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ChatKi Review 2021

ChatKi Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 16%
Reply rate 70%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s a great place to meet new people from around the world.
  • The service is entirely free.
  • A decent level of security lets people escape malware and other technical troubles.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate.
  • The entertaining character of the interaction adds groove to your everyday life.
  • The website is suitable for both making new friends and getting a date.
  • The service is accessible from the mobile device.
  • Free video conferences have no time limits.
  • A large community enhances your opportunities to meet interesting people.
  • The company is not transparent, and the domain seems not credible, making the overall reputation of the platform weak.
  • Not safe for children and teens under 18 years old.
  • Scammers and freaks might hurt people that are too sensitive and impressionable.
  • The third-part ads appear periodically.
  • The mobile app is not free to use.

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How Does ChatKi Work As An Alternative To Omegle?

The ChatKi review highlights the uniqueness of this dating website and helps people understand whether it is safe, or it puts you in danger. Is it useful for men and women connecting them face-to-face virtually despite the location? The ChatKi review brings out the peculiarities and unique features in this platform and runs a background check for what is happening behind the scenes.

The full name of the website is “ChatKi: Omegle Alternative – Random Video Chat with Strangers.” It offers random video conferences with strangers from anywhere in the world. Log in the website, click the “Start” button, and voila: you’ve got a partner for talk or even more.

In other words, the service doesn’t use complicated algorithms and numerous search filters to pick up a match for you. That’s why ChatKi does its job for adventurous and spontaneous people that believe in a lucky break. The only benchmarks that the website uses when considering some preferences and offering you a partner is the “nearby” factor since you’ll hardly want to book a flight for getting a date.

ChatKi Review: A Video Trap or Legit Leisure Time Activity?

Does ChatKi Provide A Legit Chatting Experience?

ChatKi looks legit having a valid SSL certificate and using Cloudflare to provide visitors with fast, safe, and reliable content. This software protects the platform from DDoS attacks, bots, and other malicious activities. According to Alexa analyses, the platform features a positive trust score and tons of traffic. Other reputable resources also consider the service safe and helpful when they link to it.

Who Will You Meet on the Platform? – Features Of The Community

The ChatKi community comprises 5,463,108 people worldwide to date. Near 50,000 users are always online. The service drives most of its traffic from India, the USA, Germany, Turkey, and Georgia. A part of the community origins from Russia and African countries.

The users’ scope of interest implies computers, electronics and technology, social networks, and online communities. A particular part of the community perceives the ChatKi website as an adult dating platform. This approach is natural because the site does not remove accounts of people that use vulgar language or nudity during their video conversations.

There are members from different countries on this website. You can pick up the preferable residence of the potential partner. For example, if you choose Germany from the drop-down menu, you’ll get offers of video chats with the Germans only.

Is There Space For LGBT Dating? Sexual Identity Of The Audience

Both sexual minorities and straight people can build complete relationships with strangers on ChatKi. The website is loyal to the LGBT community and welcomes people with a wide range of sexual preferences and kinks. However, if you need something special, it’s better to focus on the dedicated portals than on this versatile platform.

All Ages Is Under The Influence Of Love

While writing the ChatKi review and testing the website, no dedicated filter or section on the website that would divide people into age categories have been noted. Both young men and women, millennials, and mature daters can join the platform. However, the age distribution tends to the younger audience because of the website’s principles of work. Older people are less adventurous, as a rule, and they usually have an accurate list of preferences, desires, and aspirations.

All Ages Is Under The Influence Of Love

How To Sign Up For The Website?

When you land the home page of ChatKi, you’ll see a blue “Join now” button in the right upper corner. Click it to become a part of the community for free. There are two types of registration on the portal. You can use your Facebook account or valid email. In the latter case, you should make several straightforward steps.

  • Provide your email address.
  • Create a password.
  • Click the “Join Free” button.
  • Accept the terms of the website.
  • Confirm registration.

Then, you should check your mailbox for the link to activate your ChatKi account.

Is There A Profile Page On The Website?

When you finish a registration process on ChatKi, point out your gender as the start of a profile creation. It might be not only a man or a woman but also a couple. No official profile page is on the website, but it offers you some settings where you can specify several points:

  • Whether you want to make your verification mark visible to other members.
  • Your preferences in terms of sexual fantasies and orientation, leisure, lifestyle, and type of relationships (friendship, dating, etc.).
  • The tags that will help you find relevant partners.

Once you end up with the settings, the system will pick up a chat for you. It’s possible to stop it anytime if you are not satisfied with the results of the search. Besides, you can adjust settings as needed.

How To Get And Send Messages On The Portal?

ChatKi won’t bother you with standard emails or instant messages. It provides customers with interactive chat and camera streaming services. You can opt for a conversation with a webcam turned on or off. Such straightforward settings ensure a better dating and chatting experience. Besides, the system provides a list of suggestions where you can choose any username you want.

When you decide to start a chat, it’s necessary to allow the website access to your webcam and microphone. Opt for the “Girls” button at the bottom of the chat page to contact females only.

How To Get And Send Messages On The Portal?

How To Use The Portal For Better Experience?

The ChatKi platform is available from both desktop and mobile devices. You can access the main website through your mobile browser without downloading software on your smartphone or tablet. So, you’ll get an opportunity to make video calls and enjoy text messages on the road, in an office or a café, etc.

Desktop Version Of The Service

The ChatKi review cannot miss the fact that the desktop version of the ChatKi portal is very convenient, allowing you to enjoy a full-screen high-quality image during a video conference. The website has no glitches to let you enjoy playful chatting staying relaxed and comfortable in your chair.

Can Download Free Mobile App?

The ChatKi portal lacks a downloadable application for iOS devices. The mobile version of the main website can freely replace the app for Apple products’ fans. Note that it comes with a reduced functionality and set of features compared with the main site. Android users can download the app from the Google Play store. It is called Chatrandom there and features high responsiveness.

However, you should bear in mind that almost all opportunities within the app require fees. You should activate a paid subscription to access the most straightforward features (the choice of gender, for instance). You can use the app free, but in this case, you can hardly count on decent partners from European countries, the USA, and other developed countries. Besides, people often complain about the unjustified ban in their reviews.

Can Download Free Mobile App?

Design And Usability Of The Website – Top-notch Or Trash?

The online platform creates a good impression at first glance:

  • The ChatKi website has a bright and modern design.
  • The developers balanced well the number of photos, texts, and buttons.
  • You will know everything about how the platform work from the front page.
  • The settings are intuitive and fast.
  • All the relevant sections are in both header and footer of the website.

Some negative moments still require refinement:

  • There are no widgets for social media platforms on ChatKi.
  • The front page has many screens, but just a few buttons with that has no forms. They only return a visitor to the first screen of the home page.
  • The portal comes without a blog and or another source of interesting content.

The platform managed to improve the website’s usability in 2018 when it let people exchange text messages. This feature has become possible due to the latest technology allows switching from Adobe Flash to WebRTC.

Le’s continue the ChatKi review with describing some more technical moments. Even a child could handle navigation on ChatKi. The interface is intuitive and lets visitors of different levels of educational and cultural backgrounds find their way around on the website. The platform loads fast, and it is easily accessible from any device. You can visit the portal from different browsers with WebRTC support and get a high-quality picture regardless of the monitor’s resolution.

Navigation On The Website

Is ChatKi Really Free?

The ChatKi service is free for all members and newcomers. It offers tons of features that many other similar platforms include in their paid premium packages. This feature bribes people and enhances the website’s popularity. Besides, the platform has no hidden fees compare with Bumble, for example. The latter also allows people to make free video calls, but it requires £20.99 to boost the account and get some extras.

However, keep reading the ChatKi review to know some unpleasant nuances.

Free vs Premium Access

There are no paid features on the ChatKi platform. The affordability is the reason for meeting many young people, including students and those just pursuing their careers. 100% of the website’s functionality is free to use and enjoy unpredictable and random video chats. Let’s see your opportunities in detail:

  • Registration.
  • Video chat option.
  • Text messages without a webcam.
  • Customization of chat.
  • Unlimited time for online talks.
  • Selection of a country.

We remind that all features mentioned above are free only within the desktop version of the website. The mobile app requires buying a subscription.

Free vs Premium Access

Payment Details

Bear in mind that you can upgrade your account up to a Chatrnadom Plus plan. In this way, you’ll become a member of Chatrandom – the platform that administrates ChatKi and replaces it in the mobile devices. The offer is visible once you’ve registered on the website and will cost you either $19.99 for a monthly plan or $6.99 for a week package. The price for premium membership is above average that creates dissatisfaction of many users.

Payment Processors

If you opt for a paid Chatrandom tariff, you should attach the details of your credit card to a Secure Checkout form. The system uses the services of the Segpay.com processor to accept payment. This service provides discreet dating and shows SegpayEU.com*Chatrdm instead of the website’s name in the bank statement.

Can The Platform Ensure Secure Communication And Dating?

Despite the full legitimacy of ChatKi, it is about a technical set-up. You should consider the lack of the portal’s postal address. It displays only its PO Box that makes it difficult for users to contact the company. Although you can find a phone number on the Web, it doesn’t disclose the owner’s or a parent company’s name. The region of the website’s IP is also unknown.

All that we know from data on the official website is that it’s a product of Bridgestone International Group registered on the Cayman Islands. In fact, the company released the Chatrandom service that, in turn, just administrates ChatKi.

Two countries are involved in the set-up that is not good for reputation. Besides, you won’t know anything about the members of the ChatKi team, since everything you’ll find is that they are “writers, social media managers, researchers, and coders.”

Can The Platform Ensure Secure Communication And Dating?

Is It Possible To Meet Scammers There?

The newcomers on the ChatKi service should pass email verification to confirm that his/her account is not a fake. However, it doesn’t mean the total absence of scammers and fraudulent users. Their registrations are usually real, but their behavior might hurt your wallet and steal personal information. Some people might be just freaks that want to abuse and harass their video opponents. If you face a scammer, click the “flag” icon within a chat to interrupt communication and block the annoying user.

As a rule, the support service takes responsibility for investigating suspicious activities on the website once the user filed a complaint. The ChatKi’s support team is no always responsive. It often doesn’t answer the requests or block accounts for no apparent reason.

Some Curios Features For The Record

The ChatKi website cannot boast an abundance of unique features, but some perks are quite attractive:

  1. You can see people with the webcams turned on only. It saves time and narrows the search down, allowing you to get relevant matches. Some users note in their testimonial that it would be great for the website to implement the feature to outreach several webcams simultaneously.
  2. The sound output settings are customizable. It’s possible to opt for a sound via a drop-down menu in the webcam screen.
  3. The system allows focusing on your preferable country and access its residents.
  4. Chatki survey helps people to talk about bad experiences and problems anonymously.

Some Curios Features For The Record

Just A Few Final Words About Chatki

To conclude the ChatKi review, let’s note that the service operates well on both desktop and mobile devices. The design and usability of the platform provide seamless navigation. Although the mobile app forces you to subscribe and pay money to access full interaction, it still has a vast audience of users. The website features a decent level of security, but scammers or freaks might be rather annoying. There is no option to block them forever, but it’s possible to interrupt a chat instantly.

The Chatki website is a mid-range platform focused on random video chat. People use it mostly for entertainment and no-string-attached dates. Chatki comes in handy when people need a break from life routine since it allows talking to people that you see for the first time. Besides, the portal makes it possible to find new friends nearby or in another country.

Frankly speaking, it would be ridiculous to count on meaningful acquaintance. Anyway, the service is free, so you can test its features to clarify the website’s value in terms of your expectations and desires. Don’t forget to specify the country to chat with its residents. Otherwise, the random algorithm will throw to you chatters that fall outside the scope of your interest.

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