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BlackPlanet Review 2021

BlackPlanet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 27-30
Beauty 62%
Profiles 1 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is an app for any mobile platforms available;
  • More than ten million users around the world;
  • BlackPlanet has an excellent reputation and a long history;
  • All services are completely free.
  • This dating site has the largest black community online;
  • The design choices of the apps are a bit outdated.

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What Should You Know About the BlackPlanet?

This BlackPlanet review gives you a better understanding of a dating site and a social network aimed at black dating. The platform has appeared on the market in 1999 and advertises itself as the biggest online community for African Americans. Here, the people of color can meet their perfect partners, find love, and build a serious relationship. Most BlackPlanet reviews give the general description of its feed, unique features, and free access. You will find all this and many more in the expert’s review below.

While the service focuses on black dating, anyone can join it. The developers emphasize that they do not spread the ideas of apartheid. The provider believes that dating whoever you want, and being open to everyone makes the essence of freedom. This liberal atmosphere reigns inside the community. The BlackPlanet review below gives a better understanding of the service’s membership, features, profile quality, and overall conclusion.

There are more positive sides to BlackPlanet, and the list above contains the most prominent of them. You will be pleasantly surprised if you choose to use this dating platform. Its users feel safe and enjoy the broad functionality all for free, which doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. The few drawbacks it has to offer are so minor that they barely should stop you from registration on this service.

Is BlackPlanet Legit or a Scammer Site?

Is BlackPlanet Legit or a Scammer Site?

You can be sure that this community is not a scam. The BlackPlanet review below explains why this is true and takes every aspect of the site into detailed consideration. Their apps have more than five thousand reviews in total, and most of them are positive. Real people use the site and leave feedback. The growing audience of BlackPlanet is another argument against thinking it is a scam.

This dating service provides all the necessary information about their work, owner, history, success stories, and contacts on their website. You will find the information about billing, canceling the subscription, and the user security there as well. It seems that BlackPlanet is serious about the legal aspects of their work and the member’s comfort. The provider does not allow racism — a violation of human rights, or scams. In case you have any problems — reach out to the company or read more reviews. The latter will leave you zero reasons to doubt the platform’s legitimacy.

Diversity of the Members Structure and Their Preferences

The site claims that the number of registered profiles counts more than ten million. And you can believe this number because BlackPlanet is the oldest service providing black dating opportunities. Over many years of its history, the site has adjusted a perfect procedure of weeding out the fakes and detecting scammers. It provides the conscious people of color the best user experience.

The men to women ratio on the platform is 2 to 3. You can explore the profiles as soon as you register in the “Discovery” section. The majority of people you see will be African Americans, but, as the provider claims, there is no racial separation on the site. You can enroll if you are a representative of another ethnicity but seek relationships with black people. You may even find another white people on BlackPlanet, but if this is your primary goal, you should choose another dating site.

There is the “Stories” section on the site where people publish the latest news, comments, posts, and exchange feedback. All the users you discover there seem real and pretty active. Their comments are diverse, and it doesn’t appear to be an attention-drawing trick. There are no bots there, and the topics that the audience raise are up-to-date and profound. Generally speaking, there are more females on the site. And they seem more active as well.

What Is About the Sexual Preferences of the Audience?

BlackPlanet is suitable for finding any type of relationship in any community. No matter your dating background, status, expectations, and orientation, you will find your perfect match among twenty million other people.

The Average Age of the Users

The age distribution is even and spreads between the categories from 18 to 60 years. Other dating sites focus on black dating for older people, so BlackPlanet is not the best choice for them. Thus, mature people who are older than 40 stick to other services and leave more space for the young.

If you are in your twenties, the site will have at least a million users of your age range. Adjust the search criteria and discover what category you are most likely to enjoy. Do you seek to date older people or those who are a few years younger? BlackPlanet has it all.

How Do I Login to Use the Site?

To start using the site, you should create a profile. Otherwise, you cannot see any photos and personal information of the users. Luckily, the registration is easy, and the process is transparent. You can see from the beginning that the level of security BlackPlanet provides is high. The serious approach applies to the initial access and user data protection.

After the registration, you can save up your password and login name to quickly access the site. If you download the app, you have to register once, and it will save the information for the later interaction. The updates of the app’s engine do not influence your profile data.

How to Create a Profile?

To start creating the profile, visit the site, or download the app. If you first register on the site, you will only have to log in data when using it. The details you have to provide to BlackPlanet are as follows:

  • Choosing a profile photo, this is not a necessary step, but it raises your *popularity. By the way, you can even upload a GIF;
  • Enter a username;
  • Email address;
  • Come up with a password;
  • Your gender (unfortunately, only two options are available);
  • Date of birth;
  • ZIP code;
  • Tick the reCaptcha service button.

The connection on the registration page is secure. This measure means you provide your data directly to the dating service, and no third parties can access it. That is it! Your BlackPlanet profile is ready; you have stated all the necessary details. You can then add more to your account’s description and apply different search criteria to sort out the potential matches.

Messaging and Chatting Opportunities

The main feature BlackPlanet members use as a messaging tool is called “Notes.” Those are the ultimate texts, but you can add a photo or publish this message on the open to the public feed. All users can then comment, like your message, interact in the discussion below, and reach out to you if they feel interested in your ideas.

You can contact people from the “Stories,” the “Discovery” section, or use the search engine. For instance, you can adjust the region criteria and see only people who are currently near your location. Add more requirements like age or gender, and you will get more precise match results. Any user can use the zip code they want during the search. You can apply the location outside your postal area no matter where you are and seek people worldwide. Any of these features are free and available for unlimited use.

The BlackPlanet moderators can set up group chats for several users, and anyone can enter such communities. Unfortunately, the users cannot create a group chat with a few members simultaneously, but they can always reach out to the moderators with a fresh idea for the chat. You can search for the groups later entering criteria like location, the gender of the participants, or age, similar to the “Feed” search. People inside the public chats are generally polite and witty. You can have a great time there unless someone starts to spam. Job offers and all kinds of advertisements are accessible inside the chats. But the moderators quickly notice such users and react. These measures stimulate others to show respect, be positive, and not to spam.

Usability of This Dating Platform: Is It Convenient?

Usability of This Dating Platform: Is It Convenient?

BlackPlanet is a dating site whose primary focus is dating for African Americans. Because the access to the service is free, this is more a social network than a simple dating platform. People here exchange the news concerning the black community, share thoughts, chat, post photos, and raise different topics. You can meet people during the discussion of the latest events or reach out to a pretty person you see in “Stories.” The functionality of the platform is broad and outstanding. No other free dating service offers such a wide range of features.

The Website Version of the Platform

This community is the biggest online platform catering to black people. The provider cares about its high status and offers users the maximum opportunities for free.

The quality of the website is excellent, and you feel comfortable browsing between its sections. You can see the photos of a user arranged in separate albums and tap on the name or the account’s photo to open the full description. The user bio consists only of the necessary details because you do not provide a lot of information during the initial registration. The site offers you everything needed to edit your account later and get to know other people by regarding their descriptions.

The instant messenger and the feed are also present in the full version of the BlackPlanet service. Post a status, publish whatever is on your mind, follow people, or add them to friends, upload photos, or pin them to your posts. You can see the people’s stories and the main page containing news about the black community around the world. As you can see, this online resource reminds more of a real social network, and you can safely spend a few hours there being amazed at the variety of choices you have.

Dating Apps and What to Expect

The BlackPlanet apps are free, and you can download them on whatever mobile platform your device supports. The company launched them in 2009, and since then, the total number of installations for the Android and iOS devices is almost 2 million.

Inside the app, you will see the instant messenger, the notification section, the feed, your profile with its settings, as well as the stores of other users. The applications are free to download, and there are no hidden payments or subscriptions after the registration. Some BlackPlanet reviews report the app’s slow work, but the firmware’s recent updates may have helped. There have been no complaints afterward.

The Main Features of the Design

The Main Features of the Design

The design of the website’s interface needs an upgrade because it does not look as trendy as the service with a multimillion audience should. Why the dating platform with such a vast member base sticks to the same design for years in unexplainable. The service definitely would win from the rebranding.

When it comes to the BlackPlanet app, things are better there. You can notice a touch of taste and modern tendencies in it. The interface reminds of the typical social networks, the transitions are smooth, and the menu operates well.

Is the Site’s Navigation Easy?

Users understand where to find the necessary sections quickly and enjoy the app on the go. The system saves your conversation, history, and the latest activity. Besides, you do not have to re-enter the login info each time.

BlackPlanet Membership and Its Price

BlackPlanet Membership and Its Price

All members use BlackPlanet for free and have the same set of functions.

The Difference Between the Paid and Free Memberships

The features all users get are identical:

  • Profile creation;
  • Making friends and followers;
  • Creating a list of favorites;
  • Joining group chats;
  • Browsing people in their location or any other;
  • Taking part in voting and seeing the rating;
  • Uploading photos and account editing is available.

The Subscription: Its Features and Payments

BlackPlanet The Subscription: Its Features and Payments

The dating site offers its services completely free of charge.

What Payment Systems Are Available?

BlackPlanet does not provide any payment methods on their site.

Safety & Security of the Users

The provider gives you an understanding of what information and for what purposes they collect. You can read all the details to be sure about your privacy and account protection.

The BlackPlanet review shows that the company doesn’t pass the information (including name, photos, and links to other social media) to third parties. The website collects cookies to analyze better how people use the dating facilities, but you agree to that upon registration.

In terms of user security against scams, the site fights bots because all people have to use the reCaptcha services during the registration. The moderators work sufficiently to weed out the scammers from the community. Only official team representatives can create group chats and then control their audience. If you feel uncomfortable communicating to the person or that someone your rights at any moment of using the site, be sure to report this user and reach out to the support team.

Can You Say This Site Is a Scam?

BlackPlanet Can You Say This Site Is a Scam?

BlackPlanet is today one of the biggest online dating community for black people, with more than ten million people and almost 200 million page views. This site has achieved a lot in online dating, and its excellent reputation shows people’s trust.

Black singles all over the world use this service every day. Some of them seek friendship and have been long following some people on the platform; others occasionally sneak in the community to find a quick hookup. But the members seem real, friendly, and remarkably tolerant. For all this, different newspapers and big media rank BlackPlanet in the top fifteen social networks. It is as popular as giants like Facebook or Instagram, but you should remember that this is still a niche dating site. The primary goal of registration is to seek relationships and friends.

The BlackPlanet review has shown that you should not consider this dating site a scam. It is an official community with the most significant African American audience that offers its platform entirely free. There are no hidden payments, and you shouldn’t expect the system to charge bills upon registration. All the features are free, though you can see multiple add that can restrict your comfortable site use.

Unique Features the Service Provides for Free

BlackPlanet Unique Features the Service Provides for Free

BlackPlanet not only offers its services for free, but it also provides some outstanding features that attract users even more. For example:

  • You can post stories or read the news;
  • Send “Notes” — a private message with photos;
  • Browse the feed consisting of the user posts;
  • Follow people and make friends;
  • Enjoy the “Discover page;”
  • Play games!

Users report the similarity of the platform with Facebook and claim that they are not absolute competitors but rather examples of how different concepts give a start to separate communities.

The latest massive update of the platform brought about the new exciting games to enjoy on the platform. Currently, the users can try two such attractions called “Varmandia” and “Fishdom.” The first one is a farming arcade where you grow animals and crops. Invite friends to help you and earn in-game tokens. “Fishdom,” despite its straightaway name, is about growing, not fish, but aliens. You get a personalized alien that you can customize and take care of them like a Tamagotchi.

Final Thoughts: Is Using the Site Worth It?

BlackPlanet Final Thoughts: Is Using the Site Worth It?

The BlackPlanet review gives you a clear understanding that you can trust this site and use it as the leading platform for black dating. Its philosophy is to spread awareness of the African American community’s problems and news and unite like-minded people worldwide.

There is no place for hatred or racism. People seem friendly and ready to welcome newcomers to their online homes. This prominent social network can boast millions of happy members and success stories. The rich functionality and long history show that you should give BlackPlanet a chance.

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