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ChatStep Review 2021

ChatStep Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 70%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 5 200 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Legit dating platform
  • A lot of users
  • The ability to browse anonymously
  • No restrictions in sexual orientation
  • The safest one in this category
  • Free
  • Easy registration
  • Email verification
  • Almost equal gender proportion
  • Simple design
  • A wide range of chat rooms to choose
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Can be used as a hookup site
  • Some safety issues
  • You can meet scammers
  • Additional features for registered users
  • A bit bland and too simple
  • No mobile app
  • Profiles are not very detailed
  • Usernames hide members’ real names

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What Can You Find on ChatStep?

Just a couple of years ago, online chat rooms started to gain a lot of popularity. The idea of just chatting in real-time through the computer screen or a laptop was much enjoyed. Also, people who considered dating platforms to be too much commitment preferred these chat room services more. According to the ChatStep review, you can find there everything you need: friendship and someone to talk, one-night relationships, or even love. Well, let’s discuss all the pros, cons, and other essential details of the best and the most popular chatting dating platform in this ChatStep review.

ChatStep was one of the first websites, which showed people the opportunity to use the web-based chat. And, of course, providing the broad community and user-friendliness, this exact platform has become the leader in the market.

ChatStep services were top-rated in a lot of countries, especially in the United States and India. But excessive attention comes with popularity. There were a lot of controversies about pedophiles using this platform and other unpleasant things.

It is good to know that the developers and creators have done their best in enhancing safety, servers, algorithms, rules, etc. All previous theories are no longer valid. Let’s look at everything ChatStep can suggest in detail.

Update: Unfortunately, the platform is down now. There are no signs it will be available for use in the nearest future.

What Can You Find on ChatStep?

ChatStep: Legitimacy Question

The ChatStep dating site provides you with real profiles. Developers do not receive money from fake accounts. The company’s aim is users’ trust — this is how it has gained such popularity. Of course, here you can meet both bots and scammers. Even with the strict rules, no one can still guarantee you that the profile of a person you like is legit. Such a way of online dating has a lot of risks. At the beginning of ChatStep’s work, many people complained about members trying to steal money or doing some inappropriate things. Luckily, ChatStep developers made rules stricter.

Well, this ChatStep review will show you some safety tips to get acquainted with. Like everywhere else, the platform also has a special button called “Report a profile” near one’s nickname. You can also contact customer support to help moderators monitoring suspicious individuals.

Meet the Members

  • 5000000 members
  • Almost 7000 daily visitors
  • 200000 newcomers per month

As was already mentioned, ChatStep is a popular international website. People from any country can create a profile here. ChatStep is popular in Asia, Europe, and North America. Most users come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and India. Indian visitors are the most active: they briskly create public chat rooms in all categories. Even with the world rapidly developing, the good old dating platforms with chat rooms do not lose the audience and actuality.

Every Sexual Orientation Is Welcomed

ChatStep was made for everyone. So, every person can feel relaxed here, no matter what sexual orientation he or she has. The site is loyal and open. Although, here you will not find a wide diversity of genders like other platforms have.

Some statistics: there are 60% of male users and 40% of female members. Such gender proportion provides users with almost equal chances to find whoever they are looking for.

Get Acquainted With Users’ Age

ChatStep does not have any problems with finding the person of the right age category. Older people, as well as young visitors, are equally welcomed here.

Officially, you can create a profile on ChatStep only if you are 18 years old. But when there were no drastic restrictions and filters, and the security measure left much to be desired, 40% of members were teenagers. As soon as people started noticing and complaining, the developers changed their approach. Nowadays, the most active age bracket is users in their 20s. Thirty percent of members are 30- and 40-year-olds. Of course, you can still find someone in the 45+ category; there are 10% of such users. But they don’t receive much attention. So, if you are interested in this group, consider using another dating platform.

Everything About the Registration

In the beginning, ChatStep gave its users a choice: to use the app anonymously or pass registration and verification. When you choose the first way, it is necessary to pick any chat room you want from the available list of public ones. After that, you are demanded to specify a username and a password to get back in one specific chat room. The website insists on reading terms and conditions, and after this process, you can successfully enter the community whenever you want to communicate with no additional procedures. To delete your chat history, just click on the Exit button.

If your choice is to create an account, it is possible to do it fast and easy. The platform requires basic information like an email, username, and password. Do not forget to check your email for verification and activation codes. Registered participants have more abilities, so this ChatStep review strongly recommends you to pass the sign-in procedure. It will not take you long.

Everything About the Registration

Users’ Profiles on This Site

  • No personal details

Here, you can create a page easily and quickly. Probably, even too easy. On ChatStep, you will not be asked any personality questions. This is understandable: all details one can specify during the conversation.

Profile creation on ChatStep demands a username — it is displayed everywhere. Another option — you can add a profile picture; though, it is not obligatory.

The profile enables the holder to share media files and create public or private chat rooms. Some may think that such empty pages are a huge minus. All the strength and powers the developers have put into the video chat organization.

How Does Communication Work Here?

  • Chatting for free
  • Themed chat rooms

This ChatStep review has already described the main idea of this service. Here, you should use the chat rooms to meet new people, interact with them, and share your thoughts, ideas, etc. If you use the site anonymously, you can enter already existing public rooms. If you are a registered member, there is the possibility of opening a room on your own.

Some chats on ChatStep are available for everybody, while others feature specific passwords so that no random people can enter them.

Do not worry; chatting is free here. Unlike other similar services, ChatStep does not require you to pay any money for communication.

Another important detail: all chat rooms have their category. “Friendly” ones contain social discussion; in “Fantasy” rooms, people do role-play and, finally, in “Image” chats, visitors share a lot of media files. Every room has some guidelines and rules.

Easy to Use Platform

Nice Desktop Version

ChatStep review is ready to provide you with everything you should know about the desktop version, which is the most used one among similar platforms. It is simple, understandable, and contains all that you need for your comfort. The nice thing is that the site doesn’t have a lot of ads. They do not hinder your experience. More detailed information about website navigation and features is below.

Can You Download an App?

Unfortunately, if you enjoy using dating platforms via your phone, this ChatStep review can disappoint you. Nowadays, when people do not leave their telephones for a minute, a service needs to have a mobile counterpart available for iOS and Android. There is no such thing as ChatStep mobile app. You can only use the desktop version. So, if chatting during commuting is essential for you, or if you spend all your life on the go, the ChatStep site is not the right one.

Can You Download an App?

Simple Design

The ChatStep website was developed to provide a straightforward service. That’s why everything here looks simple and minimalistic. Maybe even too simple. The features are accessible, fonts are big and understandable, which is a nice fact. With all its simplicity, ChatStep is pleasant to the eye and nicely organized. You do not need anything more from a platform like this.

ChatStep developers use reliable servers and do a decent job updating it, so you are unlikely to face some bugs. Anyway, if you experience some technical problems, get in touch with customer support.

Navigation is straightforward and smart; here, you will not be confused or lost in a massive amount of sections. This ChatStep review is ready to prove it.

The Site’s Easy Navigation

As soon as you are logged in, you are shown a dashboard with three features: Create, Join, and Public. Use this board to do whatever you want on ChatStep.

The side menu contains the following sections:

  • My Settings, where you can manage your page info and see in which chat rooms you participate.
  • Help – a necessary block with FAQs and Customer Support.
  • Log out

Existing chat rooms are located on the main page. They are divided into three thematic groups:

  • Friendly
  • Image
  • Fantasy

Once you found the chat room and want to join it, click “Join.” In the chat rooms, everything looks simple as well. The messages are colored differently so that you understand who sends it. Every time someone texts, you have a notification. It is possible to disable them. You can also see members’ usernames. An indicator near each participant shows whether the person is active or offline.

How Much ChatStep Costs?

To use this online dating platform, you do not have to pay money. Every member here is treated equally, and there are no limitations in using the ChatStep features. By the way, messaging is free, like all the other functions.

How Much ChatStep Costs?

As you have already understood, it is impossible to compare free and paid functionality on ChatStep. Every single element is free of charge. This ChatStep review can enumerate all of them:

  • Free registration
  • The ability to chat anonymously
  • Email verification
  • Thematically classified chat rooms
  • Private and public chat rooms
  • The possibility to choose the username
  • A lot of users

How Payment Works Here?

All features are free.

Systems of Payment

With free dating sites like ChatStep, you can save your nerves and stay calm. You will have no worries about filling in your credit card data, losing your money, and subscription auto-renewal.

About Safety & Security in Details

Let’s proceed with safety. Of course, it is a crucial thing in the world of online dating. No one can get rid of scammers forever, especially on platforms like ChatStep, where people anonymously communicate via chat rooms.

But ChatStep’s team is trying to do their best to provide safety. Since the website’s creation, many things have been changed, and the newest technologies of security are implemented.

You Can Meet a Scammer Here

Unfortunately, you can find scammers on ChatStep, and there are lots of complaints. Does it mean you cannot use the website? No. Scammers are everywhere. The ChatStep team monitors their platform 24/7 and ban suspicious members.

Just remember that the site is free, and no one can demand money from you. If the person in your chat room makes you feel uncomfortable, use Block or Report options in his/her account and write to customer support to help fight catfishers.

What Is Special About This Site?

  • Create Tool

Create your chat room with no scammers invited. Everybody there can follow your rules only.

Oldie but Goodie

The services like ChatStep were created when social apps and mobile phones were not that popular. This is why now it may seem to be a bit outdated and bland. The security system needs improvement. Moreover, the site cannot boast many features. But not everything has to be crowded and challenging, especially in online dating. The place just has to work, that is it. And ChatStep does the job — it provides you with a vast community and a simple, minimalistic interface. So, it is definitely worth checking. Maybe you’ll be able to find a real friend, a perfect hookup partner, or the love of your life. Who knows?

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