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PlanetRomeo Review 2021

PlanetRomeo Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 70%
Beauty 76%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche dating website
  • Free messaging
  • Subscription plans can be gifted
  • Unique features
  • Facebook login available
  • Photo upload is compulsory
  • The dating platform can be used with a free basic account
  • Free app available for both Android and iOS users
  • Promo code available
  • Limited accessibility with a basic free account
  • Fake members
  • No strict verification process
  • Viewing private photos including nudes need individual grants and a paid subscription plan
  • Less detailed user profiles

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Introducing PlanetRomeo

PlanetRomeo, which was once a place for all lesbians, transsexuals, and gay men, is now an exclusive and a much larger world for the Gay community. PlanetRomeo Review reveals that the site came into existence in 2002, and Manuel Abraham and Jens Schmidt take the credit for creating a large dating community. Although it was an all-German space back in the time, today, with its rebranding, the dating platform reaches almost every nook and corner of the world. The popularity of the PlanetRomeo is the reason for the platform to get the name for being the largest gay dating community. The name comes with the promise of a high rate of activity on the platform, and to meet the demands, PlanetRomeo Review finds the site in six different languages. The language variations in both app and website versions allow its varied audience base to easily find friends and romantic partners from anywhere around the world.

Introducing PlanetRomeo

Is PlanetRomeo A Legit Trusted Dating Platform For Gays?

PlanetRomeo is a legit dating platform for a particular audience. Since 2002, the dating site has been able to attract and reach out to homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people worldwide. But the thing that gave PlanetRomeo a name and credibility was its ability to help them find friends and partners for both relationships and partners. The growing popularity only helps the platform with an impressive rate of activity. Although the lack of strict moderation could affect the quality, the fact that it only allows people above the legal age to join the platform makes it trustable. Also, despite the tender registration process, PlanetRomeo boasts of excellent quality profiles mostly. The high activity rate on the dating site is proof of that.

Detailed Member Distribution

PlanetRomeo boasts of a beyond impressive audience size as large as six million. It may not be huge compared to other popular dating platforms, but it is still significant, given it is an all men niche dating club. The dating platform has become a home ground for men with varied sexualities looking for other men. Although the platform is quite popular across the world, the PlanetRomeo Review finds European countries like Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, etc. show a greater dominance on the website. As mentioned before, the website is the perfect place to interact with men for various purposes, like dating and friendship. However, it is typically that most members on the platform seem to be using PlanetRomeo for sex on the internet.

Detailed Member Distribution

Which Sexual Orientation Is Allowed On The Dating Site?

The PlanetRomeo Review reveals that the site earlier was a house for homosexuals of both genders along with transgenders, but now it is not. The platform has been active since 2002, and while at a time it did attract and allow lesbians, now PlanetRomeo only welcomes men. Although the basic idea behind the dating site is Men finding Men, it allows the male gender with both bisexuality and homosexuality to register on the website. Of course not to forget there is a space for the third gender as well. Transgenders can also use the platform to find men of their choice by clearly stating what they are looking for in their user profiles, just like other men on site. However, PlanetRomeo Review finds that gay and bisexual men particularly dominate the platform with their sexual needs.

Details Of Age Distribution

The minimum age to be a part of PlanetRomeo is 18, of course, although it does not have a maximum age mark mentioned on its site. Despite the flexibility, there are not many men in the age group of 55+. However, the audience base on PlanetRomeo does show a fantastic variety in the age segment. Besides a few age groups which show more significant numbers than others, the other age groups are not disappointing either. The age groups that mainly show high popularity is 26 yrs to 35 yrs. But the age group right after that which is 36 yrs to 45 yrs gives it a tough fight. However, there is no need to worry about the age distribution as the gay members, and the transgender audience base is quite open to all members irrespective of age groups.

Details Of Age Distribution

The Process Of Registration & Signing Up

PlanetRomeo Review finds that the process of registration and signing up includes simple steps. The dating site gives all its new users two ways to sign up on its platform quickly. One can choose the Facebook login option, through which PlanetRomeo grabs all the necessary information from the social media account, keeping your privacy. The social login makes the process quickest and saves the user from typing and filling away the registration application form. However, in case you don’t have a Facebook account or simply don’t want to use it, opt for the normal process, which is not complicated or lengthy either.

The user first needs to enter a unique username and then, after finalizing on one, enter his date of birth. Remember that the minimum age to enter the PlanetRomeo website is 18 years. The user then needs to enter his email address and password and not forget to accept the terms and conditions. The registration process also involves a necessary step of uploading a profile photo. After the initials, the user receives a verification mail, clicking on which takes you to the Interview section, the profile creation process.

Steps To Create A Profile

Right after you click on the verification email, you land upon the Interview section. The Interview asks you questions such as your sexual preferences, what are you looking for on the website, physical details, etc. While a few things are compulsory, not all questions that may make your user profile look detailed are not. Thus, you will find most user profiles on PlanetRomeo not detailed. After the Interview, you get to access the website. PlanetRomeo Review reveals that browsing through the profiles is free, and there is no limit to viewing profiles. Clicking on any photo you like will cause the user profile of that person to pop-up. The pop-up shows a large version of the profile photo of the user on its left. However, the right side enlists details like sexual preferences and the reason behind using the platform, etc. Also, there are other pieces of information like last online, social connect, at the bottom. The user profile pop-up also shows you the rest of the gallery’s photos, however, blur. The blurred images lead you to the private gallery of a person. One needs to ask for permission to view the images, the button for which is right there on the blurred image.

Steps To Create A Profile

How To Connect And Send Message On The Dating Platform?

PlanetRomeo Review points out that the dating platform is one of those rare sites that allow its members with basic free accounts to use all their connecting features. You can send a message and access the instant messenger without paying anything. But that’s not all; you can also add friends to your favorite list with a tag and check out all your profile visitors within the last 24-hours for free. However, messaging is not the only way to get in touch with a man on PlanetRomeo. There is a unique way of showing your interest to members on the dating site by sharing stickers, known as the Footprint. Footprint stickers are available mainly of two types, namely ‘The Hot Stuff’ and ‘Compliments.’ While the hot stuff includes remarks about the sex appeal of a person, like ‘hot butt’, ‘sexy’; the compliments involve comments like ‘so cuddly’.

PlanetRomeo, along with having exciting ways to connect, also has fantastic new ways to search for the right partners. The dating site has a unique list of categories to find a likable partner based on various qualities one looks for on such a platform.


A unique feature that allows you to find a partner during a visit to a new place. You can search through the calendar for a particular date and find people visiting your city on a particular date.


The category enlists three types of people, one who is nearby your location, two are the new members, and three who are active.


Find and book yourself a professional gay escort for an out of the moon experience. The page shows the available options, their rates, services, preference, etc.


The category has subcategories that filter out user profiles based on their profile photos.

  • Twinks show cute and young boys.
  • Jocks enlists the sexiest men.
  • Gents filters experienced and mature men.
  • Muscles show members with hot and built bodies.
  • Bananas filter out men with their private areas on show.
  • Apples enlist the men showing their bums on their profile pictures.

How To Connect And Send Message On The Dating Platform?

Versions Of The Dating Platform For Various Devices

The available versions of a dating site become of great importance simply because different versions directly impact the user experience. While a website has its advantages, a mobile app for a dating site in today’s mobile world adds convenience. The combination of both creates the best experience for dating site users. However, not all popular dating sites today have both the desktop and mobile versions for their users. Let us check how a user can reach and log in to PlanetRomeo using different devices.

Website Version For Desktop

PlanetRomeo has a classic website version for all the desktop users and those who are not comfortable using the mobile app. The website performs well on both desktop and mobile browsers with a reasonable response rate. The design of the PlanetRomeo website is pretty interactive and looks rather stylish on a larger screen. And thus, although the mobile app looks good, the website looks better given the number of features.

Mobile Version For App Lovers

PlanetRomeo, just like all modern-day dating platforms, offers its platform on the mobile and well-designed, interactive mobile app. The PlanetRomeo dating app is available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android users for free downloads. While the design of the mobile app is a modified version of the website, the functions and features remain the same.

Design, Interface & Usability

The website is pretty good in using different shades of Blue with black screen space to give the design of the dating platform a very sexy look. The interface of the platform changed on both versions for the apparent reason- space. While the website is much more detailed as it gets a larger space to utilize, the mobile app design combines many features for better space management.

How Is The Navigation On The Site?

The navigation on the website happens through the website header, which racks up many features and sub-features. Although the mobile app screen, too, has its navigation bar, which is at the bottom of the screen. The bar combines the similar features from the website to create one button. The navigation bar on the mobile app has only five functions: Discover or Radar, Footprint, Messages, Travel, and Options, compared to many on the website version.

How Is The Navigation On The Site?

PlanetRomeo Subscription Plans: Costs And Prices

PlanetRomeo is not a free dating platform. One needs to purchase a subscription plan to access the full website. Although all the basic and the most important features are available to the free users, there are unique features and a full website access that stays locked up behind paid plans. The best experience is a luxury on PlanetRomeo, and one can only access it after paying for it.

Services That You Get For Free Vs. Paid On The Dating Site

Free Services On PlanetRomeo

  • Unlimited profile browsing
  • Search filters
  • Footprint stickers
  • Favorite list
  • Adding Friends
  • Send three requests for private albums
  • Profile visitors in last 24-hours

Paid Services On PlanetRomeo

  • See private content
  • Ad-free
  • Profile visitors in last 7-days
  • Browsing anonymously
  • Save search filters
  • Unlimited album access

How Do You Make Payments On The Dating Site

First, you find the payment section from the account settings and then select a preferable subscription plan. Although the price of the subscription plans get customized for your location, the billing is always done in Euros. Here are the available subscription plans on PlanetRomeo.

PlanetRomeo Plus- Subscription Plans



Costs Per Month

One Month

$ 10.11

$ 10.11

Three Months

$ 23.58

$ 7.86

One Year

$ 67.32

$ 5.61

Available Payment Modes For Payment Completion

Once you decide on a subscription plan on PlanetRomeo, proceed to make the payment for it. The price of the subscription plans is not too heavy on the pocket, unlike many dating platforms; however, there are unique features the platform offers to its members. On proceeding, a user gets greeted by the payment gateway that offers you the option of paying through a PaySafeCard or a Credit Card. Once you select the option, the payment gateway instructs you in simple language with the steps. Lastly, do not forget to look for promo codes for discounts on the internet for PlanetRomeo before making the payment.

Is The Dating Platform Safe?

The payment gateway on the PlanetRomeo is protected with updated encryption to keep your payment details safe from cyber threats of thefts. The website also has a system of blocking users for its members if someone bothers them, trying to ruin their experience on the site. The dating site also has an email verification system to protect its platform from bots. Also, the minimum age for becoming a part of PlanetRomeo is eighteen that protects the vulnerable and sensitive audience from using an adult dating website. All in all, PlanetRomeo can be flagged as safe.

Is There A Fear Of Scam On The Site?

Although the verification process on PlanetRomeo is not very tough to crack, surprisingly, there are not many fake profiles doing rounds on the platform. The dating site is pretty active and free from scammy and fake people. It is one of the biggest reasons behind the undying popularity of the gay dating platform.

Is There A Fear Of Scam On The Site?

Unique Features On The Gay Dating Platform

  • Rating Photographs

The feature allows you to rate photos of other members with Flower, Popsicle, Fire, Match, and Illegal. Each of the options indicates a particular quality that rates the picture in a specific type.

  • QuickShare

It is a private album that requires your permission to view the images in them. Members can use this to upload and protect their nude images.

  • Meet The Romeo Blog Feature

The blog section features a member every week for inspiration.

  • PlanetRomeo Foundation

It is a charity foundation of the dating site that funds various projects for the LGBTQ community.

Unique Features On The Gay Dating Platform

Conclusionary Words

PlanetRomeo serves as a meeting place for all gay men in the world. It helps them connect with their community to find friends or dating partners. Although the platform as the largest gay dating community attracts many men, the free connecting features for basic member accounts serve as an addition. With the high activity rate, excellent profile quality, and unique features, the website’s availability in different languages also makes PlanetRomeo a hit dating platform.

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