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Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish: What to Choose?

Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish: What to Choose?

Are you looking for love or a hookup that will make you feel better? What are the odds of finding the right person online? When online dating appeared people have got the ability to build families and meet their soulmates without a problem. It’s the new norm now, but what site is better for finding the right partner? Which is better Zoosk or Plenty of Fish?

Zoosk is a spectacular dating app because here you can freely meet up for a hookup and build a relationship. It is the type of place that makes you want every dating site to be like that. So, if you don’t want to choose between a family and a date, try your luck here. Additionally, its innovative SmartPick feature allows you to find a partner with the most precise compatibility. Your match from this site will meet 100% of your needs.

POF or Plenty of Fish is one of the first dating sites created in 2003. It is one of the first places where online meetings could happen and still is one of the most popular dating sites for all ages. Additionally, POF is one of the largest platforms, with more than 90 million members. This site combines a dating platform and a matchmaking service. You can use it for dating, finding hookups, or a more serious mission. With an Ultra Match, it can find the most compatible partner for you in no time.

Summary table


Zoosk Plenty of Fish
+Site for flings and long-term relationships; +Site for dating and serious relationships;
+One of the most popular platforms; +Site with positive reviews and nominations;
+40 000 000+ users; +2,000,000 daily logins;
+Machine and manual search; +An Online Personality Assessment search method;
+A decent app. +A free app.


Zoosk Plenty of Fish
-Some accounts are misleading; -Not too gay-friendly;
-Does not have modern design; -Scammers exist;
-Expensive coins. -Too many matches leading to “peculiar” acquaintances.

Zoosk vs POF: Quality of Matches

Zoosk has a distinctive quality of matches because of its unique feature called SmartPick. This feature allows you to match with followers based on your choices on this site. Because of the intricate search engines and algorithms, the site remembers your visited profiles, people you flirt with, who you sent a text to, and who you match actively. For example, if most people you match are blondes, you will be suggested more light-haired people. The same goes for your hobbies and religion. Thus, the site remembers your selection and intuitively understands your best choices.

Because Plenty of Fish is a matchmaking site, it concentrates mainly on the people you choose. The site uses an online Personality Assessment for clear choices. Additionally, POF works with an Ultra Match feature that allows you to see top-50 compatible people daily. Remember that you receive new matches every day, which means that you can rely on machine search even though you don’t have much time to scroll through every profile.

Country Availability

Zoosk has 1,600,000 daily logins, with 20,000,000 coming from the United States. And, given the high rates, it’s fair that you meet individuals from all over the world, including Northern and Southern America, Europe, Russia, Asian countries, Africa and Australia.

POF is a site for users worldwide. It has an insane amount of activity daily, with more than 2 million logins. Imagine what these rates mean. It means that more than 2 million people attend this site to search for their partner and talk to a stranger. The majority of these people are from the US. Approximately 78 million people are Americans. However, you can find visitors from all over the world and different countries, continents, and states, including Asia, Africa, Australia, Southern and Northern America states, Russia, and European countries.

Reputation: Zoosk vs POF

According to the majority of Plenty of Fish vs Zoosk reviews, both of these sites have reasonably positive reputations among representatives of different age groups. Zoosk is good because it allows people to feel young at heart no matter what social status they represent. Furthermore, it has more than 38 million people who praise how the site works and how it operates and treats its clients. Moreover, Zoosk allows people not to feel ashamed of their need for casual sex and dating. It doesn’t push the toxic family-oriented agenda, saying that you have to use dating sites strictly for marriages.

Plenty of Fish is another legendary site that has mixed reviews. However, it has been a raging success in the early to mid-2000s. But POF had some scandals connected to the site’s negative politics against the LGBT community. Because this site hasn’t always been gay-friendly, many people refused to support it.

Sign-up Process

Zoosk has an easy and quick sign up process. All you have to do is provide the site with the basic information, including your gender, birthday, email address, gender preference and zip code. After that, you will need to activate your account by following the link sent to your email box. After that, you can easily access the website and continue your work there. You can further activate your account by linking it to your Twitter or Facebook, making your page more credible.

POF has a detailed questionnaire that will make you have fewer chances of finding a partner not entirely suitable for you. All you have to do to sign up is mention your and preferred gender, the information about your residence, the languages you speak, the relationship you seek, plans of having children, your ambitions and hobbies, etc. All of these questions are crucial, and you cannot skip them. In addition, the site doesn’t require a connection to other social media because it exposes you and shares information with third-party apps.

If someone doesn’t want to get their information leaked on Twitter or Facebook, they choose not to connect their accounts to other social media where someone can understand they use dating platforms.

Zoosk vs POF: Profiles

Comparing Plenty of Fish vs Zoosk doesn’t happen without evaluating profile quality first. Zoosk profiles look decent because they are straightforward to understand someone’s image by looking at their interests and bio. In addition, most profiles are filled in with information, so it’s easier to understand who’s in front of you. People do this not to waste time with other visitors and give a straight perspective about their relationship goals. Furthermore, most visitors and site members have verified profiles.

POF profile describes details about those who use this site. You will also learn about the visitor’s family tree to calculate your compatibility and save time. Detailed profiles are a must and cannot be skipped during registration. You will see eight photos as a free visitor and 16 pictures as a paid member. You can also see someone’s face in an almost natural look because this site doesn’t accept over photoshopped pictures, which is a good thing. After all, it allows you to get away from the toxicity of being perfect on social media.

Interface Quality

Who has a better design when comparing Plenty of Fish vs Zoosk?

Zoosk does not have a very modern design because it could use more features and a better color scheme. It looks plain and maybe unappealing for someone, but it’s worth visiting in terms of its easiness. Not having too many features can be good when the user doesn’t work with computers much.

POF design is not very modern, although it’s loved and appreciated by daters. Instead, it’s eye-pleasing and outdated at the same time.

Hookup or Serious relationships

These sites are equally applicable for hookups and serious relationships, although Plenty of Fish is more known for having mindless sex than building a long-term relationship. Because older people and youngsters use it, there is a healthy balance between sex and relationships. Zoosk provides its users with an easier way to find a partner for all purposes.

Best choice for man

Zoosk has leverage when it comes to dating women. Because this site represents males and females equally, men have more chances to get a girl without strong competition.

Best choice for women

Plenty of Fish will be more successful among women because 60% of visitors here are male. So, women have better perspectives and can see a gallery full of males.

Features: POF vs Zoosk

Zoosk has various special features, including a carousel that works similar to Tinder, a SmartPick search engine, dating insights and connections. In addition, the site uses boosts to create more hype around your persona on this platform.

Plenty of Fish has more exciting features, including Chemistry Predictor, Ultra Match, Meet Me, Super Yes, self-care resources and Today’s Catch. In addition, it uses tokens that are similar to Zoosk’s boosts.

Dating Apps usabilities

Zoosk has a simple design to please everyone’s eye and great usability. It doesn’t involve too many details, which is a good thing. All you need to access is a menu on the left side of the page. There is a subscription button for your convenience. The major functions are on the upper right side. What’s more? You will see a chat icon and notifications. Essentially, that’s all you need to know about usability.

POF looks complicated if you visit the desktop version. It is because the application was made easier and more functional. But because the site version is old and was designed long ago, there is nothing to be surprised about. You can see all of the functions and options in the mobile version. It’s easy to understand what you need to do on this site because its functional panels are straightforward. You can tackle and toggle your page however you want and use every aspect of your profile. As to usability, POF may look difficult when you see it for the first time, but when you start using it, you will enjoy the process.

Price Comparison between them

Price Zoosk POF
1 Month 29.99 USD 7.95 USD
2 Moths 38.70 USD
3 Months 59.99 USD
4 Months 51.00 USD
6 Months 74.99 USD 23.70 USD
8 Months 81.40 USD

Both of these platforms use a free and a paid membership.

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about Zoosk and POF

In a tough Zoosk vs POF battle, Plenty of Fish wins because it has free features where you still have to enjoy conversations with other users without paying a dime. Also, it can boast more unique features and an 8-month plan.

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