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Pure Review 2021

Pure Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 20-21
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a website and an app, which makes it easily accessible.
  • The brand keeps your identity a secret while you try to find a match.
  • The design of the website and the app looks very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.
  • It is entirely free for women.
  • You have to be a paid member if you want your photo to appear as a request in other members’ profiles.
  • There are chances of encountering fake profiles, bots, and hookers.
  • The app has some technical issues. The app gets stuck sometimes while searching for members.

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What is Pure?

Pure Review 2020

Pure is a dating app that goes with the idea of casual hookups. It keeps your identity secret while you connect and communicate through the app. This Pure Review will take you through what it is all about. The app helps you find casual hookups on demand. The app is not for those who are looking for something serious or something long term. It is unlikely to find any kind of relationship on this site. This site is for those people who want to have casual hookups anytime and anywhere they want. They can do this through the app even after keeping their identity a secret. Read the rest of the Pure Review to get a clear idea of what you are getting into.

It is a dating app where people keep their identities secret and try to meet people for hookups. People can do whatever they want and say whatever they feel like to other members. The profile of the member generally contains a photo. The rest of the information is not shown to other users for secrecy.

The site came into existence in 2014 and has given stiff competition to apps like Tinder. It is because It can provide casual hookups to its users on-demand. People agree to casual hookups by just seeing your photo. You have to send a geo-request, which will make your profile appear in the profiles of other users. You have one hour to connect with a person and meet them for a hookup. After one hour, the request gets removed from the profile of other users.

You can also send likes profiles you are interested in. It can lead to a private chat if the other member likes you back. You can chat for one hour, after which your request gets deleted. It is because the app provides hookups on-demand, and everything needs to happen quickly. There is no restriction on chatting as long as it happens through the consent of both members.

Is Pure legit or scam?

Pure Review 2020

Pure is a relatively new platform in the online dating world. It is undoubtedly not a scam as many people have casual sexual encounters through this app. The best thing about it is that it keeps the identity of its members a secret. It has a unique idea where the request gets over after one hour. It is because everything needs to happen quickly for a casual sexual encounter. Even the time you get to chat is not more than an hour. The app has successfully given stiff competition to the big players in the game like Tinder. It is because of their ability to deliver on their USP.

What members on this site

You will mostly find members who want to have casual sex whenever and wherever they want. It is the perfect app to have anonymous casual hookups. There are chances that you came to the platform looking for something serious. You might be up for a meaningful relationship, but all you get in Pure is no strings attached hookups. So might want to try some other app that has members for a serious long term relationship.

Sexual orientation

Pure Review 2020

The app is open to people of all sexual orientations. It has something for people with different sexual orientations. You may be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but that does not restrict you in any way in this app.

Age Distribution

Most of the members fall under the age limit of 25-35. However, there are many members outside this age limit as well.

Sign-Up Process & Login info

This section in this Pure Review will tell you how to sign up. To start with Pure, you need first to download the app. The app is for both Android and iOS users. It is completely free for download. You can even choose to start with it through its website. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes to register with the app. To make an account, you need to permit the app allowing it to process your data. It needs to process information like your email, phone number, and payment information. You can register in the app either through your phone number or through your email ID. You will also need to verify your mobile number or email ID. The next thing is crucial as the app heavily relies on it for its working. You need to permit the app to use the GPS for location. The app uses your location to find that members that are close to you. You have to upload a photo as well. Upload a good picture as that is the only thing that other members would see. The app asks minimum personal information to for anonymity.

Profile creation

The thing that stands out in this platform is the Georequest. Everything in the app is there to make things move faster towards casual hookups. The Geo request exists only for an hour. After one hour, you need to create a new profile or log in to the existing one and send it again. If you Like a profile and the other user also Likes your profile, a chat window pops up. You can use it for an hour before deciding to meet up. The app doesn’t ask for much information to keep secrecy. It only asks you your gender, sexual orientation, and a photo. Upload the best picture you can for the best results. Use the one hour of chatting to know the person as much as you can as complete anonymous sex can have its problems.


Pure has a very easy and straightforward method of connecting with others. When you create a profile, the photo you upload becomes a request. This request remains in the profile of other users for an hour. You can like profiles that interest you. If they like you back, you can chat with them. However, chatting is also limited to one hour. It is a bit of a restriction but allows you to act quickly. Your profile gets disintegrated after one hour. You have to send the request again for connecting with others. You need a lot of luck to connect with others. Use it during peak hours to get the best results.

Platform for use

Pure Review 2020

Another plus side of the app is its accessibility. The app has a website and an app version, and members can access it with their PC or smartphones. The app is available in both Google Play and the App Store. So there is no restriction to any of the smartphone users. It shows that it has very wide accessibility. Members have more than one option to avail of the services of the app.

The app also comes with a fair set of problems. There are some problems with login through mobile data. The app logs you out repeatedly when using mobile data. You have to provide with email ID and password repeatedly to log in. The app has a login limit for a certain period. You remain logged out of the app after some point due to no fault of yours. It makes the whole experience very frustrating.


There are specific problems with the desktop version of Pure. The website has some glitches, which make it difficult to use. Another problem is it logs you out of the site if you log in through the app.

Design and Usability

As per this Pure Review, the design of the app is very trendy. The overall look is very aesthetic and pleasing to your eyes. The app looks perfect for adults with the color scheme of white background and black text. It has minimum cartoons to keep it a little informal and casual. The app looks minimalistic, just like the profile.

The usability of the app and website is straightforward. The app has very limited buttons. It makes it easy for people to use the app. Everything looks neat and well-placed in the app.

Location and Search Radius

Pure may be a complete waste of time if you don’t have enough members near your area. There is no point of sending requests and liking profiles if they live far away. The search radius of the app is 1000 km. So there are chances that the person you like lives in a faraway state. Use it if there are enough members. Otherwise, it is better to move on to something else.

Pure Review 2020

Navigation through the app is as simple as its design. Like another dating site, pure match you with a perfect girl. You could either like her profile or simply swipe and reject it. The match between two users occurs once the opposite person clicks a selfie of themselves and uploads it. Then the app automatically scans for the female users’ in the proximity. It matches two users based on the geographical location. The app can help you find a girl in a diameter of at least 1000 km. Once you mutually like each other’s profile pictures, the app puts you in the chat window to confront your intentions with the other user.

The eccentricity of the app is that you can take a selfie of yourself and upload it. Within 60 minutes of the selfie’s upload action, if you don’t get any messages or mutual matches, it takes the liberty to delete the chat along with your selfie. If anyone mutually accepts your profile, then you have almost an hour to chat with that person and display your intentions before them. This system of displaying the chatbox for only 60 minutes makes it easier for the users to come to the point instead of wasting their precious time on the futile conversations that often lead to nowhere directly.

The analysts found that the app cannot support the multi-logins. If you plan on using the website and the mobile application simultaneously, the app would automatically log out from one of the platforms.

Pure Costs and Rates

It is completely not a free app in terms of usage. You need to pay for getting the best user experience. That is, you’ll have to pay to meet beautiful enchanting women for hookups. Even though you can download the app for free, you cannot use it without getting a paid membership.

Here are various subscription categories for the Pure App. If you access the app through your phone, you can easily select from the following subscription plans:

  1. 1-week subscription plan: $10.99
  2. 1-month subscription plan: $21.99
  3. 3-month subscription plan: $43.99
  4. 1-year subscription plan: $54.99

The desktop version of the app provides you with different subscription plans. The categorization of plans is in the following manner:

  1. 3- days subscription plan: $1.95 (This offer no longer exists; bring it back please!)
  2. 1- week subscription plan: $9.99
  3. 1-month subscription plan: $19.99
  4. 6-months subscription plan: $39.99

One more additional feature provided by the app is the option of “Instant Chat.” Generally, according to the system setup, a chat starts when you like a woman, and she mutually likes you back. However, when you pay for the instant chat option, you need not wait for the women to like you back. And you can start chatting as soon as you like her profile. A note-taking point here is the additional fee depends on per chat (i.e., you cannot pay for this feature and use it on all users).

Pure Review 2020

To be clear, you can only download the app from the respective stores for free but cannot use it for free! You compulsorily need to acquire a paid membership to become eligible for experiencing the full user benefit. After receiving a paid membership, you can handily click a selfie-and start liking the profile of women your eyes find attractive.

How to pay

Unlike other hookup apps, pure is no different in terms of payment methods. After registration yourself, you can proceed to the payment procedure. The payment modes comprise credit card, debit card, or any net banking methods.

Payment systems

After filling up the details necessary for the registration, one can proceed towards the payment procedure. To continue with the payment procedure, you then get redirected to the payment page where you will have to choose the method of payment or the mode of payment. After selecting the mode of payment, you need to enter your credit card number and enter your password. Acceptance of payment takes place in just a few seconds. You can then start liking the profiles of women you like. And after finding a perfect match, you can probably begin having your cash flings as planned.

Safety & Security

Pure Review 2020

It had terms and policies ensuring that it’s user’s information is safe and secure. For protecting the personal information revealed by the users, the app has put in place sufficient physical, electronic, and administrative protocols to safeguard and secure the data revealed.

Even though there’s a provision in the app that if you don’t want to give your personal details, you can still use the app with your paid subscription, but the only flaw in this system is you won’t be able to access some features and provisions in the app.

But be sure about the information you give. It’s clearly stated in the terms and policy section of the app that the app might breach your few details to the third parties in interest for the apps business.


According to many pure reviews, our analysts observed that some female users are there to escort you with their services in exchange for money. Before you plunge into a casual fling or one-night stand, it’s better than you directly ask the opposite user their teal motive. The female users interested in escorting sexual services in exchange for money would directly tell you what they want from you or why they are here. But there are more than a few users who are there for casual flings like you. So it’s totally up to you!!!

Special Features

Pure Review 2020

Based on the pure review, we shortlisted a few key amazing features of the app.

  1. It’s a straightforward hookup site. Prioritizes your interest in intimacy as it’s the chief goal.
  2. Sharp profile setup – one selfie is all you need to find a suitable hookup for yourself!
  3. The number of fake profiles and bots is less compared to other apps.
  4. No need for meaningless conversations. All you have to focus on is directly coming to the point!
  5. Mutually liking the profile starts the conversation on its own! There’s s no need for you to initiate a convo by texting.
  6. Quite compatible with mobile as well as the desktop version.
  7. Easy membership cancellation.
  8. The desktop version is more compatible than the phone app. The desktop version handles the chat option more efficiently than the mobile version.
  9. One more additional feature you can browse on extra payment is that you don’t have to wait for the opposite girl to mutually like you. One is paying for this feature; the chatbox directly appears without even the girl mutually liking you.


Pure Review 2020

When asked the majority of users about the review, they expressed satisfaction with what they are receiving from this app. The best feature of the app is that there’s absolutely no waste of time in coaxing the women to have a casual fling or one nightstand. The only nook point in this app is, it must be well known in your city or your area so that you can easily find a woman of your match and interest in your residing area or town. This app can match you with a woman in a diameter of at least 1000 kilometers.

The 60-minutes chat disappearance option of the app distinguishes it from the usual hookup apps. Instead of having ample time for all the regular chitchats preceding before asking each other out, this option eliminates the need for casual talks. With all the unique features, this app is the perfect app for casual one-night stands.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
MS, RD & Writer
Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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