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Clover Review 2021

Clover Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 21%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 70%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • a huge active audience on the site;
  • possibility to book a date with only a few clicks, where you can indicate time and place you are down to hang out;
  • various options to discover new matches;
  • enhanced confidentiality settings that allow you to restrict users from viewing your profile based on multiple filters;
  • compatibility is shown in percentage, which eases understanding if this person even worth your time for the first date without reading tea leaves.
  • if you are using the free version, the app will be continually suggesting that you upgrade your account;
  • all communication options are available only with the paid subscription;
  • the cost of membership is beyond average;
  • you can only use Clover as the application since it is not available on desktop.

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Clover in a Nutshell

All the people dreamed about taking the best from various popular dating sites and putting it into one service. The Clover review brings to your attention such an app that can get you on a date just as fast as Tinder with perfect matches just like on Match.com. The founder of the Clover Inc. Company came up with such a brilliant idea of this site around six years ago. In 2014 he founded the start-up, which now provides its users with both quick dates so people could have some fun and lay the foundation of the long-term relationship. In any case, only you decide what you are going to find on the site. Hopefully, this Clover review will shed some light on its pros and cons, sign-up process, functionality, prices, and stuff like that, so you will be able to decide if you should join the site. A little spoiler: you certainly should, but keep reading to find out why.

Is Clover a Reliable Site?

Undoubtedly, it is! You can be confident that signing up with Clover will involve yourself in a world of real dating of all kinds. The administration of the service makes everything possible and even more to provide the best experience for its great amount of users all around the globe.

Audience of Clover

There are currently over 3 million users in total, with the biggest presence in the United States and other English-speaking countries. It is worth adding that in comparison to other popular dating sites, Clover does not have so many members. However, the existent is active and eager to meet in real life, not just chatting for ages.


Clover is a free space for people of all sexual orientations. It is known to be an LGBTQ-friendly dating site. You only need to indicate yours while registering in the app, so only the relevant matches would be suggested.

Age of Members

It should be noted that only people older than 18 can sign up with the Clover dating app. However, the service is most popular among people of the 25-35 age group. They represent the majority of the users on the site.

Registration and Login: Step-By-Step Instructions

It will take you only a couple of minutes to sign up with Clover. You can do that either from scratch using a valid email address or using your Facebook or Instagram profile. Whatever option you take, first, you need to give the app access to your location, only after you can continue registration. You are required to fill out your intention, like looking for people to chat with, dating, long-term relationships, etc. Further steps depend on what sign-up option you chose. If you use an email address, you need to fill in your name, gender, sexual orientation, age, height, weight, body type, ethnic roots, education, profession, and so forth. If you register through your Facebook account, most of the details will be imported from the profile. None of this information is mandatory to indicate in your account, but it certainly boosts your chances to meet a person for any purpose.

After registration, you can use the Clover app with your credentials – email and password- or log in with a Facebook account in the same way you signed up on the site.

Filling out the Profile Details

Once you registered on Clover, you can see or change the details in your account. If you missed the part that describes in details how to sign up with the site, check the according to a section of this Clover review.

Also, you can add some new information to About Me, Add Interests, 20 Questions sections. There is also the Badge section. But first things first.

About Me, part contains the info you were asked to fill out upon registration, including the details about your appearance, religious beliefs, earnings, and so on. You can also add a profile picture to the account, that can be taken right away using the camera on your phone or upload it from the gallery on your device. Another option is to import a picture from Facebook or Instagram accounts. In total, you can add up to twenty images of yours to the account.

Besides, you can write up to 200 symbols in a free form to personalize your account and give more context to your potential dates about yourself. For better chances on Clover, you should also Add Interests of yours, that you can choose from the list of suggested activities, which can be adventures, road trips, reading, beach, Netflix, and chill, etc. Here you can add links to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and other). It seems that the matching percentage is counted based on the likeness of interests.

The 20 Questions part is quite a fun section that can also help you find a person with like-minded interests. You only need to choose between two options: ‘I am predictable’ or ‘I am spontaneous,’ ‘I am messy’ or ‘I am organized,’ and so on.

In the account, there is also the Badges section, where all your so-called achievements on the site are visible. You can earn such marks for various activities. For example, if you answer all 20 Questions, you get the badge called Open Book. Clearly, it is nearly nothing-burger, yet the more badges you have, the higher your engagement level.

Interacting With Users

It is easy to access all the users you have been matched with from the Prospects tab. There are also those members that you liked, that liked you back or those you skipped. If you want to initiate messaging with one of the users, you only need to press the symbol of hearing, which will start messaging between you two. It should be mentioned that communication is certainly easier with the upgraded Clover account because if you use the standard profile, you can only send messages to those members who liked you too. While fee-based users can initiate communication with all the people they like regardless if they like them back or not. Also, a premium account allows you to attach pictures, videos, and gifts to the messages.

Available Platforms

If you still wish to try Clover, be ready to only use it on the Apple or Android device. There is no desktop version on the available app for Windows and Blackberry phones. Downloading the app is free. The mobile application itself does not take too much space on the phone, making it possible to get it on almost every device.

Desktop Version

Clover does not offer a web version of its service. You can only go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app on the website. You can also enter your phone number, and Clover will send you a link on the application. Besides the links, you can also read articles in Blogs on various topics, and some legal information.

Mobile Website Version and App

While there is no website for PC and mobile browsers, Clover invested a lot in its mobile app. All the efforts have paid since the app had a nice design and convenient in usage. Access to all major features is possible from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen with according icons. However, using the app to the full extent is better with the premium membership that gives access to the full set of features.

Layout and User-Friendliness

The Clover app’s minimalistic design makes it attractive to all people with the basic white background and a sprinkling of bright yellow, pink, and blue colors. Stylish fonts make the text attractive for reading. In general, using the app is quite positive thanks to the intuitive interface and convenient position of all features. You do not have to be a digital-savvy to benefit from Clover, because everything is understandable at the first click.

Browsing Experience

It is a real pleasure to navigate through accounts on Clover, but only in case, you have a paid subscription. Because the standard profile allows you to apply only basic filters such as age, sex, sexual preferences, location, and maximum distance to your match. After the account upgrade, you can narrow down the search results for the most accurate and relevant matching. You can start searching for your better half by education, occupation, income, children, religion, body type, relationship status, smoking and drinking habits, etc. It is certainly a real bargain for this set of search filters if you consider Clover as the place to meet your one and only.

The maximum distance that the app allows to look for a partner is up to 1,000 km, but come on, let’s be honest in this Clover review and set real distances if you are interested in meeting someone special.

Clover and Its Rates

Clover is hardly an affordable dating site. It offers to buy a premium subscription or so-called Boost Packs that will help you promote your profile to the top positions in the chat screen, so more people could see you.

A paid membership is possible to buy for one, three, and six months. For 1 month, you will pay $29.99 for 3 months – $59.99 in one payment (that is $20.00 for one month), and for half a year subscription, you will pay $89.99 upfront (which is only $15.00 per month). You can see that it is more efficient if you buy the most extended membership.

The Boost Packs contain packages of 1, 5, and 10 credits. The package with 1 credit will cost you $2.99, with 5 credits – $12.95) and 10 credits – $19.90. Also, you will be charged an additional $0.99 if you wish to edit your name.

All the prices indicated in the US dollars and up to date on the day of the publication of this Clover review.

Free and Fee-Based Subscriptions

The Clover app offers its best features with premium accounts. However, there are nice functions available for standard users, so they could look around on the site, and understand whether the upgrade is worth the money. So here is what you get without any additional payment:

  • looking through the accounts and pictures of other users;
  • using the On-Demand Dating option that allows you to request a date from a particular user – in the section with features of the Clover review you will find more info about this thing;
  • making up and joining the Mixers;
  • a message with the member provided they liked you back.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to buy a premium membership, but check what you are missing. The paid functions are the following:

  • enhanced search filters that help to narrow down the results;
  • initiate messaging with anyone even if they do not like you back;
  • add photos, videos, and gifts to messages;
  • unlimited amount of credits that put you to the top position in the chat.

Payment Process From A to Z

The Clover app offers to buy a premium subscription right in the app using the payment methods in the App Store or Play Market. It should be mentioned that available forms of purchase may vary depending on the state you are located in.

Systems of Payment

The Clover app supports all the payment systems used for buying a fee-based membership since the payments go through the account on Apple or Android. That means the supported by App Store and Google Play Market systems are allowed for completing a purchase.

Safety Issue

For Clover administration, a matter of data security is a top priority. To ensure reliable protection, Clover employs SSL/TLS protocol that encrypts all the information sourced from the app. Besides, all the users are free to choose if they wish to expose their location to other people in the app. It is also possible and highly encouraged by Clover to block and report suspicious users or those who express abusive or violent speeches towards you.

Are the Rumours About Fraud on Clover True?

The app does everything possible and puts all the efforts to eliminate any chances of encountering fake or scam accounts. However, it is probably impossible to eradicate it at all. That is why you need to keep both eyes peeled and report users asking money from you, or any financial or personal details that might hurt you immediately.

Couple Words About Key Functions

Two nice features make Clover the app worth its money. Those are On Demand Dating and Mixers.

On Demand Dating is a favorite feature of the app users because it solves constant and meaningless messaging that rarely leads to a date. This function shows you the users that are down to meet up, so you can only set a time and place. You wait for a confirmation, and voila – you are going out with a real person on a real date. It sounds so simple, yet it turned so complicated for other dating services.

Mixers is a chat room. Members can find common ground on various topics. It can be anything – from discussing the era of the 90s and Britney songs to the recipe of avocado toast in the Healthy Lifestyle room. Mixers are free to join, so basically, everyone can start messaging there. The most popular mixers have up to 50,000 members in it, so you can create your one on any topic you like.


To sum up the Clover review, it is possible to say that this app is certainly the top one. It has everything modern people wish the dating site had: big and active user base, nice and minimalistic layout, and a user-friendly interface that allows to intuitively use the app. Clover is unique only because it can arrange a night out in a few clicks. The biggest blocker for people to join and use the app to the full extent, for which read, buying a premium subscription, is its high price. Because, frankly speaking, the cost is expensive, and far from everybody can afford it. However, if you are still reading this Clover review, you are considering getting started with that app. If you pay, you will not regret a minute and cent spent on Clover. Hurry up to join and get yourself a date!

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Metz is creative, open-minded, and perceptive. He has a background in Higher Education and is passionate about mental health and wellness.
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