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Bumble Review 2021

Bumble Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 90.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The majority of Bumble profiles are genuine due to the phone number and photo verification procedures.
  • The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market free of charge.
  • Registration, profile creating, and navigating the platform are straightforward.
  • Men with standard accounts cannot send messages first. They have to upgrade their account to unlock the service.
  • There is a twenty-four hours time limitation for initiating contact and answering the first message.
  • Users cannot set filters and search for new people outside of the match recommendations suggested by the system.

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Getting Familiar with a Leading Dating App Bumble

The dating platform discussed in the Bumble review can fairly be called one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms. Though it has both a website and mobile applications, Bumble is predominantly an app. Bumble is a relatively young online dating platform developed in 2014. The founder is Whitney Wolfe, who previously worked at Tinder, which explains the similarities between these two apps. In this Bumble review and Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel article, you’ll find out how the app earned mind-blowing popularity in a short time due to its unique features.

Getting Familiar with a Leading Dating App Bumble

Legitimacy of the Platform’s Functionality

Any potential or existing user can get acquainted with the legal basis of the platform’s functionality in the Terms and Conditions section. Here, the platform states that it complies with the legal requirements of both the website’s and mobile applications’ functionality. Bumble collects users’ data, stores, and uses them according to the resolutions of data protection.

Analysis of the Platform’s Member Base

Bumble can fairly be called one of the leading dating apps in the industry of online dating and hookup. According to official records posted on the App Store and Play Market, the platform has over 90 million active users. This number is growing by 700 thousand each month. The geography of users is wide. The app is available in many countries. Bumble has plenty of users from the United States. The number of US residents exceeds 11 million. They are active users – 3 million monthly visits.

Sexual Preferences of App Users

According to research and analysis, 60 percent of Bumble users are men, and 38 percent are women. But this estimate is quite rough, taking into consideration that Bumble is open for people with different sexual orientations. In the section of their personal information, users can specify their sexual preferences.

Age Distribution of App Users

Bumble is mostly popular among young people, but surprisingly enough, the percentage of middle-aged and senior users is also high, so it’s easy to check Bumble or Hinge big comparison. The majority of Bumble members – 30% of the 90 million user member base belong to the 25-34 age category. The percentage of users aged 18-24 years old is a little bit less – 25%. People aged 35-44 years old take the 20% share of the user base. Fourth place belongs to the 45-54 age range with ten percent. Surprisingly, the percentage of senior people aged over 55 years old grows up to fifteen percent.

Age Distribution of App Users Bumble

Getting Starting by Creating an Account

This paragraph of the Bumble review aims to describe the options and detailed steps of creating an account. Users can register either on the application or on the Bumble. The site offers three variants of registration – with Apple ID, Facebook, and a phone number.

Previously, Bumble allowed opening accounts with Facebook only, which arouses people’s dissatisfaction since those with no Facebook accounts had no chance of getting registered. Later, Bumble introduced the option of registration using the phone number.

The signing-up process takes only a few minutes. In the case of registering with Facebook, you allow Bumble to import your personal information from your account. But the platform doesn’t make an additional check of the authenticity of the information on Facebook. In the case of registering with a phone number, you should manually enter your data like the name, birthday, passwords, etc. The address is enough to switch on your mobile device’s GPS, and the application will automatically track your location. It’s especially important because one of the essential features of Bumble is recommending matches close to you. And the final step is uploading a profile picture.

Getting Starting by Creating an Account Bumble

Improving the Quality of Profiles with Additional Information

The majority of Bumble profiles aren’t very detailed. The majority of people sign up with their Facebook accounts, and they don’t add up any information after registration. But it’s recommendable to improve the quality of profiles to attract more matches. Bumble allows filling in the fields of education, job and occupation, gender, etc. It’s imperative to also provide information about yourself by writing a short introductory paragraph.

All this information is displayed to other users when they visit your profile. All your photos – the profile picture and those in the albums are visible to standard and premium users. The added personal information is also public unless you change the settings and define the scope of users who are eligible to see your data.

Interaction and Communication in the App

Bumble is one of those unique online dating platforms where the messaging feature is free for all users and you can find more infromation at Bumble vs Okcupid article. The platform can be called a “feminist” one since women have the privilege of initiating a conversation first. When a woman sees a man’s profile, she has twenty-four hours to send him a message, and the person receiving it has another twenty-four hours to decide if he wants to answer. After the exchange of first messages, Bumble removes all time boundaries, and people can talk whenever they want.

Readers of this Bumble review may also ask about the messaging policy of Bumble in the case of homosexual relationships. Bumble allows gay and lesbian individuals to send the initial message first. It means that both parties have equal rights. The privilege of women over men refers to heterosexual people only.

The existing Bumble users may have noticed that the platform doesn’t have a search tool. The reason is that Bumble users can meet new people only if the system suggests them as match candidates. Users can set up match preferences by defining their gender, age, and distance from their current location. After that, the app will start recommending people based on the mentioned criteria. You can browse those profiles, skip or heart them and start conversations with those that match you best.

Interaction and Communication in the App Bumble

Options of Accessing the Platform

Bumble has applications compatible with iOS and Android devices and a website, so learn more difference between Bumble and Tinder. The Bumble site is not very popular among users. The platform is widely famous as an application. So, from the information mentioned in this Bumble review, you can conclude that the app is the fully functional variant of the platform.

General Overview of the Desktop Version

The design of the Bumble website is quite nice due to its bright colors. As mentioned earlier, the mobile application is the platform’s main and fully functional variant. But since the app is available for iOS and Android devices, the developers have also taken care of those who prefer using PCs and laptops or phones to work with other operating systems. The www.Bumble.com site is accessible from any web browser. The website is also optimized for mobile devices.

Application Compatible with Android and iOS Devices

The Bumble application compatible with iOS and Android devices can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market. Bumble became available for Apple users in 2018. It was placed in Google Play Market only in September 2019. Since the first launch, the application has been downloaded for more than ten million times from the Play Market only.

Since Bumble is an international platform available in many different countries of the world, the app is available in several languages for the convenience of its users. Besides English, it supports Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Hindi, Finnish, and other languages.

The size of the Bumble application isn’t significant. Android devices require 34Mb free memory and 5.0 and upper Android version. As for Apple devices, the app is compatible as long as the device has iOS 12.0 or later versions and 145.5Mbfree memory.

Bumble is quite a successful application, the proof of which is its ratings on the App Store and Play Market. Android owners think that the app deserves an average of 3.4 stars. The Apple users are more generous: the average rating of the app left by more than 702 thousand reviewers, is 4.2.

Bumble Application Compatible with Android and iOS Devices

Design and Color Solutions of the App

In this Bumble review, the platform has both applications and a website, but the main functional version is the app. It looks modern and very bright due to the yellow color that prevails in the design of the platform. The background is yellow, with the highlight of yellow parts. Some buttons are red or green, for example, the ones of answering or declining a video chat. In the message section, the texts you send are highlighted with white color and the received ones – yellow so, the whole communication looks like a sequence of yellow and white colors.

Quick Navigating the Application

Bumble is popular among people of all ages. The developers of the application and the site have made sure that both young and senior people won’t face any trouble with finding sections, buttons, or pages. The menu is located at the bottom of the screen. The icons send users to their profiles, the matching section, and the inbox. In the SuperSwipe feature, you can browse the profiles of people. By visiting someone’s profile, you’ll see their profile pictures, names, age, occupation, and education if available, as well as their self-introductory paragraph.

Bumble Design and Color Solutions of the App

Prices of Bumble Subscription and Credits

Like the majority of online dating platforms, Bumble allows users to enjoy the majority of its services free of charge. However, to get full access to all functions of the platform, users have to upgrade their accounts by subscribing to a premium membership plan. Durations of Bumble subscriptions are short. If you have doubts about whether the premium membership is what you need, you can purchase the one-week package at 8.99USD. If you don’t want to go for a long-term commitment, purchasing a one-month subscription can be the best solution for you. The packaging costs only 24.99USD. For a longer commitment, it’s recommendable to buy the three-month premium membership at 49.99USD. This package is the favorite one among users since the monthly price is only 16.66USD.

Besides, the Bumble Subscription package, users can also buy Bumble Coins. They aren’t expensive. The price of a single credit is 1.99USD. For purchasing five, you should pay 7.99USD. In the case of buying ten coins, Bumble will charge you 14.99USD. And finally, 20 credits cost only 24.99USD since the price of a single coin drops to 1.25USD.

Members use Bumble coins for two purposes. First, users can boost their profiles through the Spotlight feature to become visible to more people. Secondly, by paying for the SuperSwipe feature with Bumble coins, you receive the opportunity of telling your potential candidate about your interest.

Services Available for Standard and Premium users

As mentioned earlier in this Bumble review, the platform offers the majority of its services free of charge. However, the people who want to a full unlimited access can upgrade their accounts and use advanced features as well. Here are the free services designed for all Bumble users without exception:

Getting started with Bumble by creating an account either on the website or on the app is entirely free.

Right after registration, the system starts recommending matches.

Initiating a conversation by sending the first message is free for women and homosexual individuals. Straight men with standard accounts cannot start a conversation.

Standard users receive one re-match each day.

The Bumble application is free for all potential members.

If the features mentioned above are not sufficient, users can purchase a subscription and unlock access to advanced services.

Paid users unlock the BusyBee feature and extend the twenty-four-hour time frame on connections.

Premium users can re-match with the users that have been suggested previously, but for some reason, the connection was expired with no action.

Subscribers acquire an additional means of informing other people about their confident interest.

Paid members can see the list of people who liked their profiles in the swiping tool.

Prices of Bumble Subscription and Credits

How to Purchase a Subscription Plan

It’s been mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this Bumble review that the platform has a website and application. So it’s possible to make purchases in both places. To buy a subscription on the web, go to the upgrade page, choose a plan, then select the payment system, fill in the information required for successful transactions and confirm the payment. Users can also make purchases on the app.

How to Pay for the Purchase: Payment Systems

The systems available for paying the purchases depend on the platform of payment. If you want to pay on the Bumble website, you can choose either credit card or PayPal systems. However, in the case of in-app purchases, you have only one open – paying with a credit card.

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can terminate your subscription. For doing that, you should log in to either your iTunes or Play Market account, open the section of managing subscriptions and select the stop option. The premium services will still be available till the expiry of membership, and after that it won’t renew automatically.

Security Measures Implemented by the Platform

Bumble clearly understands that one of the main factors of earning people’s trust is the platform’s security system. For Bumble, the safety of users’ data is of paramount importance. Both the app and the website have automated anti-fraud and anti-spam systems that measure the percentage of compliance of users’ personal information with the terms and conditions of the platform. As a result, for security measures, the system can make automatic decisions to block accounts of users that seem suspicious.

How to Pay for the Purchase: Payment Systems Bumble

Measures for Preventing Scam

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Bumble review, the platform takes the security of users’ information seriously. Besides the measures mentioned above, Bumble also conducts photo and account verifications to exclude the registration of fakes. Pictures are verified manually by the Bumble team. If they confirm the authenticity of photos, users can continue using the platform as usual, but in the case of rejection, the accounts get blocked. To filter out fakes and robots, Bumble also requires verifying profiles via phone numbers.

What Features Make the Platform Unique?

Unlike the majority of online dating platforms, Bumble also allows finding friends. This platform, called BumbleBff, is available for all Bumble users. It just takes a second to switch on the BumbleBff mode and start browsing people’s profiles and looking for friends. The same way the platform also allows connecting people for business purposes. You should switch on the BumbleBizz mode and appear in the world of business connections.

The other fantastic feature is called SuperSwipe. It’s a paid service that allows informing other people about your interest in them. Once you swipe the person’s photo to the right, he/she will get notified about it. However, since the service is paid, make sure that you like the person before spending money on informing about it.

Bumble What Features Make the Platform Unique?


Bumble is an online dating platform that connects more than 90 million people worldwide. These users have joined Bumble to find romantic relationship partners, just friends, or build business connections. Unlike the majority of mobile dating platforms, women have some privileges here. For example, they can initiate communication by writing men first. Bumble has gained such popularity mainly due to its unique features like BumbleBff, BumbleBizz, SuperSwipe, etc. The majority of services are free, but the platform also offers advanced features available in the case of subscription. Overall, the Bumble website and app look bright, attractive, and modern.

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