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KinkyAds Review 2021

KinkyAds Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 31-37
Profiles 580 900
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • KinkyAds is a site with a clean philosophy;
  • Cool and simple design;
  • Understandable site navigation;
  • Profiles are quality and informative to the needed extend;
  • The price for the services is reasonable.
  • There is no app available on any mobile platform;
  • Poor user protection;
  • Little member base.

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What Kind of a Site Is KinkyAds?

The KinkyAds review below shows that this web resource unites mature and conscious people open about their sexual striving and ready for experiments. This site offers a sleek platform for posting your nude photos, exchanging explicit content with other users, reviewing like-minded people’s profiles, and arranging a quick hookup. Are you interested in the details? Read more in the KinkyAds review.

What Kind of a Site Is KinkyAds?

Should You Trust KinkyAds or Is It a Scam?

As with any other kinky site, you may feel insecure at the beginning. Soon, KinkyAds will inspire confidence in you and show that casual dating is scary or risky. This site is a platform for sexual adventures, a sex portal, a virtual porn resource — everything but a scam. You can treat it with a seed of doubt if you are new to the NSA community. But soon, you realize that such an open erotic atmosphere is standard for this type of dating site.

KinkyAds does not require payments for all its services. Registration is free, and users can decide when they want to try the full range of services. You are not going blind and paying for the features until you get the hang of them. Unfortunately, the site provides an insufficient level of personal information protection. All people who open the site can see the nude photos and details of the KinkyAds users. But people should remember about this during the registration and when they tick the “I agree” in terms of use. Again, the responsibility of using the platform lies on the shoulders of its members. There is no ground to consider KinkyAds a scam. The site seems pretty legit.

Should You Trust KinkyAds or Is It a Scam

What Kind of People Use This Site?

The KinkyAds review you are about to read will help you better understand the rules, philosophy, and profiles quality on this dating site. It is vital to learn about the platform before using it, especially if you are going to provide your vulnerable information to it.

According to the number they provide in the search section, the platform boasts of more than 187 thousand users according to the number they provide. There must be someone to your taste among them. You will also access 2000 group chats and 24,000 ads after joining this open sex community. The last category refers to the photos and videos of the sexual character that users post on the website. You can freely watch some of them while others require a subscription. To raise your popularity with the audience, post an ad yourself. Simply tap the “Post Ad” button on the top menu and follow the instructions.

What Kind of People Use This Site?

The Statistic of the Users’ Sexual Orientation

The sexual preferences of the people you will meet on this web recourse are clear and diverse. KinkyAds is not the best site to seek serious relationships and committed dating. You may register here to meet people with different fetishes, seeking sexual experiments and intimacy without strings or obligations. If you are not ready for this type of content, do not register. The site’s userbase consists of those who state what kind of sex they seek, when, where, and with what number of people. You can filter people to see only straight, gay, bi, or lesbian users. Some people would like to join couples as well as those who want a real orgy or gang bang.

The Statistic of the Users’ Sexual Orientation

Diverse Age Range as the Main Focus

You have to be over eighteen to register for all adult dating sites. KinkyAds is no exception; only mature people can enroll because you will see and post pretty explicit content there. While the lower point of the allowed age is clear, there are no restrictions for the higher limit.

This dating resource is suitable for finding mature dating and sex with people of any age and experience. Some users may be virgins, others married, and the third group of people will not hide that they had over 100 sexual partners, and you will be just another item in their collection. The average age range is 25-35, but the diversity of members is outstanding.

Diverse Age Range as the Main Focus

The Steps You Should Take to Sign Up

Whatever adult dating niche you prefer, from kinky, no strings attached, BDSM experience, fetish dating to casual sex, this dating site will have something to offer you. For your profile creation to go smoothly and quickly, read about how to do it properly.

What Should You Do to Create a Profile?

Users of KinkyAds will not deal with the lengthy registration forms, surveys about their interests, or “What is the perfect date for you like?” type of questions. On this dating platform, you have to state the minimum of details. The information you provide is enough to let you browse the feed and receive accurate matches. When your main goal is to find a person for a hookup, their educational or professional background doesn’t matter that much, right?

When you open the main website page, you see the presentation of the KindyAds work, philosophy, a simple lead-in about what you should expect, and the “Join” button in the top right corner. Click on it to start the registration. The open form that opens before you require filling in the email, password, nickname, confirming the password again, selecting your gender, relationship status, and birth date.

In terms of specifying sexual preferences, there are many criteria related to it. You should name what gender you are looking for (tick as much as you want) among men, women, couples, TV/TS, or Online-only. There are also more than thirteen orientations to choose from, and they include “dike”, “fluctuating”, “homoflexible”, “heteroflexible” and the variant “unsure.” Choose the last one if you are open to new things that you may not know about yourself yet.

After deciding on the intimate preferences, insert your location, and agree to the terms of use — the next step is confirming the profile creation with a phone number. Enter your telephone number with a country code, and KinkyAds will send you a verification notice. After that, you have to finally log in using the email and password you have just stated. Now, your account on KinkyAds is ready. The whole process takes 5 minutes and is free. Considering the security measures, the profile creation on this dating site is quick and meets the high standards of online security.

What Should You Do to Create a Profile?

Messaging and Communication at a Glance

The first page that opens before you after logging in is the users’ feed containing nude photos and images of body parts of the users. Any KinkyAds review will warn you about this. You should have a specific understanding of kinky dating online for joining this web resource. Otherwise, you will not achieve your goal.

The dating site greets you on their platform and invites you to proceed to browse the local kinky singles. Messaging is free, and you can write to whatever user you want. When clicking on the user’s profile, you can see their photo and video albums, review their latest activity on the site (“the user X has commented on the user Z post”), send a friend request to them, or follow.

KinkyAds allows users to post sexy photos to attract other curious users, leave comments and reviews under the posts, become friends, and chat in the instant messenger. You can select photos from your device to send to a user inside a chat. Then, all your conversations appear in the messaging section, and you can open them on tapping the envelope icon on the toolbar in the top menu.

Messaging and Communication at a Glance

How Do You Access the Site and Is It Easy?

The KinkyAds review would be incomplete without paying attention to the sleek and modern design of the site. The black and white color palette and the intuitive interface are a pleasure for the eyes. This dating site is one of the best in terms of usability. If the navigation and functionality are of utmost importance for you during the site selection, you will not be disappointed by this dating platform.

Desktop and Mobile Versions of the Platform

The KinkyAds desktop version of the website offers a full range of dating options that you can imagine. From the feed containing the pictures and short description of users to the broad base of porn material.

The mobile browser resource covers many areas of users’ interests as well. It provides various functions for not only communication but also earning money on your content. However, it is more convenient to open a full website rather than access it on a mobile device.

How Do You Access the Site and Is It Easy?

What Is About the Dating App?

There isn’t an app available on any platform. The reason for this may be the strict policy of the official Apple and Android app providers. If KinkyAds wanted to launch the Android or iOS application, they would have to change the site’s filling, concept, or services. Luckily, you can have a great user-experience using the mobile or desktop version of the website. Using KinkyAds is accessible on the go, and you can survive without an app. If you save your password and email, the site will not log you out of the service. Save the link in the incognito mode, and you can communicate and find one-night stands without any troubles.

The Key Features of the Design & User-Friendliness

All profiles contain enough information to understand whether the person matches your criteria. You do not have to wait to receive access to information or study the site to know where the necessary buttons are. KinkyAds offers you everything you need on a silver plate and does not limit your creativity. Post, comment, enter discussions, and enjoy outstanding adult content for a small fee. The interface invites you to explore all the site sections and obtain a live feeling of presence.

You don’t feel like you are using a simple dating platform. This site allows you to sneak into the personal boundaries of people, have a bite of the forbidden, and make your wildest fantasies come true. This range of features is possible due to the design. As you open any of the site’s sections, you immediately see the profiles and nude images of people. Such openness creates the feeling of immersion into the lives of others where you can eavesdrop and oversee without punishment (unless you ask for it).

The Key Features of the Design & User-Friendliness

How Quality Is the Site in Terms of Navigation?

This KinkyAds review should have provided you with ample details to understand that the site’s work is excellent from the visual and technical side. The transitions are smooth, and the design immediately hints you where you can find any feature you want. The dating recourse does not limit your flight of imagination.

The arrangement of KinkyAds work and the menu structure belong to the single canvas, but different fonts and colors allow users to express their vision. You have every possibility to make your profile stand out and look the way you want. As a result, your account’s look will be apparent to other members because the site takes over this task.

KinkyAds Subscription, Its Costs and Characteristics

The information this KinkyAds review states about the prices will pleasantly surprise you. The service appears to be an open kinky community that provides various communication possibilities rather than an adult portal. Posting sex videos isn’t their primary focus. People who seek casual partners or just want to have fun flirting online will enjoy the site. Browsing this platform, you do not face the pressure to purchase the subscription and will not experience that money-making atmosphere that many other sites have.

What Is the Difference Between the Paid and Free Versions?

Free access to the site includes:

  • Profile creation;
  • Posting ads;
  • Messaging the users who have posted ads;
  • Members search;
  • Sending emails in the number of 10 per hour;
  • Entering groups and creating yours;
  • Ability to take part in the discussions on the forum.

For a small fee, you will be able to:

  • Message any KinkyAds users without restrictions;
  • See ads in a pleasant format;
  • Watch all the porn videos posted on the site;
  • Block people from texting you;
  • Check you has seen your ads;
  • See whether the interlocutor has read or deleted your email.

Payments and Billing: How to Pay for the Subscription?

The price for the premium subscription is $5 per month. This is a fair value for the money. Considering the range of features you get, the KinkyAds services fee is lower than the average price on other dating sites.

What Payment Systems Does the Site Support?

This part of the KinkyAds review gives an understanding of payment methods. The billing methods are various, and you will surely find the one to suit you in terms of legitimacy, speed of processing, trust, and convenience:

  • PayPal;
  • Credit card;
  • Zelle payment system;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Cash App;
  • Venmo;
  • US Mails.

Safety Measures the Provider Implements

The protection of personal details is insufficient on the site. Because you can see the pictures of people without authorization, this is a great marketing trick to invite you to the site, but in such a way, someone who knows you may see your nude photos even if they are not the logged-in user.

The system does not oblige you to upload an avatar photo. There are empty profiles on this dating site. You should be attentive and careful about giving out your personal or credit card details while using KinkyAds.com. If you feel disturbed or annoyed by a user, you can always report them. Blocking people is a paid feature available as a part of the premium set.

Is This Dating Site a Scam?

When creating the KinkyAds profile, you face a few levels or verification. First, you need to enter a valid email. Then, you are to give your phone number and type the sent code. These steps weed out the bots and fakes from the beginning. However, they do not protect you from scammers. Every user should stay on alert because using the site properly is their duty.

In terms of finances, you get a full range of services for the money you pay and can trust this dating site. The KinkyAds review you have read above gives an understanding that this platform is legit.

Key Features and Unique Functionality: Worth the Hype?

You can enjoy the next sections on the site:

  • Tap on the “Home” button to read the comments of the users and post whatever is on your mind;

  • “Browse Ads” part of KinkyAds contains the list of different locations. Click on any US state, choose Europe’s country, or other continents to see its users. In case these people have ads posted, you can open them and enjoy for free.
  • “Post Ad” feature allows you to upload your contribution to the site’s collection.
  • “Kinky & Sexy” stands for the user feed. There you will see profiles of users with short descriptions. To read more or view the full range of person’s images, click on their account.
  • “Groups” is the section of the site where members unite into communities of like-minded people. You can search for a specific group to join, browse all of them, or create your own. Inside groups, you will find people with the same intentions and preferences, enter into discussion, and post images. This option is perfect for meeting users who suit your requirements and get to know them closer. You can also feel secure inside the community and be sure that no one will judge you.
  • Tapping the “Topics” button redirects you to the discussions present on the KinkyAds dating platform. Raise the issue you want or join the forums of others.
  • “Videos” part of the site contains home porn videos that all users can upload if they wish others to see them. But to access those, you have to pay for the subscription.

Should You Use This Dating Platform?

KinkyAds review above proves that you can trust this site and be confident that you pay for the quality. The fee price is low and provides you the best functionality. If you stick to the free version, you will still have the best user experience. The strongest sides of the site’s work are its multi-step verification and a friendly adult community. The app’s absence is the main drawback, but this choice is not part of the KinkyAds’ responsibility.

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