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Bumble vs. OkCupid: What Should to Choose?

Bumble vs. OkCupid: What Should to Choose?

Bumble and OkCupid are dating sites where members sign up to meet their partners. Bumble requires you to download an app and join by creating your profile. Different from other websites, here, women are in control as they decide when to start the conversation as they are the ones to send the first message once a match has been made.

OkCupid is one of the leading dating websites. Users are always swiping left or right to find their matches. It’s easy and quick to get exciting members to talk to, flirt, and meet with. All this is due to the contacting features present on OkCupid. Here anyone can send the first message as long as the two have liked each other.

Summary Table

Just like any other dating site or App, Bumble and OkCupid have their strengths and weaknesses. We take you through many of these pros and cons for each of the two brands, Bumble and OkCupid.

Pros and Cons of Bumble dating website

Pros Cons
  • There is virtual dating where matches can voice chat and video call.
  • Users on the site enjoy protection from harassment.
  • The app allows you to find dates alone and gives you an opportunity to find business prospects and female friends.
  • Liking a profile on the website has been made easier as you only require to right swipe on the profile.
  • Women have been empowered as the conversion can only take off when the woman initiates the chat.
  • Setting up a profile can never be this easier as it only requires 300 characters.
  • The 24-hour deadline for a match to expire if the woman fails to make a move within that period seems quite an undoing for Bumble dating App.
  • Men cannot initiate the first message even if they are interested in the matches they found.

Pros and Cons for OkCupid dating App

Bumble vs. OkCupid: Quality of Matches

Matches on OkCupid are of high quality. It is attributed to the work that is put in. You will be subjected to a series of questions, and replies will determine whom you are matched with. You are matched with a user to whom you share your responses the most. It ensures high-quality matches.

Bumble has many users in the 20s and 30s, and this may make the site mostly for hookups and social networking. Searches are only based on their preferences like sexual preferences, age-range, and distance.

Country Availability

Both of these dating websites boast a huge pool of users. OkCupid has over 50 million users worldwide and over 10 million of these from the USA. The gender proportion is 35% females against 65% male users. Bumble has a 60% to 40% ratio of females to males. It has over 11 million from the USA with at least 700,000 new memberships monthly. The majority of these users, too, are between the age bracket of 20 to 30 years.

Pros Cons
  • You will not require a subscription to send or receive a message on OkCupid.
  • OkCupid has two different paid membership plans that are packed with premium features for you to enjoy.
  • It has a large pool of users from all over the world from which you can choose from making the possibility of you finding a perfect match more likely.
  • It has many users of different sexual orientations, making it appropriate for all users.
  • Since anyone on the site can create a profile and send messages on the website, not all users are serious about meeting someone.
  • Most of the users are here for casual relationships, and if you are interested in a long-term relationship, OkCupid may not just guarantee you that.
Website Popularity and Success Rate Link
OkCupid The platform has over 50m users receiving around 1 million visitors daily, translating to about 30m per month. Check it out
Bumble Bumble website gets around 6.3 million visitors every month. Check it out

Expert Opinion

OkCupid is more popular with a higher success rate than Bumble.

Reputation: Bumble vs. OkCupid

All the two dating sites have a good reputation as they were all started by re-known persons and companies. They have been here for quite some time, proving that the two websites are genuine and legit.

Sign-up Process

You can never access the dating services on the two Apps unless you sign up first. Each site has its procedure of joining.

The sign-up process on Bumble is relatively easy and direct. Just follow the following easy steps to get started:

  • Download the Bumble app and click on the login section.
  • Select one option as there are two options. Either log in with Facebook Or login by phone or email.
  • You can choose to log in with Facebook App.
  • You will be warned that Bumble wants to open Facebook, and you are to click on Open.
  • Click on Allow for Bumble to access your location services.
  • If you wish for Bumble to send you notifications, click on OK when asked.
  • Read through the tutorial which you are provided to understand the app well.
  • Go through the offers available, and if interested, click on the Sign Me Up option.

If you have successfully followed through these steps, you are now signed up, and you can start enjoying the services on offer.

When you are sure that OkCupid is your thing, you will be required to sign up just like any other dating website. The signing up process on OkCupid takes the following steps:

  • Go to your web browser and click on Provide information on your orientation, and gender then click on continue.
  • Provide information about yourself on birthdate, country, Zip code, as well as email.
  • Set up a user name and a password.
  • Upload your profile picture for other users to see you.
  • You will now be required to answer seven YES or NO questions about yourself to assist the website in pairing you with initial matches.

You will be ready to successfully start enjoying yourself once you carefully follow these steps to the latter.

Bumble vs. OkCupid: Profiles

On Bumble dating apps, profiles are arguably short and precise as they only require 300 characters. Besides, they are thoroughly verified. This verification is done by taking a selfie in a posture directed to you from the app. You can report fake profiles if you suspect any.

On OkCupid, you are likely to view other user’s profiles even if you are on the free version. All the uploaded photos are public on OkCupid. Setting up matches relies on the replies you give to the personality questions. However, these profiles are a bit detailed and contain more information about the user.

Interface Quality

Bumble dating app has an easy-to-use interface that allows many users to access it with ease and communicate with other users. The app is available, and you can log in just like the web version and enjoy the same features.

OkCupid too is user-friendly, neat, and attractive to the user’s eyes. It has a feature where you can see the next match lined up at the top. It may allow you to plan and save your likes for the next and better-looking match.

Hookup or Serious Relationship

On the Bumble dating app, the site mostly caters for hookups as matches are mostly based on user preferences, and the majority of the users are a young pool. On the contrary, OkCupid poses questions to you and matches you with people whom you share much in common. It is most likely to give rise to a lifelong relationship as you share much in common.

Best Choice for Men

Comparing the two dating websites, you can confidently say that with the features discussed herein, many men will opt for OkCupid. Here, the man can go ahead and send the first message on the website if you feel attracted to a partner. Unlike the Bumble app, you have to wait for a woman’s letter before you can start communicating.

Best Choice for Women

Of the two dating websites, the Bumble dating app best suits the women as it places them at an advantage and in the driver’s seat. Once you have found a match on the Bumble app, the women have the privilege to make a move and send the first message. It protects the women from having many messages from unpleasant people they are not interested in. Furthermore, the women are protected from people flooding them with so many text messages, but they only access those who interest them.

Features: Bumble vs. OkCupid

Though both dating sites are free, you can only enjoy limited services unless you are upgraded. On Bumble App, you can enjoy the following but not limited to these features:

You will have to verify your profile by taking a selfie copying the gesture you are shown on the app. Bumble allows you to rematch with your expired connections, see everyone who swiped right on your profile, prolong your matches by 24 hours, reverse any left swipe that may have been accidental. It gets unlimited swipes; you will have five super swipes per week; use our advanced filters to find your perfect matches. You can even activate the incognito mode to enhance privacy; you can swipe in other locations with travel mode. All these features are there to be enjoyed, and you must be aware that most of them will only be accessed once you upgrade to a paid premium.

When it comes to OkCupid, many features make it stand out from the rest. Some of these features include.

You will not be bothered by the many outside advertisements like the case for other websites. You will have a chance to send unlimited likes to other users, unlock all your intros and deal breakers. You can also see those people who liked you before liking them back. Besides, you can see everyone’s public responses to their questions before you answer. You can at any moment turn on incognito and off as you are the one in control. The sweetest part of it is that you can deny access to an account at any moment by blocking them. Like most dating sites, most of these features on OkCupid are enjoyed by users on paid subscriptions.

Dating Apps Usabilities

OkCupid has apps available for download free of charge. If you wish to download and start enjoying the services, you can download the app today. However, you will decide whether you want to upgrade to the premium subscription on the app. It will help you unlock exclusive features like seeing who liked you, use advanced filters in your searches, and avoid advertisements while browsing. You will enjoy all the features you still will enjoy were you to opt for the web version.

Bumble dating app is available and free of charge to download. Once you have the app, you can use the free version as you decide whether you want the paid version or not. Here on the Bumble app, you are likely to find more than just a date. You can even search for business connections. If you are looking for heterosexual relationships, the woman is the one who will be expected to initiate the conversation by sending the first message. The app was established way back in 2014, and it uses a swipe right and swipes left model to allow the users to match with potential partners.

Price Comparison

Bumble has a free version if you wish not to spend a dime on the website. You can download the app from the App Store or Google play store. However, there is a premium paid version referred to as the Bumble Boost. The cost of the paid version depends on the duration you wish to subscribe to. The price is as indicated in the table below:

Pricing Upfront Cost Monthly Cost
One Week $ 10.99 $ 47.62
One Month $ 24.99 $ 24.99
Three Months $ 10.99 $ 18.33
Lifetime $ 149.99

When it comes to OkCupid, besides the free version, there are many payment plans available that you can choose from to subscribe to. We have Basic, and Premium plans available: their prices are as shown in the table below:


Plan Monthly Cost
One month $ 19.95
Six months $ 14.95
One year $ 9.95


Plan Monthly Cost
One month $ 34.90
Six months $ 29.90
One year $ 24.90

Overall Impression and Final Thoughts About Bumble and OkCupid

Generally, both the two websites are excellent, going by their reviews above. However, depending on what you wish for, you will select the one which fits your best. Overall, OkCupid carries the day in comparison as it allows all equal chance to initiate the communication and has a serious matching process among other stand-out features. If your question is Bumble vs. OkCupid, you can decide now and sign up today.

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