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Afrointroductions Review – 2021

Afrointroductions Review – 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 23-26
Profiles 2.100.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This site is created for Africans and African descendants, so you have an excellent idea of whom you will be meeting while using this site.
  • They are backed up by one of the biggest companies in the industry, Cupid.
  • Afrointroductions have a large user base, far more significant than most other similar platforms.
  • Most users are either native English speakers or have an outstanding language level.
  • Communication is not an issue, even when meeting people from other countries.
  • The users are very active on the site. They have an average of two thousand daily users actively chatting and meeting people on the platform.
  • They have a wide distribution of users with the right balance between males and females, as well as users from various age brackets.
  • It is effortless to create an account. You can even do it using your social media.
  • They check all content being uploaded, and it gets approved very fast.
  • They have handy and powerful matching tools.
  • You can communicate via texts, audio, or even video with other users.
  • They have an enjoyable and intuitive chat room.
  • You can use cupid tags on your page.
  • While comparing many sites for this Afrointroductions review, it became clear that they have very reasonable prices when compared to others.
  • Users with free accounts are limited when trying to message or communicate with others.
  • Photographs take some time to be revised and approved before appearing on your profile.
  • Not having a profile picture makes you seem shady. So you probably want to upload one right away to have it revised and displayed as soon as possible.
  • If you are a free member, then you cannot communicate with others alike. Only premium ones can message with free users.
  • Filling up all the info in your profile can get a bit long, but that can turn into a positive since the more data you give the system, the better it will match you with others.

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Overall View of Afrointroductions

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

Afrointroductions review is an excellent option for those who want to be more social and meet incredible African guys and gals. Here, you have all the information about this platform. After reading this Afrointroductions review, you will be better suited to decide if you want to use it or not. This site has a lot going on, but especially the fact that it works under the umbrella of Cupid Media. If you have been in the online dating sphere for some time, most certainly, you have heard of them. Cupid is one of the biggest companies in this corner of the internet, with several dozens of dating platforms for all kinds of people. It always has very reliable security measures, lots of functionality, and, most importantly, millions of users.

Afrointroductions is not an exception to that, but rather an exceptionally gifted child. It has grown extremely fast, and as of today, it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, dating platforms for Africans in the world. It can boast of having an incredible two and a half million users worldwide, and that number keeps growing. After checking the full Afrointroductions review, you will see why it is hard to imagine that anyone could struggle to find a partner on this platform.

Having millions of users is impressive and very important, yet there are other important things to consider. When you are looking around and searching for the perfect dating site or app, you probably think about who is using it and who you are going to encounter. This site shines in that department because it has a specific demographic in mind, and you know exactly who you will see while using it.

As you probably already know, this is a platform for Africans. Although this site has users from every corner of the world, different nationalities, speak different tongues, and even differ in culture. They are all afro descendants who want to meet, develop connections and relationships with others alike. Something to keep in mind, there is a minority of users from other ethnicities who love and are interested in meeting Africans. Though, that is not a concern whatsoever. While researching for this Afrointroductions review, we found that if you do not want to come across those kinds of users, it is effortless to filter them out using the search tools.

A big chunk of users, pretty much the majority, comes from African countries as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. That is why you can very easily go around and meet people in English. Logically, since some African countries speak Portuguese and French, you will come across those languages reasonably often. Though, if you do not speak those languages, fear not; most users are well versed in English. If not, there is always the option to use your phone’s translator. Moreover, that can become an exhilarating experience where you are learning a new exciting language while developing a relationship with someone awesome.

Overall, this is a very well-made and useful platform for finding dates, friends, and even love. If you want to meet incredible African people, then Afrointroductions is the best place to do so.

What are the Pros & Cons of This Platform

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about joining any dating platform. In this Afrointroductions review, you can find some highlights, both positive and negative. So you can make a better and more informed decision.

Afrointroductions – a Legitimate Site or a Scam?

Afrointroductions is a very legit website and dating platform. They have millions of active users from all kinds of places around the world. Moreover, many users leave positive reviews about them in various review sites. When you check out the reviews, you notice how happy people are with the results and functionality. Everyone talks about how good the matching functionality and algorithms are. Also, people praise how stable and consistent the overall experience feels.

Not only that, but Afrointroductions offers a lot of security measures for users. They have several levels of verification and monitoring. All to create a safe environment for their users. This kind of commitment speaks volumes about how legitimate they are.

And of course, you cannot forget that Afrointroductions is part of the large Cupid company that has proven itself many times over to be a reliable source for online dating. With all these factors in place, it is elementary to see this site as a very legitimate dating platform.

What Kinds of Members Are On This Site

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

A complete Afrointroductions review should talk about the members. As mentioned above, this is one of the most populated dating platforms of its kind. This becomes especially impressive when you consider that they focus on a very specific demographic. Despite that, they have a more significant user base than many others who encourage everyone and anyone to join.

Having so many users, daily visits, and continually growing numbers comes with many advantages. Here you can be confident that you will find someone who matches your expectations.

In case you are interested, a huge part of the user base comes from African countries. Analytics shows that the African nations using this platform the most are Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Madagascar, and Cameroon. Afrointroductions also have an avid user-base coming from both the old and new continent. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany are the most common European nations from which users come. Finally, a considerable percentage of people enjoying this platform come from the United States.

If you were to look into the demographics using Afrointroductions, you would be pleasantly surprised. They seem to have an outstanding balance between male and female users. There are only thirty percent more male users than female ones. This is an excellent sign because, on most dating sites, you see a much more significant disparity between the two.

About Sexual Orientation of the Users

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

As mentioned in the previous point, there is an outstanding balance between male and female users. To be exact, as of the last analytics the site published, Male users take up sixty-five percent of the user base. And the remaining thirty-five are constituted by females. The platform is mostly for heterosexual users.

The Age Distribution of the Users

When it comes to age groups, the data is fascinating. As expected, the majority of users fall into the age bracket of twenty-five to thirty-four years of age. It is followed closely by the next age group, which is thirty-five to forty-four. In the third, there is almost a draw between two groups, the younger ones, ages eighteen to twenty-four, and the older ones ages forty-five to fifty-four. Finally, the smallest demographic consist of people who are fifty-five and beyond.

Sign-Up Process & Login on The Platform

The creation of an account is straightforward. It takes just a couple of minutes and is very intuitive but, at the same time, secure. While it may not seem like it, the information you provide is checked. More specifically, the content you upload as a profile picture goes through a validation process that may take up to forty-eight hours. This is the reason why sometimes, photographs are not displayed on your profile right away. Those are all measures to keep a safe Afrointroductions community for the users.

Regardless, the process itself to get an account is elementary. You just need to enter your email, as expected. Select your gender, name, age, and come up with a password. There is also the option to synchronize this service with your social media like Facebook. That makes the process even more straightforward because all your information is pulled right from your Facebook page.

That is all you need to start exploring and potentially meeting people. You may notice, though, that the first matches you are shown may seem not of the best quality. That is because you have only provided your age and gender, which is not enough. To significantly improve the match quality, you can go and fill up as much information about you as possible. That gives the system tons of data to work with so it can show you perfect matches.

How do you Create a Profile

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

Your personal page or profile is automatically generated when you sign up. After passing that first registration page, you will notice a straightforward and rudimentary page appears as your “Profile.” That is almost a white canvas you can work with. You can add all kinds of information like how you are built, your eye color, hair, etc.

In the same manner, you can add things you like, your preferences, and stuff you do not like. A widespread example is people who prefer smokers, that information can be added to your profile, so you get better engagement from the right people. Also, there you can add your best photographs that depict you as handsome as you are. Having a high-quality picture is crucial because that is the first thing other users see. And that first impression can push them away or attract them directly into you.

Here you can also add cupid tags that work similarly to keywords but for your profile.

The Messaging Functionality

The system they came up with for communication between users is brilliant. Afrointroductions offer not only basic text messaging, but also the incredible option to video chat with other users. Whereas most similar platforms can only offer you a very rudimentary text platform to communicate, Afrointroductions takes it to the next level with video and audio.

How you Can Interact With and Use The Platform

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

You can enter, use, and enjoy the platform in many ways and from a variety of consoles. Whether you are at work and want to check on your inbox from a desktop computer, at home with your tablet, or on the go with your smartphone, you can do it. Afrointroductions have excellent options for each case.

The mobile application is also entertaining and useful. First of all, it is entirely free to download, and it gets an impressive one thousand-two hundred downloads per month on average. It can be just as useful as its desktop counterpart. It is evident that when developers were designing it, Afrointroductions wanted to bring all the incredible functionality from your computer into your smaller devices like a smartphone. That is why, on the app, you have the same options and tools as on the website. However, optimized for touch screens and to be used on smaller screens.

Desktop Version of the Platform

The desktop version of the Afrointroductions platform gives you all the functionality you could want. From your computer or laptop, you can enjoy while exploring hundreds of profiles from exciting people. Also, you can message them and give likes. The desktop version of the site also allows you to edit all the information on your profile. Recover your password if you forgot it and update your pictures.

Design and Usability of This Site

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

The design is something of a debate on this platform. Many users adore it, while others find it a little dated. To be more specific, the younger users from that first age bracket are the ones not so pleased with the aesthetics of Afrointroductions. Nonetheless, as soon as they start using the platform, they change their minds. It would seem like the design was kept more traditional to improve functionality.

After all, the main goal of such a platform is to make the end-users’ experience seamless and straightforward as possible. This site nails this. Everything is laid out in a very understandable way, and users of all ages appreciate that.

How Easy is it to Navigate On The Site

As mentioned above, Afrointroductions keeps the design and layout in a more traditional style. That means that everything is well laid out and located where you expect it. There are no weird transitions or over-the-top buttons that make the experience more cumbersome and cluttered. For those reasons and more, the usability of the site is outstanding, and anyone can navigate it and find their way around right from the first time they enter the site.

Afrointroductions Pricing and Costs

As other platforms under the Cupid umbrella, they offer two membership options:

Platinum Membership

  • 12 Months 149.99 USD
  • 3 Months 69.98 USD
  • 1 Month 34.99 USD

Gold Membership

  • 12 Months 119.98 USD
  • 3 Months 59.99 USD
  • 1 Month 29.98 USD

Main Differences Between Paid vs. Free Accounts

Free accounts give you basic options, and you will feel limited when you try to interact with others. You can check out profiles, send “Interest,” edit your profile, and communicate with premium users.

A paid account opens other tools for you like the video chat options, better ranks on the search. Opportunities to interact with whomever you want, live chat, anonymous browsing, and more.

How to Pay for a Membership

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

Afrointroductions offer both online and offline options so you can pay for the membership. After selecting which one you want, they ask you for your preferred method to go from there.

Which Payment Systems They Use?

Among the online options, they offer PayPal, or you can use any of your credit cards. If you wish to use an offline method, then you can make a bank transfer. They send you all the information needed for that process.

Safety & Security Of this Platform

Afrointroductions put a lot of emphasis on security. One of the ways they secure the platform is by verifying all media being uploaded to the service. Every picture you upload then goes through a certification process where someone from their team checks images looking for suspicious ones. Photos of celebrities or just random photos usually do not pass that process. That helps to stop people who are likely to spam or scam others.

How do They Deal With Scams

Afrointroductions monitor the site regularly in order to look for suspicious activity. In the same manner, they pay close attention to claims being made by users about malicious activities. If they discover an account taking place in those kinds of activities, then it is stopped and removed from the platform so it cannot harm legitimate users.

Special Features They Offer

Afrointroductions Review – 2020

Afrointroductions offers lots of fun and useful features like being able to see all users online at a particular moment. They also have cupid tags that work as keywords. That means you can add specific words to your profile like “Handsome,” and your profile comes up when someone searches for that.

Their video chat options are trendy, as well as the powerful matching engine that takes full advantage of all the data you provide to give high-quality suggestions.


Being powered by one of the biggest and most powerful online dating companies gives this platform a lot of advantages. Not only that, but their unique approach heavily focused on user satisfaction, makes them very attractive. If you are someone interested in meeting remarkable Africans or African descendants in a fun and exciting platform, then Afrointroductions is the best place to go.

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