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Love.ru Review 2021

Love.ru Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 7%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 36000000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Great functionality;
  • Unlimited communication for free users.
  • A lot of clone accounts from other dating resources;
  • You can’t have your credit card pegged to the site, and the money is written off from your account automatically;
  • Limited communication with a low rating.

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Love.ru: What Is It?

If you are seeking a worthy dating site, this Love.ru Review can offer the right answer. A dating platform Love.ru has been successfully operating on the market for more than 20 years. For this period, the company has gained a good reputation. The company unites up to 36 million dating enthusiasts all over the world. Take advantage of the dating platform to find the right partner and meet him or her in person. With a large audience at hand, you can enjoy huge freedom of choice – dating people from distant places or spotting those in your vicinity. If you are eager to get more details on the subject, resume viewing this Love.ru Review.

Is Love.ru Legit Enough?

One of the most impressive advantages of the site is its members’ ability to communicate at no cost. That’s what you can rarely see on other modern dating platforms.

Of course, even with such an awesome attitude to free members on Love.ru, sooner or later, you will require some premium services. For example, these might be digital gifts or special features. In this case, you will have to pay money. Unfortunately, there’s one critical downside having to do with payments on the dating platform. So, once you purchase a premium service on Love.ru using your credit card, mind the duration of the bought premium package. It’s because once it’s over, the same amount will be written off from your account once again. It occurs due to the fact that it’s impossible to peg your credit card to the dating platform on the website. So, you need to cancel the upcoming payment manually.

You can add links to your social media accounts if you wish. It enables your potential partners to communicate with you not only on the site but also on Facebook, for example. By the way, many other dating sites prohibit shifting to other online resources to continue communication. Fortunately, it’s not about Love.ru.

Unfortunately, the dating platform hosts not only interesting people but also enough suspicious persons, including scams, escort girls, and so on. That’s probably the consequence of the liberal policy pursued by the site administration. On the other hand, it doesn’t prevent Love.ru members to successfully communicate with other users and find matches. If you intend to find a partner, you have a good chance to reach this goal, and a number of blank profiles without pictures can hardly make you give up.

By the way, the website doesn’t keep statistics of successful contacts, so we can’t make a definite conclusion about the efficiency of the dating platform. On the other hand, its huge client database of up to 36 million drops a hint that disadvantages can’t overshadow advantages here. So, you are welcome to join Love.ru today to see how good it is.

Love.ru enables its users to exchange pictures, audio tracks, and videos with other members. In this regard, the dating platform resembles social networks.

Is Love.ru Legit Enough

Getting Familiar With Love.ru Members

The audience on the site is quite diverse. Here you can come across people with a variety of goals. For example, some of them are willing to find a lifetime partner to spend the rest of the life with. Others want casual sex. Respectively, they keep hunting for tasty hookups, one-night stands, and so on.

The site audience is estimated at 36 million users. Here you can find more female users than male members. However, this disproportion is a normal thing for the vast majority of dating platforms today.

Sexual Orientation On The Dating Website

The dating platform Love.ru welcomes people of any sexual orientation. Despite the fact that it’s mostly a heterosexual community, LGBT folks can have a lot of fun here.

The Site Members: How Old They Are?

Here you can find representatives of nearly all age groups, including mature guys and women. However, the younger generation dominates the dating website.

How To Become A Registered User Of The Dating Site

There are several ways to register an account with Love.ru. However, the easiest option is to make use of your already existing accounts in social media such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, or Mail.ru. Another way is a bit more complicated. Here you are expected to fill out a brief form. In the process of registration, you need to answer a couple of questions. After this, you can get down to dating on the platform. By the way, as a newcomer, you will be granted 50 coins. You can use them to purchase special services on the site.

Love.ru How To Become A Registered User Of The Dating Site

Working On The Profile On The Dating Platform

Having registered on Love.ru, it’s time to move ahead because with a blank profile, you can hardly count on good results here. Respectively, you are expected to fill it with relevant and absorbing personal information.

Go to the corresponding fields of your profile and depict your personality as detailed as possible. You need to make an effort to intrigue your potential partners and make them keep coming to your page every day.

When it comes to assessing a match on any dating site, a person first wants to know whether this particular man or woman shares his or her interests, hobbies, preferences or if he or she earns enough to support a new family. You can’t ignore such natural interests of your potential partners. Respectively, you should disclose your marital status, employment, educational background, hobbies, etc. What’s more, you can also reveal your sexual preferences if you wish. It will help those folks interested in casual sex to quickly realize whether you suit them as a sex partner or not.

Contacting Other Site Users

Love.ru offers a fairly standard messaging system that has much in common with what you can see on other dating platforms. So, here you go to the corresponding section of the site where you can write, view, and send messages.

As a rule, contemporary dating platforms don’t allow their users to message for free. They make them purchase premium packages to send and read messages. Fortunately, in this regard, Love.ru positively differs from similar Internet resources. Here you can send and view messages at no cost. However, once you get a response from your interlocutor, you need to pay to continue communication. It may irritate you, but in contrast with other dating websites, the site messaging system offers the maximum possible opportunities for free members.

Is Love.ru Contacting Other Site Users

Love.ru: The Major Site Versions

Love.ru is available in the two main versions. You can browse through profiles using a personal computer or laptop or access it via a mobile application installed on your smartphone. Keep looking through this Love.ru Review to learn more.

Reaching Out The Site From A Personal Computer

To start searching for matches on Love.ru, you can use the following criteria:

  • Age;
  • Users online;
  • Users with pictures;
  • Gender.

You can use more specialized criteria when conducting extended searches. If you want to spot matches in your vicinity, opt for regional searches. In this case, you need to specify your location.

It’s not easy for users of large dating platforms to get enough responses from other people. It can be explained by a huge number of users whose profiles offer standard information. Respectively, it’s getting harder to discern something unique there. Fortunately, Love.ru offers a paid feature dubbed Priority Listing. If you take advantage of it, your profile will be ranked higher in search outcomes. As a result, you will enjoy more attention from the site users.

As some experts state, common interests often determine the duration of a relationship between a man and a woman. That’s where the quality of the matchmaking algorithm on a dating site plays a significant role. In this regard, Love.ru isn’t inferior to the best dating platforms. If you become a paid member, you can take advantage of its advanced search feature. It will drastically improve your chances of finding a good match.

Sometimes online dating brings some inconveniences even if you are dealing with a reputable site. For example, too many visitors may try to reach out to you at the same time. As a result, you find your inbox overloaded with messages you can’t even read. Most of these users can hardly be interesting to you as potential partners, while you have to spend more time on deleting those naughty messages than on the matchmaking process. Fortunately, Love.ru provides extended possibilities to exclude unwanted users from your message board. You can conveniently block them, and after this, they will no longer disturb you.

If you find someone meeting your requirements, you can invite this person to a private chat room, where both of you may enjoy a closer acquaintance. If you aren’t ready for this move, you can simply attract his or her attention with a catchy virtual gift to provoke a response.

By the way, Love.ru enables its users to have their premium subscription canceled while keeping their accounts active. It’s a good feature because, in this case, you can have a rest from the dating platform while retaining a possibility to get back to it in the future.

In order to close your profile on the dating platform, choose any of the two available ways. First, you can simply deactivate your account on the site. As a result, other Love.ru users will no longer see it there. In this case, you have the possibility to get back at any time. For this purpose, you require logging in and reactivate your account. The second option suggests the permanent closure of your account on the dating resource. In this case, you will not be able to return to your profile. To get back to Love.ru, you will have to register another account. By the way, you can have your profile deleted at no cost on the site. You’d better think twice before deleting your profile on Love.ru, especially if you choose the second option.

Is Love.ru The Major Site Versions

Having A Look At The Site Mobile Application

These days a great number of people choose dating on the go. To cater to this popular need, Love.ru has come up with a suitable mobile application.

If you already have an account on the dating platform, simply log in from your smartphone and enjoy dating on the go. The app gives you fantastic freedom of communication – you can check out your messages even when jogging in a park, for example.

The mobile app shares the same features with the desktop version, so you will not be restricted in terms of functionality when using this app. If you want to learn about the site design, resume reading this Love.ru Review.

How Catchy Is It?

In terms of design, Love.ru is quite pleasant to the eye. The developer has implemented the while color scheme that creates a peaceful mood and helps users to relax.

Assessing The Ease Of Navigation

Due to a highly responsive layout, an average Love.ru user will not have any difficulties navigating through the site. The main elements, including tabs and search filters, are in the right place where you can instantly reach them.

Love.ru How Catchy Is It

How Costly This Dating Website Is?

As a potential user of Love.ru, you are certainly eager to learn about its cost-efficiency. No one wants to overpay when it comes to online dating. We can assure you that you will not be ripped off here because the dating platform charges quite modest fees for its services.

  • For $20, you can purchase three months of a premium subscription;
  • A 30-day premium package will cost you $10;
  • You can be a premium user for a week if you pay just $5.

Free Members Versus Premium Ones

On Love.ru free users are allowed to:

  • Send messages;
  • View news and diaries;
  • Arrange dates;
  • View the members’ statistics;
  • Use some features.

    Paid users can:

  • Purchase virtual gifts;
  • Hide some of their personal details in the profile;
  • Add pictures to the site gallery (it’s displayed on the top of the home page);
  • Boost their presence in search results;
  • Enjoy no limits in messaging;
  • Activate a stealth mode.

Learning To Pay On The Dating Website

Certainly, before rushing to the dating platform, you’d like to learn how Love.ru accepts payments from its members. Follow this Love.ru Review to learn about it.

Picking Up A Suitable Payment Method

On Love.ru, you can purchase premium services using your credit card. Alternatively, you can pay via SMS.

Can You Feel Secure Here?

All the data on this site is sent only via a reliable SSL connection to exclude any fraud attack. Well, it feels like the site administration strives to protect its users by implementing the latest encryption solutions. On the other hand, this approach can hardly protect you from numerous fake accounts. These people may have malicious goals. So, when using Love.ru, never forget about the necessity of being cautious.

Avoid disclosing your personal information, including contact and bank account details, for those you aren’t familiar with. Otherwise, you may end up compromising your confidentiality and losing money.

Are There A Lot Of Scams On The Site?

Love.ru Review 2020

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the absence of scams on Love.ru. Some reviews online show that there’s a certain number of them on the dating platform. On the other hand, it’s offset by effective protective measures taken by the administration.

Special Features Of The Dating Project

Of course, like many modern dating websites, Love.ru also offers several special features. They can help you to achieve better dating results.

  • Priority Listing: You are bound to use this premium feature. It will be available to you once you purchase a premium subscription. It enables you to top search results on the site. As a result, more people will pay attention to your profile. If you are lucky, you can enjoy multiple responses from them.
  • Live video chat: It’s a good thing to communicate with a chosen person on the dating platform, especially if you have an opportunity to see his or her face in real-time. Undoubtedly, it’s a powerful reason to upgrade to a premium account.


Every person on our planet wants to love and be loved. The dating platform Love.ru offers people to give up being lonely. Join the site if you are still struggling to find a lifetime partner, and you may finally find that guy or girl there. If you are interested only in hookups, the site can satisfy this need too.

Some people complain about fake accounts and suspicious people there. Perhaps, they are right, but on the other hand, a constantly increasing audience (36 million as of 2020) shows that people are more prone to trusting this site than leaving it. You can join this platform today to see whether someone’s fear regarding the site is justified.

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