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Ashley Madison Review 2021

Ashley Madison Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 23-25
Profiles 2.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • If the users express dissatisfaction with the website premium services, Ashley Madison offers a refund.
  • Women can enjoy free unlimited messaging.
  • The platform has a responsive customer service ready to assist users with their issues.
  • Messaging is restricted for all other users except for women.
  • There are many fake profiles and scammers because of the easy registration process.
  • Prices of premium membership are high.

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Introduction to Ashley Madison – A Unique Dating Site

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

This Ashley Madison review aims to describe the platform from different angels and inform the potential users about the website’s functions and features. The site was launched in 2001 by Ruby Life Inc. From the very first day of its foundation, the platform has received criticism from people because of its concept. The website targets married men and women who are tired of their marriage life or dissatisfied with sex quality and want to meet new people. This Ashley Madison review includes detailed information about the website’s interface, application, membership types, prices, etc.

Is the Ashley Madison Website Legit?

The functionality of the Ashley Madison website is entirely free. It belongs to Ruby Life Inc., which owns several dating services like Cougar Life, Established Men, etc. The company is registered in Toronto, Canada.

Structure of the Platform’s Member Base

Ashley Madison has a mega-huge member base. And “huge” doesn’t mean one, ten or even twenty million people. According to official records published on Wikipedia, in February 2019, the platform has 60 million active users. And this number continues to grow day by day. The users come from different corners of the world. Overall, Ashley Madison users are residents of about 53 countries of the world.

Sexual Orientations of Users

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Ashley Madison review, the website has more than 60 million users. It’s quite logical that all these men and women are not heterosexual. The platform is open for both straight people, gay and lesbian individuals, and other members of the LGBTQ community. During the registration, users can specify their sexual orientation by choosing an option from the dropdown like a man looking for men, women looking for men, etc.

Age Distribution of Users

According to several sources, about 70% of Ashely Madison users are males, and the other 30% are females. They belong to different age categories. The lion’s share of users – 27% belongs to the age range of 25-34 years. 22% of members are men and women over 55 years old. 19% of Ashley Madison users are young people aged 18-24 years old. Fourth place takes the 35-44 age category with 17%. The number of people aged 45-54 years old is the lowest – 15 percent.

Steps of Creating an Account on the Website

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

It’s important to mention in this Ashley Madison review that the registration on the website is easy. For registration, first go to www.ashleymadison.com – the homepage of the Ashley Madison website. Click the “Find People who are Right for You” button to open the registration form. Here, first choose your family status from the dropdown – a man/woman in a relationship looking for women/men, single man seeking women, lonely woman looking for men, etc. Next, choose a username and set a password. Open the dropdown to select your country and insert the index. In the next field, enter your date of birth and nationality. Depending on the chosen family status, some additional fields may appear. For example, the site may ask you to write a short greeting, to choose your boundaries of permission – “something for a short time,” “something for a long time,” “virtual affair,” etc. You can also specify your height, weight, and body type. Last but not least, enter your email address and click the “I Agree” button to confirm that you’re older than 18 years old and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy of the Ashley Madison website.

Creating Profiles and Improving Their Quality

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

User profiles on Ashley Madison are not very detailed. It’s quite understandable. As previously mentioned in this Ashley Madison review, the target audience of this platform are married people who are not happy with their partners or satisfied with the quality of sex with their spouses. That’s why the majority of users don’t want to provide much information about themselves for staying anonymous. Usually, Ashley Madison profiles contain information about users’ age, location, height, weight, languages spoken, limits, marital status, gender, ethnicity, smoking, and drinking habits. Users are also welcome to write about their sexual preferences, what turns them on, what they look for, etc. All these fields are optional. Users can fill them in or leave them blank.

The platform also encourages to upload photos discreet photos. The profile pictures of all users are visible to other members. But members can blur out their faces or change the settings in a way that only people with a secret code can see them. For other users, the profile photos will be inaccessible.

Communication and Interaction Options of the Platform

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

Talking about communication, the very first that appears in mind is sending messages. Female users seeking men are welcome to use messaging without paying for it, but men and lesbians have to buy credits to access the feature. To write the users, you should open his/her profile and click the “Message Me” button. Right under that button, you can also see the “Send me a Gift” and “Chat with me” options. Both features are paid, and users have to purchase credits to use them.

Ashley Madison also allows sending winks and adding users to the list of favorites. The latter is free for all users. You can create a list and add up to 100 profiles there. As for the wink function, it is a way to show the person you’re interested in. While sending a wink, you can also attach your private key to allow the person to view your pictures.

Options for Using the Platform on PCs and Mobile Devices

Ashley Madison can be accessed via any device. The Ashley Madison website has a desktop version for PCs and laptops and a mobile option accessible for tablets and mobile devices. The platform also has mobile applications compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app looks entirely like the desktop version. It has all the features and functionality that the website has.

Features of the Website’s Desktop Version

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

As mentioned earlier in this Ashley Madison review, the platform has a web and mobile versions, and mobile applications. The desktop version of the website is fully functional. It contains all the features of the platform, all functions, buttons, and options. However, for the sake of fairness, it should be mentioned that it’s more convenient to use some features on the app rather than on the website, for example, swiping profiles right and left is easier on the phone.

Available Mobile Applications

The Ashley Madison mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, it can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market. The app was launched in these platforms in 2016 by Ruby Life Inc. Since then, the developer regularly improves the quality of services on the application, fixes bugs, and ensures its smooth performance.

The size of the Ashley Madison application on Android devices is not large – only 14Mb. However, IOS devices require at least 157Mb few memory on the device. Besides, Android devices require 4.1 and upper versions. As for iOS devices, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices with iOS 10.3 or later versions.

The Ashley Madison application is popular among users. The proof of which is the app’s rating and the number of installations. Only from the Google Play Market, the application has been downloaded for more than one million times. More than 7.5 thousand people have left their reviews about the app and gave an average 3.3 stars. As for the iTunes customers, 1.3 thousand users have commented on the quality of the app and gave an average 3.7-star rating.

What does the Website’s Design Look Like?

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

What the Ashley Madison platform stands out from the crowd of online dating platforms is its design. As mentioned earlier in this Ashley Madison review, the platform has both a desktop version and a mobile application. The platform uses the white color as a primary background color. Essential sections like the navigation bar are highlighted in pink color. Buttons are either blue or grey, depending on their importance. As for the text format, it’s readable and convenient for the eyes.

Easy Navigation Tips and Guide

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

The majority of Ashley Madison users can state that the navigation on the platform is way too easy. Why? Because the website has members coming from different age ranges. That’s why the platform wants to make sure that young, experienced users and less tech-savvy users can easily find whatever section or feature they want.

If you are a standard user, at the top of your profile, you can find the upgrading section where the website display subscription options and prices. Under it, the pink navigation bar is located. It has several tabs like Search, Manage Profile, Lists, View Profiles, Viewed Me, Mailbox, etc.

The Mailbox has three tabs – Inbox, Saved, and Sent. By visiting someone’s profile, the very first thing you can notice is the user’s photo and the personal information next to it. Under the picture, there are some action items – Send My Private Key, Send a Wink, Add to Favorites, Private Showcase. The buttons of sending a message, a gift, and chatting are located next to the personal information.

Ashley Madison Subscription Types and Prices

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

Like the majority of online dating and hookup platforms, Ashley Madison also has standard and premium memberships. As a rule, in the case of a premium package availability, the standard one has limited features. However, unlike other dating platforms, Ashley Madison doesn’t offer monthly subscription plans. The platform provides credit packages – Basic, Classic, and Elite.

The Basic package includes 100 credits. Each of them costs 0.59USD. So, overall, users should pay 59USD.

The Classic package costs 169 USD. It contains 500 credit points, each of them costs 0.34USD.

The third package is called Elite. It costs 289 USD and includes 1000 credits.

Each premium feature in the Ashley Madison website has its price in credits. For example, for sending a message to someone, you should pay five credits. But, the good news is that you don’t have to pay for each email. When the receiver answers your message, further communication is free. The costs are different for the chat feature. Ashley Madison charges users for each minute of conversation. For example, for using the function for 30 minutes, users have to pay 30 credits, 60 minutes costs 60 credits. Since sending gifts is also a paid function, it also has its prices. Virtual gifts’ prices vary from 20 to 50 credits.

Free Services vs Fee-Based Services

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

The Ashley Madison online dating and hookup platform offers the following free services to its standard users.

Creating an account on the website is entirely free of charge.

All members, both standard and premium, can view other users’ profiles and like them.

All Ashley Madison members can create a list of favorites and add users.

Both standard and VIP users can access the advanced search filters.

Standard users can send winks to all other people since it’s a free feature.

Free users can apply the functions of protecting their photos and restricting access to them.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Ashley Madison review, the platform offers three premium packages – Basic, Classic, and Elite. By purchasing credits, users can get access to any of the following advanced features:

Premium members can use credits to buy and send virtual gifts.

Users can boost their profiles to appear in the top search results.

The messaging feature is free for women with straight sexual orientation. Lesbians and men should purchase credits to be able to send emails.

Chatting is also a premium feature.

The Travel Man feature is also available for upgraded accounts only.

Step by Step Process of Payment

For upgrading your membership, follow these steps. Open your Ashley Madison profile. On the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see the banner with upgrade information. Click it to go to the upgrade page. Here, you should select one of the packages – Basic, Classic, and Elite. Next, choose the payment system, fill in the necessary details for a successful transaction, and confirm. Your credits will be available once Ashley Madison receives the payment.

Available Systems for Payment

The Ashley Madison website accepts payments via credit and debits cards, and PayPal. All payments are protected by SSL encryption, so there is absolutely no risk of losing money. Users can also pay for the subscription anonymously. All the details are explained in the “Buy Credits” section.

All about the Security and Safety Measures

Ashley Madison Review 2020: All about the Biggest Online Dating Platform

Almost everyone familiar with online dating platforms has heard about the cyber-attack of 2015. The Ashley Madison database was hacked, and all the sensitive data, users’ personal information, and even private messages were publicized. It was a major scandal that hurt thousands of people. However, after this mishap, Ashley Madison could fix the vulnerabilities and security issues. Since then, the platform has improved its security procedures to make sure that this kind of data breach will never happen again.

Does the Website Have Scam?

Ashley Madison doesn’t require strict account verification. It also doesn’t oblige users to provide much personal information respecting their rights and desire to stay anonymous. As a result, many profiles don’t have photos or other data. Taking advantage of this fact, many scammers create accounts and try to steal other users’ data or receive money from them by deceiving. That’s why it is reasonable always to be vigilant, never trust strangers, and take precautionary measures.

What Special Features Does the Website Have?

Ashley Madison has several features that make the platform unique.

The Discreet Photo feature allows users to protect their privacy and anonymity. After uploading a photo members can use this function to blur their faces or put masks. If you want someone to see your face, you can send him/her your private key, which can be used to see the original photo.

The wink feature is designed for showing the person your interest in him/her. For using this function, visit the user’s page and click the “Send a Wink” button located under the profile picture.

The Traveling Man function can be used by men who like to travel a lot. You can inform girls living in the city that you’re going to visit about your trip and invite them to hang out together.

The Priority Man advanced feature allows users to boost their profiles. It means that your account will appear in the top search results and be a few times more visible to other people.


Ashley Madison has earned the title of the leading online dating website in this industry. The platform has a vast user base – 60 million people from more than 53 countries of the world. Anyone in this platform can be sure that he/she will find a compatible match. As mentioned in this Ashley Madison review, the platform is open for people of any age, any ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Since the website targets married men and women, it also provides tools and security measures to protect the identity and stay anonymous. Following the scandal and data breach in 2015, the platform has enhanced its security system to make sure that it will never happen again. So, all Ashley Madison users can enjoy the platform without any fear.

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