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AmoLatina Dating Website Review 2021

AmoLatina Dating Website Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 79%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 6 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is quick and easy
  • The site is well designed
  • There are plenty of users from Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico
  • You can use the site for free if you want
  • App available for Android and iOS
  • Translating service
  • You need to pay to communicate efficiently
  • A paid membership is very expensive

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What Is AmoLatina?

AmoLatina is a niche dating site designed for those who are looking for Latinas and Latinos (but mostly Latinas). The name of the site means “I love Latina” both in Portuguese and Spanish. You can find a Latina to keep you good company on a trip or a date and eventually marry. There are men on the site too, in case you are a woman who wants to meet men from South American countries. In this AmoLatina review, you will find all you need to be successful on the site. The site supports people from all over the world who want to meet Latin lovers. There are many users, and that is because Latin women are known to be hot. If you already visited Brazil or any other South American country, you know women in these countries have bigger breasts and hips than in Europe or the USA. This is why they are desired so much. Men are also stronger and have beautiful traits that men from other places lack, according to most AmoLatina reviews.

In this AmoLatina review, you will know everything about the site. Is it any good? Is it possible to find Latin ladies who want quick hookups? Perhaps Latin men who want to marry? All these questions will be answered below for your convenience.

What Is AmoLatina?

Is AmoLatina Legit?

The site is very well designed and has good usability. Usually, sites like that are considered very legit. Then, something odd happens when you register on this site. You start receiving lots of messages from new people. That should be good, right? Well, when you read those messages and look into profiles, everything starts to look suspicious. Without a worthy AmoLatina review, it is hard to say whether the site itself is a big scam or there are simply many scammers on it.

Members On The Site

According to data, there are more than 100 thousand people registered on AmoLatina. There are users from all around the world that are looking for Latin lovers. As for the Latin people, most of them are from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Since Brazil is a big country, there are more gorgeous Brazilian women on the site than women from other countries.

Sexual Orientation Of Users

Although the site was designed for men to find hot Latin women, it is still open to all people and all sexual orientations. If you are a man looking for Latin men, you might as well find them. If you are a woman looking for Latin women, then you are in for a treat. In the past years, it has become more common for people of Latin countries to assume themselves as LGBT+. So do not worry if you are an LGBT+ person looking for Latin love. You might find it at AmoLatina, and it just might be harder due to the great number of straight men looking for hot Latin women.

Age Of Users

There are users of all ages on the site (but you need to be at least 18 to register). Still, you can expect to see a lot of gorgeous young women and, when you see Latin men, most of them are also very young and hot. If you are older than 30, it is no problem at all. There are always people who like to get into a relationship or have a good time with older men and women.

Age Of Users

How To Signup And Login

The registration process on this site is straightforward. If you are curious about the signup, here is how that goes:

  • Go to amolatina.com.
  • Choose whether you are a man/woman and whether you are looking for a man/woman.
  • Define the desired age range of people you want to meet.
  • Click on, “take a chance.”
  • Now you can choose to sign up via google or enter your email address and a password, then click on “continue.”
  • You can choose to enter your real name or just a nickname.
  • Enter your birth date and your hometown, then click on “next.”
  • The last step is to set up a good picture as your profile picture.

Once you are registered, you will meet plenty of beautiful people. If you are looking for women, lots and many scorching Latin women will appear on your home page. The opposite is true if you are looking for men.

When you log out and want to log back in, you just need to revisit the site and click on “Sign in.” Then you need to enter your email and password.

How To Create Your Profile On AmoLatina

Editing your profile after you are registered is very easy. You need to find the three black stripes on the top of the AmoLatina site and then click on “My profile.”

When you first see your profile, everything is blank except for your profile picture and a short description if you answered about that on the registration process. You can add a cover to represent your interests. Are you a traveler? Then add a beautiful picture of one of your travels to a tropical country. Do you like to party? You can add an image of one of your best parties to date. Sometimes women get attracted by intellectual men, so don’t be afraid to post photos of books, per example. Of course, all of this is on you. You have the final word on this matter.

People who visit your profile will see your pic, your cover, and then a short description of “A few words about myself.” Here you have the chance to write something from your heart about yourself. What do you do? What do you like? What is your goal? Tell a little about yourself, and women will know who they are talking to when they engage in conversation.

You can add many interests, and that helps to filter possible matches. Options include movies, nature, museum, and arts, sports, games, hobbies and crafts, music and concerts, etc. There is a list vast enough for you to find yourself and show to other people what you are about.

In the “about me” section, you can answer some specific details:

  • Where you live
  • What is your job
  • Education level
  • Languages you speak
  • Relationship status
  • Whether you have kids
  • Smoking habits
  • Drinking habits
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Color of eyes
  • Color of hair

Then you have the “I am looking for” section, where it shows the age range you look for. You can also add details of your ideal partner. Details on that might include religion, area of study, languages are spoken, interest in wines, etc. This is a place where you can express yourself and let others know what you are looking for.

How To Create Your Profile On AmoLatina

Message System

As far as the site was tested for this AmoLatina review, it seems that you can send and receive only one free message to/from each user. To read the rest of the messages and keep sending more, you need to pay with credits.

The message system is beautiful. You can see messages you receive on the right corner of the screen and choose to accept or reject them. When you accept, they pop up like on Facebook, and then you can answer. Received messages that are pending approval and ongoing chats are placed on different boxes. The first one is called “My contacts,” and the second one is called “Chat requests.”

You can clean your contacts if you wish. You also can reject messages if you think they are just spam/scam.

Platform For Access


In this AmoLatina review, it was found out that accessing the site through desktop is a perfect option. The site is complete and well designed. It is beautiful, indeed. On a big screen, you can view everything the site offers and navigate freely without having to close the chat.


AmoLatina Mobile Version

AmoLatina offers an app that is available both for Android and iOS. If you are always in a rush, that seems like a good option, right? The app has the same functionalities as the site. It also looks good, and you can chat with girls and guys through it. Yet the site offers a much richer experience.

To be sure, the app is great for those who have little time to spend in front of a computer. Now, for those who have time for a complete experience, the browser version of the platform is recommended.

AmoLatina Design And Usability

It is impossible to make a good AmoLatina review without mentioning how good the site looks. It has a stunning design, surely one of the cleanest among dating sites. Developers surely hit with this one.

As for usability, the same can be said. Usability benefits a lot from the beautiful and clean design. It is easy and quick to find everything you want: chatting, contacts, inbox, getting credits, etc.

AmoLatina is, until now, one of the best dating sites when it comes to design and usability.

AmoLatina Design And Usability

Since the site is designed cleanly, navigating on it is very easy. On the home page you will find:

  • “Today I am” where you tell people if you are feeling serious, pen pal, romantic, flirty or naughty
  • “Search” where you can search for new people
  • “Inbox” where you can see messages you received
  • A red button, “Upgrade Account.”

Then there are three black stripes with more options:

  • My profile
  • Let’s mingle
  • Presents
  • Settings
  • Help center
  • Promotional code
  • Terms & privacy
  • Sign out
  • A link to the app

On the right side of the screen, you find two boxes for the chat. The top one is for the ongoing conversations called “My Contacts.” The bottom one is “Chat Requests.” You can clean contacts on the top one or choose to keep talking to those contacts. On the bottom one, you can accept or reject new people who are trying to connect.

Navigating On The Site

AmoLatina Costs

If the site presents an excellent design, it is also one of the priciest in the dating sites business. To get access to premium features, you need first to buy credits. Below you can see how much these credits cost:

  • 150 credits for $19,99/month
  • 600 credits for $149,99/month
  • 1500 credits for $299,99/month

These credits can be used to access the chat and send emails.

  • Live chat costs 1 credit per minute
  • Offline messages cost 1 credit each
  • A mail costs 10 credits

Free Features And Paid Features

There are only a few useful features for free users. Perhaps one of the more interesting among them is the Let’s Mingle feature. Through Let’s Mingle, you can type a message, and send to many people who should fit your preferences. That is supposed to help you find matches.

The best thing on any dating site is to talk to other people and get to know them. On AmoLatina, this is exclusive for paying members.

AmoLatina also offers the possibility of members sending gifts to each other. If you fell in love with someone and want to express how you feel, you can send a gift. Gifts can be chocolates, flowers, and other lovely items. You pay for them on the site, and they are delivered to your loved one.

Free Features And Paid Features

Getting Premium Advantages

If premium features are interesting enough for you, you can acquire credits very easily. You just need to click on “Upgrade Account” at the top of your home page and enter the details for the payment.

Paying For Credits

When you want to get credits at AmoLatina, there are three options to pay for the service.

You can use the information of credit cards previously entered on your browser. That is very quick.

If you do not have any credit card information on your browser, you can manually enter new information. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, American Express, and UnionPay.

Finally, there is also the possibility to pay with PayPal. If you feel more comfortable that way, you can click on the big button with the PayPal logo.

Safety On The Site

AmoLatina promises to be a very safe site for those looking for Latin partners. That being said, it was found on this AmoLatina review that the site offers a Help Center to help users with questions of all kinds. It works like a FAQ and even has a link where you can send a WhatsApp message to the support team. That seems very useful

If you feel that another user is being harmful towards you, you can simply block that user. You cannot block users directly on their profile. Instead, you need to get in the chat with them and click on the three dots. Then you will see the option to block.

Does The Site Have Scam?

Does The Site Have Scam?

To be honest, the site seems to be filled with scams. There are many gorgeous women and men, and all photos seem overproduced.

Some people on the internet say that their experience using the site went like this: they bought credits to talk to beautiful women, and then the conversation went very well until the moment they wanted to meet with these women. Then the women started to give lots of excuses and never reach a point where they would meet or indeed compromise.

Some comments even say that they found out that pictures of many women on the site are of models. That explains how beautiful women on the site look.

Special Features

As already said, there are not many features on this site. Still, one of them can be called special. “Let’s Mingle” is something that other sites also do, but not all of them. With this feature, you can write a message that should reach all your possible matches. Depending on what you write, you can have an instant match with someone (then wish she/he is not just a scammer!).


AmoLatina seems like a big waste of time. Although women and men shown on the site are gorgeous and hot, they all seem to be some kind of fake. When you are truly seeking for Latin lovers, maybe other sites of the same niche can help you accomplish your goal. AmoLatina has plenty of scammers, does not offer many features, and those it offers are very pricey. To sum up, this site is not recommended for anyone.

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Metz is creative, open-minded, and perceptive. He has a background in Higher Education and is passionate about mental health and wellness.
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