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ChatFriends Review 2021

ChatFriends Review 2021
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 21-28
Profiles 760000
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Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free profile set up;
  • Access to multiple interaction features (YouTube, BBC radio, Games, etc.);
  • Safe chats in rooms with any topics;
  • Strict safety procedures (no VPN allowed).
  • Free account is sinking in ads since it is ass sponsored.

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How does ChatFrineds work?

The UK-based project ChatFriends was launched in 2020. It managed to get into the headlines, luckily for the good reasons. In particular, the reason why the site got attention is due to the creative approach to an old concept. Chat rooms existed on the market for ages. In fact, everything started with chat rooms. Even nowadays, there are still some old websites that have loyal customers in their favorite groups. ChatFriends review discovers the novelty in the project. What are the key functions? How does the service fit into the modern setting and stand competition? Everything you need to know about the users, admins, moderators, and other participants. ChatFriends review provides the final verdict on whether the platform is better than competitors in terms of usability, price, and other criteria.

The novelty of the site is in its incorporation of features into chat that usually work separately. YouTube, for example, is a separate resource that has nothing to do with dating and chatting. However, almost every person on the planet knows what it is, and every second person uses it daily. So, why not make it easier and insert a YouTube search into the chat? The same applies to stream live radio stations. People listen to the radio daily, most of the time they work or relax. Making the radio available in a chat room increases the practical use of it.

ChatFriends dating has appeared as a natural development of the conversations between adults. It was originally a community for socializing and becoming friends, but what can be better than dating a person you feel a natural connection with? It turned out that people prefer the platform with rules that create a friendly, not sexual atmosphere and lead to strong relationships.

How does ChatFrineds work?

ChatFriends is legit

ChatFriends review of standard operating procedures shows transparency. The site has a list of features and standard fees for them. No additional charges are withdrawn. Ads sponsor the free accounts, and the website warns about it on the registration stage.

The chat rooms have an age restriction. The youngest users, though, can be 13 years old. With that in mind, the moderators work on filtering the information in chats and keeping a healthy atmosphere. Among the moderator are permanent employees and some of the VIP members of ChatFriends.

Member Representation on the site

Since the ChatFriends review of topics shows a wide variety of subjects, the user pool is diverse. These are people of all age categories and backgrounds. Among the most popular countries of residence for users are the UK, Germany, France, and Italy. The site is relatively new but is on the process of acquiring a large membership base.

Unfortunately, there is a list of countries that are not allowed to access the website. If you have trouble registering, contact the support via the ‘Contact us’ button on the bottom of the page. The support will reply within 24 hours.

Sexual orientation restrictions

Among the benefits of the site is the absence of any restrictions on sexuality. All genders are welcome. The main page contains the list of popular topics, and one of them is the LGBT+ community. The site gained the trust of many gay, lesbian, and bisexual users.

Age Groups

The legal age for the site is 13. If the person is suspected to be younger, the account will be dismissed. The largest age group represented on the site includes people of 18 -23 y.o. Since the topics discussed are not dictated by the site, any user can come and open a conversation. So, the senior and younger generations are actively participating in the chats.

It should be noted that the site tries to serve the needs of various age categories. It forces the founders to separate the users for their own sake. For example, teen chats have age limits 13 – 18 y.o. The adults should not interfere in the conversations to prevent any trouble.

ChatFrineds Age Groups

Registration Tips

ChatFriends review of the registration form shows simplicity and a lot of options. The user can tie the account to Facebook or Twitter, which speeds up the signing up process. Also, the registration with email is available. It is crucial to have access to the e-address you indicated, in case you forget the password in the future. Besides, it is a good safety measure to change your password regularly.

Note that you should not use any IP hiding software while registering or using chat rooms. It is a safety precaution taken by the website. Mind that photo you upload and make sure there is no nudity depicted. It is a reason to get kicked out of the site.

If you want to remove your account, log in and go to settings. Select the option to delete the account. Your request will be processed immediately, and account closure happens after seven days. Meanwhile, you can reverse this process if your mind changed.

Your data is safe with ChatFriends since the e-address you provide is only visible to moderators.

Profile Characteristics

A condition you need to fulfill on the registration stage is to create a well-structured profile with an image. ChatFriends moderators do not require a real photo, and it can be an avatar. Your profile will be approved if the image and text does not violate the rules of the platform. You can find these in the section “ChatFriends Rules.”

User Interaction

ChatFriends review of the rooms showed the top six subject users like to discuss. Currently, the website offers communication in the chat rooms, and the plan is to add a web camera to that. So, the topics you see right after you join are LGBT, parenting, introduction (making new friends), mental health, teen chats, and games & quizzes. Every user has an option to create a private or public chat or join the existing one.

Private message options are available to users who purchased the membership package. Note that the messages you exchange with others remain on the server for three days. They are deleted, unless you are a VIP member. With the subscription, chat history is a special feature you can access.

Platform Features

ChatFriends has a modern design and user-friendly layout. The main page contains one page with different sections. All the information about the services is presented in a well-structured and understandable manner.

PC Version

The free users will have to tolerate the ads. In case you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, get a membership. The PC version loads quickly, and all functions work smoothly. The colors used are navy blue and white, along with the nice visuals. On the bottom of the main page, you can find the links to ChatFriends accounts in social media and the useful information about the website.

Is there a mobile application?

The mobile application is available but with limited access for Android users only. It is a cutting-edge design application with a set of exciting functions. ChatFriends cooperates with the famous video and audio streaming sources. All of the functions work smoothly in the app if the user has a stable Internet connection.

Basic functions

The functionality of the site is based on the interaction in the chat rooms. All the features serve the function of socializing. The messages can be sent in a written or audio format. It is possible to add photos and gifs if the user paid for membership. In general, ChatFriends has a rich set of functions.

ChatFrineds Basic functions

How to navigate the chatrooms?

The chat rooms can be created and joined. Besides, some VIP members become the moderators in chat rooms. The moderators can filter the information according to the website code of conduct, and terminate the accounts. The user can create a personal chat room with restricted access and become a moderator of that group.

ChatFriends Prices

ChatFriends review of pricing policy shows an affordable package. In general, the user can remain on a free account. However, the free stuff is sponsored by ads, so it might get annoying at some point. The price of membership called VIP is £29.99 per year.

Standard & VIP Memberships

The purchase of VIP membership is a way to access more features and support the website development. If you like how the site functions, spend a couple of pounds on membership, so the founders could enhance your experience with the site. By getting a paid package, you get access to the following features:

  • Enhanced chat tools;
  • Connection with YouTube and a set of gifs;
  • Permission to upload photos;
  • Exchanging private messages and even voice messages;
  • Play radio.

Payment Instructions

Since there is no limit to the age of users, or to be specific, the limit is low, and there is a need to protect younger members. In particular, the site is striving to prevent them from being contacted by scammers. So, to have access to certain features, like private messages, the user has to purchase the membership. The payment system available should be verified. That way, the site knows that the user is not attempting to do anything illegal.

ChatFrineds Payment Instructions

Payment Options

The payment option available is PayPal. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can either set one since it is convenient for many online purchases or use credit cards.

How is the security of online communication provided?

The site is working under the protection of an SSL certificate, and it means that your data is safe. A separate payment system processes the payments, so the website does not store your billing information.

ChatFriends does not allow using a proxy to prevent scams and hackers. Also, the users should not hide their IP in any other way. Besides, the moderators and administrators are doing diligent work checking all the accounts and reports from users.

Scam preventing policies

ChatFriends review of safety measures found a section dedicated to Online safety. The site has its manual with the top recommendations on how to protect yourself from online hazards.

  • Do not share too many personal details on your profile. The site offers to select a user ID and username to stay anonymous. The same applies to your contact details. Communicate with others via ChatFriends account to avoid disclosing too much about yourself.
  • Chat in groups, and do not leave the platform. The minute you leave the platform, you risk being traced. The IP or password can be detected if the user sends you the link, and you follow it.
  • ChatFriends is not a platform for trade, and it should not be used for any commercial purposes. So, if someone sends you an offer to purchase stuff or ask for money, the person is illegally conducting this activity.
  • Moderators are especially helpful when it comes to underage users. Report the user if you suspect an underage person or impersonator.
  • VIP membership serves as a barrier for scammers and online offenders. Sending images and private messages is not allowed unless the membership is purchased.
  • ChatFriends does not allow using VPN. It prevents tracing the user in case of the incident.
  • There is an option for parents to delete their child’s account if they feel the need to. The site can also ban the IP, so the child cannot access the resource again.

Chat Room Features

ChatFriends review of special features shows a variety of entertaining options.

  • Voice messages. With the Premium membership, you can save time on typing and send voice messages. The next update that the founders are planning is adding a video connection.
  • YouTube videos. Only for users with a Premium membership. Exchange and discuss topic-related videos.
  • Radio. Enjoy radio stations of any music tase Kiss, Gold Radio, BBC, etc.
  • Gifs. Like in many social networks, ChatFriends added animated pictures to spice up your conversations.
  • Paintings. You can draw a picture instead of writing a message.

Final Thoughts

ChatFriends is a special resource that serves well to people of all age groups. Since the groups allow any subject of discussion and moderators are always there to cool down the atmosphere, every member has a chance to express. It is vital in the modern world where people are judged for unpopular opinions and hardships. The site provides a platform to find a date or a friend and a platform to talk things out. It is a kind of psychological and spiritual support. It often happens that talking to a stranger helps more than talking to a relative. Hence, the platform deserves the price it charges. It has all the needed interactive functions to keep you busy and cheer you up when you feel down. With ChatFriends, you get the support of the community.

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Metz is creative, open-minded, and perceptive. He has a background in Higher Education and is passionate about mental health and wellness.
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