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Chatango Review 2021

Chatango Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 18-24
Profiles 210000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a free service for all registered members.
  • The web design looks up-to-date and stylish.
  • You can install the app on your Android/iOS/Mac/MS Windows devices.
  • You can use the service across several platforms.
  • The desktop version does not have friend suggestions.
  • Low level of security policy regarding users' registration process.
  • You can't get much information about other members.

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Who Should Use the Services of Chatango?

Chatango is a modern version of online dating and chatting services. In this detailed Chatango Review, you will learn about all hidden treasures of this dating service. You should try this service if you like to chat with new people from different parts of the world. You can install it on your desktop computer/laptop or a mobile device. You will find a lot of like-minded people who can become your partners or good friends. By reading the Chatango Review, you will vanish all your doubts or hesitations and finally try this fun dating platform.

The Truth: Is the Chatango Website Legit or Fake?

The Chatango website appeared in 2010. The founder is Alec Matusis. The official name of the company is Chatango, LLC. When social media networks appeared for the first time, many people used to think that old-school websites for chatting would stop functioning. However, Chatango is still present in the market, which proves its legit status and efficient services. The service of Chatango appeared many years ago. Its developer updates the features all the time to meet the needs of modern people. Now, you can use a fresh approach to messages which get sent by random men and women from different parts of the world.

At the beginning of the 2000s, social media networks used to be pretty straightforward. You had to create a unique username to start chatting with people. Nowadays, the majority of social media networks and dating platforms are too complicated. You have to verify your ID, add the best photos, write an eye-catching bio, and stand the ads if you do not purchase a premium membership.

Chatango decided to keep the simplicity of its service. If you enjoy old-school chatting web sites with the innovation approach, Chatango is the right choice for you. This platform allows you to chat with new people. Also, you have the right to interact with your target audience. It will help you to boost traffic to business websites. As you can see, you can use this service as a business tool.

This chat website has enormous potential. To find out more information, you should continue reading this Chatango review or test it right now.

The Truth: Is the Chatango Website Legit or Fake?

What Kind of Strangers Can You Meet on This Website?

By examining this Chatango review, one of the main advantages of this service is that users do not know much about each other. The user database is vast and international. You can meet men and women from all over the world. It is a unique opportunity to chat with interesting people about different topics. Every time you start talking with someone, it is an adventure because you do not know what to expect. You can be sure that all members are real people.

Is There Any Restrictions About Sexual Orientation?

This part of the Chatango review gets devoted to the sexual orientation of website members. There are no restrictions. You just have to be honest with people you chat with.

How Does Users’ Age Get Distributed?

Chatango review has to warn you that there are no age restrictions to join the community. It is a positive thing for adult members, but it can be dangerous for minors. Parents should monitor the online activity of their children who are under 18 years old. Otherwise, everybody can set up an account on this platform and start interacting with strangers.

A Detailed Explanation About Sign-Up Process and Login

The most important part of the Chatango review is the sign-up process. It will not disappoint you because it goes fast and intuitive. You will set your new account in a minute. The website does not ask for email verification to speed up the process and keep your anonymous status. Unfortunately, sign-up via Facebook is not possible on this platform. The simplicity and free registration give Chatango a big advantage over its numerous competitors. The site asks for your username, email, and safe password. Now, you just have to press the “Sign Up” button to become a newly registered member. You do not have to approve your account via email link. The website asks for minimum personal information: your age/gender and your ZIP code. You should download the extensions of the site to use Chatango on your mobile devices or laptop.

Chatango A Detailed Explanation About Sign-Up Process and Login

How Fast Can You Create a New Profile?

This section of the Chatango review is about profile creation. As soon as you have set your new account, it is time to proceed to compose your chatting profile. The majority of profiles are very simple, yet it is crucial to do it. The admins feel suspicious about empty accounts. Your profile can get customized later. You will enjoy fulfilling your details, making your account look authentic. Speak about your personality and your tastes. You will find the matches easier.

You should know that Chatango does not offer a users’ directory. If you want to find like-minded people, you have to search for usernames. You may feel lonely and lost if you do not know people on this website. The developer recommends its users include the keywords in their profiles. The site allows you to search for people using keywords. People will find your profile easier if you include frequently used keywords.

The secret of highlighting your profile is to write several keywords, your age, gender, ZIP code. This information will lead you to active and exciting interactions. Try to express your creativity and artistic taste while fulfilling your profile. Users can add photos, videos, and their favorite audio files. Note that moderators do not review graphical or video content. Finally, do not forget to play with colors and fonts of your profile. It has to be clear and easy to read.

Chatango How Fast Can You Create a New Profile?

Messaging Features: How to Interact With Strangers?

Chatango offers its members chat rooms, which they can customize. There are thousands of strangers who want to chat with you. It is fun to view profiles and choose the ones you want to communicate. You will like Chatango because it is portable and compatible with other sites. All registered members have the right to use Chatango services on other platforms.

The developer calls non-registered users as anons. It is allowed for them to take part in public discussions on forums. The only condition for them is to behave friendly and follow the general rules of the community. Otherwise, the admin can ban such guests. It is possible to set the limit for messages per member. It will help you to make the flow not too long and perfectly readable for other members.

Chatango has an excellent innovative feature called “Message Catcher.” When someone sends you a private text, the site notifies you of this activity for you not to miss it. You will have all the needed tools to chat with like-minded people, participate in live discussions on forums, etc. As a bonus, you will increase traffic on your business site.

Chatango Messaging Features: How to Interact With Strangers?

Check out How to Use This Chatting Platform

The Chatango platform is easy and pleasant to use. You get access to embed private/public chat rooms. They can be on both business or private sites. It is simple to get your chat room embedded on your site by copy+paste the HTML code of the Chatango group directly to your site.

You should know that Chatango is compatible with other social media platforms. You can create and customize chat rooms as you want. You can choose the most matching color scheme, font type, and size. Make sure that the look of your chat room satisfies your personal or business needs. If you have business needs, make sure you choose a professional look rather than fun. You have the right to block any suspicious members you meet here.

Desktop Version: Get Access to All Features

The best thing about Chatango is its excellent accessibility. Users can choose to install a mobile application or use a desktop version with the same features for chatting. You have to try both options to understand which one gives you the desired user experience.

Chatango Desktop Version: Get Access to All Features

Where Can You Download the App?

Chatango offers its clients a lightweight application. It works the same as the desktop version. You access the same features on-the-go. You can download the app on the App Store, as well as on Google Play. It is 100% free. The app does not take much space on your device. That is why you will not have to face strain on your tablet or smartphone. If you compare the app with the desktop version, it looks more user-friendly. The web design looks stylish and minimal.

Minimalistic Web Design and Usability Potential

Looking at the website and application, you can see a minimalistic interface. The platform is straightforward to navigate. It gets presented as a simple main page with a single “Get Started” button. You will find this yellow-colored button on the top right side of the screen. You should not confuse it with the registration form. You should use it to connect the chat room with the website. It is swift to create a new public chat and invite other members to participate in a discussion.

Chatango Minimalistic Web Design and Usability Potential

Intuitive Navigation of the Website

You have to get used to the interface, which may look a bit confusing in the beginning. All elements get perfectly arranged. You will have no problems navigating the application. There are just a few buttons, which lead to the principal features. Many users write comments that the mobile application of Chatango looks like a more pleasing variant.

Chatango Pricing Policy: Is It Affordable?

You’ve heard it correctly, Chatango is 100% free of charge. You can choose either the desktop version or app to explore the full potential without paying anything. It rarely happens to find free services like this. You’ve got your lucky ticket.

What Should You Choose Paid or Free Access?

The Chatango platform does not ask you to purchase any premium subscription plan. All members have the same status and equal access to the principal chatting features. It is allowed to add the exclusive chat window to your business/private site without paying any fee. Do not hesitate to use it to boost traffic and potential sales. The website appreciates when members donate to the platform as much as they can. However, it is not an obligation.

Chatango What Should You Choose Paid or Free Access?

How Can You Pay to Get Advanced Services?

This chatting service is affordable for everybody. You can install it on your device and use it to chat with strangers. It is more than fair that this service is free because you get no advanced features. You do not have to deal with any hidden fee-based offers or memberships.

What Payment Systems Does the Site Accept?

If you are generous enough and want to help this service to stay in the market, it is the only way. Nowadays, a lot of dating websites have the same practice.

Let’s Check Out the Level of Safety and Security

The level of security and safety could be better on Chatango. It is one of the main concerns of its clients. However, nothing is surprising because the website is free. They can’t afford to take advanced security measures. At the same time, you have the option to block users who behave rude or impolite. During the registration, users have to fill in the email, which ends with the domain. There is no option to log in via Facebook or any other social media to verify that a person is real. The moderators do not check photos. It is a bit unpredictable how the chatting will evolve. It depends on the people you invite to your chat room. All the members are free to speak, write, and comment absolutely all they want.

Is There a High Risk of Dealing with Scammers

It is a 100% anonymous chatting platform that gives you access to plenty of efficient features. The side effect of such freedom of expression is a scam. There is a minimum level of security on the Chatango website and no verification process. As a result, you should be ready to deal with fake accounts and scammers. You are responsible for your security. That is why never share sensitive data while chatting with strangers and block suspicious accounts immediately. Always trust and rely on your intuition. Keep your details safe. Just enjoy chatting with like-minded men and women without attaching any strings.

Chatango Is There a High Risk of Dealing with Scammers

Discover a Couple of Exclusive Features to Boost Your Experience

Chatango is a free site, which can surprise you with exclusive features. Read the description of its unique features to start loving this website even stronger.

  • MessageCatcher

You can use this unique feature on Windows computers or laptops. MessageCatcher is an efficient extension, which you can download for free. It sends users a notification every time they receive a new private message. Using it, you will never miss something important. This feature sends you the alert when someone wants to chat with you. It saves you time because you can respond straight away when you log in to the platform.

  • Mini Chatango Boxes

The website allows you to embed a public/private chat group on any other platform. Many clients use this selling point. It happens that some sites have limited space. All that you need to solve this issue is Mini Chatango Boxes. Alternatively, you can customize more little chat rooms.

Chatango Discover a Couple of Exclusive Features to Boost Your Experience

Summary About the Trust-Worthy Chatting Website

Chatango is a popular chat website with a good reputation. It appeared many years ago but remains efficient even today. It should be your choice if you enjoy chatting with random men and women of all ages and worldwide. Some people prefer to use it for business purposes. It allows you to get a chat box embedded directly to a business/private site. You can use Chatango for recreational purposes or to boost traffic to your website. You won’t get a more efficient way to keep in touch with your target audience, answer urgent queries, etc. It is a mix of old-school chat tools and new social media networks.

Do not get tricked with plain web design. Chatango encourages its members to use this bank space to express your unique personality and talents. There are no disturbing elements that distract you from chatting with interesting people. The developer allows you to customize your newly created chat room/profile. You can use the empty background as the canvas for your imagination. It is a very flexible website. Users have complete freedom to express their ideas.

Chatango is 100% fee-free. You should not think that it is an old-school service. There are three options to use: a desktop, a web, and a mobile version. Choose the type you like the most and start exploring the features and profiles. Chatango services can get customized according to your personality and particular needs. The best thing about this chatting platform is usability and well-organized features. You will have no problems navigating Chatango from the first attempt.

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