site. Also, if the membership started, you cannot ask for a refund.

Note that they deal with the online payments only, so no cash. When you pay for a subscription, the site charges the price highlighted on the website, but your payment system may withdraw some commission. The site is not responsible for the additional fees.

At times, the risk team is checking the billing details that users provide. For that purpose they may debit some amount of money from your card, it is going to be a minimal amount about a couple of cents. It is done to check if you are a real user and if the card belongs to you. You will get the money back.

Payment Details Cheekylovers

Payment Methods

Every user, regardless of the country of residence, can pay with the credit or debit card. For the users of the mobile app, it is easier to pay with Apple Pay. Note that in case you did use this payment system and you want a refund, you need to address them, not the website.

Safety recommendations

Visit the section “Dating tips” to find Cheekylovers review of recommendations on how to stay safe while dating online. These tips are valid not only for the dating sites but even for the social networks we use so actively nowadays. Although the website verified users’ accounts, it does not mean that you can trust your details or billing information to them. These may not be nice people, so run a check on them before you overshare. By check we mean listen carefully to their life story and look for flags. If a person is complaining to you about the complicated financial state, then it is a sign of a scam. The same applies when the person insists on leaving the dating platform and sending you the link to another source. What is the point of registering at the site at all? It is most probably a phishing scheme that wants you to press the link to steal your password and other personal details.

Scam prevention

Cheekylovers deals with sensitive content, but there is a limit to everything. The illegal activities banned by the terms of use are eliminated along with the accounts. It is a priority concern for the team, so the moderators always have tons of work to do.

Meanwhile, some users try to scam others in private messages, since they know that the moderators do not read them. Hence, be wise not to fall for the trap of a hacker and avoid disclosing your personality to everyone on the site. Keep your contact details private and use the site as a firewall that protects you.

More Features

SMS communication. To chat with users offline or via text messages, you need to purchase this feature. It is not a part of any membership plan, so you get it individually.

Like Gallery. It is another name for the list of profiles that liked your page.

Principles More Features


Cheeky lovers review approves this site for users. As long as you know the aim that it serves, your experience should be unforgettable. It is a place where you meet kinky and naughty people. All the ladies and gentlemen registered have specific tastes, and they are not afraid or ashamed to talk about it. Open up, and you will see the there are many like-minded people.

The site has a modest set of functions, but they serve the purpose well. With the existing features, users do not feel the lack and manage to go on dates and socialize. Whether you are 18 or 80, there is a match for you at Cheeky lovers since it is about the mindset, not age.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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