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Adam4Adam Review 2022

Adam4Adam Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An original and immensely popular portal that already has become a classic
  • Available per iOs and Android applications
  • The number of active users amounts to several millions
  • User-friendly and pleasing to the eye interface
  • Unlike at many other dating portals, messaging is gratis
  • Almost 30 filters can be applied in search settings to hit the right profile
  • User verification could be more rigorous
  • Some members refrain from uploading their photos

How Can Adam Be Looking for Adam? It Works Like This

This Adam4Adam review is here to help you understand if this website could be a good pick. In the arena of gay dating, only several sites are popular enough to catch an eye. This platform is one of them. Then it is probably high time to read this Adam4Adam review.

This site is a web portal that was conceived specifically for gay dating, as its name suggests. The creation of Adam4Adam dated back in 2003. At that time, very few online dating portals for homosexual men existed. This platform for gay dating became one of the first of its kind.

Since then, Adam4Adam managed to attract an impressive number of singles. For the time of its existence, this portal created a community of over 10 million users. It gained popularity thanks to a unique set of free basic features. The portal receives necessary financial support through advertisements, donations, and other alternative sources of income.

The community of Adam4Adam is welcomingly open-minded and keeps the door open for everyone who seek best gay hookup sites, regardless of nationality, year of birth, or social status.

Adam4Adam Review 2020

How High Is the Chance of Scam at Adam4Adam?

Generally, the bigger the dating website, the higher the risk of scams. This fact applies to Adam4Adam as well.

You can easily recognize a scammer at Adam4Adam and other websites with a similar audience by following features:

  • The pictures of the profile are very professional, and a guy on them looks like a male model,
  • The profile owner asks for your name as soon as possible and repeats it very often,
  • They claim to have developed an immediate passion or love feelings for you without plausible reasons,
  • The user’s location is very remote, and they claim to be in military service abroad.
  • Quite expectedly, asking for urgent financial support, expensive gifts, etc.

However, you should know that this is not to expect from every second account. Learn more about the community of this gay dating portal in this Adam4Adam review.

How High Is the Chance of Scam at Adam4Adam?

Community and Diversity of the Portal

More than 80% of Adam4Adam users reside in the USA. There is a significant number of Canadians to meet here and a slightly lower number of Europeans. As you can guess, this portal meant to attract gay male audiences from America. Every month, the site registers over a million visitors with unique IPs.

Is This Gay Dating Website Only?

Just like the name indicates, this site is a place that attracts single homosexual men. Not every single of them has to be a CIS-gender man literally because trans people are also welcome at Adam4Adam. You merely have to identify as a man (at least partly) who enjoys other men’s sexual company.

A broad spectrum of opportunities awaits you because you will be able to define your sexuality very precisely.

Is This Gay Dating Website Only?

How Old Is a Generic User?

You should be at least 18 years old because it is one of the fundamental conditions for joining Adam4Adam. If you are a sweet boy searching for a sugar daddy, this is probably not your best pick. The majority of users have not experienced a notorious middle-life crisis yet, and they may be still at the university. The average age of the portal starts at 25 years and more.

Registering at Adam4Adam

The first excellent piece of news for you is that you don’t have to prepare your credit card to create an account at Adam4Adam. Instead, you could get it out if you feel generous enough to donate and receive some minor perks in return. Technically, every user may enjoy the functions of this website in their entirety.

The signing up process could not be easier, even if it’s about a serious gay dating website such as Adam4Adam. You will need to pass two milestones: read through 2 pages and fill in simple forms.

The first form is elementary and includes a username field, email address field (it better be real because you will verify it later), and a password field with some popular restrictions (can’t be shorter than eight symbols, etc.). There are two tick boxes to check. The first one is a box with an age check. The second is there to allow you to agree with the terms and conditions of the portal.

Another great news! If you are brave enough to link your private Facebook or Google account to such a peculiar website, you don’t even need to think of usernames of passwords. These fields will be filled in automatically.

Unfortunately, this strategy will not work for your profile, so some effort will still be required. No worries, just the usual age and gender fields as well as location are needed. On this step, the site asks you to note your location. The site algorithms will use this data to provide the perfect Adams for you in the area.

The application form ends with a few other boxes, including the captcha box and a box to testify that you are over 18. You immediately receive a pleasant surprise with 120 credits to use on the portal for free and access to the live webcam chat. Exciting, right? Don’t forget to tick the last checkbox for this.

The email verification is something current users usually recommend to enjoy gay dating on this platform in its full version. According to the latest Adam4Adam review of policy changes, users can’t message anyone unless verified the email address they used for the registration.

Registering at Adam4Adam

Profile Pic Peculiarities

Have you heard the modern proverb “the world is a supermarket” where you can just look at the wares and just take the one you need from the shelf? Well, this is probably about Adam4Adam. Meaning, if you want to check pictures of genitals or butts, this is an excellent site for you. According to the website terms, the profile photos at Adam4Adam must be decent; in other words, G-rated. But neither administration nor members seem to follow that rule. Probably, you could expose your bad boy here too, for everyone to see. The pictures you set as your primary ones in the profile and the Adam4Adam app are instantly visible to every user.

What else is there apart from the faces or, alternatively, genitals? As usually, a random visitor should learn about your physical appearance in meticulous detail. They say numbers don’t lie. Sure, it is possible to pretend you are 2m tall, but this will not make you taller in real life.

Couples are also allowed to register a profile at Adam4Adam, and you can note your current relationship status in the profile, too. Further details include your lifestyle specifics, living conditions, as well as habits.

In addition to your original profile meant for the primary location you are at, you can create a visitor profile and adapt it to that particular place you want to visit in the digital gay world. This feature is especially useful if you consider yourself a keen traveler.


The messaging system is the heart and soul of every dating website out there. It should meet or surpass the user’s expectations. Otherwise, neither Adams nor Eves will be happy with the service. So, what kind of assessment will you find in this Adam4Adam review? Luckily enough, this portal’s messaging functions are as smooth as the skin of a spoiled tanned metrosexual guy.

There is a set of tools to satisfy every need you could think of as a gay single. If you are more into slow and thorough communication, stick to lengthy emails. If it is your wish to reach the climax of your talks quicker, the chat it is. Emojis, pictures, even saved phrases are at your disposal at all times. Block them, fave them, knock them dead with images of your hot beach body. Whatever it is you desire.


Adam4Adam on PC, Android and iOS

Today, we expect every site to have a mobile app because we are always on the go. But thankfully, Adam4Adam thought about it and provided its members with a convenient, fast, and stylish mobile app for Android and iOS users. You can install it for free from an app market.

Your Cozy Desktop: PC Version

Most users reported this portal to be quite user-friendly and understandable. The interface isn’t puzzling or confusing; on the contrary, it is inviting to the world of new sweet experiences. Prepare to get excited right from the start because the Adam4Adam front page is full of smoking hot half-naked bodies. Perhaps the developers tried to strike you with a demo-version of a passionate encounter you could arrange at this day dating portal. If you are a strict Catholic or just a shy boy, these pictures could be a little overwhelming for you. In the end, this is what you are looking for, isn’t it?

All in all, Adam4Adam is a platform for open-minded people, and the design choices only provide another piece of evidence for it.

Your Portable App: Android and Apple

The 26GB Adam4Adam app is available both in Google Play and App Store. Compared to the website, it did not satisfy the users’ needs well. Users complained in their feedbacks that they miss that special touch and flair they could enjoy on the website. It takes you several shots before you can hit a tiny “Send” button on the screen. Also, the functions that were truly distinguishing for Adam4Adam, making it stand out from other gay dating apps, can’t be used on the smartphone. It can only mean a considerable loss.

The only chance to keep these unique options is to use the mobile version of the website. It seems quite strange, but this one provides better backend and frontend experience than the app. One way or another, Adam4Adam can be accessed and used on the go, which is another advantage, especially for extroverted and easy-going people.

Your Portable App: Android and Apple

Visual and Functional User Experience

From the landing page to the privacy settings, Adam4Adam leaves a good impression. Every single page is well-structured and aesthetically pleasing so that your inner perfectionist will be satisfied.

How to Navigate Through the Portal?

The navigation system can be described as intuitive and will not become a significant challenge, even if it is your first day on the Internet. You will be safely guided by icons that stand next to each link in the menu. Additionally, there are separate grids for different users, so you will feel like you are wandering between showcases in a big cozy supermarket. Remember, however, that those sweet boys deserve some respect and are in no way a product on display.

How Cheap or Expensive is Adam4Adam?

The unique offer of Adam4Adam is hard to beat. You can use this beautifully designed website with a giant database of members completely free of charge. You are required to make a financial contribution to access some extra options (like ad-free app and website). Whether it is worth it is your decision. To rephrase the old catchphrase, you could say so: it is not about how premium your account is but about how skilled you are to make good use of it.

You will pay about $10 monthly as a VIP user. Prepare to give out another $20 on top of it for the Pro advertisement service (you will be able to create your original ads).

How Cheap or Expensive is Adam4Adam?

Free and Premium Accounts

Free features include:

  • Creating a personal profile and filling it with necessary information
  • Simple search, extended search filters and access to users’ profiles
  • All forms of messaging, with up to 20 saved chats
  • The limit of 40 messages in each chat
  • Access to the Adam4Adam events calendar in your area
  • Creating and posting events you are organizing

Paid features include all of the above and:

  • No limits for friends and blocked users
  • Advertisement-free user experience both on the website and in the app
  • Simplified profile verification
  • Opportunity to save up to 200 chats with the limit of 200 messages
  • Instead of looking at ads, you can be posting your own (a very lovely offer for webcam models, masseurs or exotic dancers)

Payment Procedure at Adam4Adam

Thanks to massive advertisements campaigns and generous donations, Adam4Adam will not charge you for the basic account and most of the website’s functions. However, if you are interested in the gay dating experience at its finest, you will probably be ready to pay up.

In this Adam4Adam review, you can learn in advance how the payment works. Of course, the transactions occur under protection, and there is no reason to worry about safety. This dating service also found an optimal solution to keep your reputation clean. The name of the website or its short form, a4a, will never appear in your cardholder statement.

Keep in mind that your Adam4Adam premium subscription will be prolonged automatically at the start of each billing period unless you cancel the automatic renewal. If you have missed the right time and lost your money, you can request a refund within two weeks after the corresponding transaction.

Payment Procedure at Adam4Adam

Forms of Payment

The only payment form available for Adam4Adam members is a payment per credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.)

The Safety of Your Private Data

At Adam4Adam, your private data is safe as long as you don’t share it with total strangers or suspicious users. On the website, you can find a helpful guide on how to look for your perfect Adam safely and without any unfortunate events or consequences. Remember, you can always report a suspicious user to Adam4Adam support team.

Again: Fraudster Alert

Like it was described at the very beginning of this Adam4Adam review, the chances of meeting a fraudster here are probably as high as on any other dating platform. Keep an eye out even when the temptation seems to be irresistible.

What are Unique Features of This Website?

You will not find some of these features anywhere else:

  • A list of recommended health councilors
  • Sex shop and designer underwear club
  • An in-built option to look for travel buddies
  • Advertisement for private parties or other events

What are Unique Features of This Website?

Review Summary

It is highly probable that you will meet your soul mate or get married half a year after joining this website. Even though you have finished reading this thorough and detailed Adam4Adam review, it is always good to register and check for yourself.

MS, RD & Writer
Erik is creative, open-minded, and perceptive. He has a background in Higher Education and is passionate about mental health and wellness.
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Customer reviews
April Thompson
by April Thompson Jan 16, 2022
Amazing software, matchmaking has a tendency to conduct without a hitch, willn't simply take enough time to get going. Possible set-up your account and a dashboard in a couple of minutes and make use of the web site quickly. Numerous people is groaning over compensated subscription, but there's no these thing as a totally free dinner, in my experience. Concerning me personally, I'm happy with needed. I fulfilled several of my favorites in the real world, but i'ven't chosen a special someone next. I like to appreciation, existence, and leads I've grabbed whenever enrolled in this software. Furthermore, in addition, it is useful on cellular devices, even without downloading tools.
Eugene Miller
by Eugene Miller Jan 08, 2022
This software try genuine, and I'm support evidence of the efficiency. I cannot complain about that software because it gave me the most popular goes inside existence. Very, I've delighted to sign up it and now have much fun. Of course, they have not recently been without unsuccessful games, but I presume that is fairly a natural steps. You cannot obtain it all in a minute, and some weeks of messaging is normally needed to plan a meetup.
by Xander Jan 05, 2022
Adore this particular service. I earned arrangements to meet up with someone for a coffee and even a celebration. I do believe they moved fairly nicely. I have not decided nevertheless towards subsequent times, but I'm to my approach to choose the one that's really special. Okay, need myself good fortune, anybody.
Megan Rodriquez
by Megan Rodriquez Jan 01, 2022
Close assistance all standpoints. I had most positive and negative reviews formerly, plus some everyone even out of cash the cardio. I'm 46, and it's quite difficult in my situation to get to know group on the internet for matchmaking. This app can make every single thing spontaneous and natural. Anytime I stumbled upon it first of all, i used to be grateful to witness a great number of obtainable options and a pleasant-looking screen. I prefer these types of an approach and, besides, i'm risk-free there. We don't posses so many contacts because I'm hectic during my everyday life. I prefer to create our mall inside group, and this also internet site produces all positions for cozy socializing.
by Tanisha Dec 28, 2021
I had been genuinely astonished to view this a versatile relationship application. I've been enrolled in yearly previously. After several mediocre times, I recently uncovered my personal best match. It simply happened two months ago, and we're nevertheless feel great with one another. I am not hunting beyond that today. Nevertheless, i'll be pleased if our personal interactions develop. Very before this, I'm happier and would like to express gratitude to that idea software for taking all of us with each other.
by Evangeline Dec 20, 2021
I used to be grateful to get in touch with a lot of different people on the internet site which has many in keeping using welfare and life style. I attempted more software before, but should say that the quality of the complement is superior right here. That's the reason why I'm truly surprised to check out a lot of damaging testimonies in this site. I then unearthed that customers create damaging comments actually throughout the best apps. In this, they generally reveal their frustration and thoughts without specifying certain defects regarding the app. Hence, I do think which they simply cannot locate those that would suit these people and find crazy about their loneliness. Hence, we ought to learn how to sift these evaluations. Website works, but, definitely, it is far from a miracle pill. I'm thrilled to easily fit in the community and find great periods. Perhaps, I'm just a great deal less choosy as opposed to others, but typically, I reckon I'm fortunate. Many other group may need much more time discover like-minds. In any case, I'd suggest this incredible website for virtually every kinds associations because the viewers happens to be different, and consumers are particularly effective. Yourself, I am able to always line up people internet based to speak and flirt. Besides, the app carries out perfectly, and course-plotting is pretty easy. All needed options are for the selection in front of the eye. I'm positive dating online has never been easier.
by BROWN Dec 18, 2021
My personal skills on this internet site ended up being close. I'm absolutely comfy when using it and messaging several people. This service membership keeps an appropriate complex quality, and pages, videos, and pictures weight fast and trouble-free. I can fix numerous air filters, and this inspires self-esteem undergoing connecting with people that i love. The community is comprehensive. You will find lots of contacts really looking for real goes, if it is about hookups or additional kinds relationships. Ergo, for the moment, my personal experience should be only beneficial. There was several times, in addition they happened to be acceptable yet not completely suitable for me personally. Therefore, I'm browsing carry on your google, and this also internet site is the right place, I do think.
by Janessa Dec 11, 2021
My personal knowledge until now happens to be 100% wonderful. This is an outstanding application with practical messaging. Technical support is also cool. When we ignored a password along with to readjust it. Okay, better, anything is resolved in a short while. I've currently had some mate to chat with, but I'm definitely not pretty quickly to generally meet people off-line. I'm experiencing and enjoying the process so far due to the fact interactions using my favorites certainly great even transforms me personally about often. Great costs, several hot users, and navigation is definitely easy. I prefer such a simple and successful manner of on the internet hookups.
by Phoebe Dec 06, 2021
Very good dating site! I enrolled with they just the past year and also, since consequently found two neighbors with perks. Also, I speak to a number of owners from the most popular number. Speaking is good, as a chat windows is very convenient. Individuals are open-minded, welcoming, and energetic. You will find particular inclinations, and no one judges me personally. Very, i'm entirely as well as comfortable.
by Lambertsen Dec 03, 2021
I recently uncovered myself wanting relax and rise into recoil sexual intercourse or perhaps laid-back going out with after a split up. But i acquired not a clue of steps to make it on the web. Zero skills made me afraid. I attempted swiping, but these types of a shallow way seriously isn't our powerful meet. I try finding the application just where customers tends to be starting up, but We still recommended a high quality webpages. This amazing tool came to be a middle soil I think. No-strings-attached associations, respectable users, and meets, simple user interface, chatrooms. That is definitely all we ever wish. I continued some hot dates, and now I absolutely feel a lot better. Big service for singles with free of charge solutions and good usability. The neat concept was a nice contact.
Mary Bennett
by Mary Bennett Nov 25, 2021
The web based periods on this internet site have become a superb and attention-grabbing adventure I think. It does the job perfectly for your confidence and makes it possible for making brand new joints. They're not dating yet but take a look guaranteeing. In addition, It is pleasant I think to break the frost and chat with individuals from any nation i prefer. Viewing pages try partaking, both. It's often fascinating to view exactly how anyone promote themselves when shopping for closeness.
Donald Davis
by Donald Davis Nov 22, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and really like tests. I'm perhaps not monogamous, at any rate now. Really, simple habits is much from old-fashioned public norms, i typically believe unhappy even among household members or nearby neighbors. Many of them materialize to be hitched, and I also'm going mix insane while I become his or her significant appearance. Very, however, it's fairly challenging to look for and hang out with like-minds as soon as you inside a big city, exactly where men and women are too hectic in making new connections. Hence, this sort of a mess 's for joining this great site. And simple experience try smooth. I been able to line up individuals who want the exact same points and understand simple need to be free of cost, without dedication, guarantees, several this different hooey. Another cool things is the fact there I've came across some bi-curious individuals. Everyone loves the functionality of this website since it's quite sufficient for first conversation. Perhaps, an individual need more rewards, but also in my opinion, you must get a night out together if you prefer detailed relationship. While exploring profiles, we spotted lots of empty type. If only consumers could shell out additional care about the company's existence on the site. These are the site's functionality, things are fine. No problems with log on, communications, etc. Support services works and its available 24 hours a day. I'm pleased to bring a virtual place for my personal wishes and fancy. It's fantastic if the area really doesn't impose their standards it is about the same page.
by Hannah Nov 19, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved to have another odds at adore. Thank this page for help since I have had gotten simple intend. We really do not render lots of long-term designs and merely relish one another. You evening, trip, and reveal a variety of tasks. This is actually the gorgeous part of our commitments. I adore your spouse and hope that all of our love will develop and navigate to the next stage. People are searching for partners at relationship on-line organizations, normally, that type of items is disturbing due to the fact feel just like goods in retailer windowpanes. This software differs from the others. You may start out with speaking and end in the ceremony. Needed provides good technical environment. I personally use your website mostly on my computer, but in some cases We correspond with users and look my recreation from the new iphone 4. No problems at all. I've took note no pests . every little thing is beneficial, without glitches. Once I sign in, i take advantage of the internet site provided I want without disruptions and annoying reloads. Hopefully it keeps this way, plus they maintain quality. If only everybody all the best since simple has already receive me.
by Reyna Nov 12, 2021
The dating site is easy, and navigation is easy. We use an adequate range information and facts and ideas for users that seem attractive to me personally. In reality, I do see standing on this website. I really couldn't hit simple current pal till now. Still, I ran across a few curious individuals communicate with. I believe free of charge and comfortable while chatting with all of them. It is suggested this incredible website to everyone who's going to be in search of great company, regardless of the particular relationship.
by VELASQUEZ Nov 09, 2021
I would like various other daters to know that this service 100per cent performs optimally without tricks. Individuals that certainly long for for in touch with that special someone won't be sorry for their own choices whenever becoming a member of the working platform. The main thing is not to stop. I have previously fulfilled simple beloved, therefore are presently pleased. I feel arousal and consistency, and therefore means a great deal. Therefore, we have been crazy, and is never ever far too late for people of various age groups and criteria. I recommend this great site, thus merely attempt.
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